The Elites Are Jumping Ship As The Financial Collapse Draws Near

Authored by Mac Slavo via,

It’s easy to think of the political and financial elites who run our world as lofty and all powerful. They command dangerous governments that can wield devastating weapons, central banks that treat our economy like a rigged casino, media conglomerates that pacify the minds of the public, and unbelievably wealthy corporations that have concentrated wealth to an unprecedented degree.

However, they’re certainly not invincible, and the systems of control that they’ve created are rapidly diminishing. Most notably, they seem all to aware of the fact that the global economy is headed for a crash. On the rare occasion where you can catch one of the elites in a moment of candor, they’ll tell you that the party is almost over.

Mohamed A. El-Erian is a bona fide member of the global power elite (a former deputy director of the IMF and president of the Harvard Management Co.). Yet he writes in a fairly accessible style on the popular Bloomberg website. When El-Erian talks, we should all listen.


In a recent article he raises serious doubts about the sustainability of the bull market in stocks because of reduced liquidity resulting from simultaneous policy tightening by the Fed, European Central Bank (ECB) and the Bank of England.


He says stocks rose on a sea of liquidity and they may crash when that liquidity is removed. This is a warning to other elites, but it’s also a warning to you.

Their actions are quite telling as well. Sovereign wealth funds, which are largely funded and owned by powerful governments to invest in domestic industries, are jumping ship.

Among sovereign wealth funds, the Government of Singapore Investment Corp. (GIC) is one of the largest, with over $354 billion in assets. So what does the head of GIC say about markets today?


Lim Chow Kiat, CEO of GIC, warns that “valuations are stretched, policy uncertainty is high” and investors are being too complacent.


GIC allocates 40% of its assets to cash or highly liquid bonds and only 27% of its assets to developed economy equities.


Meanwhile, the typical American small retail investor probably has 60% or more of her 401(k) in developed economy equities, mostly U.S.

In other words, the investment arms of wealthy nations are pulling out of the stock market and out of companies in their own economies (developed economy equities), and putting their money into assets that can be quickly turned into cash. It’s practically an admission by the elites, that they think the economy is completely unstable.

But this is just the latest warning sign that the elites are getting nervous. Corporate executives have been selling their stocks at an unprecedented rate for several months. Meanwhile, ordinary people are still placing their faith and their bets on a stock market that most experts agree is completely unsustainable.

And let’s not forget that “luxury bunkers” have become immensely popular, and that the super-wealthy have also been buying remote retreats all over the world. Are they afraid of what the public is going to do to them when their phony economy crashes and leaves everyone broke? Are they positioning themselves for a crash that they know is coming?

All of this suggests that the wealthiest and most connected among us know that chaos is in our future, and they’re getting ready for it. Ignore them at your own peril.


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Thsi should cheer everyone up.....If you have any bank account in EU countries, then you are being warned to have adequate funds abroad or in cash available. EU is running out of options and they will freeze all depositors if there is another bank run like there was one on Banco Popular in Spain (last month) or Espirito Santo in Portugal (2014) or 2 Italian banks last month (June 2017) or second largest bank in Cyprus in Mar 2013 - Popular bank! Greece closed ALL it’s bank in mid 2015 to prevent a bank run until a bailout was confirmed and the taxes of the public were given away to the EU! Spain, Cyprus, Italy, Greece, all have seen bank runs… guess is that next will be in Austria or Italy again…..Welcome to the EUROPEAN UNION of Bank runs!EU explores account freezes to prevent runs at failing banks  

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I was in Spain when Banco Popular was sold to sandander for 1€ and I have a small account there.  There was no bank run and we got money from an ATM without a problem.There is no place white europeans, elite or not elite, can go to hide.  Here is the latest example of the war against whites:… is going to start extracting wealth from expat South Africans too.  Just as all the white western countries are getting ready to do with GATCA.The only ones with a country (((Israel))) to flee to are the Jews, and that may be one reason they are so hell bent on destroying Europe and the US:  To force the jews to make another exodus to Greater Israel.

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Only reason the classic bank run didn't occur in Banco Popular because it was forcibly merged. They burnt 3.6bn Euros in 2 nights prior to that! Had the merger not occurred bank would have shut totally! Which is worse than a bank run!

While you were sleeping in Spain, overnight, this is what ECB had to say.

Banco Popular faced eurozone’s first large-scale bank run, ECB says…

Zimbabwe started the white thing last year now it's SA.

Everywhere "foreigners" at each being kicked out. They are doing what trump is also doing.

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That's mostly true.....

Lots of buts though

H1b visa cancellation. is one example

Illegal exits is for sure.

Some legal but criminals

In all millions will leave and hope it benefits the economy because these millions did provide a useful service at lowest wages possible ans maybe 5-10% were a waste but most were decent people...from maids to farm workers to cab drivers and all.

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Like it or loath it the Catholic Church was hated by the jews and finally got the crusades on the road rescuing Europe from muslims. Rinse repeat?Whether you like it or not, development of the Western world was rooted in Christianity and we have the scholasticism of monks to thank for that. But you wouldn't know because like most people who take everything for granted, you're too cozy in the modern world to consider the struggles of the past.The monks who gave us science and scientific method were just trying to interpret how God's world functioned. Even Friedrich Nietzsche of all people said the stoic asceticism of monks helped prepare them mentally for scientific inquiry. The backlash against science by Christianity didn't really begin until the Protestant Revolution, both with Luther's hatred of the Catholic church and the Renaissance and Catholic church's reaction to them.true story see Son of Tiamat says it really wellMy church has been infiltrated, wasn't always this way and times were very different back about the black Venetian nobility a bit more.... and a few dates before the templars.White Christians not beholden to israeal ....just family, nation and civilization, perfect. The only time all races discover in door plumbing and rule of law.

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Catholicism devastated Europe.  It sucked in all the smartest Europeans, and disallowed them to procreate.Compare this to Judaism where rabbi - the smartest Jews - were encouraged to have as many children as possible.Christianity is a sophisicated slave meme-set, and should be abandoned by Europeans.BTW,  Nietzsche despised Christianity.Christianity as antiquity.-- When we hear the ancient bells growling on a Sunday morning we ask ourselves: Is it really possible! This, for a jew, crucified two thousand years ago, who said he was God's son? The proof of such a claim is lacking. Certainly the Christian religion is an antiquity projected into our times from remote prehistory; and the fact that the claim is believed - whereas one is otherwise so strict in examining pretensions - is perhaps the most ancient piece of this heritage. A god who begets children with a mortal woman; a sage who bids men work no more, have no more courts, but look for the signs of the impending end of the world; a justice that accepts the innocent as a vicarious sacrifice; someone who orders his disciples to drink his blood; prayers for miraculous interventions; sins perpetrated against a god, atoned for by a god; fear of a beyond to which death is the portal; the form of the cross as a symbol in a time that no longer knows the function and ignominy of the cross -- how ghoulishly all this touches us, as if from the tomb of a primeval past! Can one believe that such things are still believed?Nietzsche, Human, all too HumanThe everyday Christian. -- If the Christian dogmas of a revengeful God, universal sinfulness, election by divine grace and the danger of eternal damnation were true, it would be a sign of weak-mindedness and lack of character not to become a priest, apostle or hermit and, in fear and trembling, to work solely on one's own salvation; it would be senseless to lose sight of ones eternal advantage for the sake of temporal comfort. If we may assume that these things are at any rate believed true, then the everyday Christian cuts a miserable figure; he is a man who really cannot count to three, and who precisely on account of his spiritual imbecility does not deserve to be punished so harshly as Christianity promises to punish him.Nietzsche, Human, all too Human 

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The reason the Christian West took control of the world is the first principle of Christianity that also explains the persecutions. The first lesson of Christianity is that there is something very stubborn, called a fact. Something that can't be changed, even by the most highly exalted authority. This also leads to the scientific method which gave the West the inventions that enabled it dominate the world. Tyrants can't tolerate people who refuse to accept the official dogma because the facts are otherwise and that is why so many Christians have been persecuted by every tin-horn dictator throughout history.

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After Galileo, science moved North to Protestant countries. Isaac Newton who invented mathematical physics as we know it.  James Clerk Maxwell who invented electrodynamics.  Max Planck who invented quantum theory Version 1.0.  Ludwig Boltzmann who established statistical mechanics and the gas laws.   Lord Kelvin and Rudolf Clausius who nailed down the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Michael Faraday,  who invented the concept of fields and invented the first electric motor.  Maxwell used Faraday's field concept to formulate electrodynamics.  Robert Goddard of Worcester MA  who established Rocket Sceince here in the West and Konstantin Chelechesky who invented the multi-stage rocket.  To name a few.The Merton hypothesis. We do not want your inquisition.

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Re: "$20 trillion ready to pivot at the drop of a hat ..."This actually explains why some of us are sticking it out with silver and gold. 'Tis a strange situation we have today. The ultra rich and members of the Establishment despise the monetary metals. They have this attitude because gold and silver are the only proven competition to fiat money. All of their wealth and power and prestige and control is made possible by a world where fiat currencies are widely accepted and have "full confidence."However, when people (the Man on the Street and/or members of their own club) start to lose that necessary confidence and "bail on the system" how are they going to opt to save as much of their wealth as possible? By buying bonds? More stocks? Real Estate (in a likely Mother of All Depressions)? Of course not. They despise gold and silver now, but they will run to them when the SHTF. It will just take a couple of big money people or institutions or banks panicking and making the switch from fiat paper to "real money."And this is when the few remaining gold and silver "bugs" who have already acquired their "insurance" will be sitting pretty and, suddenly, will not look like kooks or  doom porn  addicts (Kind of like the preppers in Venezuela don't seem quite as silly these days).But, yes, those who hold gold and silver in scorn today will at some point want to own as much as possible. Common sense tells us there WILL be a "pivot." To say this will not happen is to say that paper money - which is printed out of thin air at ever-greater quanties and is backed by nothing "real" - will always hold its value and will always be viewed with confidence by the masses. It's a free country (well, it used to be). One can believe this if one wants.For my part, I'm betting on the real money that has been considered "real money" for thousands of years by hundreds of millions of people - money that only in recent years has been re-branded as a "barbarous relic" and a worthless "pet rock" ... re-branded by people who acquired their wealth and status via paper and computer digits, by the same people who desperately want to preserve and protect a corrupt and rotten Status Quo.Of course they despise gold and silver. Of course they want fiat currencies to remain king. Of course they want to protect the printing press that bestows all the goodies and wealth  ... Of course they will pivot when the "game is up" and they sense that the status quo is going to be gone with the wind. And they will pivot from the "money" of our day (fiat) to the money of yesterday and of history - gold and silver.I still say: Beat the rush. Pivot before they do.  

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You know you're truly ZH-ed when you wake up at 3 A.M. like I did this morning with all the power out as far as the eye can see and think " Did the fuckers really let off an EMP?"Just as I was putting my shoes on to get the generator out, the power came back on and I felt a suprising level of relief at not having to experience life the the early 19th Century.

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The last person long this market and who loses after and the housing bubble I'll laugh at them.  I will and say, what part of a bubble do you not understand?  Animal Spirits my ass.