Trump Lashes Out At China Over North Korea: "We Will No Longer Allow This To Continue"

One month after Trump's ominously tweeted in the aftermath of Otto Warmbier's death, that while he greatly appreciates the efforts of President Xi & China to help with North Korea, "it has not worked out", confirming that the post Mar-A-Lago honeymoon period was officially over, moments ago the president blasted out his latest two tweets Saturday tweets, #12 and 13, in which he said he was "very disappointed" in China.

"Our foolish past leaders have allowed them to make hundreds of billions of dollars a year in trade, yet they do NOTHING for us with North Korea, just talk. We will no longer allow this to continue. China could easily solve this problem!" Trump tweeted one day after North Korea launched its second successful ICBM in the past month, one which according to both experts and Kim Jong-Un, can reach most US metro areas.

Relations between the world’s two largest economies soured after an initial honeymoon between Trump and President Xi Jinping. The U.S. last month sanctioned a regional Chinese bank, a shipping company and two Chinese citizens over dealings with North Korea, which could be a precursor to greater economic and financial pressure on Beijing to rein in its errant neighbor.

Trump has also vowed to put more pressure on China to do help curb Pyongyang's rapidly advancing programs, which however judging by the recent spike in Chinese exports to NKorea, has not been successful.

Meanwhile, the primary reason why China has been urging all involved parties to remain calm, yet does nothing to curb Kim's provocative launches, is that as Bloomberg reports, "China is betting that U.S. President Donald Trump won’t make good on his threats of a military strike against North Korea, with Beijing continuing to provide a lifeline to Kim Jong Un’s regime."

China on Saturday condemned the latest test while calling for restraint from all parties, a muted reaction to Pyongyang’s progress on an ICBM capable of hitting the U.S. mainland. Despite Kim’s provocations, analysts said Beijing still sees the collapse of his regime as a more immediate strategic threat, and doubts Trump would pull the trigger given the risk of a war with North Korea that could kill millions.


The military option the Americans are threatening won’t likely happen because the stakes will be too high,” said Liu Ming, director of the Korean Peninsula Research Center at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. “It’s a pretext and an excuse to pile up pressure on China. It’s more like blackmail than a realistic option.”


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson singled out China and Russia as “economic enablers” of North Korea after Kim on Friday test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile for the second time in a matter of weeks. While Tillerson said the U.S. wants a peaceful resolution to the tensions, the top American general called his South Korean counterpart after the launch to discuss a potential military response.

China’s biggest fears remain a collapse of Kim’s regime that sparks a protracted refugee crisis and a beefed-up U.S. military presence on its border. And now that Trump's new Chief of Staff is a 45 year army veteran, who will be whispering in Trump's ear just what any other general whispers to a president vis-a-vis "defensive-yet-offensive" wars, China's "biggest fear" may be about to come true.


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Unless the US shows the usual disregard for "Allies" in favor of its own interests, Trump cannot attack NK. There are several Hundred thousand artillery pieces north of the border, all of which are within range of Seoul. Not to mention a Million+ man army ready to march down south. Seoul would cease to exist.

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thesonandheir Occident Mortal Sun, 07/30/2017 - 05:48 Permalink

I think the Don genuinely believed that China would sort out the Norks in the famous '100 days' hence the very public climbdown on Taiwan.  Now he feels like the Chinks lied to him in order to gain a win and make him look weak. This is very dangerous now, the Don isn't going to take any more bullshit on this issue. It is no longer acceptable to sit back and wait for NK to perfect it's missile programme and be able to threaten US pop centres. Seoul and Tokyo would be collateral damage but LA would be unimaginable.  Why should America make China richer? Expect something shortly on trade. Now if the market dipped back during the devaluation imagine what it would do when trade dropped off a cliff due to sanctions? Ouch!

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Gonzogal thesonandheir Sun, 07/30/2017 - 14:22 Permalink

"Now he feels like the Chinks lied to him in order to gain a win and make him look weak."Stong nations do not NEED to threaten others to do what they should do themselves....If the US/Trump look weak it is their own bullying and unwillingness to find another way to peace that makes them "look weak".  It is relitively easy to drop bombs on a country from 1,000's of ft in the sky, but REAL guts to sit face to face with someone who you dislike, hate or whatever. IF the US is truely the "Exceptional" nation, why is it dependent on China to solve the US's problem with NK????  IT is the the US that has caused the problem to begin with and consistantly refuses to sit down with NK to reach a peace agreement with them....BTW, NK had STOPPED all nuclear production until Bush decided to name it as part of an "evil empire" and threaten them.Negotiations aren’t possible because Washington refuses to sit down with a country which it sees as its inferior.  Instead, the US has strong-armed China to do its bidding by using their diplomats as interlocutors who are expected to convey Washington’s ultimatums as threateningly as possible.  The hope, of course, is that Pyongyang will cave in to Uncle Sam’s bullying and do what they are toldThe North wants the US to honor its obligations under the 1994 Agreed Framework. That’s it. Just keep up your end of the goddamn deal. How hard can that be?   Here’s how Jimmy Carter summed it up in a Washington Post op-ed (November 24, 2010):

“…in September 2005, an agreement … reaffirmed the basic premises of the 1994 accord. (The Agreed Framework) Its text included denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, a pledge of non-aggression by the United States and steps to evolve a permanent peace agreement to replace the U.S.-North Korean-Chinese cease-fire that has been in effect since July 1953. Unfortunately, no substantive progress has been made since 2005…“This past July I was invited to return to Pyongyang to secure the release of an American, Aijalon Gomes, with the proviso that my visit would last long enough for substantive talks with top North Korean officials. They spelled out in detail their desire to develop a denuclearized Korean Peninsula and a permanent cease-fire, based on the 1994 agreements and the terms adopted by the six powers in September 2005….“North Korean officials have given the same message to other recent American visitors and have permitted access by nuclear experts to an advanced facility for purifying uranium. The same officials had made it clear to me that this array of centrifuges would be ‘on the table’ for discussions with the United States, although uranium purification – a very slow process – was not covered in the 1994 agreements.“Pyongyang has sent a consistent message that during direct talks with the United States, it is ready to conclude an agreement to end its nuclear programs, put them all under IAEA inspection and conclude a permanent peace treaty to replace the ‘temporary’ cease-fire of 1953. We should consider responding to this offer. The unfortunate alternative is for North Koreans to take whatever actions they consider necessary to defend themselves from what they claim to fear most: a military attack supported by the United States, along with efforts to change the political regime.”Most people think the problem lies with North Korea, but it doesn’t. The problem lies with the United States; it’s unwillingness to negotiate an end to the war, its unwillingness to provide basic security guarantees to the North, its unwillingness to even sit down with the people who –through Washington’s own stubborn ignorance– are now developing long-range ballistic missiles that will be capable of hitting American cities.

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There is only one reason why the US is obsessed with North Korea. It allows the US to maintain a massive military presence in East Asia. If not for tensions on the Korean peninsula, the US would lose its rationale for its network of military bases in the region, which are primarily meant to threaten and contain China.James R. Lilley puts it succinctly when he says: “At the end of the Cold War, if North Korea didn’t exist we would have to create it as an excuse to keep the Seventh Fleet in the region.”He is talking of the forward-deployed U.S. fleets, with 70 to 80 ships and submarines, 300 aircraft and approximately 40,000 Navy and Marine Corps personnel

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Sorry but if the US gov't doesn't use nukes then Seoul will be destroyed and the casualties will take years to count. This is handled simply but it has to be publicly.  You (China) get them to stand down and we leave South Korea. Of course such an offer could only be believed if made by a country that has not made war on more countries than any other in history.

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Chinese inaction means that we have to either risk destruction of Seoul or accept NK aming nukes at LA. Personally, I choose to risk Seoul. Sorry, guys, but "America First" and all.Plus, once Kim has nukes aimed at every major America city, he will be able to do whatever the fuck he wants to South Korea. Best to get him off the map first, whatever the cost.   

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You seem to have accepted the binary choices that the media and our military/political class always, ALWAYS restrict the discussion to so as the control the debate. Funny how 1 option is always, without fail, destruction of the homeland. The 3rd option would be to leave the NKs the fuck alone. And the Syrians, and the Afghanis, and the Yemenis, and the Solamians, and the Venezualeans, and on and on. Are you aware that the ONLY request Kim made for halting the nuclear development was the US and SK to stop having war games on their  border where they practice invading NK? Pretty fucking unreasonable of those danned commies, eh? NK does NOT have the capability to do more than blooody the nose of the CONUS. They also realize they'd  then be smashed 7 ways to Sunday if they did so. They aren't  stupid or suicidal.

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So, Trump is right. As you point out the answer is simple, it's just an answer that he and his entourage cannot face or accept, namely the end of US hegemony, and the petrodollar it props up.Never the less his continuous soap drama in the oval office along with his sanctions on Russia, Iran, N. Korea, last week, and apparently another round coming up on China for apparently not towing the line are having the same effect, to eventually marginalize the petrodollar and make the US more than irrelevant, but a liability to all.At the center of each problem is Washington's total disconnect with reality, be it Iran, N.Korea, Russia or China. It is this that makes the US really the most dangerous nation on earth, not N.Kore.P.S.Pentagon: US Empire is 'Collapsing,' So Give Us More Money

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Kim must know that if he launches a nuclear attack against anyone he's going to be melted along with tens of millions of his countrymen. Why do so many people believe that national leaders like him are so eager to commit personal and nation suicide?Logic. Have nuclear weapons = will use nuclear weapons at first opportunity.As Spock might say, this is not logical. I can hear the rebuttals - "but these people are not logical." Okay, but do they want to survive? Do they want to go down in the history books as the person responsible for anhilating their own countries?

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"Kim follows exactly what his father and grandfather taught him..."Yes. First and foremost is the survival of his regime, where Kimmy continues to enjoy his eliteist status and ability to enjoy the fruits of privledge and wealth with his "communist" philosophy. (Side note: "communism," in practice, has the greatest wealth disparity and income inequality of ALL political-economic systems).And N. Korea has always done this by operating as a kind of "protection racket": send us resources when my peeps are starving and freezing (fuel and food) or we'll "break your windows" by causing trouble by shelling an island, or otherwise acting like crazy psycho thugs by retaining/kidnapping some of your tourists, or threatening to shell Seoul. And Nukes are just another way to ensure the protection racket can continue in the face of Kim's escalated fears of US intervention based on our current stupid track record of Neocon inspired regime change and invasion in the Middle East. 

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Itchy fingers. I have long suspected the time will come, logic be damned. When one considers the state of the state, and global finance "capitalism" such as it were, sales being down and all, the corruption and deceptions of all the major grifting operations getting peeled back like an onion to the salad ..Call it a mistake, an ooopsie, a bluff gone bad, who the fuck knows. Suffice to say, leadership as it is, hardly inspires confidence, in competence. Man at his core, is as Carlin and many others have pointed out, and as history repeatedly demonstrates, a war like creature. It's in the F'ing genes ..Like it or not, may we all live in interesting times. Apropos, a Chinese curse ..The globe is due for a major correction, a reset, as the old order is a dying order, and obviously will not go down without a fight. A major correction at this juncture would of course involve more than bank runs, and assorted totalitarian parlor tricks at home, although that is certainly up for grabs as well ..As the military has done mock exercises, preparing for the zombie apocolypse, it would be helpful and instructive to remember, who it is exactly, that are the zombies .. 

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