An Angry, "Irritated" Italy Loses Patience With Macron Over Migrants, Libya

One week after the latest Ifop poll showed that French president Macron's approval rating tumbled by 10 points in his third month, with only Jacques Chirac sliding more from his May 1995 election to July of that year according to Journal du Dimanche...

... the young president's troubles are spilling outside France's borders, and as VoA reports, even as Merkel's political infatuation with Macron grows by the day, Italy is quickly falling out of love with Macron as  irritation with France’s president is mounting in Rome. At the center of the rising tensions is Italy displeasure with how Europe is handling the country's refugee crisis: tensions have crept into diplomatic relations between France and the government of Paolo Gentiloni, prompted by Macron’s response to Italian pleas for more European assistance with the mainly sub-Saharan migrants crossing the Mediterranean in record numbers and his largely uncoordinated diplomatic intervention in the past week over the Libya crisis.

On Tuesday, Macron oversaw a meeting in Paris of the leaders of two of war-torn Libya’s rival factions to discuss a political power-sharing deal to reunite the fractured north African country.

President Macron meets Italian PM Paolo at the Elysee Palace in Paris, May 21, 2017

Italy is furious that the meeting between the head of the U.N.-backed government of Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj  - which has failed to assert authority even in the Libyan capital Tripoli - and General Khalifa Haftar - a warlord who largely controls the east of the lawless country - was not coordinated with the Italian government. As a result, Gentiloni’s ministers took the unusual step of openly criticizing the French president this week, voicing frustrations with Macron’s efforts, which they argue distract from a coordinated U.N. and European Union effort to engineer a political deal in Libya between three rival governments and dozens of militias. 

“There are too many open formats in Libya, too many mediators, too many initiatives,” Italy’s foreign minister, Angelino Alfano, told the Italian newspaper La Stampa.

Alfano and other ministers have been dismissive of the progress the Elysee Palace claimed to have made in the search for a deal in Libya. According to the French government, al-Sarraj and Haftar have committed to a cease-fire as well as to a continued political dialogue in an effort to achieve national reconciliation. The Italians also believe that Macron has fallen into a trap set by General Haftar, who has refused to accept the legitimacy of Fayez al-Sarraj’s government. Italian officials complain that the Macron-brokered meeting helps to legitimize Haftar, whom they see as a warlord and a strongman-in-the-making.

Separately, officials in the Italian capital say Italy is far more of a "front-line" state when it comes to Libya and suffers more immediate impact than France when it comes to political developments on the other side of the Mediterranean, which is why they have been infuriate by France's brash overtures to take the lead on political negotiations with the civil war-torn state, and have also accused Macron of brashness in waiving off Italian objections, arguing he’s being too high-handed.

It isn't just Italy.

Accusations of Macron's high-handedness were also echoed in France, on his approach to a range of issues, domestic and foreign, with one retired general, Vincent Desportes, accusing Macron of “juvenile authoritarianism.”

As VoA adds, Macron’s Libya diplomacy is just one irritant in increasingly tension-filled Franco-Italian relations, in which Macron has been also accused of duplicity and hypocrisy in his diplomatic conduct with Italy. In May, after meeting Gentiloni in Paris, Macron announced: “we have not listened enough to Italy’s cry for help on the migration crisis.” But Macron’s position since hasn’t changed much from Francois Hollande, his predecessor in the Elysee Palace, to the Italian government’s rising anger.

Aside from Libya, an even more pressing issue for Italy has been the ongoing pleas for burden-sharing when it comes to the country's migrant wave, pelase which have so far fallen on deaf ears among other EU nations. Meanwhile, Italy’s refugee centers and shelters have reached their capacity of 200,000. So far this year nearly 100,000 asylum seekers have crossed the Mediterranean from Libya — a 17 percent increase over the same period last year — and with months more of good weather, another 100,000 asylum seekers are likely to land at Italian ports.

Pointing the finger explicitly at Paris, Italy’s deputy foreign minister, Mario Giro, this month complained, “it doesn’t seem like France wants to help us concretely.”

Italy has reason to be angry: French police have been blocking hundreds of migrants on the Italian side of the border at Ventimiglia from entering France; the French government is refusing to allow asylum seekers rescued in the Mediterranean from landing at French ports and, like nearly every other EU country, France hasn’t come anywhere near meeting its quota of migrants as agreed to under a 2015 EU refugee relocation scheme, even as the EU sues to force Poland, Hungary And Czech Republic to accept more refugees.

Adding insult to injury, earlier in July, Macron talked of distinguishing between war refugees and economic migrants, indicating that France won't admit any asylum-seekers who are just escaping poverty and hunger. But that doesn’t help Italy as it tries to cope with a mounting influx of mainly economic migrants, who, under EU rule, it has little alternative but to admit, at least for processing and to save lives.

Paris has also scorned an Italian proposal for an EU military mission to monitor and interdict migrants along Libya’s southern border. Italians question why a large French military mission in Niger isn't being used to disrupt migrant trafficking when it is right by the main route being used by smugglers and would-be asylum seekers traveling north.

Last month, the European Parliament’s most senior left-wing politician, Italian Gianni Pittella, launched a scathing attack on Macron after French police frogmarched back into Italy more than 100 migrants who’d crossed into France.

“The situation is shameful. Italy and the Italians are being abandoned, they’re being expected to deal with all these migrants on their own with no support,” he said.

And even as he loses the support of Europe's periphery, and certainly the nation which recently surpassed Germany as the largest sovereign debtor in Europe, for now Macron's precarious political stance is propped up - if only in the diplomatic arena - by Angela Merkel's (so far) unquestioned admiration and support. Should Macron lose that, however, it may be time to start worrying about the next French presidential election.


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How can Europeans not see the future with regards to immigration, and how it's not going to let up, but increase to staggering numbers if they don't do something?  Things can and probably will get bad enough in the ME and Africa that one or two hundred million of them try to move to Europe in the coming years.  That will crush Europe.  

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fleur de lis El Vaquero Sun, 07/30/2017 - 13:13 Permalink

For people who inherited the epicenter of Western Civilization, the Europeans are exhibiting all the symptoms of the dodo bird.They still do not really understood the connection between obliterating North African / Middle Eastern nations and massive refugee flows.They still do not really understand the connection between open borders and migrants.They still do not really understand the connection between generous welfare benefits and freeloaders.They still do not really understand the connection between cultural decay and social decline.They still do not really understand the connection between loss of cultural identity and tighter NWO control.Either they are willfully ignorant or they want to die.Because everything they are doing will overturn and destroy 2,000 years of European Civilization by 2050, maybe even sooner.  

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we (coalition all have a dirty hand in this!) deserve the blowback!!! is what ya get following America's 'gunboat dipolmacy'... and trump says fuck these immigrants!it's tyme for the EU to cut the cord with 'big brother' before they to end-up in a bifurcated? civil war--- why bifurcated you ask--- check out Visegrad    *(pdf)

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You tell these NGOs from the UK and Germany that the Italian Coast Guard and Navy are going to sink their rescue ships that stand off the Libyan beaches and  pick up the shitty Chinese rafts as soon as they depart; all coordinated by the NGOs who will taxi them right into Italian ports. Few of these are war refugees. They all want to suck on the European tit. 

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Sorros / NGO's / Globalist's business modal:

There is a term for this: Balkanization.  It is when a nation is broken down by various ethnicities residing within its borders.  Just a few generations ago, France was a unified nation of true "Frenchman".  Since the (((eternal destroyers))) victory in World War II, there has been a steady and unrelenting push for more open borders of ALL Western (white) nations to the third-world.  As an inevitable result, we now have our nations' original indigenous populations being diluted and dispossessed by these alien races and cultures.   If the French do nothing to end this process and deport those non-French people from its borders, their once mighty country will disintegrate or fragment into separate states.  Of course, the same it true for Germany, England, America, etc, etc... on down the list of ALL Western countries.  And all the while the tribe collectively wring their hands as to the success of their divide and conquer strategy.

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what Macron does or doesnt do with resect to the:  invading -illegal - hyper breeding - low IQ - criminals - scum - subhumans is NOT the issue !!!!! The Italian Politicians have abdicated their responsibility to the Italian Citizens and 2,000 years of cultural history -  that the Scumbag Politicians should be protecting THEMSELVES - forget the EU they are not responsibile for ITALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - The Italian People are responsible for Italy! THEY SHOOT HORSES DONT THEY?so do the right thing - WHICH IS .................FDR contracted with Lucky Luciano in NYC in 1941 - to keep the east coast PORTS OPEN with no strikes or labor stoppages - for the prosecution of the war effort in return for hands off of the Costra Nostra BUSINESS(ES). It's time for the PORTS TO BE CLOSED by the same OrganizationThe Mafiaso in southern Italy will contract with the Italian Government to take / kidnap / sequester / aggregate / dispose  / and  or ship / bulk cargoes of the garbage  - on an unlimited basis  -  back to:A - bottom of the SEAb - or Anywhere in AfricaRather than listen to the EU Courts in Brussels - the Mafia will say "we are doing all we can to correct the problem - get lost !

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fascism was equal to communism back then and socialism was a 2nd cousin, so to say... to their inbred cousinstoday ~ 70 years later socialism is excepted (its OK to laugh),...[and] ironically it fits well with the world's dsyfunctional (taylor'd) capitaist markets..what some historian's dubbed imported french 'Capitalist Vichy'

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The Italians are in the wrong. Italy needs to stop the refugees from landing on their shores to begin with. Why the fuck should any other country take refugees that Italy decided could come to their country? When Italy makes moves to control their sovereign borders by turning back refugee boats, then they will have the moral high ground to talk about what other nations should or shouldn't do. Until then, fuck Italy and their ball less leadership!!!!

zedwood chubbar Sun, 07/30/2017 - 12:45 Permalink

I agree to some degree, but you make the situation seem much too easy as if they could just put up a stop sign.  This is a massive wave of people coming over from Libya, most of which has no idea about the "politics" going on.  And many of them drown before they even get close to shore as they are coming in flimsy rafts that are extremely overloaded.  You have to stop the wave from North Africa, not on the shores of Italy- unless you think killing pawns in a global game is the solution.

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I think it's going to come down to Europeans dropping the veneer of civilization and stacking bodies.  Let me put this idea out there:  All of the food aid and medical aid that the West has sent Africa has caused its population to balloon.  It's actually done worse - we feed them so that they can have more kids so that we can feed even more of them while simultaneously destroying their food production industries.  It may feel warm and fuzzy to feed them, but what we're doing is making it so, that, instead of a few million starving to death, it'll be a few hundred million in the future, because Western food aid is going to go away.  The whole situation with migration is just beginning, and is set up to get a lot worse in the future.  Africa (and the ME too - but that's another story) is, and has been, fucked up for a long time.  Our alturism has only served to make it worse.  

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BS! They have the Soros NGO navy + the italian navy + other EU countries navies loading africans just out of Libyan beaches and ferrrying them across the mediterranean to unload them in italy no-stop. Not to speak that no stranger can realistically enter in a modern country against the will of its government with no consequence. See how effectively Hungary and Poland control their borders.

This is entirely another government- and super-government-generated "crisis".

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Looks like Macron better break out his 'power handshake' a lot more often.He's losing his control."I grab their hand and don't let go while staring deep into their souls...They become mine."

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“The situation is shameful. Italy and the Italians are being abandoned, they’re being expected to deal with all these migrants on their own with no support,” he said. 

You don't have to deal with anything, Italy. Just send them all back and refuse to take any more. And while you're at it, instruct your navy to start torpedoing Soros' nigger-ships instead of assisting them. That ought to solve your problem.

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What do you think, is Frenchie Macron a pedophile or a homo, hmm? Or maube both. Disgusting French people sure as hell love degenerate behavior.

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They assassinated Gaddafi because he had plans for a gold backed African currency. NATO used as a vassal of American foreign policy then bombed the livin' shit out of Libya and stole their gold. They stole Ukraine's gold as well and installed an American puppet regime.

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Hopefully Muslims will be able to teach Frenchies proper moral behavior, to get those perverse and degenerate tendencies characteristic for the Frenchies out of their heads, hmm?

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Why does Europe put up with hordes of uneducated, unskilled migrants flooding in from everywhere? If they don't get this problem under control, Europe will be ripe for another strong man to emerge. Countries need secure borders. I feel sorry for the people who got screwed over by these insane and reckless policies.

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But there is a people even worse than Frenchies in Europa. Czechs. My god, I've never seen more disgusting people than Czechs. You know their women come to whore themselves and their men - boyfriends and husbands - actively encourage them in that when they come on summer vacation here on sunny Adriatic coast? Extremely degenerate people. Most disgusting kind of all of Europa.

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To all the European vassal states who supported Clinton, Cameron, and sarkozy to kill and eliminate kaddafi;- karma is a bitch! It's payback time.

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Luckily we don't have to tolerate Czech scum for long. They enjoy in our hospitable land for a short time and then they go home. But those people should be exterminated. Poor Germans having to live with that trash close to their borders... infesting them, degrading them. Poor souls. So unluckly being so close to such scum. So unluckly. They should have expeled them long ago. Pick your shit Czech scum and fuck off to Africa. That's what I would tell them. ehehehehe