In Show Of "Lethal, Overwhelming Force" US Flies Two B-1B Bombers Over Korean Peninsula

Less than a month after the US flew two B-1B bombers over the Korean Peninsula to show off "US attack capabilities", the US Air Force did it again on Sunday, when it the flew two supersonic B-1B bombers over the Korean peninsula in "a show of force" on Sunday after Pyongyang's Friday test of an ICBM that can reach the continental US. The two B-1Bs flew alongside two Japanese F-2 jet fighters within Japanese airspace before conducting an exercise over South Korea with four South Korean F-15 fighters in response to the latest North Korean missile test, as well as the previous July 4 launch of the "Hwansong-14" rocket, the USAF.

"In a demonstration of ironclad U.S. commitment to our allies, two U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancers assigned to the 9th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron, deployed from Dyess Air Force Base, Texas, fly a 10-hour mission from Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, into Japanese airspace and over the Korean Peninsula" the statement by Pacific Air Forces Public Affairs said.

"North Korea remains the most urgent threat to regional stability," Pacific Air Forces commander General Terrence J. O'Shaughnessy said in the statement.

"If called upon, we are ready to respond with rapid, lethal, and overwhelming force at a time and place of our choosing".

The U.S. has in the past used overflights of the supersonic B1-B "Lancer" bomber as a show of force in response to North Korean missile or nuclear tests, most recently on July 8, although the "deterrence" of such drills leaves much to be desired.

North Korea through its state media often complains about flyovers by B-1B bombers, calling them rehearsals for a nuclear strike. On Saturday, the two B-1Bs took off from Andersen Air Force Base in Guam, flying alongside two Japanese jet fighters within Japanese airspace before conducting an exercise over South Korea with four South Korean jet fighters.

As reported on Saturday, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un personally supervised the midnight test launch of the missile on Friday night and said it was a "stern warning" for the United States that it would not be safe from destruction if it tries to attack, the North's official KCNA news agency said adding that "all of the US is now within North Korean ICBM range." North Korea's state television broadcast pictures of the launch, showing the missile lifting off in a fiery blast in darkness and Kim cheering with military aides.

Meanwhile, even as China said it opposed North Korea's missile launches, which it said violate UNS resolutions designed to curb Pyongyang's banned nuclear and missile programs, Trump slammed Beijing saying he was "very disappointed in China".

In a message on Twitter, he said: "Our foolish past leaders have allowed them to make hundreds of billions of dollars a year in trade, yet they do NOTHING for us with North Korea, just talk. We will no longer allow this to continue. China could easily solve this problem!" he tweeted.

At the same time, Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida, meanwhile, held telephone talks with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Both reportedly agreed on the need to put “the heaviest possible pressure” on North Korea, AFP reported. “We confirmed that we will closely cooperate in adopting a fresh UNSC (UN Security Council) resolution, including severe measures, and working on China and Russia,” Kishida told reporters.

In a Sunday statement, North Korea said it had been forced to develop long-range missiles and nuclear weapons because of hostile intent by "American imperialist beasts" looking for another chance to invade the country.

“If the United States sticks to its military adventurism against us and super-intensive sanctions schemes, we will respond with stern action of justice as we have already declared,” North Korea’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said in a statement on Sunday, KCNA reported.


BlackChicken kliguy38 (not verified) Sun, 07/30/2017 - 09:52 Permalink

Don't buy gold, buy more stocks, and tune into CNN for the latest news.

This recent launch just happens to coincide, again, with more negative revelations of actual treason by the DNC. It will dominate the news cycle this weekend, and take heat off the revelations that there is rock-solid evidence of collusion with Hillary's IT specialist, that will implicate many others in the House and Senate as well.

We are being played, like a Stradivarius.

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earleflorida Mr. Universe Sun, 07/30/2017 - 17:37 Permalink

twenty-five years +/+ ago the clintons were racking-up 'doa' aquaintances/friendships,...[and], again with no mention in the press other than back-page small articles (for those who were counting)!nothings changed. Period!!!          (note: going on a year...?)realize that POTUS are vetted years before they announce and are then connected to the countries powerbrorkers for each party has their own.the powerbrokers can make a governor, state congressman, us rep, state rep. and us senator, AND POTUS!they're in the west (Calif*) coast, chicago , missouri, boston and NY!Ref:  Harry S Truman's Autobiography and the Pendergast Machine--- (pdf)---family`s POTUS was a given by   (Joe Jr. was killed during WWII)   Daddy!?!     Part 1/2 & 2/2

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Muddy1 earleflorida Sun, 07/30/2017 - 18:26 Permalink

TWO B1 bombers + "Lethal, overwhelming force?  On my ass is tired of this garbage, and the "shock and awe" garbage as well.  Don't forget Obama gutted the military, and the defense budget, we don't have what we need for ANOTHER war.  We've gotten our asses handed to us in Iraq, and Afghanistan.  Viet Nam version?????

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Bes Giant Meteor Sun, 07/30/2017 - 10:42 Permalink

if you mean by the band-aid and us going to world warthen you have some low ass expectationsand too many around these parts have a war/doomer/apocalypse fetish. (even though i love your avatar, and take it as satire)the last thing we fucking need are the banksters, goldmanites, wall street boys, and the generals taking us to fucking war. the next war should be against them!

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Giant Meteor Bes Sun, 07/30/2017 - 11:06 Permalink

Look Bes, I generally agree with what you wrote. Where we disagree is on whether or not HRC would have made any possible fucking difference, whatsoever ... All of this shit sucks, big time ..I'm not in the Trump is playing eleven dimensional chess camp ..The system, as configured, is rotten, dirty, crooked to it's very core ..What I like about Trump, (for lack of a better word or description) as opposed to previous assholes in his position, what you see, is what you generally get, as opposed to possum, shit eating grins, through gritted teeth, while the fuckers lie like rugs ..It's the story of the scorpion, "you knew what I was when you picked me up."I have no faith, none, in politicians, other men in general, the system. governments, the FED, in general, the bankrupt affairs of men. I wish no world destruction nor annilation, although I do realize, I'm not in the drivers seat ..That crooked bitch you mentioned, was no answer to anything, In fact, my first thought in the matter, any nation that should even consider electing another "Bush" or "Clinton" , likely deserved everything it had coming to it ..We are watching, engaging in the theater of the absurd friend ..Either way, this shit was coming, one way, or the other ..edit; And just so we are clear. in these matters, I had, have zero expectations. In other words, we did not arrive to this point by accident, nor in a vacuum ... this shit has been coming, and it was, inevitable ..As I often say, let all doubting be removed, who run bartertown ..

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What you see is what you get with Trump? Nope. Unless you look past the carney barker surface.

Flip flops, turns his back on campaign promises, swamp creatures galore, russia is not evil and had nothing to do with the election - to russia cannot be trusted and tampered in the election (and was against poor me), tweet this tweet this, america first to I support Israel 1000%,

Trump is having fun and laughing at the US population - as he he does his masters bidding. Someone here coined the term Trump the orange jooo.

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We are in agreement. Flip flop? Speaking with forked tongue? Playing for the crowd? Why that is exactly my point. The sad thing is, people didn't understand it was a carney, all along. I'm sorry that people "feel" betrayed, but obviously they were not paying attention. This is operation CHAOS. My vote was for operation CHAOS ...Campaign promises? Holy shit, really? Campaign promises?Look, do a cursory look see of "The Art of the Deal." It's all in there my friend ..Futhermore, what better choice to run the USA carney, than a premier huckster, carnival barker?Campaign promises, damn that is rich ...And by the way, the US population DESERVES laughing at ...edit; downvote is not mine, as a reminder .. if I do downvote, those rare occasions, I announce it, and explain why ..

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J S Bach GUS100CORRINA Sun, 07/30/2017 - 09:53 Permalink

So, Long Duck Dong Un merely STATES that his country is capable of hitting us with ICBMs.  Oooooo... that's scary. It would be different if he proved it by sending a few "blanks" over.Then, what do we do?  Physically fly bombers over their territory.Just imagine ANY other country (except Israel, of course) doing this to us.  Our reaction would be outrage and indignance.But, most people cannot see the hypocrisy nor arrogance when it comes to the actions of "our side".I don't defend any of these two-bit dictatorship countries nor any of their bellicose threats. However, there is a difference between words and actions.  One of these days, the Ziombie States of America is going to get its comeuppance... (something our controllers have had in their playbook all along).

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