Wikileaks Dumps 72,000 Hacked Macron Emails

In a move that is certain to prompt more allegations that Wikileaks is part of a counter-establishment push, one ostensibly supported by Russia, on Monday morning Wikileaks dumped more than 21,000 "verified" emails associated with the French presidential campaign of Emmanuel Macron. Julian Assange's organisation claims the batch of  21,075 emails, dating from March 2009 to April 2017, have been uniquely verified through its DKIM system.

As a reminder, in the days before the May 7 French presidential election, Macron’s campaign confirmed it was hit with a "massive, coordinated" hack which released 9 gigabytes of personal documents.

The French electoral commission immediately prohibited the French media from publishing the contents of the leak, and while speculation quickly emerged that Russia was involved in this hacking, France later confirmed there were "no traces of Russian hackers in the Macron cyber attack."  The head of the French government’s cyber security agency, Guillaume Poupard, told AP  the hack was “so generic and simple that it could have been practically anyone.”

Ironically, less than two months later, with Macron's approval rating suddenly in freefall, the Russian hacking story re-emrged, when Reuters reported that Russia tried to use an "elaborate Facebook hacking scheme" on the French presidential campaign. It is unclear if the French population will shift their anger away from Macron and to the default scapefoat Russia, helping Macron's sudden slide in popularity.

To be sure, the Macron hacking story is about to get its second wind when according to Wikileaks statement, there is now a full archive of 71,848 emails with 26,506 attachments from 4,493 unique senders is provided for context. Wikileaks stated that while only the 21,075 emails marked with its green "DKIM verified" banner are certified by WikiLeaks as genuine, it believes “based on statistical sampling” that the “overwhelming majority” of the remainder are also authentic.

“As the emails are often in chains and include portions of each other, it is usually possible to confirm the integrity [of] other emails in the chain as a result of the DKIM verified emails within it,” the statement reads.

Curiously, unlike in the US, the initial May hack did not have an adverse impact on Macron's presidential chances - unlike in the US, where Hillary Clinton has repeatedly blamed "Russian interference" as the main reason for her loss - when the youngest ever French president defeated his opponent Marine Le Pen in a landslide. Should he have lost, the outcome would likely have been different.


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Of course, world leaders can not hide their emails but the average-yob-in-the-street's emails are super-duper-safe-anonymous and never get hacked or leaked to anyone ever not even if someone paid someone else to look a them becoz internet security. Not that many people would like to read the-average-yob-in-the-street's emails...And nobody in the whole wide whirled knows who I am becoz I hide behind a username and a password.he he he he he he he he - oh look!  The police helicopter!** colloquially, not literally.  A little thought ...

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  I don’t speak French, but just by looking at the funny-looking French words, I’ve “translated” one of Macron’s e-mails: “My wife, Brigitte, is 29 years old. She looks a bit older, because she smokes 3 packs a day.  ;-) Looney

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Not that I'd like to have every keystroke available for everyone to see, but I have to agree, one would have to be at the absolute bottom of the pecking order in life if they were assigned to follow my electronic footprints. It's a task not even a US government employee / Utah based software program could be wasted on.


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... then I realized that if they know how much money / debt you have then they know what it takes to send you bankrupt and pick up your house and business and fire-sale prices and then I decided that there are people out there who actually would like to spy on every yob in the world ...... and that is outside of the old "Do you have a pet dog?  Do you have a burglar alarm?  Are you going on holidays?" motive ...

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Wikileaks Dumps 72,000 Hacked Macron EmailsMy response: ROFL!!!!!!!! Speaking of Wikileaks and VAULT 7, below is a biblical presentation by Steve Cioccolanti from Discover Ministries that discusses Wikileaks. It is 39 minutes long and very relevant. views: 149,819 with 3250+ LikesPublished on Mar 13, 2017Steve Cioccolanti Exposes the end-time secrets of Wikileaks' Vault 7 CIA documents, implication Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in deep state activities.

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DKIM is not WikiLeaks system. It is a system which providers such as Yahoo and GMail use so that you can verify with 100% certainty that the mail has not been tampered with. You cannot fake it, without having the private keys that the mail domain uses. The technology has nothing to do with WikiLeaks, they just use it to verify they are not being had and publishing tampered stuff. Shows how much the reporters know.

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Just 10% of the data dump from Seth Rich has been published. Nothing ever gets out that puts the official 9-11 story in a negative light, nor the state of Israel. I would have to say that Wikileaks is a limited hangout. Who is doing the filtering? Mossad? Julian was kidnapped from the Ecuadorian embassy in October 2016, probably whisked away to a black site. Do we have proof of life, apart from sketchy videos that could be mostly artificial? Do we have pictures and witnesses of Hannity and Assange dining in public together?

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I am certain that there are emails and other evidence that is far more damning than anything we've seen to date, especially RE pizzagate. The prosecutors appointed by Sessions are experts in cover ups. It's all about damage control, but enough "truth" to keep the plebes thinking they are "winning" though the power structure remains intact. Wasn't it Wasserman Schultz's brother overseeing the Seth Rich investigation, and now he's representing Awan? It's just bread and circus. And maybe Wasserman Schultz will be charged with something, but it will be a trifle, because revealing the truth would be too compromising of the confidence the public has to have in the establishment.Take a look at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children:Have you ever wondered why there was ONE SERVICE the Federal Government actually WANTED to privatize and passed a law to do so. That service is the Nat'l Center for Missing and Exploited Children. (pizzagate)From their website:Thirty-two years ago, police could enter information about stolen cars, stolen guns, even stolen horses into the FBI's crime database – but not stolen children. Several tragic cases began to awaken the nation to the problem that there was no coordinated national system for addressing missing children cases. the FBI can track guns, cars and horses, why did the Federal Government chose NOT to track missing kids or child pornography crimes? Why leave that up to a private organization that has no requirement by law to be transparent with regards to who its donors are or the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act)I know many are suspicious of NCMEC. Honeybee has done serious research, and this previous voat post has a good summary of the reasons for such suspicion., I had to ask myself if the FBI can track cars, guns and horses, why would they chose NOT to track missing kids? Why would the federal government, which wants to control everything from healthcare to education to the internet, chose NOT to control the center for missing children and the collection of child pornography evidence? Why is that the one service they enacted a law to privatize? And how can a private organization be allowed to do something illegal like store child pornography?No wonder why Trump said that human trafficking is worse than it has ever been in history. Most likely our federal government had a hand in sanctioning it.

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The REAL question on the Awan story is why were the Capitol Police the only ones that have been investigating this? Why should we trust the FBI, NSA or CIA with ANYTHING? It's becoming pretty apparent that most intelligence funding should go to the Capitol Police who seem to actually save lives and do investigations that are based on ACTUAL facts instead of "narratives". I say we slash the budgets of the non-performing and pretty damn useless intelligence agencies and give the proceeds to the Capitol Police.

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