Violent July Leaves Chicago Murders On Pace To Exceed 2016, The Bloodiest Year In Two Decades

One month ago, President Trump vowed to "send in the Feds" after Chicago's murder rate continued to track roughly in-line with 2016, the most violent year for the city in nearly two decades.


Alas, with the month of July now over, the 'Feds' don't seem to be helping.

With 77 people killed in July alone, murders are up 4% year-over-year despite the federal assistance.  Moreover, those killed as the result of gun violence is up 9%.

Meanwhile, the month of July also recorded one of the city's most violent Fourth of July holidays in history, with more than 100 people shot over the four-day weekend. That's compared to 66 people shot over the holiday in 2016.

According to Chicago police, there have been 417 murders in the city so far this year on a total of 2,202 shootings.


Data Source: HeyJackAss!

As NBC points out, the soaring violence in 2017 comes despite the fact that 5,000 guns have been taken off the streets and gun arrests are up 30% YoY.

Chicago police reported last month that they have removed more than 5,000 guns this year off Chicago streets. The department has also rolled out several initiatives this year, including a high-tech ballistics van that was sent as part of the partnership with the ATF. That same partnership also sent 20 permanent ATF agents to the city, along with federal prosecutors, with the purpose of "prioritizing prosecutions to reduce gun violence, and working with our law enforcement partners to stop the lawlessness.”


"One of the things that I think people miss about this whole violence reduction is the fact that CPD - we’ve recovered over 5,000 guns this year, we’re up 30 percent in overall gun arrests - but the communities being affected, I don’t think they recognize the power that they have in the communities, their voices, to reduce this gun violence," Johnson said.


Not surprisingly, the majority of the violence remains concentrated in a few South and West side neighborhoods.


And, with 7 months of 2017 officially in the record books, here is how Chicago's 2017 murders are stacking up against recent years.


Of course, it's not just Chicago where violent crime is surging as the Midwestern neighbors of Milwaukee, St. Louis and Cleveland have also experienced a 68%, 18% and 33% increase in murders, respectively, compared to 2014.


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Number of Americans struck by lightning in 2015 269 people out of 320 million (0.84 person per million)Number of unarmed African Americans killed by police in 201549 out of 48 million African Americans (1.02 person per million)Again0.83 per million by lightning vs 1.02 per million unarmed African by cop Let's blame all our problems on "Lightning Strike Victims Matter"

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The first time I did a job in Chicago I drove to downtown from the workplace through one of the South Chicago neighborhoods.  I quickly realized that I was in one of those areas where, if anything starts looking wrong, you hit the gas rather than the brakes.  I told the people I was working with about it the next day and they told me that there were only certain acceptable ways to get anywhere.  There were other cities where I saw similar things.  I even worked one place (in Detroit) where they handed me a pistol to keep within reach at all times. All of those places had one thing in common.

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If niglys roll with guns, niglys gonna get shot. Fo real.Ye feel me homey.

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I'll have to admit, it's a crude method of population control. I would also think most of those victims were on some kind of welfare or assistance program, so it's also a crude method of cost control.

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LOL, Shitcago. Where's the movie, "Escape from Chicago!"?The libtards in Hollywood would never put down this liberal icon/example called Chicago.It's the iconic city for all liberals.

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Trump should send in the well-respected Robert Mueller and his cronies, er, associates. On a Friday evening. Unarmed.It's not like they're doing anything useful at the moment.

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St. Louis, Baltimore, Detroit and New Orleans all have higher murder per capita rates than Chicago.In the case of St. Louis, it's more than double.Something to keep in mind as you're touring ghettoes this summer.