European Migrant Crisis Escalates: Italy Impounds German NGO Refugee Ship

In the latest shot across the bow by Italy in Europe's latest refugee crisis, BBC and AP report that the Italian Coast Guard has impounded a German NGO migrant rescue boat and is questioning its crew on the isle of Lampedusa, amid a growing dispute over Italy's code of conduct for handling migrants at sea. Lampedusa is a tiny Italian island near North Africa which has struggled to house boatloads of migrants in recent years.

The Iuventa, which is operated by the German NGO Jugend Rettet previously discussed in "NGO Fleet Bussing Migrants Into The EU Has Ties To George Soros, Hillary Clinton Donors", called the Italian check "a standard procedure".

The reason for the escalation is that Jugend Rettet, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and various other aid NGOs have rejected a new Italian "code of conduct" when it comes to dealing with refugees, according to which Italy plans to send warships close to the Libyan coast to pick up migrants, bypassing Europe's NGO fleet altogether. According to BBC, the Italian parliament is debating the plan, which has already been agreed upon by the government, and aims to stopping the flow of unstable, overcrowded migrant boats across the Mediterranean to Italy.

A tweet from Jugend Rettet (Youth Rescues) said the Iuventa "was not confiscated. Our crew is not arrested. What happened is a standard procedure," it said.

Two Syrian migrants were taken ashore from the vessel, Italian media reported.

One week ago, Libya asked for Italian naval support in its battle against human smugglers operating in its territorial waters, a move that Rome has long considered vital to stemming the wave of migration from north Africa to Europe.  After meeting Fayez al-Serraj, head of Libya’s UN-backed government, Paolo Gentiloni, Italy’s prime minister, said the request was being weighed by the Italian defence ministry.  Most of the migrants arriving in Italy set off from a stretch of coastline west of Tripoli, the Libyan capital.

“It is very relevant news in the fight against human trafficking in Libya, if we respond positively. I believe this is necessary,” said Mr Gentiloni.

Italy has already offered the Libyan coast guard aid and training to intercept migrants before they reach international waters. Even so, the Libyan coast guard’s ability to monitor its coastline is limited by a lack of resources and the weakness of Mr Serraj’s government, which has struggled to exert its influence beyond Tripoli.

As the FT reported last week, the breakthrough on the joint Libyian-Italian naval missions came a day after Serraj met General Khalifa Haftar, a renegade military officer whose forces control much of eastern Libya, to try to forge a peace deal and move to elections next year. Serraj and Gen Haftar met in Paris, shepherded by Emmanuel Macron, the French president, in a diplomatic move which as discussed previously infuriated Rome as Italy is at the centre of diplomatic activity in Libya.

On Monday three out of nine aid NGOs nine operating in the central Mediterranean, accepted the Italian code of conduct. But MSF and Jugend Rettet object to the requirement for armed police to board their ships and for rescuers to stop transferring migrants from one ship to another. They want to minimise their trips back to port, because those trips cost them precious time and money.

As a reminder, Médicins Sans Frontiéres also operates several ships in the migrant fleet – the Dignity 1, the Bourbon Argos and the  Aquarius. As reported previously, MSF has received funding from George Soros' Open Society Foundation.

Meanwhile, Italy which has expressed growing frustration and recently anger with Europe's unwillingness to assist it with its growing refugee problem which has resulted in nearly 100,000 migrants landing in Italy with an uncertain future, says its naval deployment is being negotiated with the UN-recognised Libyan government in Tripoli, led by Prime Minister Fayez Sarraj. Sarraj said his administration had agreed to receive only training and arms from Italy. "Libya's national sovereignty is a red line that nobody must cross," he said.

The Libyan foreign ministry later said preventing the illegal flow of migrants - a lucrative business for people smugglers - "may require the presence of some Italian naval vessels to work from Tripoli's maritime port, for this purpose only". But Italy's role would have to be coordinated with the Libyan authorities, the statement said.

As reported previously, more than 94,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean to Italy so far this year, - a record number. More than 2,370 have died trying to reach Italy.

Migrants picked up in Libyan coastal waters - and not international waters - can be legally returned to Libya, but aid workers say conditions in migrant reception camps there are dire, in large part because nobody else in Europe wants to grant the refugees currently in Italy access. Since 2015 as many as a dozen NGO aid ships have been patrolling off Libya to pick up migrants in distress. So far this year they have handled 35% of the rescues, Italy's Coast Guard says.


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Great links, thank you. And Kudos to you for understanding that most of the people coming out of Africa are Christian, not Muslim. But, do you think that the plan is simply to turn Europe into a mongrel race? I think that's an oversimplification and misses the point. I don't think it's so much that they want a mongrel race in Europe, as it is that they have to kill the Europeans through war or breeding, because we're the ones who keep seeing through the (((bullshit))). Nobody else in the world seems to notice the games being played, or they're willing to go along with them. Europeans seems to keep catching on to the game, expelling the menace, and dereailing (((their))) little plan. 

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We know what (((their))) end game is. Zionism, despite what the fairytale official narrative tells us, is global financial empire. No war, no army, no full frontal assault, just this slimey, creeping, back-room dealing lot of money pushers, blackmailers, and strong men. They pull the strings, they collect the proceeds from our energy, while giving us a bread and circuses exsitence to squabble over for eternity. Then they sit back and much popcorn and enterian themselves on the misery and confusion they've sewn, while pretending their the kings of the world. They can't afford to have any Europeans left at that point, because we're the only ones on this planet who see it, dislike it, and are willing to die to stop it.

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Once they reproduce, it's too late.  The only option is to give up the land they occupy.  Let them think it's their own idea. Southern California is a good example.  Probably nearing 100% invader spawn.This is what the immigration supporters want.  Loss of land.  In a democracy, we all suffer for other's stupidity and greed. 

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What is the difference between a migration and an invasion?The Kalergi Plan, Oded Yinon Plan, Eretz Israel plan, are all in play.  The overarching technique that is being deployed is 'divide and conquer'.  The other major one is the 'pincer movement'.  Where you give people two choices, neither very good.  Lenin summed this one up with "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves".One example would be to offer the populace Universal Basic Income, funded with debt, or they can remain with the current Universal Banker Income system (also debt-based).  The possibility of a UBI funded by EQUITY is never discussed.Also, give credit to the Japanese, white South Africans (who are now learning what it is to deal with commies), and I think Korea, they are starting to see through all this (((shit))) too.  They just have to deal with it much less, so it isn't as much a concern for them, but they know it is a problem that will arrive at their doorstep one way or another (and may have already, *cough Fukushima cough*). 

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Damned right, excellent summary. We need a third way. We're allowing them to control us through this one-dimensional, either/or paradigm of two choice "solutions" to every problem they manufacture and/or can capitalize upon.

I give full credit to the Japanese, South Africans, people all over the world who see it, even the Jews who see this happening in their name, most of all them. We need everybody in this fight. But there's a difference between seeing it, and doing something about it. Historically, Europeans have been a problem for 1700 years, and I think they're getting tired of us.

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Thanks for that ... need to have a real wade into this to see what shit we can find.Jean Lambert (UK Greens) connected to EU open society - the Soros link. we can now start to really associate the UK Green Party with Soros tags, I know a few people who might be interested in this.Internet is fabulous, they use it to create networks on us but it can be inverted to network them too.

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What great courage.  I wish he would translate to English.  Americans need to hear what he has to say and learn.Immigration on a small scale by those who will assimilate and never drain public resources is not that bad.A full scale invasion to replace native populations and destroy their economies and cultures needs to be called out as a crime.

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Perhaps. Though Khadaffi actually invested in his country. He was praised for that. Yes those folks need a strongman. Islam states you have to follow the authority. Khadaffi warned for this vacuum. The reason they offed him was because... Funny actually... He wanted to move away from the dollar. While accepting gold and other payments as well as create gold coins. I saw interviews with him. He was not mad and stupid. Just... Don't dissent against the 'Empire'...

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Yes because white women are the front line victims in this war. And yet, white liberal women have placards "welcome refugees!"   White women have a misplaced sense of altruism; this is both a strength and a weakness.  It is a weakness in this case, as the people they are letting invade, are the same ones that will enslave women later.  In other words, women are emotional, which makes them unfit for making these civilizational decisions.  They feeeeeel rather than think.  Most women are unfit to vote, much less hold political office.  

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Disagree MEFOBILLS, when these liberal white women get donned with hoods and eyelets like a gimp I am going to cheer! Then point out they better be prepared to fight to regain their freedom and I am not helping one fucking bit.In the end these liberal white women, they do get a sack over their heads because they accept the right of sharia law to exist whereas they should be demanding it to be made illegal you cannot have 2 sets of laws to follow it is one or the other. Now there are countries those who want sharia law and they are in the middle east or Pakistan so it is not like they have nowhere else to go.Got bitched at recently for not voting by a female relative, tried to use the fucking argument of not understanding the sufferage movement to obtain womens rights. Yet I am expected to vote for some globalist politician to "allow the existence of sharia law" alongside the law of the land that would render these liberal white women into slaves again.Can only be one set of laws, so take your pick either legal paedo and degrading of women or not!

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You'll have to forgive my hermetic references, but white people are fire, and it's dangerous to play with fire. We have the spark of mental ingenuity, that is our trait, "western" countries may not have the highest IQ in the world, on average, but we also have a "multi-cultural" weighting that we have to apply to that average, Asia doesn't.

Asians, yellow people, if you will, are air, they have the gift of spiritual knowledge. The blacks are water, emotions, and the red man is earth, our bodies. We're all superior at something, but our quad-force-multipliers don't activate until we start working together, cooperatively, towards a single end. Hence, you see the divide and conquer memes at every level, because they're terrified that we'll figure that out. Women are what women are, an outward moving force, always trying to tear down the old solidified fortifications built and assembled by the inward pulling, consolidating force of men.

Now, they know all this, and they use it. They created the institutions of oppression. Then, they created the institutions that oppose oppression. Then, they guide everybody into one of those two camps, depending on their predilections, and use them both for their own ends, which is mainly more oppression.

On a side note, if I ever see one of you cucks out there in the real world, in a real SHTF scenario, ignoring a woman being brutalized (Hillary excluded), I will personally take care of you, right after I save her.

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"An elderly 75-year-old woman was raped by a 26-year-old Nigerian who offered the woman help to bring her shopping bags from the supermarket to her home. When they got to her house, the Nigerian, host of "Cara di Bari" social service structure, has repeatedly beaten and raped the woman. The story is occurred in Gioia del Colle, Bari, Italy.The migrant was arrested by the "Carabinieri" police force, after the old woman alerted her son and described his assailant to the Armed Forces. The woman is admitted to the "Acquaviva delle Fonti" hospital, obstetrics and gynecology department."

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This migrant map is proof that the decolonization of Africa actually failed the continent and doomed it for demise.These people are not fleeing a geographical plight.   If you travel through central africa you have water, natural resoures, often beautiful landscapes.....these people are fleeing a failed culture.   THEN WHY THE HELL DON'T THEY ALL A RECOLONIZATION and RESOCIALIZATION, of their failed countries!!If everyone leaves failed island A for successful island B.....then island B by defacto gets island A.  That's the way it should work!!   So they can fix the problems, and then recolonize island A.The answer can't be that America accepts ALL the refugees from Venezuela!!   Then, what's left in Venezuela.   Venezuela needs to be purged (of the few% of undesirables) and recivilized.When NK falls, the same thing needs to happen.   The answer can't be that all the NKoreans run north or south!!   Same with Mexico, Same with Honduras, Same with Syria.Read George Ayittey's work on Africa Unchanged or Africa Betrayed. (brilliant Ghanian Economist)   This guy doesn't by Obama's theology on victimization so he never got airtime.  We are so sensitive about political correctness that we are doing the WRONG thing all over the world and allowing the dictators to destroy their countries.

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To fight globalists a different type of war is required and very different to any war waged before.A war of attrition that must never end ... and they have to be rooted out like an infestation but on a global scale.Fail that and they will be back at some future point to repeat it all over again ... in a way failure to act condems those not yet born.You wonder why human history repeats? ... Could it be that each go round the eradication of the globalists failed, and with their stashed resources they start all over again.Now you know what you must do if you want this to end and a slap on the wrist or warning is futile.

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NGOs are sure generous with other peoples' countries and money.  Overload the system for reset.  If overload fails at least the additional votes will be there.

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There are 6,000,000 reasons (((they'll))) never be made responsible. The (((people))) that bring you NGOs are the same (((ones))) that run western governments and own the politicians.  Only a new reich and a real final solution can end the world's (((problem))).  Now go order a White Russian and drink to that.

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