Meet The Tens Of Thousands Of Americans Desperate For A Job At Amazon

Today was Amazon Jobs Day, which the company said was "its biggest hiring event of the year" in which it would interview and hire 50,000 full-time and part-time employees in communities all around the country, mostly for vacant warehouse worker positions. The jobs fair is part of Amazon's pledge to hire 130,000 workers by 2018.

Among the perks listed were the following: Full-time positions include medical benefits starting on day one and tuition pre-payment for high demand careers. Part-time positions include medical benefits that begin after 90 days and tuition pre-payment.

The company said it offers "competitive pay" for full-time workers as well as part-time workers. Wages for the advertised positions range from $11.50 an hour in Tennessee to $13.75 an hour near Amazon's Seattle headquarters.

Amazon provided the following handy dress code tips for today's interviews:

  • Long hair must be pinned or tied up to a length that does not exceed the top of the shoulder. Beards may not exceed three inches from the face without being tied up or netted
  • Extraneous articles hanging from clothing, such as chains or drawstrings, can cause a safety-risk and are prohibited
  • We ask guests to wear flat, closed-toe and closed-heel shoes.
  • Jewelry that dangles or protrudes from the body may come in contact with machinery and result in a safety hazard

In Robbinsville, New Jersey, Morgan Devries, 21, told NBC News she used to work in retail but is now applying for work at Amazon because the industry doesn't pay well enough.  "I work at the airport and they are paying people $12 and under [per hour]," Clarence Williams told NBC News. "People cannot live on that type of wage! If you look at the long line, no one here is making good money."

Some lucky candidates would be given job offers on the stop: they will pack or sort boxes.

Considering Amazon's exponential surge in (mostly part-time) employment, today's countrywide job fair was not surprising.

What was surprising, however, are the long lines of thousands of unemployed people who showed up desperate for even a part-time job across the nation. And yes, as the gentleman says 55 seconds into the clip below, he is "desperate."

Some more examples, from New Jersey:

More Jersey:





Is this what a "full employment", according to the Fed, economy looks like? 


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Angry Amazon sellers: New refund policy will crush small businesses Amazon (AMZN) sellers are up in arms over a new returns policy that will make it easier for consumers to send back items at the merchant's expense.That means a buyer will no longer need to contact the seller before sending an item back, and the merchant won't have the opportunity to communicate with the customer."Customers will be able to print a prepaid return shipping label via the Online Return Center instantly," the email said.… Now peeples can order that Big Screen Tv for the impotent game and watch kerpeckian kneeling, and return it fo free ! PS: Sounds like that policy needs some fine tuning.

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I just bought a new wifi extender from amazon. It came in a damaged box and was quickly evident someone had previously tried to install it and then returned it. Amazon just took the return and shipped it to me as new merchandise. I didn't even try it.... automatic return. Problem is, when they send me the replacement, it will probably be the same damn device.

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Be sure it did not come from a China seller. I have had problems with sellers from China sending stuff that does not work or is damaged and returns/refunds are a hassle with them. Iuse only American sellers with a high feedback score of 90% or above and at least 50 feedbacks esp with electronics items. You can buy very very cheap clothing from Chinese sellers but the quality is usually not too good. My sister has a dress or two from China that costs her about $12 a piece and they look nice but after one wash fall apart. The quality is not as good as something like Chaps or Talbots. Of course, for $12 with free shipping from China for a dress she should not expect too much.

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this is, hopefully, a self-inflicted shot to the foot. if i were a small business owner that was using amazon this might just push me over the edge and make me pay some kid to set up a functioning website so i could sell direct to the customer.disclaimer: i own no business, but if i did i would steer way the fuck clear of amazon, just because.

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Summer of recovery #9; I made more than this 25 years ago at 18.  This country isnt collapsing, it has collapsed, at least in most places.  Our grand fathers would have spilt some blood by now.

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off-set collapse.  Morons sending us finished goods for IOU digital FRNs. Automation and immigration off-setting price inflation.  Mission Creep -the fact that this is a multi generational collapse masks the odor of the corpses.  Throw in mass entertainment, self-esteem issues, social media and lots of drugs and second hand porn. Good to go.Oh and massive amounts of fluoride.

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"Our grandfathers would have spilt some blood by now."You mean the "grandfathers" that were too stupid to read a history book and realize that they were being lied to while the country was being usurped by globalists? Look, my grandfather is a good man- hard working honest and moral. But he is a dumbass when it comes to big-picture stuff. He still believes in "Ameeericuh- F*!@ Ya!" Like the good ol' US of A is still a shiny beacon of hope liberty and justice. I try to tell him about 9/11, Iran-Contra, Globalism, Agenda 21 etc and he aint having none of it! If all of these old codgers are so patriotic and brave why dont they stand up and fight now? Hell, theyre close to being dead anyway, they dont have much to lose. It's because theyre scared and intimidated just like everyone else. Just face it, the Greatest Generation is also the most ignorant generation.  

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+10Once the last Baby Boomer is dead and it is impossible for those responsible to suffer any consequences for their lack of vision will Gen-X and later be subject to real pain.Exactly like Obama. He spends day and night for eight years and walks out of office a national hero, immune to prosecution, running cocaine on his mega yacht making fat stacks reading off a teleprompter for globalists.Same shit.(For any baby boomer reading this you are in my high esteem and are in top billionth of your peer group)

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