President Zuck? Facebook CEO Hires Hillary Clinton's Chief Campaign Strategist

Three weeks ago, when the WSJ ran an infomercial of the "down to earth" Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as just the guy next door in "Mark Zuckerberg Hits the Road to Meet Regular Folks" as part of Zuckerberg's tour of the country...

... the obvious question immediately emerged: is Zuck's publicity stunt preparation for a presidential run?

The answer increasingly looks like "yes", because as Politico reported on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton’s former pollster, Joel Benenson, the chief strategist in Clinton’s 2016 doomed campaign has been hired to conduct research for Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan’s nonprofit, the Zuckerberg-Chan initiative. Officially Benenson’s work, done through his company Benenson Strategy Group, will focus on the couple’s philanthropy. However, it will give Zuckerberg access to yet another top pollster as rumors of a potential presidential run grow ever louder.

In January, the Zuckerbergs hired another top political advisor - David Plouffe, campaign manager for Obama’s 2008 presidential run - as president of policy and advocacy. Plouffe had previously worked at Uber. Ken Mehlman, who ran President George W. Bush’s 2004 reelection campaign, also sits on the board. And earlier this year, Politico reports that the couple also brought on Amy Dudley, a former communications adviser to Virginia Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine.

In retrospect, Mark Zuckerberg appears to be building an army of presidential advisors.

As part of his tour of the U.S., in June he stopped over in Iowa, a key launchpad for anyone floating a presidential bid. Zuckerberh's "Year of Travel" has been compared to a grassroots presidential listening tour and fueled speculation he could run for president.

Of course, Zuckerberg denies everything.

"Some of you have asked if this challenge means I'm running for public office. I'm not," he wrote in a Facebook post earlier this year.  "I'm doing it to get a broader perspective to make sure we're best serving our community of almost 2 billion people at Facebook and doing the best work to promote equal opportunity at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative."

Zuck won't be the first, or last, politician to lie about not running. Meanwhile, the rumors of a run have persisted as the Facebook founder continues his tour and weighs in on political issues like healthcare.


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That's a touching to see the photo of Zuckerbegrer the Billionaire rubbing shoulders with the dindus. He's even seen lifting a log! He pays over $2 million a year for his bodyguards and lives behinda 15 foot wall so it's good to see him out and's a great photo op he can post on his FB page.Or he can blow it up to poster size, print a few million of them and drop them from his private 747 jet.

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jeff montanye Dormouse Wed, 08/02/2017 - 23:01 Permalink

two opposing thoughts: if al gore had fought harder and prevailed in 2000, i believe he would have caught a cold, fallen down, or suffered a scaliattack.  and joe lieberman would have been president.  probably would have named dick cheney and donald rumsfeld to the same positions though (plans being what they were).had hillary not cheated so badly or been found out earlier and prosecuted by . . . someone, bernie might well have been nominated and, judging by the (even more lopsided) polls, could have been elected.a non zionist jew is actually exactly what this country needs.  or possibly a non zionist hindu.…

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AAAAAArrrrrrrggggggg   Never in my lifetime.

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Cloud9.5 Manthong Thu, 08/03/2017 - 08:01 Permalink

I have no clue how this will turn out.  The merging of the virtual world with the virtual government is already well underway.  In four years, we have no idea where we will be.  If it were not for declining resources and entropy I would argue that the singularity is inevitable.  Can you imagine a point in time where everybody gets his five minutes of fame by becoming a momentary celebrity and government decisions are based on facebook likes and dislikes?  The dictatorship of the momentary majority will have achieved the pinnacle of power.  In an incensed moment of heightened emotion the virtual mob will vote to nuke the planet.

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