Royal Advisors Have Advocated False Flag Terrorism for More Than 2,000 Years

Kautilya (also called “Chanakya”) was a royal advisor thousands of years ago in ancient India. His writing is considered an important precursor to much modern thought.  Wikipedia notes:

He is considered the pioneer of the field of political science and economics in India, and his work is thought of as an important precursor to classical economics.

2,300 years ago – in the 4th century B.C. – Kautilya advocated the use of false flag attacks:

The brother of a seditious minister may put forward his claim for inheritance. While the claimant is lying at night at the door of the house of the seditious minister or elsewhere, a fiery spy … may murder him and declare “Alas! the claimant for inheritance is thus murdered (by his brother).” Then taking the side of the injured party, the king may punish the other (the seditious minister).




The king may send a seditious minister with an army of inefficient soldiers and fiery spies to put down a rebellious wild tribe or a village, or to set up a new superintendent of countries or of boundaries in a locality bordering upon a wilderness, or to bring under control a highly-rebellious city, or to fetch a caravan bringing in the tribute due to the king from a neighboring country. In an affray (that ensues in consequence of the above mission) either by day or at night, the fiery spies, or spies under the guise of robbers … may murder the minister and declare that he was killed in the battle.


While marching against an enemy or being engaged in sports, the king may send for his seditious ministers for an interview. While leading the ministers to the king, fiery spies with concealed weapons shall, in the middle enclosure of the king’s pavilion, offer themselves to be searched for admittance into the interior, and, when caught, with their weapons by the door-keepers, declare themselves to be the accomplices of the seditious ministers. Having made this affair known to the public, the door-keepers shall put the ministers to death, and in the place of the fiery spies, some others are to be hanged.


While engaged in sports outside the city, the king may honor his seditious ministers with accommodation close to his own. A woman of bad character under the guise of the queen may be caught in the apartment of these ministers and steps may be taken against them as before.


A sauce-maker or a sweetmeat-maker may request of a seditious minister some sauce and sweetmeat by flattering him–“thou alone art worthy of such things.” Having mixed those two things and half a cup of water with poison, he may substitute those things in the luncheon (of the king) outside the city. Having made this event known to the public, the king may put them (the minister and the cook) to death under the plea that they are poisoners.




When there arises a quarrel among seditious persons, fiery spies may set fire to their fields, harvest-grounds, and houses, hurl weapons on their relatives, friends and beasts of burden, and say that they did so at the instigation of the seditious; and for this offense others may be punished.


Spies may induce seditious persons in forts or in country parts to be each other’s guests at a dinner in which poisoners may administer poison; and for this offense others may be punished.

500 years ago, Machiavelli wrote:

In order to keep the power, one has to use terror sometimes.

Machiavelli and the father of the Neo-Conservative movement – Leo Strauss – advocated false flag terror as a political tool.

Strauss, an admirer of Machiavelli, believed that a stable political order required an external threat and that if an external threat did not exist, one should be manufactured. Specifically, Strauss thought that:

A political order can be stable only if it is united by an external threat . . . . Following Machiavelli, he maintained that if no external threat exists then one has to be manufactured.


Leaders throughout history have also acknowledged the political “benefit” of false flags:

“This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.”
– Plato


“If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”
– U.S. President James Madison


Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death”.
– Adolph Hitler


“Why of course the people don’t want war … But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship … Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”
– Hermann Goering, Nazi leader.


“The easiest way to gain control of a population is to carry out acts of terror. [The public] will clamor for such laws if their personal security is threatened”.
– Josef Stalin

These are not just idle words …  presidents, prime ministers, congressmen, generals, spooks, soldiers and police from around the world have admitted to false flag terrorism.


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 Its always been about controling the populations. Its what governments have always done. Right and wrong never mattered to governments. Control is the # 1 priority of all governments. Always has been Id guess.

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Nowadays there are multiple layers. 'Independent' think tanks launder intended policy (e.g. Gatestone Institute) which is then whitewashed via MSM and other media outlets (including ZH on Zionist day). In the west, the most common driving policy is Israel First, drivel by Israel Firsters (aka Zionists).The biggest IF FF today is the 'migrant crisis'. NATO is sent in by IFs under a pretext (e.g. Africa, ME), chaos descends, people try to escape and are directed towards Europe. Impediments are removed (e.g. Gaddafi, though not just for this reason). 

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I would also bring focus on the phraseology.  It is not simply "governments", it is the greedy/sociopathic person who worms his/her way into positions where they can, out of sight (literally oversight), feed their base desires. We need to go back to the tribal remedy for those who are not contributing: death.  An individual using resources and providing nothing/ actively working against in some cases, is a burden to our continuation ad infinitum as a species.  They are truly a cancer and we should model the biolgogical answer- NK cells.  It would seem that there is an actual parallel role among people to do jsut that.......    

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Typical of GW and his blog, no mention of Israel -- King David Hotel, USS Liberty, 9-11, and so forth. When "George Washington" tells the whole truth, I'll read and listen.

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Actually, in this link, "These are not just idle words …  presidents, prime ministers, congressmen, generals, spooks, soldiers and police from around the world have admitted to false flag terrorism." there are many references to Israel.Worth reading and listening.He can't put everything in every article now, can he?PS. Excellent job as always, George. Those 71 points really bring the point home. Lots of quality research; kudos and thanks. I've linked to it on my end, here.

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In order to keep the power, one has to use terror sometimes. Understatement. You need terror to capture power, and then you need more terror to hold on to it. What constitutes terror depends on how peaceful the society is. In the 19th Century, a bomb thrown on an oligarch was an act of terrorism; in 1917, killing all the elites that could be caught was; then chasing out a segment of population was. Then after WWII, there was comparative peace, so the standards of terrorism came down. Now it is going up.No matter how violent a society is, it can still be terrorised by more inhuman violence - hence the cannibalism in Africa and Syria. 

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You mean to tell me, ALL of the people we count on for good information are SCUMBAGS?!?…

Well, Hector Festus, after a careful review of that chart I'm thinking you may be on to something. .. Where do the high priests and White House Press Secretaries fit into the picture? .... Way down in the little crevasses and cracks around the corporate logos, I bet. .. Just North of Homer Simpson and Stephen Colbert.

Do you think they are evilly conspiring against all of humanity at once or are they just going to pick off one country at a time?

Maybe we should false flag their asses before they false flag ours. .. All's fair in the war for survival. ... (((Who))) should we false flag first?

Live Hard, All Of The Propaganda Peddlers Seem To Be Reporting To The Same Greedy Lying Cut-Throat Satanic Pirate Bosses, ... That's Pretty Darn Obvious, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

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For the confused, tired, or other wise beaten to a pulp by lies, treachery, and deceit: Turn away from liars, theives, and cheaters. Dust off your feet, and stand up straight.Build with one hand for defense the other for the building, until you emerge into sunlight.Let the dead bury their own dead. Forget them.

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In the most desperate of time, a false flag event will save the nation. False flag 911 served the purpose of Israel and the Deep State, not America. It was a plan developed by the Russian born Mossad director and rogue elements of CIA and FBI. It caused a great waste of strategic capital.

A new false flag event in the Persian Gulf is the wrong place at the wrong time. The US must demand Israel engage Iran. The US receives no strategic benefit from the alliance with Israel. The wars in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and so on are focus deception for the balkanization of the Middle East for Greater Israel at US expense. What combat power has Israel provided to assist the US?

During this era of focus deception, the Chinese have prepared the most elaborate strategy to disable and supersede the US as global superpower. Will the Chinese world order be so kind to Israel?

Chinese intentions are clear, it is not a false flag to disrupt China's strategic time table. The US Navy has had many opportunities to interpret Chinese actions in the South China sea as acts of war. The US can not allow continued preparation for a Chinese offensive strategic plan under the cloak of deception. Chinese preparations and actions indicate designs on India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Brunei and Taiwan. The Chinese war machine and economy require greater access to energy resources.

North Korea is a focus deception, unlike Israel, South Korea is a formidable and determined ally. In the event of war, the US can depend on the vast majority of South Koreans. This means, out of over 50 million, the US can depend on 20 million armed South Koreans will fight to the death.

The Chinese threat to Japan has forced a rethink of strategic priorities. Japan expects to stand side by side with the US in the coming war. Anything else would be considered dishonorable. The Japanese consider this war to be a critical event in world history. They're prepared to fight for their sovereignty.

India is unprepared and has taken drastic measures to rearm. The cost of rearming for the Chinese threat is a greater task than for war with Pakistan. India is working with new tax systems to pay for the enormous defense costs. India is a traditional Chinese enemy. The Chinese are preparing two invasion corridors through the mountains.

The Chinese strategic time table must be disrupted through a naval engagement in the South China sea. The North Korea engagement is a side show which is a strategic diversion. The US must trigger the Chinese strategic deception with a significant material loss to strengthen allied resolve across the face of Asia.

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Good article. I am going to put the blame squarely where it is most due. The people in most countries are mostly stupid, evil, filled with attitude and rebellion, crooks and thieves of every sort, liars of every sort of deception who love to take advantage of others that makes them feel smart, witty and powerful. They are unhumble and deserve little, since they add little and demand everything, lacking moral standards and boundaries, violators of peoples human rights, tyrants, willing to deceive people out of their votes, violate others property rights and deny other peoples free speech. Selfish, cruel, stiff necked, violent, intimidating, threatening prostitutes and scumbags of every sort. That’s most people. Unworthy of rational conversation about war, security, wealth redistribution, free speech, all other freedoms, and consideration of the rest of the people of the world that americans would rather forget if its inconvenient, while claiming no limitations should be placed on them. In God I trust.

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In America, the shibboleth among the politicians and the populace over which it rules is Russia Bad, America Good. Democrat or Republican, it doesn't matter, they all stand for it and fear being seen as questioning its veracity. When 911 happened, all of my neighbors put American flags on their houses to acknowledge that they were members of the Great American Klan, ready to fight the Evildoers, whoever and wherever they were. I was the lone holdout. There was no flag adorning my dwelling, and in a sea of flags, I stood out and it made me somewhat uncomfortable because I was not joining in the mass expression of patriotism and everyone could see it.For me, practically everything government does is a false flag operation. Nothing is as it seems. Every government decision is cloaked in secrecy, the product of behind-the-scenes negotiations, i.e. bribes or threats, and any rare good that results from it is unintended or coincidental. 

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We need an Insecurities Exchange Commission (IEC)  to regulate the market of new problem offerings (NPO's) to insure the fear coeficient is substansive enough to go public.

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Emote at your peril.  Every protector has a cost.  He, who has the power to destroy your enemy, has the power to control and/or destroy you.  If I'm selling umbrellas, I want rain.  If I want power, I need an enemy for you to fear. There is no free protection. 

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This assumes A universally corrupt society. It is flawed because then I tell you as A mechanic I am not going to fix your $50 car problem, I am going to make it A $500 problem, or your doctor, or your lawyer, plumber, or even your electric company. Transparency works, its the people who are evil or good, their gaps of not being able to talk about war are no different then the ones about the doctor extorting you, that you couldn’t handle to hear, he doesn’t care if he is working on A foreigner or A domestic either. In God I trust.

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Regrettably, many of your examples are true.  The mechanic is often false.  The doctor out for all the tests and fees and prescriptions he can rack up, the lawyer charging up twice as many hours as he can possibly work in a week.  Transparancy works, except where regulation requires a licence, and there are barriers to free entry into a trade or profession.Protection for the public is the mantra of government, which hides the true aim, which is to separate them from their money.

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The more internetworking things change, the more they stay the same ...... however, with wholly different unholy leaderships in command and control of the madness and mayhem being created for CHAOS ....... Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems.And a little something Extra ESpecial and even quite alien for SWIFT markets to invest their futures and derivatives bet in? ........ IT is where all the really smart virtual money is going. Of that you can be assured, for ignorance and arrogance in the hearts and minds of the fooled and fools no longer have a stranglehold on intelligence or on the myriad means of silently sharing vast swathes of uncovering knowledge.

amanfromMars 1 Thu 3 Aug 11:13 [1708031113] ….. says, chatting on More of the same old nonsense in not a viable option for future delivery of surreal derivatives "The aim of the game is to fudge the file, changing bytes here and there, in a way so that it hoodwinks an antivirus engine into thinking the harmful file is safe. The poisonous file slips through – like the ball carving a path through the brick wall in Breakout – and the bot gets a point." In just exactly the same way that mainstream media presents both state and non state actor scripts for virtual realisation and program reaction to create a chaotic future for "experts" to stabilise?  Yes, it sure is, bubba. But that stated secret is always best kept safe and secure and away from and widely unknown by the masses, because of the very real live danger to elite executive systems administration that such knowledge delivers. Now that it is out there in spaces and places which cannot be commanded or controlled by formerly convenient and/or conventional means and memes, is the Great Game changed with novel leading players with authorisations to either create new future projects and more magical systems and protect old legacy systems leaders or simply destroy perverse and corrupted old regimes if they/it chooses to remain disengaged and silent whilst peddling its arms to the ignorant slaves which be identified in this enlightening tale ........ Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
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A false flag attack, on a personal basis, is one of the biggest risks we face from government collection of personal data. To frame the "seditious minister", the government has to know his affairs, his location and his relationships with others.

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The worst false flag of all time was planned against Jesus, when the Pharisees said of Him, "He has a demon", influencing the Jewish nation to reject Him. It's because of this that the world MUST go through the time of Jacob's trouble meant for Israel, the seven year tribulation in which the entire world is tested to see if they will remain "earth dwellers" or believe in God's Messiah. The Millennial Kingdom has been delayed. After Matthew 12:22 Jesus only speaks in parables that none but His disciples can understand, because He has already made His decision to delay the Kingdom. From then on, the Jews would have temporary spiritual blindness (like the scales that fell from Shaul of Tarsus' eyes), but God will save His people Israel removing the blindness by the fire of testing, skimming the dross when they are melted in the persecutions of the last week, seven years of the worst human suffering of all time.

stiler Thu, 08/03/2017 - 11:42 Permalink

The main point is that the Rabbis of old had a belief that when the Messiah would come we would know Him by His ability to cast a demon out of a blind and dumb person, something no one else could do. The, when it happened they did not believe.

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The main point is that the Rabbis of old had a belief that when the Messiah would come we would know Him by His ability to cast a demon out of a blind and dumb person, something no one else could do. The, when it happened they did not believe.

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We can see a similar situation in Venezuela. Maduro understands his policies have decimated the economy and He fears ending up like Il Duce. His only option is to turn up the "Spinal Tap" amplifier of tyranny to 11, in order to stay alive.

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Sure wish his "brilliant mind" had been put to use on solving India's (and one of the world's) biggest threat - senseless Indians breeding like rats.

allthegoodname… Fri, 08/04/2017 - 18:17 Permalink

A small tribe, the Mongolians, a Family, the Rothschild's, can disrupt any nation of hundreds of millions, all it, they, must do, is control the money and direct the fear.  No matter the story line the money is what counts, always has been, always will be, this way.  More than the Kings and Queens before him, more than the Philosophers, the Social Designers of old, more than the Knights Templars, the Khans and the Czars, the Popes and Generals, Mayer Amschel Bauer, understood, money, makes the world go around, the whole world.  It would be most interesting to know (beside what is available to know on this or other owned media) the relationship between Goldman Sachs and the Rothschild machine?  As it was interesting to learn the Associated Press and Reuters, from whom all the Fake News gets its story lines, is a possession of the Rothschild Family.  As we are steered away to the CIA, we keep on getting the Rothschild's plan for us, shoved up our behind's.  There is no doubt the tribe that is, the true tribe that is, the filthy rich, no matter their color of skin, religion or political persuasion, have picked their King and it is: the eldest son of the Rothschild Clan.  Ideas about Jews and etc., distractions and though the goat, in this case is, well fed.Everything like picking a King, like deciding the philosophy, picking the winners and losers, all of this trivial stuff is done.  What remains is the depopulating and dumbing down of the masses people.  Most of us not chosen are already infested with the agents of death; for, nothing is less predictable than a surprise.    If ever people allow the Mongolian like Rothschild's to assemble for themselves an army, the United Nations Army, then we, the people, are in for ten thousand years of bloodshed, want and misery.  When the Banker owns the Army this is when the situation is untenable, definitely a lost cause, the end of the world.I am convinced the Rothschild's are Mongolians, are without compassion or empathy, are intending to subjugate the whole world of people to their terms.  I think the term Jew is a deception, a device directing hate like a wheel steers a car, Jew, made something of note by the including in the Christians Bible the word Jew, making the word Jew the people of the gods, a chosen people, though a word just recently coined.  History, made in a few hundred years, history, contrived, so the world of people stumble around as in a darkened place.  This, is what people do today, they stumble around having lost knowledge of all that is real of all that could be good.  Blinded, a new history of the world accepted, even the size and shape of the world changed to fit the convenient lies. It is not nations that are at war, it is all of humanity that is fighting, fighting they know not what, just striking out at whatever the real enemies of people tell them to strike out against.  Self-fulfilling prophecy, taken to extremes, bloody and terrible extremes.  People, must wake up, now. Make your own conclusions as I know you will, just remember, everything including the weather is being weaponized and against we, the people, of which I know most of us here are.  This Internet, a condition the killer’s must accept, is our last and only hope.  Use it wisely, teach the truth, learn the truth, be the truth; know your enemy.