Quebec Is "Close To Its Limits" As Refugees Flood Across US-Canada Border

Back in January, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his liberal savior complex in full view, announced that Canada would take in all refugees who are refused entry to the US.

“To those fleeing persecution, terror and war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength.”

Six months later, some Canadians are starting to question that decision as the country's resources are stretched to the limit by an unprecedented wave of refugees seeking asylum.

As we’ve reported previously, a crush of migrants hoping to seek refugee status in the US have instead traveled north to Canada, fearing arrest – or worse, deportation – following the November election of President Donald Trump. Thanks to the flow of thousands of migrants from Central and South America flowing across the Canadian border, 2017 is expected to see the highest number of asylum seekers applying for asylum since 2011.

The crush of migrants has already overwhelmed Canada’s legal system, leaving many in an uncomfortable legal limbo.

Now, a wave of Haitian asylum-seekers are occupying most of the spare shelter space in a city where temperatures regularly fall below, as one supervisor at a government-funded aid program told the Montreal Gazette.

“Francine Dupuis, who oversees PRAIDA, a government-funded program to help seekers get on their feet in Quebec, said the number of refugee claimants is unprecedented.


Following a recent wave of Syrian refugees, most are now Haitians fleeing the United States for fear their temporary resident status will be revoked and hoping to find refuge in Montreal’s large Haitian community.


‘It’s unheard of,’ Dupuis said. ‘In 30 years, I’ve never seen this kind of volume or intensity.’


Dupuis said about 90 per cent of asylum seekers coming into Quebec now are Haitian. In July, PRAIDA received 1,200 new requests for refugees, nearly four times more than an average month.


‘We’re doing our best, but obviously there’s going to be a limit. And we’re close to that limit.’”

According to Dupuis, an “increasing wave” of Haitian refugee claimants forced officials to open a temporary shelter in Montreal’s Olympic Stadium Wednesday as they scramble to keep up with an influx they fear shows no signs of slowing. Many of them are Haitians fleeing the US after Trump threatened in May to remove the temporary protected status granted to nearly 60,000 Haitians living in the country following Haiti’s 2010 earthquake.

Figures compiled by the Canadian Border Services Agency show Quebec has become Canada’s main entry point from the US. Of the 4,345 people who either sought asylum at the border or were intercepted by police in the first six months of 2017, 3,350 were recorded in Quebec.

Unsurprisingly, local officials haven’t hesitated to blame Trump for the overflow.

“In a series of tweets, Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre welcomed the refugees and called the situation “another consequence” of Trump’s immigration politics. In a statement, Coderre said he had a “constructive conversation” with Quebec Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil about the influx of refugees.

Because Montreal became a sanctuary city in February (we’re not sure how that differentiates it from every other city in Canada), asylum seekers have access to the city’s municipal services. Through programs like PRAIDA, the city will also help them find emergency housing, hosting them in empty schools, rehab centers, hotels and YMCAs while helping them with the required paperwork. In addition to housing, PRAIDA offers medical, nursing and psychosocial services to asylum seekers.

The agency recently reached out to the Olympic Stadium to see if it’d be willing to shelter some of the incoming migrants. Officials quickly agreed, and began prepping the space for 150 people.

“Olympic Stadium spokesperson Cédric Essiminy said officials were approached on Friday about hosting refugees for the next couple of months. As of Wednesday, the stadium had 150 beds set up in a communal space in its western hall, where caregivers will be using a nearby concession stand to prepare and distribute food.


Refugees will also have access to 20 showers in an unused team locker room. The space can accommodate up to 450 beds. Hosting the refugees will not affect any of the stadium’s activities, Essiminy added.”

With large, public spaces nearly tapped out, the government of Quebec will need to make some difficult choices.

“But I don’t think anybody has the answers,” Dupuis said. “Nobody knows when it’s going to stop. At one point, I think the government will have to make a decision - do we continue to receive them, and if we do, where are the resources going to come from?”

Maybe Trudeau will swoop in with more federal aid. However, since the refugees are Haitian not Syria, and therefore won’t attract swarms of adulating press coverage like the prime minister received in January, we wonder: Will this register as a priority? Or will Quebec soon start turning away asylum seekers at the border?


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First they spend trillions carpet bombing countries after countries - putting our soldiers at risk, piling on the national debt, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians in the 'liberated' countries, creating enemies and then taking away our freedoms to protect us from the same enemies. And finally, whoever is fortunate enough to survive the bombings is encouraged to come here, without screening, jumps queue and given instant access to tax payer funded facilities and benefits.If you oppose at any stage, you are a either racist cunt or a russian co-conspirator or both!!The whole thing is monty-pythonesque absurd.

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Cripes, went on holiday in Feb. to the Q winter festival, after a few days skiing up north back in the day.  Stayed in the Chateau Frontenac, and because of the metrics, never knew just how cold it was every day.  Would walk  two blocks in the old city, and duck into another bar to warm up from the inside.  Didn't see half of what we wanted, never again.

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It is called selling bullshit to the dimwits and gullible. These morons are mindlessly all for something until it comes around to bite them in the ass. Even then some of them have trouble walking up. I hope Canadians create a big stink and then watch Hillary and Pelosi call them racist. The leftiez will cannibalize each other.Same thing with the China tariffs and trade disputes. There is no way such one-sided trade can continue. I'm amazed it's gone on as long as it has. I know money is recycled through bonds etc.but it has carved this country up. Something has to be done to reverse the situation.America used to be called the Melting Pot. They were right. It is a pot that is melting.

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Wasn't US supplying military grade weapons to Haitian police at the same time when Haiti was under UN imposed arms embargo for human right violations and police brutality?! Looks like ZH has been thoroughly infiltrated by deep state supporters.To give you the benefit of doubt - I dont claim all of these places would have been paradise without US meddling, but I instead claim that we are all worse off because of it. 

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How shitty is the third world where you can grow the most Amazing valuable, in demand crops and Burgle you way into a dreary Arborial ice locker and call it an improvement ? Blue seas, Bananas and Mangoes, fish, fish, fish and the list goes on. Cinnamon, Tea, Vanilla.If only there was a common factor, a lot of this stuff would make more sense.

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Haiti has LONG been used by the US as a source of cheap labour, and since the earthquake NOTHING has been done to truely help rebuild the country....PLIS you have the Clinton foundation stealing all the money supposedly being used to help, and it is a disaster.Haiti STILL looks like it DID get bombed!… is just as complicite in the raping of the country.…  

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May be it was before you were born but in mid 2000s US was arming Somali neighbours to fight Al Shahab (pretty much the somalia Al Qaeda), guess what - 90% of those weapons ended up with the Al Shahab! Hardly a surprise for anyone who has followed international news apart from the one reported by CNN.Nigeria does not make to top ten of the most refugee sending country but dont hold your breath an arms deal is on the way!

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We're carpet bombing Nigeria and Somalia (where MANY of the rapefugees are from)?I had no idea... All countries that have oil, are attack targets.  The attack can be covert or overt.  Covertly, the method is to get the country into dollar denominated debts.  Somalia is on the oil tanker transport routes.  The Petrodollar is a function of internatinal capital, which in turn is a function of Jewish Usury.Now you have an idea?see perkins book, economic hitman for the covert mechanism.

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World bank report says there are 900mn people living on less than 2 dollars a day.How many can west possibly take? In what way is this whole-sale immigration a solution to anything? What happens to people who cannot make it to the west - most likely children, women and elderies - the group that without doubt needs most help! Only logical solution is to help them in their countries. But then if their goal is to shove multiculturism down our throat on the pretext of helping refugees then I must be the lunatic one!

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Yes, but thriving is pretty much out of the question until the deep state values people more than the natural resources they live near. BTW, I hear Melinda Gates is going back to Africa armed with lots of contraceptives. Perhaps Canada has indeed had enough...

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Minister of International Development, Marie-Claude Bibeau, recently defended Canada’s increase in funds toward abortion and contraception overseas by calling abortion and contraception a “tool to end poverty.”

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What kind of idiots making $2 a day, want to bring a child (or two, or three, or five...) into a totally poverty ridden hell hole?  Instead of bags of rice, we should be sending condoms, IUD's, birth control pills, day-after pills or just friggin' something!And why should we, the American taxpayer, pay for all of this?  That's not OUR problem, that's their problem, get it?

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It is a solution to destroy the West, because at some point people will wake up and realize that they were looted. To avoid that they need a perpetual internal conflict with "new immigrants" of different religion, traditions and culture. In other words make mutual coexistence as difficult and as incompatible as possible. In other words, the ruling elites are not trying to solve or help anything-their plan is a total chaos, followed by the order risen from that chaos. The sooner people will begin to understand it the more chances we have to stop it. And please do not try to apply your logic here. They also have logic, but it is different from yours. Their actions are very logical for what they are doing, and the plan is to escape being hung by neck on the nearest power pole when masses get really upset and go unhinged.

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