Visualizing The Fiery Death Of American Manufacturing


On Wednesday, the US added 178k private sector jobs in July, verse 185k jobs expected. The number was just shy of Wall Street estimates, and did not stop the mainstream media and Moody’s chief economist Mark Zandi from saying, “the American job machine continues to operate in high gear.”

This ADP report sounds great, but underneath the surface a majority of additions are non-productive jobs called ‘Service-providing’. What is not widely spoken about on the mainstream media is the loss in –4k manufacturing jobs. 


ADP manufacturing employment has stalled post 1Q17. Leading us to believe that President Trump is running into roadblocks in terms of creating manufacturing jobs.

(h/t zerohedge)

On a long term perspective, the 50-year decline in the manufacturing share of all U.S. employment just fell to an all-time record low of 8.48%. The so called good times in America was between 1940 through 1950, where the manufacturing share of all U.S. employment bounced between 30-40%. The good times are over and have been for many decades with American industry hallowed out, along with a rotting middle class.

(h/t zerohedge)

Even if Trump was to revive America’s industries, the manufacturing share of all U.S. employment will stay ultra low because of automation. Making jobs great again in terms of manufacturing for humans might be a difficult task for President Trump. After all, President Trump promised the middle class that he will be returning manufacturing jobs back to America; he failed to mention ‘robots are coming’. 

What I’m about to show you is the fiery death of American manufacturing through a drone in Baltimore City, Maryland (FAA Airspace was clear at the time).

The mainstream media is not allowed to show you the death and destruction ravaging America’s inner cities because it destroys their narrative that everything is awesome.

Decades of deindustrialization via the cancerous process of globalism has left vacant structures of where industries once stood as a reminder that America peaked decades ago.