The Amazon Effect: Part Time Jobs Soar By 393K, Full Time Jobs Slide

On the surface the July jobs report was solid, with 209K jobs added, more than the expected, as the recent auto sector slowdown appears to skip the labor market (for now), with Trump quick to take credit for the report.

However, digging through the numbers reveals some troubling features: while the Household survey reported that an impressive 345K jobs were added, more than 50% higher than the Establishment survey, the bulk of these jobs was part-time. According to the BLS, in July 393,000 part time jobs were added, offset by a drop of 54,000 full-time workers.


This was the biggest increase in part-time jobs going back to September 2016.

Having monopolized the retail sector (and branching out to others), is Amazon - which recently hired 10 part time jobs for every full time job - starting to dominated the lobs report next?


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  There are Robots and then, there are Robots. Amazon has thousands of small robots that can be easily replaced if they break down. Tesla’s humongous robots are not as easily replaceable or repairable. Replacing a hydraulics-driven part on heavy machinery takes a lot of time and effort. Yesterday, I watched a documentary about Tesla’s plant – they don’t talk about it – but those huge robots are packed so tightly (and there are no redundancies) that a broken robot would need to be removed from the base, moved out, and replaced with another one. Meanwhile, the whole assembly line grinds to a halt. Looney

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When he was overleveraged on the taj mahal in 90 or 91 bilderbergers bailed him out.... wilbur ross, employee of Rothschild for 24 years.  If you follow what he's said, what he's done, and who he surrounded himself with, it's really not that compicated.  People just can't wrap their head around the fact that he is an actor and paid liar.  Yes, he's playing a character.  He's doing a pretty good job at that, I'll give him that..

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Yes. In addition, it was Louis Lesser, the crony of CIA asset and Jewish mobster Meyer Lansky, who gave him sweetheart loans at near-zero interest rates (during the Volcker years, no less) for Trump's original casino bids in the first place. And he STILL managed to go bankrupt.Oh, and no surprise but he's likely balls deep in the drug/arms trade. Just ask his buddy Adnan Khashoggi:

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Agreed.  What a fucking buffoon.  As if 'he' had anything to do with any thing that's happened in the job or stock market since or just before election.  What an arrogant fuck to self-congratulate himself on him actually having zero part to play.  This shows how much he thinks the fucking universe revolves around his ass.  So there he his praising himself for an increase in part time work.  Does he ever read the fucking reports.  When the fed and reality pricks this debt bubble than I agree this asswipe gets everything he has coming to him.  He has now tried to own all of this, so let him go down with all of this too. 

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Oh, come on.More realistically, I think Trump is daring the deep state to pop the bubble now, before we get close to an election. He's thumbing his nose at them because their schemes all depend on financial bubbles and they're too chickenshit to take the hit even if it's an opportunity to hurt him. It must burn those Fed jews like acid to keep pumping the bubble up knowing that Trump is gonna be laughing at them the next day.Trump is hugely underrated as a tactician, which is just how he likes it. Dude succeeds in the cutthroat Manhattan RE scene, he succeeds in primetime media, he succeeds in politics despite having the whole world against him... and his enemies still think he's some kind of clueless helpless buffoon.

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Except nothing you've said is realistic at all.Sounds more like desparation - reminiscent of the Christians who come up with increasingly ridiculous doublethink to justify why the "End Times" are just around the corner. And you'll be waiting just as long for your "salvation." oh and fyi crashes are just as manufactured as booms - this is the history of manufactured markets since at least the late-1800s. 

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as a true oldfag I find it hilarious that 4chan shit on "conspiracy theories" for years, discovered some core truths about Globalism through "GamerGate" of all fucking things, and hit the ground running. I find it equally hilarious that /pol/'s relative newness to the world of conspiratology is what's ultimately tearing their "movement" apart. Y'all got played memeing a Trojan Horse into the White House and only now are you starting to do the research you should've done in the first place. #MakeGoldmanGreatAgain #WilburRossReachAround

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The USSA is a part time economy. Two or three jobs just to get by. All by design of course. They cant take your guns, but they will work you to death (perhaps an early one).

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get with the program sugar britches.  it has been that way for 3 decades.joke from 1980.what do you call one white guy supervising five black guys?  head basketball coach.what do you call one white guy calling signals for ten black guys?  quarterback.what do you call one white guy supervising eleven thousand black guys?  postmaster general.a few years into the 80s and the only thing that changed was, the supervisiors/signal callers weren't white anymore.

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While China, the one belt and the far east builds cities and invests in infrastructure, the west and indebted nations under the Yoke of the USSA hegemony, aided by her IMF/World bank side-kicks stagnates, weighed under by paying off the bankers debt, due to their casino gambling. All by fucking design.The USSA jobs market is just another indicator of many, that our economic model is a fucking lie and that a parasite is consuming us from the inside out.

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Yes, I was about to say the same thing. We are following their model of deflation... but they had a strong growing China to prop them up.... they had the rest of the West in the 90s till today with strong demand for their exports... What happens when there is no other country to backstop this situation? That's when the party stops... musical chairs when th e music stops etc.

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You are going to have to abandon your notions of 'full-time employment'. The old way, of working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, is obsolete. There are fewer and fewer jobs requiring that many hours, and this trend is accelerating.  You also have to ditch the old formula of paying workers by the hour. Since automation has detached 'time' from productivity, time is no longer the basis of what a worker is worth. Keeping labor on 'the clock' is keeping labor from drawing any benefit from their own increased productivity, with ALL the benefit accruing to management and shareholders. Unions have played a large role in this, by sticking to an outdated playbook. By sticking with that hourly-pay formula, they have conspired to keep labor impotent. There's no way those unions can see that labor gets its share if that share has to be calculated on a dollar-hourly basis. You'd have ridiculous raises across the board, and companies would rightly complain. They should be focused on eliminating the hourly wage formula, and going to a value-per-employee formula, where you are paid by the job, not the hours. Do the job quickly, and you have more free time, your employer wouldn't be able to steal that time by keeping you there past the time it took you to get the job done, getting free labor out of you.And of course no changes, no matter how well-intentioned, can be implemented overnight. So, passing minimum-wage laws and such is pointless and probably destructive. Minimum wage exists in a large, complex economic system that cannot be turned on a dime. Change must be slow enough to allow the system to make adjustments along the way. It just pisses me off, the way that some people will ram a minimum wage law down everyone's throat, and then brush their hands together and say, "Well, my work here is done...", as if they have actually FIXED anything. And the idiot voters go "Oooo, thank you!", and let those lawmakers walk away without fixing anything. 6 months later they are complaining because they can't find ANY jobs, never mind one at the new minimum wage.They forget that, as the new wage law applies to those big, greedy corporations, it also applies to their small, local Mom and Pop outfits. And while an Exxon Mobile might be able to absorb a big wage hike, those local businesses can't. And in reality, the big guys will always find work-arounds, while those locals will just close up shop. So the people they wanted to 'nail' get away scot-free, while their own neighbors get screwed.

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Amazon effect? I wouldn’t own that overpriced stock when only one little situation could change their whole future. Sooner or later our “paid off” politicians are going to have a change of heart, albeit from taxpayers and voters aware of the “Amazon Subsidy” and get SICK AND TIRED of it and voting them out of office or just plain old guilty conscience. Just the headlines about retail store closings tell us about jobs being lost and commercial real estate getting ready to tank, (Store closings---just a few—Penny’s 130-140 stores, Sears/Kmart 150, Macy’s 100, Foot Locker 100, Kohls 16, Office Depot 200, Abercrombie 114, BCBG 118, HH Gregg 88, Pier One 100). We NEED TO IMMEDIATELY DO AWAY WITH a little known Asian subsidy which is KILLING us folks but enriching the richest man in the world. Did you know a small package sent by an Asian online seller only cost them about $1.00 vs the $20.00 we would have to pay to send a package to Asia. We even provide tracking services on that freaking package. This was pushed down our throats thru the “heavy lobbying” by Ebay and Amazon. Problems with this is: 1) Post Office loosing hundreds of millions delivering these cheap packages (taxpayers left holding the bag making up for their losses and eventual USPS pension shortfalls) 2) Uninspected goods come in, many of which are in violation of intellectual property laws and safety regulations. 3) USA stores can’t compete- thus many previous full time jobs in retail have disappeared altogether or with lower paying and reduced benefit part-time jobs. 4) Foreign online sellers are NOT paying any sales tax, income tax, or tariffs like the importers in the USA. 5) Lost jobs equals social security taxes NOT COLLECTED--another freaking problem waiting to rear its ugly face. My advice to TRUMP—do away with only this one unfair trade deal and positive results will be felt FAST in our economy.

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'You create/make product or service that people want'  (amazon - check!)'You do it in most efficient way' (amazon-check!)'You deliver it in lowest price' (amazon-check!)'Bezos - epitome of ZH hero - Galt' (check!)I have problem with amazon (OK) but what is YOUR f'g problem with amazon ?ZH (usual) downarrows or thin-lip-grin-scroll-down does not make question go away!