How The CIA Came To Doubt The Official Story Of JFK’s Murder

By Philip Shenon and Larry Sabato via Politico Magazine,

After the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in November 1963, the CIA appeared eager, even desperate, to embrace the version of events being offered by the FBI, the Secret Service and other parts of the government. The official story: that a delusional misfit and self-proclaimed Marxist named Lee Harvey Oswald killed the president in Dallas with his $21 mail-order rifle and there was no evidence of a conspiracy, foreign or domestic. Certainly, the CIA’s leaders told the Warren Commission, the independent panel that investigated the murder, there was no evidence of a conspiracy that the spy agency could have foiled.

But thousands of pages of long-secret, assassination-related documents released by the National Archives last week show that, within a few years of Kennedy’s murder, some in the CIA began to worry internally that the official story was wrong—an alarm the agency never sounded publicly.

Specifically, key CIA officials were concerned by the mid-1970s that the agency, the FBI, the Secret Service and the White House commission led by Chief Justice Earl Warren had never followed up on important clues about Oswald’s contact with foreign agents, including diplomats and spies for the Communist governments of Cuba and the Soviet Union, who might have been aware of his plans to kill Kennedy and even encouraged the plot. (There is no credible evidence cited in the documents released so far that Cuban leader Fidel Castro or other foreign leaders had any personal role in ordering Kennedy’s murder.)

The CIA documents also offer tantalizing speculation about the chain of events in late 1963 that explained Oswald’s motives for killing Kennedy, which have previously never been established with certainty—how he may have become enraged after reading a detailed article in his hometown newspaper in New Orleans in September suggesting that his hero Castro had been targeted for assassination by the Kennedy administration. According to that theory, Oswald, who had rifle training in the Marine Corps, then set out to seek vengeance on Castro’s behalf—to kill Kennedy before the American president managed to kill the Cuban leader.

If that proved true, it would have raised a terrible question for the CIA: Was it possible that JFK’s assassination was, directly or indirectly, blowback for the spy agency’s plots to kill Castro? It would eventually be acknowledged the CIA had, in fact, repeatedly tried to assassinate Castro, sometimes in collusion with the Mafia, throughout Kennedy’s presidency. The CIA’s arsenal of weapons against Castro included a fungus-infected scuba suit, a poison-filled hypodermic needle hidden in a pen—and even an exploding cigar. The Warren Commission, never told about the CIA’s Castro plots, mostly ducked the question of Oswald’s motives, other than saying in its final report that he had expressed a “hatred for American society.”

JFK historians and the nation’s large army of private assassination researchers are still scrambling to make sense of the latest batch of tens of thousands of pages of previously secret CIA and FBI documents that were unsealed last week by the National Archives. The documents—441 files that had previously been withheld entirely, along with 3,369 other documents that had been previously released only in part—were made public under terms of a 1992 law that requires the unsealing of all JFK assassination-related documents by October, the law’s 25-year deadline.

Since the release last week, researchers do not appear to have identified any single document that could be labeled a bombshell or that rewrites the history of the assassination in any significant way. Many of the documents, which were made public only online, are duplicates of files that had been released years earlier. Other documents are totally illegible or refer to CIA and FBI code names and pseudonyms that even experienced researchers will take months to decipher. Several documents are written in foreign languages.


Still, the newly released documents may offer an intriguing glimpse of what comes next. The National Archives is required to unseal a final batch of about 3,100 never-before-seen JFK-assassination files by the October deadline, assuming the move is not blocked by President Donald Trump. Under the 1992 Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act, the president is the only person empowered to stop the release. (Congressional and other government officials have told us in confidence that at least two federal agencies—likely the CIA and FBI—are expected to appeal to Trump to block the unsealing of at least some of the documents. Even after 54 years, some government officials apparently still want to keep secrets about this seminal event in U.S. history. The CIA and FBI acknowledged earlier this year they are conducting a final review of the documents, but have been unwilling to say if they will ask the president to block some from being released.)

None of the files released last week undermines the Warren Commission’s finding that Oswald killed Kennedy with shots fired from his perch on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza—a conclusion supported by 21st century forensic analysis—and that there was no credible evidence of a second gunman.

But the new documents do revive the question of why the CIA, so skeptical internally of many of the commission’s other findings by the 1970s, never acknowledged those suspicions to later government investigators—or to the public. Documents released decades ago show that CIA and FBI officials repeatedly misled—and often lied outright—to Chief Justice Warren and his commission, probably to hide evidence of the agencies’ bungling in their surveillance of Oswald before the president’s murder. The CIA appears also to have been determined to block the commission from stumbling on to evidence that might reveal the agency’s assassination plots against Castro and other foreign leaders.

In 2013, the CIA’s in-house historian concluded that the spy agency had conducted a “benign cover-up” during the Warren Commission’s investigation in 1963 and 1964 in hopes of keeping the commission focused on “what the Agency believed was the ‘best truth’ — that Lee Harvey Oswald, for as yet undetermined motives, had acted alone in killing John Kennedy.”

But what if the “best truth” was wrong? According to documents made public last week, the CIA was alarmed by the mid-1970s to realize that no one had properly followed up on clues about an especially mysterious chapter in Oswald’s life—a six-day, apparently self-financed trip to Mexico City beginning in late September 1963, two months before the assassination. The reason for the trip has never been determined with certainty, although he told his wife, Marina, that he went there to obtain a visa that would allow him to defect to Cuba, much as he had once attempted to defect to the Soviet Union.

The CIA acknowledged long ago that the agency’s Mexico City station had Oswald under surveillance during the trip, and that he met there with Cuban and Soviet diplomats and spies. The CIA station chief said later he was convinced that Oswald had a brief sexual relationship with a Mexican woman who worked in the Cuban consulate. Although there is no credible evidence of Soviet involvement in the assassination, Oswald’s other contacts in Mexico included—shockingly enough—a KGB assassinations expert who doubled as an accredited Soviet diplomat. A top-secret June 1964 FBI report, made public in the 1990s but apparently never seen by key investigators for the Warren Commission, suggests that Oswald was overheard threatening to kill Kennedy during his visits to the Cuban diplomatic compound in Mexico.

The files released last week also show that the CIA and other agencies failed to pursue clues that Oswald, who publicly championed Castro’s revolution even while serving in the Marine Corps, had been in contact with Cuban diplomats years before the Mexico trip—possibly as early as 1959, when he was deployed to a military base in Southern California. The information initially came to the FBI and the Warren Commission from a fellow Marine who recalled how Oswald boasted about his contacts with Cuban diplomats in Los Angeles, where Castro’s government then had an office.

The account from the fellow Marine was of “a lot more possible operational significance” than was realized in the months after the assassination but was never “run down or developed by investigation,” according to a 1975 CIA internal memo released last week. “The record of the beginning of OSWALD’s relationship with the Cubans starts with a question mark.”

That 27-page memo, which does not identify its author, is among the most intriguing of the documents in last week’s batch unsealed by the National Archives. Copies of the document were found inside larger CIA files released last week, including thick agency files labeled HELMS HEARING DUPLICATE. That seems to suggest the memo was given to former Director of Central Intelligence Richard Helms, who led the agency from 1966 to 1973, when he was later summoned to testify secretly to Congress about his involvement in the CIA assassination plots against Castro and other foreign leaders. Similar documents about the Kennedy assassination and Oswald were written in the 1970s by a senior CIA counterintelligence official, Raymond Rocca, who had served as the agency’s chief liaison to the Warren Commission.

Labeled “SECRET” and stamped “REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED” on each page, the 1975 memo lists several important clues about Oswald that went unexplored in the months and years after Kennedy’s death. (Versions of the same CIA memo were part of the flood of millions of pages of documents released after the 1992 law, although it has never attracted detailed attention outside a small circle of assassination researchers. Brian Latell, a respected former CIA analyst on Cuban intelligence, cited a version of the document in his 2012 book Castro’s Secrets, which suggested much closer links between Oswald and Cuba than had previously been known.)

The 1975 document noted the failure of the CIA, FBI and the Warren Commission to interview a key witness in Mexico City—Silvia Duran, the Mexican woman who worked in the Cuban consulate and was reported to have had the affair with Oswald. She is the “sole live witness on the record regarding Oswald’s activities,” yet her testimony “was taken and presented, solely, by the Mexican governmental authorities,” the CIA memo said. Duran, who is still alive, has repeatedly insisted she had no sexual relationship with Oswald, although she readily acknowledges that she helped him with his unsuccessful visa application for Cuba.

It was that same CIA memo that offered a detailed theory of the chain of events that led Oswald to kill Kennedy—how Oswald, who lived in his hometown of New Orleans for much of 1963, may have been inspired to assassinate the president if, as seemed probable, he read an article on Monday, September 9, in the local newspaper, that suggested Castro was targeted for murder by the United States.

The article, written by a reporter for The Associated Press in Havana and then published prominently in the Times-Picayune, was an account of an AP interview with Castro two days earlier, in which the Cuban strongman angrily warned the Kennedy administration that he was aware of U.S. assassination plots aimed at Cuban leaders, presumably including him, and was prepared to retaliate. The article quoted Castro as saying: “U.S. leaders would be in danger if they helped in any attempt to do away with leaders of Cuba.”

The CIA memo suggested that if Oswald, who was known to be an “avid reader” of the Times-Picayune, saw the article, it might have put the idea in his head to kill Kennedy as retaliation for the threat the United States posed to Castro—an idea that would have been in his mind as he left for his trip to Mexico that month. The possibility that Oswald read the article “must be considered of great significance in light of the pathological evolution of Oswald’s passive/aggressive makeup” and “his identification with Fidel Castro and the Cuban revolution,” the CIA memo said.

Immediately after the assassination, the CIA’s Mexico City station warned CIA headquarters that the AP article might contain a vital clue about Oswald’s motives for killing Kennedy—and even about possible Cuban involvement. But according to the 1975 analysis, “There is no evidence in the files on the Kennedy assassination that the Castro interview was considered in following up leads or in dealing with the Warren Commission, although Mexico Station specifically directed headquarters to the AP story very shortly after the Dallas killing.”

Previously released internal documents from the Warren Commission show that one of the commission’s most aggressive staff lawyers believed that Castro’s remarks to the AP—and the possibility that Oswald read the article—might be of great significance in explaining Oswald’s motives. But the internal files show that more senior staff members decided against any reference to the AP article in the commission’s final report for fear of feeding conspiracy theories about a possible Cuban link to Kennedy’s death. It does not reflect well on the legacy of either the CIA or the commission that, half a century after those gunshots rang out in Dealey Plaza, the newly released documents suggest that at least some of those conspiracy theories might be true.



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Worse thing about the JFK assassination, people surrendered to letting the govt cabal control the narrative. The truth being murdered is worse than any person being murdered.

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The CIA is THE DEEP STATE. Check this out:The article is from 'The Politico'. THEY are based out of ARLINGTON COUNTY, VIRGINIA. CEO is a guy named ROBERT L. ALLBRITTON (oh FUCK... ALL-BRITTON!). He USED to be 'chairman of the board' and CEO of, get THIS, 'RIGGS BANK at RIGGS NATIONAL CORPORATION'. Holy fucking SHIT, what a cool identifier! He ran somenting called 'RIGS' (as in, the game is RIGGED, for example); the MONEY-LAUNDERING SIDE, perhaps (ALL banks are in on this shit), of a 'corporation' with the same INITIALS as the REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE (that is, 'RNC'). WAY too many spooky 'coinkidinks' here. Fucking AIR AMERICA shit...WAIT, it gets BETTER.Robert Allbritton, son of Barbara and the late banker Joe Allbritton, is the owner and founder of Capitol News Company, the parent company of Capitol Hill political newspaper and website Politico.[1] He also was the Chairman/CEO of Allbritton Communications, which owned television stations in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere,[2] all affiliated with the Disney-owned ABC network, and was CEO of Riggs National Corporation, the parent of Riggs Bank, from 2001–05.[3] With respect to his role at Politico, Allbritton has been described by The New Republic as having "reshaped the way we follow politics."[4] He is a Trustee of the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum.[5] In October 2011, Allbritton was included on The New Republic's list of Washington's most powerful, least famous people.[6] Allbritton received his B.A. degree from Wesleyan University in 1992,[7] and has served as a member of its board of trustees.[8][9] With his wife Elena, Allbritton donated funds for the establishment of the school's Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life.[10] Allbritton donated money to the Clinton Foundation, the nonprofit organization run by Chelsea, Bill and Hillary Clinton.[11]Source:, CLINTON FOUNDATION, WESLEYAN U., DISNEY, ABC, WASHINGTON D.C., 'The New Republic'...With a name like "ALL BRITTAN", I would wager that the REDSHIELDS are at LEAST a LITTLE bit involved. OH, YEAH, RIGHT! I'm gonna believe that the CIA is now supposedly 'officially' doubting 'the official narrative' about Oswald being the 'lone gunman'! HELL! THEY are the ones that invented the term 'conspiracy theorist' to describe anyone who didn't ASCRIBE to this particular bullshit narrative (YES, it's a proven FACT, by the way).FUCK!BILL HICKS. 'Back, and to the left...'.Fucking 'magic bullet theory' pushed by Gerald R. Ford (remember HIM?). OH, YES, he was a WARREN COMMISSION MEMBER as well (a little-known FACT).The CIA is trying to play 'Leper Messiah' or some shit (those motherfucking DEEP STATE WAR PIGS).HERE is an old Metallica tune that sums up what they are and who they THINK they are at the same time. THIS video was posted right on time for me to find it on GOOKLETUBE: Lie. LIE. LIE. LIE! LIE! LIE! LIE!OH, YES. I still recall the time (with great fondness) back in 2008 when my 'internet' stopped working for a day or so, and then ALL of my home pages were mysteriously RESET to a geolocation in ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA (MSN, YAHOO, and A.O.HELL). This was right after I had seemed to discover a strange thing about an 'urgent update' regarding the clock settings on my PC being pushed by Microsoft...and I didn't update, and my incoming emails were all of a sudden 5 hours ahead of my local time... proving that my e-mail stream from the guy across town was being re-routed OUT OF THE COUNTRY, and then REFLECTED BACK; thus giving the fucking PTB the 'right' to read any and all transmissions I was sending OR recieving (under NDAA). It was a BIG THING back then. I guess I slipped up by making COPIES of the TIMESTAMPED EMAIL THREADS and transmitting them to SHOW what was going on...FUCK YOU, ROBERT ALLBRITTON, and FUCK YOU, 'POLITICO'! You won't RE-WRITE HISTORY at MY EXPENSE, you stupid motherfucking Satan-worshipping WHORES!Next time, I'll try to be 'gentler' about how I really feel, I promise.Gotta do some dry-fire practice drills with the new DPMS now...    

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Wow they are dredging up Russians from Archives because they couldn't find any in the DNC even bribing hackers to take the wrap. Desperate way to keep the word Russians floating. I thought they had enough by now.

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Sorry folks, but CIA is using its well known manipulation tools. Every well informed person knows the official story is false. CIA knows that, so now in order to keep the truth hidden, they come up saying, yes, the official story is false. The real one is this other one which is of course, just more lies. Try again CIA. We the people are no longer easily manipulated and lied to. 

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"The CIA documents also offer tantalizing speculation about the chain of events in late 1963 that explained Oswald’s motives for killing Kennedy, which have previously never been established with certainty—how he may have become enraged after reading a detailed article in his hometown newspaper in New Orleans in September suggesting that his hero Castro had been targeted for assassination by the Kennedy administration." It was a crime of opportunity. Oswald did not seek out JFK. JFK's motorcade happened to pass by the Depository, where he worked. Had JFk flown into Dallas and gone directly to the Trade Mart to give a speech, then back to the airport, JFK would probably have returned to Washington, alive.

SRV Aug 5, 2017 12:21 PM Permalink

What complete BS...Yup, the CIA may have missed Oswald's motives for assassinating JFK... hilarious!Look at the photo and ask yourself... what's missing on the back bumper?Hint... they're both standing (down) on the running boards of the SS car, where they all stayed as the POTUS they were sworn to protect with their lives was gunned down at noon in Dallas just feet away!And now they're going after Trump... he needs to honor JFKs memory and “splinter the C.I.A. in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds”

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CIA has doubts... LOL!!!!  Just ask George H.W. Bush (then in the CIA) about the assasination, he knows all about it...Way past time to re-open the 9-11 investigation too... just ask Cheny and Wolfowitz about that one...

SRV loveyajimbo Aug 5, 2017 12:28 PM Permalink

Still not one whore will report on the pics of GHW holding court in front of TSBD... clearly a major player in the operation.Maybe the CIA could put an ad in a Dallas paper to find the GHW lookalike the way they found Umbrella Man for the House Assassination Hearings in the 70s (in a laughable hoax the media played along with... yup, the guy saw the ad and reported for duty the next day... lol)!

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If Oswald was this fanatical ideological killer, he never would have said "I am a patsy" but would have claimed ownership. Unless he tried to protect somebody.

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We will never know.  Silver in coinage at the time is where I look.  There was something going on about going to clad coins and Kennedy said no thanks to that idea.  That points to our favorite buddies i.e banksters.  Interesting that there were already dies made for the 1964 Kennedy half-dollar.  Low and behold 1964 was the last year for U.S. silver coinage.I find that odd to say the least.

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This story is total bullshit. Even 55 years later, the CIA is still trying to cover up its own involvement. This is why, kids, you don't want to write for a living, or otherwise be an 'intoolectshual' have to be prepared for privation unless you want to sell your soul to the devil, i.e., the deep state, like Mr. Shenon and Mr. Sabato, who get paid to shill this crap for the deep state. They are just dick suckers of the worst kind, prostitutes in body, mind, and soul. That's ok, Mr. Shenon and Mr. Sabato, you just made the list, the world is smaller than you think, and there's no telling when we might run into each other.

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The National Archives is required to unseal a final batch of about 3,100 never-before-seen JFK-assassination files by the October deadline...Yes. The smoking gun proof that there were elements within the government and CIA working internally to assassinate the president are filed away in metallic filing cabinets awaiting merely to be uncovered by amateur researchers.... eventually.Someone hook me up with the people who believe this shit, I've got a lot of very creative investment ideas and bridges all over the globe that need investing in.Really.

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Organized crime hated Bobby Kennedy because he was going after them. The way to neuter him was to neuter his prez brother, something organized crime could use Cuban expats for, the expats being pissed about JFK's refusal to provide air support for the Bay of Pigs invasion and who already had a network within the US that the intel agencies intentionally weren't monitoring closely because they wanted to allow them to work against Castro and needed plausible deniability if they succeeded.

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CIA research guys conversation after studying the JFK case:CIA guy #1 : "yea... I think we did it..."CIA guy #2 : "don't say it laud dammed... let's just pretend we don't know"CIA guy #1 : "right... folks are damn stupid anyway, no one will ever find it out... ever"CIA guy #2 : "sure, anyway the orders came from the big dogs, so lets just chill out, I don't want to sleep with the fishes..."

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Any article on the JFK murder that is built on the premise that LHO was anything more than a rather carefully set-up patsy who never touched a rifle on 22 Nov, is only worth its value in ass wipe.  That said, LHO did have a rather strange carreer for such a young man with Marine Intelligence in Japan on the receiving end of the U-2 overflights, the CIA, the FBI,  the New Orleans mob, and Tulane U medical with Dr. Mary's monkey.  This article is only intererting as it's Politico's dipshit attempt to pile on the Russophobia meme and earn its potato from the Deep State.  Who killed JFK, why, and how, is open knowledge to anyone who now has a few hours to research.  George H.W. Bush made his bones on the operation.

phaedrus1952 el buitre Aug 5, 2017 10:15 AM Permalink

Oswald's 2 year stay in Russia at the height of the cold war was a 'barium meal' operation run out of Angleton's office.LHO was only one of possibly 2 dozen young, 'former' military who supposedly defected.His bio/file had numerous irregularities/modifications which would help identify US sources when Russian intelligence agencies discussed any of these Americans as the Russian communications were constantly monitored.The files of these Americans were dispensed, when requested by various US agencies (State, FBI, military intelligence, etc), from Angleton's office with a record of the tailored misinformation. The Russians were well aware of the ploy and studiously avoided interacting with LHO lest their US sources could be identified.

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An evil entity that grows through monetarily benefiting from its victim is the most dangerous evil.  One example is the spread of Islam through plunder of rich nations and occupation of fertile lands, raising formidable armies using the plundered gold and with the promise of more.Money in the West now is entiely controlled, adminstered, and run by one ethnicity with a questionable creed.  When you own a bank whose policies move the world financial markets, your ability to do something far more evil than mere insider trading is unlimited, especially if that bank is not beholden to anyone.Generations of Americans have sat through far worse than a mere liquidation of one of their presidents who underestimated the enemy.Conceptualize a movement that1) has a long term plan of action;2) is monetarily self-sustaining and self-incentivisiing, even if it circumvents some peace-time laws.Guns and ammo will still be lying in the basements/attics when all is lost, because the enemy is an absolute master of strategy.

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Ive gone back and forth over the years. I grew up in Greenville which is where Marina Oswald relocated in the 60's so I got interested in the assassination when I was 10 years old. I read "Best Evidence" and many other conspiracy books. At first I firmly believed that it was a conspiracy and still have a great degree of skepticism but after reading and analyzing this for 40 years I have come to the conclusion that Oswald did it. I think their is sufficient evidence to prove, perhaps in a court of law, that their was a conspiracy but their is no smoking gun, no pun intended, but just a series of unconnected dots.Freud once said "Sometimes a Cigar is just a Cigar".  I think that is the case with the Kennedy assassination. I think that our government was so incompetent that they covered  this up and spread disinformation so as to not be blamed and suffer embarassment. Johnson was clearly concerned that the Russians might have been involved given Oswalds living in Russia for a year and traveling to the Russian consulate in Mexico City just a few weeks before the assassination.Oswald by all accounts fit the profile of a loner who resented his insignificant life.  He reminds me of the person that deliberatly takes the contrarian position so as to bring attention to himself and not be lost in the insignificance of being another smo.  There is strong evidence that he tried to kill General Edwin Walker 6 months before November 22.   I believe that the biggest reason people find it impossibleto believe that Oswald did it is because they dont want to accept the fact that an insignificant no one would be ableto pull something like this off. Hanlon's razor comes to mind  "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity" when considering our governement.   But then again if we see and attempt on the current president by these same government agencies, it would not surprise me

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"I read "Best Evidence" and many other conspiracy books. At first I firmly believed that it was a conspiracy and still have a great degree of skepticism but after reading and analyzing this for 40 years I have come to the conclusion that Oswald did it. I think their is sufficient evidence to prove, perhaps in a court of law, that their was a conspiracy but their is no smoking gun, no pun intended, but just a series of unconnected dots." Gary Mack, who was curator of the 6th Floor Museum, was convinced early on that there was a conspiracy. Over time, he came to realize that it was Oswald who killed JFK. I had the opportunity to meet him at the 40th anniversary commemoration in Dealy Plaza.

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The Stemmons sign is as he filmed it?So he has a magic camera whose lens could undistort the sign but nothing else?There is zero measureable distortion in the sign but there is distortion in every other object in the film.As far as the film grain never being disturbed.I'm aware of Ernie Zampese's claim's.They are of no consequence.Ever hear of an optical printer? Refute any of this.

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I think Trump is quietly learning the ropes, scanning the landscape for a Putin-like hiree, and not showing his cards, yet.  As he himself said, this is the last chance.One thing I noticed during his campaign: the man is never in a hurry, and never a no-show.  Unruffled by any set back.  Not hung up on anything (".. then I will go back to building." talking about a  possible loss). He will not eliminate any one, even if he could.  Too generous. 

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His job is already done - half of America is now wide awake, with any doubts that may have held them back all removed.So remain blind, in all your ill-acquired glory, real or imagined.  Nothing lasts.What was that Einstein said about repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?  Been repeating for millennia, ending up like a football of history every time.

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Did the Cia not invent the term conspiracy theory just so they could publish bafflegab like this? Does Oswald have a star on the wall in Langly?