In Maduro's Latest Crackdown, Venezuela's Assembly Removes Dissident Prosecutor

In Venezuela's latest crackdown on all opposition voices, on Saturday the country's newly convened pro-government constituent assembly removed dissident state prosecutor Luisa Ortega Diaz - the highest-ranking member of President Nicolas Maduro’s administration to break ranks with the dictator - from her job in what critics said was a blatant example of Maduro's new dictatorship flexing its muscles. The assembly voted on Saturday to permanently remove Diaz, 59, from her post after the Supreme Court ruled on Friday evening to suspend her and send her to trial.

Since the opposition launched near daily protests in April, Ortega had become Maduro's main challenger from within the ruling socialist movement, accusing him of human rights abuses, however until today her insolence had been tolerated by the socialist tyrant. Today that ended, when the new constituent assembly, which Ortega said was fraudulently elected last weekend, unanimously decided to remove her in its first session on Saturday. Ortega was replaced with "human rights ombudsman" Tarek Saab, a Maduro supporter.

National Guard officers had earlier surrounded Ortega Diaz’s Caracas offices. She posted photographs of the uniformed guards outside the building on her Twitter account and labeled it a “siege.”

The Public Ministry’s Twitter account said the guards were not allowing workers to enter or leave. Eventually, amid the chaos, she escaped on a motor bike.

Since the newly created legislative body has no checks on its powers, the decision to remove Ortega has been widely panned as an ominous sign of Maduro swerving into full-blown dictatorship, which should come as no surprise to anyone following the fast moving events in the near-insolvent country whose currency lost almost 50% of its value in the past 4 days.

"The constituent assembly is solving Maduro's political problems, handing out quotas, and lynching institutions," said opposition lawmaker Jose Manuel Olivares after news of Ortega's removal.

The "blank check" assembly -  which was installed on July 30 despite opposition street protests in which more than 120 people died - also has the right to re-write the constitution, re-arrange state institutions and allow Maduro to rule by decree. Assembly members had said they would fire Ortega the first chance they got, according to Reuters.

Meanwhile, as Venezuela crumbles and implodes, Maduro continues to accuse the U.S. "empire" of waging economic war on Venezuela and refuses to allow humanitarian aid to enter the country. He says the new assembly is the only way to unify Venezuela into a peaceful, prosperous socialist state.

Former Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez, a hard-line Maduro loyalist, was named president of the new assembly and demonstrated just what real delustion and propaganda truly means:

"There is no humanitarian crisis here. What we have is love. What we have is a crisis of the right-wing fascists," said Rodriguez, in a fiery socialist inaugural address which made no sense and in which she paid homage to late socialist leader Hugo Chavez, Maduro's far more capable predecessor.

* * *

Also on Saturday, South America's trade bloc Mercosur suspended the oil rich nation indefinitely adding to international pressure on Maduro. The foreign ministers of Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil announced the decision in Sao Paulo, urging Maduro to release prisoners and immediately start a political transition.

Quoted by Reuters, Brazilian Foreign Minister Aloysio Nunes said after the meeting. "We are saying: Stop with this! Enough with the deaths, enough with the repression. It is not possible to inflict such torture on the people."  Asked to comment on Ortega's dismissal, Nunes replied with a Latin proverb: "Whom the gods would destroy they first drive mad."

Also on Saturday, Argentina's Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie called Venezuela a dictatorship: "It is very bad to push a brother out of the door, but it did so with conviction because we are watching a situation that causes us great pain," Faurie said. Speaking of symbolism, the Mercosur suspension will not affect trade and migration policies to avoid worsening the humanitarian crisis, Nunes said. "Venezuelans who want to come to Brazil will be welcome." In other words, for all the condemnations by both the US and Latin America, it remains business as usual with the oil rich nation.

Finally, earlier on Saturday, national security adviser H.R. McMaster, the U.S. said in an MSNBC interview that “democracy is over right now in Venezuela,” but dismissed the threat of military intervention there from an outside source.


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Citizens whom are disarmed....this is what happens...First thing Hitler did....Diasarm the populus....The time had come to launch a decisive blow to the Jewish community, to render it defenseless so that its “ill-gotten” property could be redistributed as an entitlement to the German “Volk.” The German Jews were ordered to surrender all their weapons, and the police had the records on all who had registered them. Even those who gave up their weapons voluntarily were turned over to the Gestapo.Read more at:…

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Peaceful opposition protestors:… you like your shotgun firing, molotov cocktail throwing peaceful protestors, you can keep your shotgun firing, molotov cocktail throwing peaceful protestors.These carefully vetted moderate rebels are brought to you by the same team that brought them to Libya, Syria and Ukraine, the CIA. 

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Tylers, go to Podesta's Twitter feed. Top 2 are hilarious, His second tweet gives this link:

Go down a bit and zero hedge is mentioned!

Top Domains

Times mentioned in the last 48 hours

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"In 1933, the ultimate extremist group, led by Adolf Hitler, seized power and used the records to identify, disarm, and attack political opponents and Jews. Constitutional rights were suspended, and mass searches for and seizures of guns and dissident publications ensued. Police revoked gun licenses of Social Democrats and others who were not “politically reliable.” "So disarming the fucking kikes and leftwing nutjobs was a bad thing in your little joo mind LMAO  keep trying to spin this shit .... In reality we should be disarming any dissidents aka niggers, wetbacks, politicians .gov employees and the fucking stasi known as police (feel free to add to the list) Fact(s) Germans were not disarmed jews were and this whole bullshit diatribe by nat review is nothing more than boo hooing for the ever persecuted kikes more holohoax nonsense.  stop using disinformation to bolster "gun rights"  facts always work better than fiction , again the whole article is about "muh poor heebs"  try to keep up no one but the mentally ill feel sorry for the nation wreckers

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Let's not get carried away:  the protestors for whom the fascitarian shit-for-brain authors at ZeroHedge pimp daily have killed LOTS of civilians.Their slogan is:  "When you can't win an election, kill brown people and rave about toilet paper!"

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  Venezuela appears for the first time as "not free" country report of Freedom House organization attributed the new category to "the combination of extreme economic mismanagement and heavy-handed Government" of President Nicolas Maduro.Maduro is a keen supporter of Argentina's mythical Malvinas claim even speaking at regional conferences on behalf of Argentina (CELAC).How can Argentina claim the Falklands when she has never legally owned them?Falklands- Never Belonged to Argentina: Still, why let a good old socialist distraction get in the way of the truth.

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Chavez was not more capable than Maduro. Something like this would have happened on a similar timeline. He might have had the army shooting more citizens by now. When rulers steal all a country's wealth for themselves, families and cronies, Venezuela is what happens.

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Maduro's decision to end the fascist coup-mongering by means of a CONSTITUTIONAL election by a DEMOCRATIC process seems pretty shewed to me.  He lacks the charisma and popular support of Chavez, so he empowered the people of Venezuela to root out the fascists.That's why the fascitarian shit-for-brains crew at ZeroHedge is in such a snit--THEY WANTED THEIR CIA COUP!!!

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Pol Pot, Stalin, The Chairman, etc all were able to slaughter millions of their own citizens for several reasons, the main one being they were not's one reason Obama, Hillary, and the other left wing Democrats strongly oppose our Constitutional 2nd Amendment. They soaked the soil in Libya and the middle east with blood (bombing wedding parties and hospitals !) and they'd love to disarm the American people perhaps to do the same given their avid support of terrorist groups in Syria and terror groups in the USA.

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there will never be an armed insurrection in the US, that time is long since past.  look at a current posting at ZH about the plane circling seattle.  the blanket monitoring of the populace.  they blew up the murrah building just to paint the militias in a bad light.  the citizenry of the us may have the most guns, but they don't have the capacity to create mushroom clouds.  the feds do and will, just to stay in power.

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What's going on in Venezuela is little more than a CIA and NED-funded "color revolution" in the vein of Georgie and Ukraine.  Most of the imagery provided by "the opposition" are HIGHLY doctored and designed to misinform.  Sort of like the White Helmets or Human Rights Watch.  Organizations like those seem to be organizations with ample resources and an ability to field pro-intervention pundits to fill MSM airtime.North Korea is not the nation most heavily propgandaized.  We just have to look no further than our daily lives to see the sheer magnitude of the ocean of lies we are forced to swim in.  If Brian Williams or Michael Gordon told me it was sunny outside, I don't think I'd ever believe them.

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North Korea is not the nation most heavily propgandaized. I always take offence at statements like these, for the simple reason that you would not even be able to type such a claim in North-Korea without having yourself and your loved ones relocated illico presto to a prison camp or worse.The USA, and by extension the entire western world, for all their flaws - which are amply discussed by the ZH community - still allow for divergent opinions to be expressed, lies to be called out or a Trump to be elected. The last man standing should be democracy. We might be in a mess in many, many ways, but our regimes still guarantee us our right to speak our mind and beg to differ. I happen to value that.  

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ZeroHedge, with its fascitarian politics and its oblique cheerleading for a CIA coup, contains the most vapid and shit-filled reporting on Venezuela available in English.  The elected "dictator" invokes the constitution to convene an "unconstitutional" assembly and "consolidate power', even though he has no control or power over the elected body (535 members, chosen from 6000 candidate).In other words, the FACTS and LAW are roughly 180 degrees from this piece of shit report from the piece of shit fascist author.

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Removing Venezuela's voting rights and voice in the Mercosur is mostly symbolic, but this does reflect reality.  Trade between Venezuela and other members of the Mercosur has fallen 70% since Maduro took power.…  .  As South America's largest oil producer, Venezuela, under Chavez, had been a powerful voice in establishing policy for the Mercosur.  This is no longer the case, and Brazil and Argentina now establish the group's agenda.As tragic as these events are for the people of Venezuela, this bodes well for the Mercosur and South America in general as the entire bloc is now less beholden to those who seek to thrive by exporting resources and more dependent upon those who seek to increase the capacity of South America to manufacture finished goods and provide agricultural products for market.

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Leaders are becoming more ruthless partly because the people, all people/groups,  are becoming more  brazen and impertinent (especially when leaders loot the countries finances),  resistant to leadership of any kind.  USA is no different as all old school systems, even laws, are challenged and tested with little resistance from authority, thank you Obama.It is a indication of society reaching its limits of forced heterogenity without any responsibility or social impacts, a ruinous anti-evolutionary ideal. 

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As a side note all of this hoopla about being armed or disarmed is as much of a mind fuck as everything else thats posted on this and other forums....  I purpose a few questions ...  with all the un-justness  here in 'murika and all the freedumb loving citizenry armed to the teeth, 1) how many will actually ever take to the streets and spill blood?  2)Really is having "guns" the only deterent to the parasites fully taking over, or have they taken over and the fantasy of being armed is just a pacifier for the plebes ?3) do you think the armed citizens will actually be informed well enough to target the correct "enemy/enemies or just enact retribution on their neighbors ? I ask people these questions when I have the chance the answers I get often times are fucking scary, the majority believe they have good intentions yet are so fucked in the head they are more of a danger to any sort of "solution" ... example:  shooting the cat lady across the street with the obama bumper sticker is not going to change much other than satisfying a sadistic need to change the neighborhood demographic. Just putting out feelers here thought provoking questions as the hive mind is quite fucked up out there with fingers pointing in all directions with no real intended goals as of yet and sadly most want some sort of repair to a failed and broken system by my assesments cannot be fixed nor salvaged fire away fight club this is.... LOL

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The first thing that has to be determined is whether are not these protesters are actual protesters or foreign paid subversive color revolutionaries similar to western backed ISIS, western backed Arab Spring or Soros funded BLM.  Traditionally when foreign nations try to overthrow a government all of their agents are slaughtered as they are found.  Now the western media will back the poor poor color revolutionaries.  When cops get shot by BLM, ISIS is raping little kids and burning every vehicle they can find globalism now requires the nation to tolerate it or face consequences for "crimes against humanity".  Bitch please.  Nobody knows what is going on with these protests and it's none of our business.  If our tax dollars are going toward this everybody in the intelligence agencies involved should hang, and so should the protesters who are trying to crush a foreign government.

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The "protestors" are the same MUD fascists who have been losing elections and attempting to violently overthrow the government since the LAST constitution got put in place in 1999!The fascitarians at ZeroHedge want another CIA coup, another Carmona decree.  They want another Pinochet and more CHicago Boys to institute their dead ideology of/for idiots.

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Why was their constitution changed, then? Why were opposition leaders arrested on the night of the last election? Why is all opposition being eliminated from the socialist government?People eat from the trash while Maduro dances on TV.Interesting that Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay have come out to denounce the recent move by Maduro to ensure he remains in power, they're not exactly US vassal states. 

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Your beloved "opposition" (Harvard 'educated', Soros (NED) Sponsored, Rubio-Approved) leader Lopez was ALREADY under arrest and serving a prison sentence for promotion of terrorism in the aftermath of EARLIER coup-attempts.They were put under house arrest.  Then they opposition killed a bunch of civilians, with systematic, racist intent.  They have done this throughout the conflict, because that's how fascitarians work.  So back to jail they go to serve their ALREADY EXISTING sentence for terrorism.Hopefully the Constituent Assembly investigates Lopez's role in the murders over the last months.  Rev up the guillotine for your CIA-backed fuckers!

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Consolidating his power by relinquishing it to the CA.  Sure thing.For five centuries capitalism hijacked Venezuela, raped the land and genocided the people. How about you, and the CIA narco-terrorists you represent, leave the people trying to fix it alone? 

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I believe the fascitarian CIA-bootlickers writing this trash are propagandists.  I believe you're a chucklehead.Your love-child Leopoldo is straight-up American gangsta.  No doubt he wants another Carmona Decree.… not your research assistant, but I have given plenty of bread crumbs that will enable you to eductate yourself.I suppose you could just email the Kennedy School.  

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