Maxine Waters: Trump Is The Most "Deplorable" Person I've Ever Met

Maxine Waters was, famously, the first member of Congress to call for President Donald Trump’s impeachment long before Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia began.

And though no concrete evidence has surfaced to justify impeachment or collusion, Waters has kept up her attacks on Trump, saying on MSNBC that she believes both parties will band together to fire the president once Mueller successfully produces his smoking gun – whatever it may be – which should be happening any day now, she said.

According to Waters, Trump is a “deplorable” person who should’ve triggered more red flags in the intelligence community.

“There’s been a lot of smoke. People should’ve understood there’s something wrong with him. He’s one of the most deplorable people I’ve ever met in my life. Our intelligence committees have not moved fast enough but I have my hopes on Mueller like most do. I think he’ll connect the dots and that we are nearing a constitutional crisis.”

When asked if incoming Chief of Staff John Kelly might impose some discipline on the chaotic Trump White House, Waters said “it’s not going to happen,” and that no one could discipline Trump.

“We’ve been talking about this president becoming presidential or transitioning long enough. It’s not going to happen. He’s a flawed man with no real values or no real appreciation or understanding of Government or public policy I have no real hopes that anybody will be able to restrain him or get him to change.”

Waters says she still “believes” Trump is impeachable, though she regrets being “early” to talk about Manafort and propagate some leftist conspiracy theories about skullduggery committed by Trump and his associates. Many of these allegations have largely proven to be false.

“I’ve always said that the dots have to be connected. I’ve said that I believe he’s impeachable. I know I was early and talked about Manafort and some of the others very early but of course you have to have the information you have to have the dots. I think it’s there.”

While it’s unlikely that Trump will be impeached with Republicans holding both the House and the Senate, Waters says that once Mueller can prove collusion occurred, “the patriotism of most Americans” will lead to a bipartisan effort to unseat Trump. This sounds like an incredibly naïve thing to believe.

“When the dots are connected and Mueller is able to show collusion, I’m banking on the patriotism of most Americans. They won’t be able to stand with him if it is proven that he colluded that he undermined our democracy interfered with our elections that they’re going to be able to see that this president is dangerous and I do believe that patriotism will win in the final analysis.”

She says that a few Republican lawmakers have confided that Trump is making them increasingly uneasy.

“I’ve talked with a few privately and no I have not heard yet that they’re ready to move but I have picekd up that they are uncomfortable. They’re not at this point saying they would turn against him and vote for impeachment…but I’ve heard the concern.”

Waters has a theory about the collusion. She says that sanctions and their impact on drilling in the Arctic were a central motivation in the collusion between Trump and Putin.

“I believe he tried to convince Putin that he could lift the sanctions and he convinced Putin that he had power to do that. I think it about drilling in the Arctic and about lifting those sanctions and all those people surrounding him are all tied up I the sanctions issue.”


“Take a look at Putin he’s disappointed. He thought this president would be able to do that and it’s going to get worse because he is a disappointment.”

A day ago, Waters made similar comments on “The View," saying that Democrats shouldn’t stop after impeaching Trump - Vice President Mike Pence should also face impeachment.

“Do you think Pence will be better than Trump?” host Joy Behar asked Waters.


“No, and when we finish with Trump, we have to go and get [Pence]. He’s next,” Waters said.

Impeaching Pence, of course, would clear the way for Paul Ryan, Waters's House colleague, to ascend to the presidency. Would he also need to be impeached?