Baltimore Weekend Ceasefire Ends With 2 Killings

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Heading into this weekend, we reported on a ceasefire agreement between Baltimore “gang leaders, drug dealers and others linked to the violence”.  The ceasefire was called “Nobody kill anybody for 72-hours”, but it seems that was too much to ask for the violence-plagued city on pace for its highest number of killings ever.

In the 42nd hour of the ceasefire, gunshots were heard at the 1300 block of Sargeant Street around 5:03pm (walking distance to Ravens Stadium). Officers arrived to find a 24-year old man suffering from gunshot wounds, where he died at Maryland Shock Trauma Center.

Around 10 p.m., officers responded to the 1600 block of Gertrude Ct, where a 37-year-old man was shot. He later died at Maryland Shock Trauma Center. Baltimore’s war-torn streets are located 40-miles north of Washington, D.C., where President Trump is too busy tweeting about Chicago’s violence. What’s rarely discussed on a national level is how Baltimore’s homicide rate is now doubled Chicago’s. Also, Baltimore’s population is 14-times smaller than New York City, but manages to sustain a higher homicide count this year.

Baltimore police spokesman T.J. Smith said that the killings should not take away from the goals of organizers. The killings appear to be the first homicides of the weekend according to NBC.

"Yes, there was a homicide. But,the work doesn't stop," Smith said in a tweet Saturday evening. "Organizers called and are in the area to continue to spread love." Smith's 24-year-old brother, Dionay Smith, was fatally shot in July.

Before the weekend, the city recorded 208 homicides in 2017, NBC affiliate WBAL-TV reported. Far larger New York City has recorded 160 murders through July 30, according to police data. Before the cease-fire began, one of the movement’s organizers, Erricka Bridgeford, said the effort might not stop all violence — but it could be a step in the right direction.

"We don't think this is a cure," she said. “We don’t think this will even necessarily stop violence that weekend, but we know that some people have made promises that they won't, and that just might save somebody’s life."

At the moment, crime and despair is certainly plaguing Baltimore’s inner city. The Economist lends a hand and signals their homicide model is indicating 2017 will be the deadliest year ever in Baltimore.

In July, we wrote an article titled: Visualizing America’s Wealth Inequality (From The Sky Above Baltimore). The article highlights the massive wealth inequality gap in Baltimore… Citizens are starting to wake up to the fact that 50-years of Democrat controlled leadership, along with deindustrialization has turned Baltimore into an utter war zone.

What I’m about to show you is a unique experience of Baltimore’s ceasefire. In the video, we start with an aerial tour of West Baltimore where the homicide rate is doubled Chicago’s. Then, we transition onto the streets with the activist and organizers of Baltimore’s ceasefire. This is a unique experience that the mainstream media will not show you because it destroys the narrative that everything is awesome.

You’ll hear for yourself from the citizens who live in these war-torn areas that everything is not awesome and they’re tired of being ignored. The longer mainstream ignores America’s inner city problem, the longer we waste time in finding a solution. As of today, there are no viable solutions to fix America’s inner cities, otherwise we wouldn’t be having this informative conversation.

America’s inner cities are becoming a public health issue that will soon affect us all. We’re all in this together….


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One can take the lion out of the savannah, but one can, SEEMINGLY, never take the savannah out of the lion...or something like. "We wuz kingz, at one time, dondu know?" Lindsey

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Baltimore is just the typical black diaspora around the globe. Baltimore is not a problem, it is a predicament. For example, jumping out of a plane with a backup parachute and the main parachute fails is a problem. Jumping out a plane without a parachute is predicament that can't be solved.

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The name of the 24 year old shooting victim is "Anybody". The name of the shooter is "Nobody". BLM instructed "Nobody" to pull the trigger. 

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One a day is not bad.  Imagine what would have happened if their nigger president had told them to behave.

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And on that note, all crimes should have mandatory community service. Patching roads picking up garbage, cleaning graffiti etc etc etc... why should they get 3 hots and a cot on everyone else's dime. We all have to pay our way, they should too even in jail. Approx 2.25 million prisoners in the US, that's a hell of a civil project work force coast to coast, the cost increase to the tax payer is actually negative. The cost increases of supervised/guarded labour would be more than off set by the savings of projects that are ridiculously quoted. For example, in Toronto Canada, the city had a quote to build a set of stairs in a park for $67,000 (not a typo) a local neighbourhood senior decided he was sick of waiting and watching people fall at the location so he hired a local homeless man and spent $500 on material and the two of them built the stairs. There is so much more that could be said on that little gem of a topic but I think I've ranted enough for now.

~still looking for my tinfoil, have more hats too make.

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So only 2 died, that's a win right, can we do it again next weekend. shit just leave them posters up, forever, maybe somebody will learn to read or Somptin.

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Baltimore was once home to a prosperous middle class - it took less than 30 years to dismantle once LBJ's Great Society came into being to destroy families, and globalization came in to destroy jobs.

Not unlike Detroit, and other cities...

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Bless their hearts for the effort, but west Baltimore still looks like a west Africa slum. I stayed in a motel there a few months ago. Frankly, the African ancestry is the cause on a genetic level.

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Who gives a sh*t anymore? Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago....all places decent folks shouldn't live anymore. Let them blast each other to nirvana. The less there are, the better the chance that this country can recover some semblance of decency and normaility and be great again. 

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I only care for one reason: the left uses gang violence statistics to push for gun control on law abiding citizens.So I would far prefer if these gangbangers switched to using bombs, spears, poison, cars, arrows, axes and hammers to kill each other. (Not knives or swords, because there are efforts to control or ban those too--see they were blowing each other up, the gun control freaks would be completely and utterly silent.

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"The less there are, the better the chance that this country can recover some semblance of decency and normaility and be great again."Yes, the ghettos and ghetto behaviors are a problem, but our "federal" government is the root cause of all problems in this country. Period. Reduce / reprogram it and/or destroy the current paradigm and kill traitor criminal infiltrators, and we can move forward to make other adjustments....

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America’s inner cities are becoming a public health issue that will soon affect us all. We’re all in this together….If by paying my taxes to go to welfare for the inner cities you might say we are in this together, but otherwise, not so much. I am far, far away from the inner city and if they come out here and start trouble, they'll be pushing up daisies. This is what decades of welfare spending has produced, yet neither party will entertain seriously that the handouts need to stop. Just another reason I refuse to vote for anyone associates with these two cowardly parties.

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They are killing the wrong people:

•. The political parasites sent all of their manufacturing jobs to their Communist buddies in the People's Republic of China;
•. US CIA (Criminally Insane Agency) imports vast quantities of illegal drugs to their neighborhoods for them to fight and kill each other over possession and sale;
•. The political parasites and US CIA (Criminally Insane Agency) congratulate themselves over a job well done while pocketing the profits from the drug trade.

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The last 3 paragraphs of this article is exactly the same kind of stuff written 52 years ago next week after the Watts riots. (Rember those?) I remember, because I spent 5 days in Watts as a CO of a northern CA national guard company sent in on Saturday morning, after most of the violence had ended. It was a pretty unbelievable experience...Near as I can tell, the only major change is there is a lot more poverty and urban decay and more blacks than ever in inner city poverty. Much of this seems to be due to the incredible patronizing, welfare state policies that reward having lot of babies without fathers, who grow up to be more irresponsible, unemployable mothers and absentee fathers, perpetuating still more hoplesness and poverty.I sure as hell don't know how to break this cycle, but what we have been doing the last 50 years sure the shit not only ain't working, but insures it will continue to get worse. Inner city blackdom, be it in Detroit, Baltimore, DC, LA, Chicago or wherever, is as close to a living, day to day hell as you can get in the US. Just re-read this before posting. Some assholes with all opinions and no brains will probably consider it racist. It ain't. It is just really sad facts from an old man that hoped, once upon a time, that 'we the people' could make it better. 

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I've given up on negroes.  No group of people have been given more money, more hype, and more effort to integrate them into a society.  I have concluded negroes are structurally flawed, or they simply don't want to integrate.  Fine, we tried to help, we failed.  I think we should give each negro a free one-way ticket back to Africa.

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