Did An Author From The 1800s Predict Trump And America's Downfall?

Authored by Josie Wales via TheAntiMedia.org,

Did a 19th-century author really predict Trump’s election, Russiagate, and the potential collapse of the country?

It’s impossible to say for sure, but the ever-resourceful and endlessly curious users of Reddit and 4chan have unearthed some fascinating evidence to give some substance to the fantasy.

In the late 1800s, an American lawyer, political writer, and novelist named Ingersoll Lockwood penned two fantasy novels about a highly-imaginative little boy named “Wilhelm Heinrich Sebastin von Troomp, commonly called, ‘Little Baron Trump,’ and his wonderful dog Bulger.” Little Baron Trump is the main character in both The Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and His Wonderful Dog Bulgar and Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey, which follow the wealthy boy and his dog as they leave “Castle Trump” to embark on a journey underground to explore the theory that the earth is not solid, but inhabited by people who were chased underground by “terrible disturbances.”

The boy learned of this theory through a manuscript given to him by his father called World within a World, which was written by a celebrated thinker and philosopher named Don Fum. Before leaving Castle Trump in the Marvelous Underground Journey, Baron’s father refers to Don as a “safe and trusty counselor” and reminds him of the Trump motto – “the pathway to glory is strewn with pitfalls and dangers.” As Baron goes on a search for the portal to the “World within a World” with Don as his guide, his travels take him to the Ural mountains in Russia. So Little Baron Trump and his dog are guided by Don to Russia.

  While all of this is fascinating - and one heck of a coincidence - it’s Lockwood’s third book that really throws everyone for a loop.

“The Chicago Platform assumes, in fact, the form of a legendary propaganda. It embodies a menace of national disintegration and destruction.” 


That quote, taken from Garret A. Hobart’s public speech of acceptance of the Republican nomination on September 10th, 1896, also serves as the epigraph of a book also published in 1896 by Ingersoll Lockwood, titled 1900 or The Last President. It was stamped by the Library of Congress on September 28th, just two weeks after Hobart gave that speech.

The Last President opens in New York City on November 3rd, 1896, with the announcement of the newly-elected president of the United States, who happens to be an outsider candidate - the candidate who represented the “common man,” who would liberate the people from the grip of the bankers, and “undo the bad business of years of unholy union between barters and sellers of human toil and the law makers of the land.”

Aka, an anti-establishment candidate.

The very first page describes New York in turmoil over the announcement, with mounted policemen yelling through the streets:

“Keep within your houses; close your doors and barricade them. The entire East Side is in an uproar.


Mobs of vast size are organizing under the lead of Anarchists and Socialists, and threaten to plunder and despoil the houses of the rich who have wronged them for so many years.”

As the riots advance upon Madison Square, the book reads, 

“The Fifth Avenue Hotel will be the first to feel the fury of the mob.


Would the troops be in time to save it?” 

According to Newsweek, Trump Tower now sits where The Fifth Avenue Hotel used to stand.

There are many theories floating around the internet; some say Barron Trump is actually Lockwood, who traveled through time to write about his adventures; others believe Steve Bannon is a 50-year old Barron Trump and they’re time-traveling together; another believes “we are all Barron and Barron is all of us,” and some of us are simply chalking it up to 2017 having a competition with itself to see just how weird it can get.


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The problem with that Troooomp prophecy is that today's Trump surrounded himself with the very bankers that are destroying America, which means he doesn't represent the common man - especially given he's a freakin billionaire himself, so how's that "common."

Jeez, the length some go to in order to prop up Trump, especially after signing that Russia sanctions bill.

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Regarding Science Fiction predicting the current situation, I remember reading a SciFi novel some 20 years ago which built upon a scenario of an outsider U.S. president elected because of his profanity-ridden language - the voters seemingly didn't want the usual politicians any more.Another part of the scenario was a kind of "reality pill" the hero obtained, enabling him to see the run down reality of the country. It worked by counteracting other drugs veiling the reality. One example in the story were people believing to ride an escalator, just wondering why they were breathing heavily when arriving at the top level. With the help of the pill, the hero was able to see that those people didn't use the escalator, which was broken, but used the stairs instead without recognizing it.Actually, that would be a good thing these days... with obesity levels over 50%, this part of the story could never be true today.Don't remember the author, but maybe some reader here does? Have been wondering for quite some time, must have been one of the masters of Sci Fi, I think.

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To continue with rest of the story:When Tesla died, FBI wanted to know what his science research that was not published was about. They hired Trumps uncle John G. Trump, an engineer working with the military industrial complex affiliated school MIT, and examined  Nikola Tesla’s confiscated papers after his death. Uncle John said nothing of value was found.Storytelling Autists at /pol/ state that the information discovered was kept for the family. That they held Teslas time travel research and all his vibration studies.

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Trump:Kushner Investment Foundation SA is apparentlyapplying their $1.12B rainmaker fee from the $112B armssale deal with al-Saud Wahhabi-ISIS terrorist headchoppers,towards buying all the patents to Schauberger's PerpetualGeneration Machine, after which Trump will announce his$1T Infrastructure Program, and award their developmentprogram $1.12B in contracts, to pay back the baaksheeshbin Salman paid to Jared, when he fled to Israel last week,in the fewfah over Donald's Jr admission of malfeasance.  But that won't be the Trump:Kushner Investment SA's bigmoney-maker! They have obtained national trademarksfor 'Trump Energy Water' and begin selling 'energized'exuent from their Schauberger machina as potent 'elixir'that gives even the aged the energy of a 19-year old!Trump himself plans to test the elixir with a number of19-year old girls. Trump Energy Water! WINNING!! More on the Schauberger water technology here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyOGdjWDVM4

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Yeah, and I've got this 1995 Steve Jackson card game called "Illuminati - One World Order" that has cards in it with pictures of the world trade buildings being blown up and the pentagon getting smoked.

There are also pictures of New York city underwater, and of a world-wide epidemic, just in case they really are prophetic...

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Re.  The Simpsons. The YT vid voice over gets the clock wrong. The clock that flies thru the air, lands and says 5:55. The hour hand points at 6, the minute hand at 11. Turn the clock upside down and it says 9/11.Some Bernays acolyte must have figured out that you need to plant the false meme early to confuse the herd.

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My good friends Tchaikovsky and Wefel and I have had some of the most stimulating discussions about Space Sickness, Temporal Disorientation and such during our sojourns to and from this time period.  The thing one must undertand is that Space Travel and Time Travel function utilizing very simplistic inversions of the same general mathmatical and engineering principles.  -Relativity and all that, you know.I personally introduced Tchai to many of my favorite cartoon sitcoms such as The Ren & Stimpy Show and he just loves the music.Of course we all have our natural lives to tend to, so the crew available for these adventures varies much as do those you and your general gang of dilettantes and villians scare up on a whim.   No different than rounding up friends for achaelogical expeditions, fishing trips, rapacious invasions of neighboring villages, etc..  We have our favored destinations and sport here: gambling and whoring in glitzy nowish Las Vegas, fishing and archeology in olden Aberffraw, gathering rare hallucinogenic fungi in future Trans-Amazonian Seussebeix...I must confess we do space out together as often as we can -and have a jolly old time together when ever and where ever we go!   Lights out, shields up!-Padarn Beisrudd  

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Tylers,I know you can't hold a candle, qualitatively, to the previous owners but intellectual garbage such as  this is going to lead to the site's - and your - rapid end.