Ending the Golden Age of Nothingness

Sir Isaac Newton once famously said, "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."

Well, Ike knew a thing or two; for it is indubitable that he would never have had the necessary foundation of knowledge to whip up the law of universal gravitation without the works of Euclid or Copernicus before him. If not for Bach - and his father's strict hand - perhaps Beethoven would have been a bricklayer. Without Langton and Magna Carta, the Founding Fathers never write the Constitution.

Those giants of Western Civilization were once of a sort that served mankind with wisdom, guiding their antecedents to look towards a future of beauty, freedom, and existential meaning. One Golden Age developed after another as great men were inspired to outdo the other or even to reach for the heavens in art, architecture, music, and literature.

Lately, though, it seems we've decided to perch instead on postmodern beings who, while great in technological stature, are cultural ogres. 

When we peer through the looking glass today, all we see, both immediately surrounding and far afield, is a desolation of ugliness and mediocrity:

  • Soulless architecture that betokens our standing as utilitarian drones.
  • Popular music sung (or mumbled, rather) in the gutter-mouthed patois of degenerate gang members.
  • Pointless films - often written by committee and informed by focus groups - that wallow for two banal hours in quick-cut action scenes without dramatic tension; one-dimensional characters as performed by two-dimensional celebrities in third-rate productions.
  • An educational system that replaces the canon of Dante, Donne, and Mallory with The Red Wheelbarrow.

Modern art affirms nothing except for mindless consumerism and appealing to our basest instincts. For all our advanced tools and broad access to them, mankind should be practically minting new artistic genius. Yet nothing today can top the achievements of those of ages gone by.

So why then does Nature no longer, to paraphrase Forster, "throw out a god" to stand out as divine amongst the "thin-hammed mediocrities", than when there were billions fewer in the world?

Because when it comes to art, profit motive suborns beauty and invites the average.

This wasteland came about when the best and most talented minds - those who could have been the next Shakespeare or Michelangelo - departed the land of the arts in favor of a life serving as cogs in a corrupted, increasingly statist machine that separates individuality and spits out utility.

When potentially great creators go where the money is, the fields of cultural endeavor are left to be tended by fools.

Soon after the best and brightest left for semi-lucrative STEM careers, the lands became fallow and our current Cultural Dark Age is the result; this abandonment has left the arts securely in the hands of green-haired Gender Studies majors and Nietzsche's Last Man in skinny jeans.

Each passing generation then subsists off this degraded fare which nourishes neither the intellect nor the soul. Eventually, there will be no one left who can remember tasting anything better and thus the negative feedback loop is in full motion.

It will only worsen until conservatives realize that those who pump the imagery of art into the minds of the young wield infinitely more power than any engineer or writer of computer code could ever dream. That is why the left won the propaganda wars of the past few generations so completely. The cycle only breaks when the political right starts grooming their children to Make Culture Great Again.

One is constantly reading well-meaning advice in the columns and comments sections of alternative media stressing that parents should continue to nudge their children towards the hard sciences, because that's the sector where they can procure the best livelihoods.

This is sound on the surface, especially for young adults whose gifts are geared for such work. But if you do push them towards those disciplines, make sure they are on the path to self-employment or starting their own companies. Because even in the STEM fields, conservatives hold little power.

Those kids will eventually be forced to toil for the leftists of Silicon Valley who grew up immersed in, and proudly adhere to, subversive culture.  Or the budding scientist must supplicate to those in Washington who dispense the science grants. Kiss advancement goodbye if you hold the wrong opinions.

They'll be employed by a corsortium of elitists whose ultimate goals are not only antithetical to tradition and morality, but will hasten its extinction.

These are the oligarchs whose philosophical ends are to bring about the Singularity, to silence dissent, or level humanity under one-world governance where cultural greatness, or even humble simplicity, will be made impossible. Better that your kid become a blue-collar laborer or even a NEET with a free mind than to be servants to a wicked system.

But for those of you with children of a creative bent, consider home-schooling them (or enrolling them in carefully-selected private schools) so you can bypass an educational system that is actively airbrushing Western Man's achievements out of the history books; a system that has perverted the traditional liberal arts beyond recognition and almost out of remembrance.

Once a sufficient number are again steeped in what is the best of mankind, they will be back on the shoulders of proper giants.

They will then write the great novels, paint the sublime portraits, and direct the spiritually fortifying films that can make the fields of culture fertile once more. In so doing, the mediocrities will be banished to their romper rooms where they can frame each other's finger paintings in deserved obscurity.

By reclaiming education and the arts from the left, we can end our current Golden Age of Nothingness and maybe even repair capitalism in the process.

A new Renaissance - moored to beauty, truth, and ethics - will ennoble the Man of the West, restoring him back to a balanced, fuller humanity. It will be as a torch to burn off the fraud and moral hazard that has attached itself like a leech to our increasingly globalist going concerns. Where virtue exists in abundance, such shady and mercenary practices are reviled.

Economic patriotism and handshake deals will be back in vogue. Instead of capitalism making utility of man, man will make utility of capitalism as originally conceived.


Lord Feverstone of Dystopia USA


East Indian Mon, 08/07/2017 - 07:01 Permalink

I can't watch any movie nowadays. Not even when I am sodden drunk. This is the Substituted Gilt Age, aluminium foil substituting for gold leaves.   Edit: checked that Red Barrow. This is what passes for poetry nowadays? This is what is taught to the children? Illiteracy is far better.

StaySunny3000 Ron Blum Mon, 08/07/2017 - 07:45 Permalink

Dr. Peterson is brilliant and I have burned through most of his free youtube lectures.  A sworn enemy of postmodern crybabies, this take no prisoners Canadian is a hero for the Great Books and Western culture.Now Google is freezing his youtube account; he tried to upload his latest lecture on the Bible, and he got a terms of service cancellation with no explanation.  This tells you this guy is "over the target".  Also see jimstone's latest article on a new Google AI filter; this shit is getting scary: jimstone.isWell articulated, Lord Feverstone; I salute you.  I couldn't agree more; we all need to pick up our swords and join Dr. Peterson on the battlefield against the postmodern scourge.

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ChanceIs StaySunny3000 Mon, 08/07/2017 - 08:39 Permalink

I am interested in Peterson as well.  I think he is brilliant.....or else a REALLY, REALLY good BSer.  I weigh in on the former at least for now.There is strength in his convictions.  Stephan Molyneux interviewed him for an hour last week.So I am evaluating him at the personal level.  You see I learned how to do that in high school.  To read, write and do calculus as well.If I were lazy, I would simply point to the fact that his presence on certain liberal college campuses coincides temporally with as much physical violence as those by Ann Coulter and Milo.  Ergo: the guy must be the real deal. 

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Reaper Mon, 08/07/2017 - 07:37 Permalink

They make everything equivalent in the name of their god's justice. They succeed bringing everything to the lowest level. Extinction of them and their god is Nature's remedy.

BigSimes Mon, 08/07/2017 - 07:58 Permalink

It's all true.Age 19 I was an artist, painting girlfriends, abstracts etc. 3 years later, I looked at my competition - Art school, scathing lefties, political robots. Making art became a game of pain and it's hard to sell paintings in the age of photoshop and instant gratificaiton selfies.I've written books that don't sell in a whorishing publishing world, and still push my creativity into business.I still paint sometimes. And this painting sums up what the article is saying, and this is my painting, all the limp wristed artist wanna be's can not paint as good as I can and that's why the left hates real artists.https://www.saatchiart.com/art/Painting-Digital-Eve/746613/3623846/view

Sanity Bear BigSimes Mon, 08/07/2017 - 09:54 Permalink

Likewise... I was a multi-talented artist at the same age.

But there was no market for creativity, and the various "arts" industries made damn sure of that. All that mattered was what would sell; and all that informed them as to what would sell, was what had sold before.

What creativity that didn't get diverted into business, got diverted into figuring out how to throw entrenched politicians out of office.

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CRM114 Mon, 08/07/2017 - 08:22 Permalink

Heard Yo-Ya Ma at Tanglewood yesterday, great as always, and the place was packed. Culture always survives; but great artists have no more right to a good income than great engineers, and they are suffering now too.

ChanceIs Mon, 08/07/2017 - 09:11 Permalink

>>>    Culture always survives  <<<Be careful that you don't speak too soon.  The Taliban were about the business of exploding a series of giant ancient statues.  I knew little about them.ISIS apparently did a good job of wiping out ancient Roman Palmyra.Obama's Nomenklatura got a good start on the Civil War monuments.Then there was Michelle inviting rappers to the White House Easter egg hunt.It takes a lot of work and money to raze buildings.  But two steps forward and one back will get you there. 

Kafir Goyim ChanceIs Mon, 08/07/2017 - 12:16 Permalink

The Taliban were about the business of exploding a series of giant ancient statues.

I remember when the Taliban did that.  I was so pissed that something that has been allowed to exist by warlords, vagabonds, farmers, warriors, and dumb punks for thousands of years, is brought down by some group of assholes who have decided in their child-fucking wisdom, that their decision to destroy what countless generations decided to preserve, is the correct one.This was when I really started to understand that it's a filthy cult that needs to be wiped away ... and I don't mean just the Taliban.  All flavors of this cult bring ignorance, misery and death whereever it is that you find them.

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Lucretius Mon, 08/07/2017 - 10:34 Permalink

Excellent post! How'd this slip past the Tylers???Seems most today wouldn't know culture if it bit them on the azz. Gone are any sense of decency, honor, self respect, courtesy, etc! Just base greedy self serving obsessive compulsive idiots. When was the last time you met someone that you could have an intelligent conversation with? Indeed! Where are the next great minds, last one I can think of is Professor Hawkings... I just happen to enjoy learning, hence science. Speaking of great minds, you might try remembering / learning of my handle. I chose it out of respect for the beautiful intellect!