Rosenstein: "We're After The Leakers, Not Journalists"

Two days after AG Jeff Sessions and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats announced a crackdown on Trump administration leakers that could involve subpoenas to journalists, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein took to the Sunday talk shows to emphasize that the DOJ isn't targeting journalists after all. Despite Sessions' emphasis that the DOJ respects the privileges of the press - but that those privileges don’t extend to publishing classified information that puts lives at risk - members of the media understandably expressed outrage at the notion that they be compelled to reveal their sources: after all that's precisely what the previous administration demanded in its repeated crackdown on the "free press"... at least when it reported on things that Obama did not enjoy seeing in the media.

In an interview on Fox News, Rosenstein said there’s been no change in policy with regard to journalists and their reporting on the Trump administration.

“I think that’s an overreaction the attorney general has been very clear,” Rosenstein said. “We're after the leakers. We’re not after journalists we’re after people who are committing crimes.”

Taking a page out of Barack Obama's playbook, Trump recently suggested that reporters who publish classified information should be prosecuted, the interviewer noted. But Rosenstein insisted that the DOJ has no plans to follow through with any prosecutions involving reporters. DOJ is applying the same scrutiny of reporters that former AGs Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch did while they were in office.

However, Rosenstein didn't entirely rule out a prosecution if one were warranted. Most journalists don’t commit criminal acts during their reporting, Rosenstein said.

But, “depending on the facts and circumstances,” the possibility that a reporter could cross the line shouldn't be ruled out.

“We have the same position as Attorney General Holder. We don’t prosecute journalists for doing their jobs we consider the facts and circumstances on each case.”


“Generally speaking, reporters who are publishing information are not committing a crime.  But there might be a circumstance where they do. I haven’t seen any of those to date, but I wouldn’t rule it out in the event there were a case. If a reporter is violating the law then they might be a suspect as well.”

In summary, Rosenstein said that journalists will be treated with the same scrutiny as every other American under the law. But leakers, who in some cases are committing felony offenses, will be prosecuted. Ironically, none of this is new, as the soon to be former NYT journalist, James Risen, wrote in December, when he explained that "If Donald Trump targets journalists, thank Obama":

If Donald J. Trump decides as president to throw a whistle-blower in jail for trying to talk to a reporter, or gets the F.B.I. to spy on a journalist, he will have one man to thank for bequeathing him such expansive power: Barack Obama.


Mr. Trump made his animus toward the news media clear during the presidential campaign, often expressing his disgust with coverage through Twitter or in diatribes at rallies. So if his campaign is any guide, Mr. Trump seems likely to enthusiastically embrace the aggressive crackdown on journalists and whistle-blowers that is an important yet little understood component of Mr. Obama’s presidential legacy.


Criticism of Mr. Obama’s stance on press freedom, government transparency and secrecy is hotly disputed by the White House, but many journalism groups say the record is clear. Over the past eight years, the administration has prosecuted nine cases involving whistle-blowers and leakers, compared with only three by all previous administrations combined. It has repeatedly used the Espionage Act, a relic of World War I-era red-baiting, not to prosecute spies but to go after government officials who talked to journalists.


Under Mr. Obama, the Justice Department and the F.B.I. have spied on reporters by monitoring their phone records, labeled one journalist an unindicted co-conspirator in a criminal case for simply doing reporting and issued subpoenas to other reporters to try to force them to reveal their sources and testify in criminal cases.


I experienced this pressure firsthand when the administration tried to compel me to testify to reveal my confidential sources in a criminal leak investigation. The Justice Department finally relented — even though it had already won a seven-year court battle that went all the way to the Supreme Court to force me to testify — most likely because they feared the negative publicity that would come from sending a New York Times reporter to jail.


In an interview last May, President Obama pushed back on the criticism that his administration had been engaged in a war on the press. He argued that the number of leak prosecutions his administration had brought had been small and that some of those cases were inherited from the George W. Bush administration.


“I am a strong believer in the First Amendment and the need for journalists to pursue every lead and every angle,” Mr. Obama said in an interview with the Rutgers University student newspaper. “I think that when you hear stories about us cracking down on whistle-blowers or whatnot, we’re talking about a really small sample.


But critics say the crackdown has had a much greater chilling effect on press freedom than Mr. Obama acknowledges. In a scathing 2013 report for the Committee to Protect Journalists, Leonard Downie, a former executive editor of The Washington Post who now teaches at Arizona State University, said the war on leaks and other efforts to control information was “the most aggressive I’ve seen since the Nixon administration, when I was one of the editors involved in The Washington Post’s investigation of Watergate.”

And so on.


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when does rosenstein reign in mueller? when does he determine that mueller was conflicted?  when does rosenstein realize he was tricked by comey to create a sp council where none was required and no crime had been even found in a year of investigation?  this seems over reaction by rosenstein or is he part of the deep state?  then it is easy to understand.   why can not sessions reverse his recluse?  seems like he over reacted and did exactly what the democrats wanted.  i have heard he wont go after hillary either.   seems like trump selected a ag that came with two broken legs

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You have to be on drugs to believe American news reporters when they claim to protect their confidential sources.  Half of these reporters are on the CIA's black budget payroll and the other half are trying to get on the graft line.  Anyway, most of the "leaks" are approved by the government beforehand.  The CIA paid off reporter who gets the information then gets a Pulitzer prize for being a propaganda arm of the Rothschild-controlled U.S. government.  The government insider who had intended to leak this same information, but without success, why that guy winds up dead on a slab in the medical examiner's office, the death cause ruled a drug overdose or a crime victim or, if a medical professional, a jumper.  

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Ashkenazi not Jew.
Ashkenazi is Turkish race forced to convert to Jewish religion by Russian czar. They are not Hebrew.
One is blood (Hebrew) the other is religion only not blood.

Ashkenazi then migrated to Central Europe after exiled by czar for being contentious and later they gained control of European banking systems.
Plus even the Ashkenazi are not at the top of the enslavement food chain.

Misplaced distain will blind one to the facts.

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I don't hate Jews, I hate organized fascism which MANY Jews (but not the majority) are deeply involved in. This Deep State fascism is clearly not all Jewish, just largely and it is likely is following Jewish Torah prophecy. The creation of the State of Israel (as well as much documented history of Rothchild involvement in setting up WW1) is PROOF that Jewish Torah prophecy is what is guiding our current affairs. The future is therefor predictable and it requires massive police state measures and control of resources and weaponry to allow continued "global social engineering" to acheive the final goals of PROPHECY.

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Dear Miss- The average intelligent Jew has allowed himeself to be victimized and marginalized by not critizing his own tribe's behavior. The controllers of that tribe spends a lot of time making sure the average jew keeps his mouth shut, lest being labelled a "self hating jew". Therefor I agree with FreeShitters "attack" on the "Steins", they need attacking! They need to know they had better start exposing their own tribes bad behavior, challenging the "self hating jew" narrative or be seen as PART OF THE PROBLEM!Very few do! Drudge and Savage will attack the "establishment" but only Brother Nathaniel is willing to say- here is your problem. The US is either going to go through a somewhat violent Constitutional revolution or it will succumb to the fascism required to continue jewish prophecy.

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I personally know Jews who have been critical of their own for years. They say things like, "If those folks don't watch out, they are going to get everyone hating us again." They object to the "we are superior" attitude and know exactly where that leads. I know others in Israel who would really rather just try to get along with the Palestinians. They look on in awe and shame and hope you do not blame them for what their own are up to. I know blacks like this too. I can feel the same way about whites, at times. I don't want to over generalize to any group, though my biggest challenge is Muslims. That melding of church and state just can't get along with the rest of us. 

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Ask your Jewish friends how they feel about a wall on the southern border.  Also, ask them how they feel about a halt to ALL immigration, and a forced repatriation of ALL illegals.Zionism and all leftist crap aside, this is the ONLY issue that truly matters in the short and long term.Other than Savage, I'm not aware of any Jews who see the ongoing global displacement of Whites as a problem; rather, when Jews are honest, they celebrate the prospect.

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I seriously need to run into some good Jews so that I can have any faith in them whatsoever.  I try to think of Peter Schiff's Father when I want to hate them all.  It's hard not to when you look at the carnage WWI, WWII, slavery, Syria, Ukraine, Palestine and soon to be WWIII.  There is a intellectual phenomenon where people's brains particularly notice what they already believe and also become blind to things they don't believe.  I keep that in mind as well.Also I'm really starting to wonder if people literally draw things to themselves that they fixate on and in this third strange fashion reinforce bias further.  I'm not talking law of attraction and those weak-ass new age theories but the more evidenced subconscious mind theories.  I'm talking straight up draw things to yourself in some metaphysical or paranormal fashion.  I have had periods in my life where I fixated on some type of corruption and then ended up surrounded by it, the very specific thing.  Some of it was so heavy that I can't even speak about it to this day, because it might be extremely dangerous information.  Now it's happening with Jews.I have literally run into 3 completely demonic Jews in short order.  These weren't superficial dealings, I go to know for sure.  Well, maybe two are demonic but my landlord (which I could mention the history of his last name) isn't quite that bad but it sure as hell isn't good either.  There are 30,000 here, but still.  I'm also getting extremely unlucky waves of insect infestations at said Jews rental.  It reminds me of the Shmeizel Shmazel (sp?) Jewish saying that refers to supernatural bad luck.  (One spills soup on themselves and the other has soup spilled on them).  I literally, after scorpion infestations, giant grub maggots in the air conditioning system, etc, went outside, just minutes ago, to a small rat writhing, shaking, trailing clear fluid and dying, outside my damn front door.  It was actually quite sad but alarming at the same time.It could be hanta or plague for all I know.  Most likely it's rat poison but this thing is suffering and it's just looking at you like "help!".  I want to put it out of it's misery and I have this terrible feeling this is some type of Joo house omen, which I'm sure is BS but I don't care that's how I feel.  All my stuff is in storage so I call the Joo, hoping he will bang it on it's head, then I am going to bleach water the area it was agonizing and scooting on.  What does he do?  Picks it up with the shovel and throws it in the garbage to suffer and die slowly.  He was too worried about spreading it's fluids apparently.  What a piece of shit.  In this way and possibly to do the above combined reasons, I seem to keep having my currently developing bias reinforced. 

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Rent elswhere. When I have been in bad situations, I always looked for a new place to work, or live, as soon as I get the job, or place. There are good Ashkenazis, and they are facing pressures that others do not know, and do not feel safe to speak against. Been that way for awhile now. Good that you recognize small signs though.

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Roger that.  I'm definitely getting out of here.  Looking back I should have put it in a plastic bag and smashed it with a chunk of cinder block (everywhere he is a hoarder).  Now it's suffering in the dumpster.  It was terrible watching this thing.  It was young and had soft downy fur like baby mice or kittens.  It was actually adorable despite it's hideous tail.  It was crying periodically when it writhed and I think the fluid was coming from its eye that it kept scraping on the concrete.  Now I can't go digging through the dumpster to find a sick rat that might bite me to properly put it out of its misery.  I wont make that mistake again.  If an animal finds you for help it's best that you deal with it I guess.  I feel guilty now.I think I'm going to have some drinks tonight... to make sure that if I have Jungian subconscious forces activating they get put into the fast lane and things get royally fucked, rather than just half assing that shit.  ROFL

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It is so obvious what is going on.They are all on the same side screwing us all.If only ZH posters could be in charge.No sarc on that one...I am serious.We all know this Kabuki Theater.To the point now where I feel another 1776 is the only solution.Public hangings are in order.All known CFR members should be arrested for treason immediately...Which is the majority of these scumbags running our country into the ground and raping and pillaging us. 

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Title-50 War and National Defense § 783 states - "It shall be unlawful for any person knowingly to combine, conspire, or agree with any other person to perform any act which would substantially contribute to the establishment within the United States of a totalitarian dictatorship, the direction and control of which is to be vested in, or exercised by or under the domination of control of, any foreign government." The Council on Foreign Relations are in violation of Title-50 War and National Defense § 783. The Council on Foreign Relations has unlawfully and knowingly combined, conspired, and agreed to substantially contribute to the establishment of one world order under the totalitarian dictatorship, the direction and the control of members of Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and members of their branch organizations in various nations throughout the world. That is totalitarianism on a global scale.

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Funny, the CFR has had their agents as Secretary of State for decades.  They have been dragging the US into wars since they helped create the "peace plan" that led directly to WW2.  In some ways, I think the Hillary email debacle is a smokescreen from the fact that that is standard operating procedure for the Sec. of State to give and receive information and directions to and from the Council on Foreign Relations.  I believe there was a bit of dust up when Colin Powell even admitted to doing the same as she when he was Sec. of State.They never stop working for that cabal either.  Mad Albright was over in Ukraine when the CFR-US State Dept overthrew that government and turned Ukraine into a failed state.

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It has come full circle (jerk). In the old days, the politicians were the "show runners." They sent the goons with guns out to collect taxes from the serfs to pay for nationalistic drama like false flag wars, NASA, climate change, etc. Now, the politicians are trying to be the actors in the drama itself. Of course, paid for with tax money -- or more importantly -- compliance with the tax policy. It is obvious that is the only law anybody is supposed to follow any more ...Oh how far these esteemed lawyers, super double ought jethro bodeen spies, community organizers, 6 star generals and "Journalists" have fallen ... George "blue dress" Stephanopolis spent most of his show today trying to get Kelly Ann to promise that mean old Donald Trump wont fire Robert "911" Mueller.

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Obama never moved off the fence from 'recognizing the de facto UK administration of the Falklands' to realizing that Argentina's Falklands' claim is spurious and that they have been duped into believing propaganda. Time to recognize that only the Falkland Islanders can determine how and by whom they are governed and dismiss that mythical Malvinas fairy tale. How can Argentina claim the Falklands when she has never legally owned them?Falklands- Never Belonged to Argentina:

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Lol the big Jew club every other putz is jewish lol the goyium are being eaten alive

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Watch me now pull a rabbit out of my hat .wow what a dumpster fire this country has become the stench of rotting garbage.

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If "the media" had any honesty they would have asked, "Given the massive amount of evidence against Hillary and all of her aides and debbie wasserman, when will you be appointing a special prosecutor to investigate this blatantly criminal behavior?" Knowing pretty much his answer will be effusive and evasive, my next question would be, "Will you be resigning or do you feel Trump will fire you  in the next few months given you are not doing your job?"