James O’Keefe Hints At New York Times Undercover Sting

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Is the New York Times about to get the CNN treatment from James O’Keefe of Project Veritas?

It all started with an innocent Monday afternoon poke at the ‘failing’ New York Times, owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim (and which undoubtedly influenced the 2016 U.S. election with it’s overt anti-Trump bias).

Hours later, O’Keefe replied with a huge teaser…


The last time O’Keefe set his sights on the MSM, CNN suffered a a multi-combo takedown from which they’ll never recover, after Project Veritas journalists infiltrated the Fake News Network with hidden cameras.

Not only was host Van Jones caught on film calling the Russia narrative a “big nothing burger,” Project Veritas also scored footage of a CNN producer who said the ‘Russia’ story is fake news pushed for ratings, and a hate-filled associate producer’s vitriol for conservatives – stating “American voters are stupid as shit,” and admitting to a company-wide hatred for President Trump.

Finally, after hand-grenading billions in value, AT&T announced three days ago that they are considering jettisoning the Fake News Network (along with TMZ) as part of their purchase of CNN parent company Time Warner, announced in late 2016.


Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Deuty assistant to President Trump, hailed the O’Keeffe sting as ‘complete vindication for the president,’ in a June interview with Breitbart.

“I think this is the day when the Left rues ever coming up with the phrase ‘Fake News’ because now we have the evidence. We have the consequences of systematic generation of Fake News, happening at the epicenter of one of the places that was producing the most of it,” he said.

“It’s just a testament to the determination of the president,” Gorka continued. “He sticks with what he knows to be true. He hangs in there doggedly and finally. Thanks to intrepid people like James O’Keefe, we have the evidence, and people are getting fired.”

So what’s O’Keefe got on the New York Times? Inquiring minds want to know if perhaps one of O’Keefe’s operatives was even at that charity event former FBI Director James Comey attended during his visit to the grey lady in late June.

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