"It's Barack Obama Marries Dick Cheney" All In One Think Tank

In Russia Sanctions And The Coming Crackdown On Americans we exposed a new project called "Hamilton 68" which claims to monitor 600 twitter accounts in real time, looking for what its creators consider to be overt, covert, as well as "second tier" Russian propaganda. The list of suspected "pro-Russian" twitter accounts is not provided, nor is any rationale given for how an account gets put on the list. Most disturbing is that the organization behind Hamilton 68, the newly established Alliance for Securing Democracy, is a creation of the German Marshall Fund - itself mostly funded by the US and NATO states.

Like the completely failed and laughable "PropOrNot" before it (which publishes a McCarthyite sounding "The List"), Hamilton 68 immediately garnered mainstream news coverage presenting it merely as a benign and innocuous watchdog tool for protecting American democracy. Not long after PropOrNot appeared seemingly out of nowhere, it quickly rose from internet obscurity and invisibility after being the focus of a Washington Post article written in the form of objective hard news (the Post article now sits with an embarrassing Editor's Note and Correction pinned to the top and bottom of the page).

In the case of Hamilton 68, Reuters profiled it the very day it was launched (last Wednesday). Reuters presents it as:

part of a growing non-governmental effort to diminish Moscow's ability to meddle in future elections in the United States and Europe. The "Hamilton 68" dashboard (here) was built by researchers working with the Alliance for Securing Democracy, a bipartisan, transatlantic project set up last month to counter Russian disinformation campaigns.

Reuters contrasts this supposedly "bipartisan" public interest initiative which heroically watches out for the integrity of US elections while painting Trump as indifferent and showing "reluctance" in the face of aggressive Russian cyber attacks, subtly suggesting the White House is compromised. And further adds that, "U.S. intelligence officials and lawmakers have warned that Russia will attempt to interfere in the 2018 congressional elections and the next presidential election in 2020." 

So anonymous "intelligence officials" are already warning us about the 2020 election. The placement of such an alarmist statement completely lacking in any kind of evidence - but merely the usual anonymous officials - alongside news of a supposedly public interest watchdog project, is meant to give Hamilton 68 an automatic imprimatur as "trustworthy" and objective in this Reuters wire piece. The article concludes with a paragraph on the Federalist papers (referencing the project's title) to further impress upon the American reader that Alliance for Securing Democracy has praiseworthy patriotic motives.

Most of the Hamilton 68 dashboard's "monitoring" of content features what it calls "second tier" Russian propaganda. As we previously reported this involves the following:

It tracks and stores information about others who have no connection to Russia but who "on their own initiative reliably repeat and amplify Russian themes." This is what the German Marshall Fund calls a "network" of second tier disinformation distributors.

If an article, tweet, or headline is trending among "Russian influence" accounts - which in this case means Alliance for Securing Democracy's secret list of 600 twitter accounts - the trending URL appears on the dashboard's front page underneath this banner:

Essentially this is simple guilt by association, as we described:

What does this "network" of people with no connection to Russia but who amplify Russian "themes" do?


It "reflects Russian messaging priorities, but that does not mean every name or link you see on the dashboard is pro-Russian. The network sometimes amplifies stories that Russia likes, or people with like-minded views but no formal connection to Russia."


So, according to the self-proclaimed alliance for securing democracy you might not even know it when you are pushing Russian state propaganda!

Included on the dashboard at various times are hugely popular independent news sites like Robert Parry's Consortium News, The Federalist, Breitbart, and Zero Hedge, as well as establishment news sources like The Washington Times and Bloomberg. 

Alliance for Securing Democracy's online tracking tool reads: "Top websites tweeted by a monitored set of accounts related to Russian influence campaigns." 

Most sites listed do share in common an anti-establishment outlook as part of independent and alternative media. But the variety of sites and their differing content emphasis, combined with no available indicators or specific formulas for how the sources are designated as "Russian influencers", makes the project ultimately meaningless and lacking in any semblance of scientific data-driven analysis.

Like PropOrNot before it, Hamilton 68 is yet another well-funded and well-connected smear campaign singling out independent media which received mainstream media approval and promotion. It exists to give gullible audiences the illusion that a data analysis driven tech tool produced via a "bipartisan" think tank has meticulously and objectively proven the "there's a Russia connection lurking behind every corner" conspiracy theory. Unlike PropOrNot, however, the think tank is stacked with neocon and Hillaryite heavy hitters preparing for all out war.

But who specifically is behind the Alliance for Securing Democracy? For that we should turn to Col. Pat Lang's blog, Sic Semper Tyrannis, which artfully summarizes its origins. Pat Lang is a retired former high ranking Pentagon intelligence officer who oversaw all military intelligence for the Middle East, and was a presidential intelligence briefer under past presidents. His blog has become an unofficial hangout of sorts for a small group of career intelligence analysts and former defense officials who often post under pseudonyms and maintain continued extensive contacts throughout the DoD and intelligence community. In short, it's a group of commentators who've been insiders with a full view and understanding of the deep state (which they frequently reference as 'the Borg'), but which now seek to expose the dangerous group think that defines national security bureaucracy.

Lang's Sic Semper Tyrannis provided the following commentary early this week, based on an inside source privy to a recent White House national security meeting:

Last week, Politico and other "news" outlets reported that President Trump got into a brawl with his military advisers over the future of American involvement in Afghanistan. To have read the coverage, one would have thought that the President had a mental meltdown and rejected the sage advise of his Secretary of Defense, National Security Adviser and other security aides. However, in talking with a friend who was privy to that meeting, the President asked the kind of probative questions that citizens expect of their elected leader, when considering issues of war and peace. As I heard it, Trump was unhappy with the options he was given, because they represented "more of the same" plans that have failed for the last 16 years. "If any other President had that same discussion, he or she would have been praised for doing the right thing.  Because it was Trump, he was lambasted."


Well, it becomes more and more obvious by the day that the Borg [or the deep state] has decided that Trump is unacceptable--American voters aside. There is now an overt merger of the neocons and the humanitarian interventionists. Call it Barack Obama marries Dick Cheney. That's what is happening.  The German Marshall Fund has founded a new project called the Alliance for Securing Democracy, which looks to be a replacement for the new defunct Foreign Policy Initiative, which in turn replaced the Bush-Cheney era Project for a New American Century. The Alliance is co-chaired by Laura Rosenberger, who was a leading foreign policy adviser to Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign and Jamie Fly, who headed FPI before it went to ground recently. The other members of the Alliance include David Kramer, former McCain Institute director, who shopped the Christopher Steele dossier on Trump's alleged Russian indiscretions to the FBI and the media, Bill Kristol, and Obama's ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul.


One of the hubs of the "Trump as Russian Agent" meme is the George Soros-funded Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, which is also funded by the US Government, according to Robert Parry. That Soros outfit was a prime source for hedge fund manager Bill Browder, who has been recently trotted out to testify in Congress on the Trump-Russia collusion.

The new think tank is a grotesque Frankenstein creation born of a marriage between Bush era neocons and Hillary and Obama foreign policy advisers, including former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell - one the architects behind CIA efforts to effect regime change in Syria. The names connected with it are well placed to wage war against the Trump administration and manipulate the American public given their various media platforms and broad access (similar to PNAC's origins in the 1990's). We expect that "Hamilton 68" is merely the beginning of much more to come.


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TODAY vs. YESTERDAY (today's version)  If Cheney ever 'actually' married Obama, you'd be sure to hear about it FIRSTHAND by way of a Chewbacca appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show (& Cheney's daughter would be the ring bearer during the ceremony)... Followed by an announcement that 'Chewy' was running for 'IN PRESIDENT' in 2020 (& whereby FUCK ZUCK would play the Bernie Sanders role), & whereby 'Chewy' would win because HE promised to pay Peggy Joseph's gas & mortgage... & whereby ~ 'Sessions' would utilize that GRAND STAGE to put Cheech & Chong behind bars for life sentences for (actually INHALING) smoke from dried out paper that George Washington had as a main crop at Mt Vernon, the US government 'begged' farmers to grow during WW2 to fulfill 'the Department of the Navy's 'rope making' necessities, & that upon which PAPER the fucking Declaration of Independence is written upon.

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PNAC? A bloodthirsty warmongering crew that should be up for crimes against humanity. Aside from Cheney you had other famous Neocons like Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Kristol and Perle, among others.

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well, over here in Europe they're also fuching things up at high speed.... Now there's the final talks to transfer all power from the countries to Europe...the end of democratic elections as we speak... it's all getting so fucked up in the west... if you want freedom, we'll have to move to China or Russia at this rate... 

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For, Protecting America's Democracy, read, Protecting Deep-State's Villainy.

What a bunch of Vile Creatures these Neocon's are!

The fact that President Trump's rattled them, forcing them out of the Shadows is a good thing.

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we really do deserve to be nuked from high orbit. I used to love my country, like an idiot I donated 6 yrs of my life in the US Navy. I will weep for you and yours, but not for the other half of this country that is onlt one step above a squirrel. We do not deserve the inheritance we have been given

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So you now have this don't Think Tank responsible for what we're allowed to read or deciding with whom we're allowed to share our thoughts. Welcome to 1984 Neocon Style!

Keep it up MoFo's the clock's ticking on your survival rate.

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be careful about that ticking.  THEY are in positions of control over all the levers of power.  finance.  communication.  information.  wet work.  the military.  representative (no pun) gov't.  the courts.  did i leave anything out?  in short, the only thing you are going to hear is what they want you to hear, even if you are not listening.   the rest of us, you know, the majority  of the population of the US.  don't matter.  and will be treated accordingly.

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The U.S. propaganda machine is falling apart.  These sorts of pathetic attempts by imperial Washington to maintain control of vassals have no influence outside the 25% of the American population who are fanatically loyal to the Democratic Party in the U.S.: a group that only includes deluded inner-city American blacks, radical freminists, eco-control fanatics, and a handful of dupes brain-washed by the American university.  Even the U.S. Democratic Party is shattering: with most of their most fanatic followers going full radical with the Sanders wing.  The establishment Republicans have an approval rating in the teens even among Republican voters. No one outside of this insignificant minority population in the U.S. believes any of this garbage.  Who is left to listen to this rubbish outside the U.S.?  Everyone in South America has learned to treat any information coming from the U.S. with tremendous skepticism.  Certainly the Chinese, Russians, Persians, North Koreans, Afghans, Pakistanis, and N. African Muslims are even less influenced by these pathetic attempts at propaganda.The 30% of the Europeans who think climiate change is the most signficant threat to a world in which barbarian hordes are overrunning their own countries and nuclear war loom?  Another insignificant population who could care less which web-sites are "Russian-influenced."  These people are so disoriented as to be beyond conventional propoganda.  This leaves the population of sub-saharan Africa, who have little access to the internet or television.  Maybe imperial Washington should focus its propaganda there?

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Well.There's schizophrenia and there's now world class schizophrenia.They're combing the sanitariums for previously overlooked genius is my best guess.

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Funny thing about "think tanks."They only produce what's agreeable to the one that signs their payroll checks.Just like economic teachers that don't meet Federal Reserve standards soon lose their jobs.

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O/TIf Claudia Schiffer married Brains from Thunderbirds & hyphenated her name...Would she be known as Claudia Schiffer-Brains?

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Their baby will look like a black Will Ferrell ...fornicate with anything in it's path before eating the brains.Then it will run for Congress. 

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My God these people are stoopid, do they really think people need the internet to know that they're liars and crooks?Even old timers who never use the web can tell you the Clintons Bushs Cheneys, 0bamas, etc. are evil crooks.Seems 'Russian' has become DC codeword for 'Intelligent American'But best of luck to em. This will only backfire and cause more anger and disgust towards them.They have revealed themselves for all to see. No going back. They cannot win a war they have already lost.You no longer control the narrative corrupt media.

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this cocksucker morrell, the former CIA shit for brains motherfucker, he should move some place and start his own fucking country.  because he should have nothing to do with deciding anything about the US.  anything.

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Just more circumstantial evidence that the Neocon faction of the 'deep state' is so far behindit has to resort to 'future fake news' about 2020 to keep its supporters from drugging out on legal marijuana. The war party is drinking polonium cool-aid.

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I can grow 3,000 plants per acre, with a normal out put of 1 lb per plant, = 3,000 lbs. 3,000 lbs x $300 = $900,000 per acre. The crop looks good, got 45 acres contracted, who cares if they marry each other!

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There should be one good neo-con season in Washington and ny. Then on to Europe. Give them the war they want in the most personal way. Wet works for neo-con/libs. Bush-clinton-bush-obama was One Administration. End the era!

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I got through the the part of the headline that read "Obama married Dick", and that made sense. Then I realized the point of the matter was obscured by mediocre journalism. 

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Pat Lang is a retired former high ranking Pentagon intelligence officer who oversaw all military intelligence for the Middle East, and was a presidential intelligence briefer under past presidents""Lang's Sic Semper Tyrannis provided the following commentary... "However, in talking with a friend who was privy to that meeting, the President asked the kind of probative questions that citizens expect of their elected leader," With all the anger about leaks comming out of the WH, why isnt this condemned in the same way? IT IS A LEAK! And it is being shared on alt media which has been mad about other leaks...Are leaks now selectively condemned?