CNN Offers Citizens of Hawaii Advice on How to Survive a Nuclear Attack

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Following up on last night's broadcast from deep within a nuclear fallout shelter, CNN doubled down on their fear mongering today -- offering advice to the citizens of Hawaii on how to survive on a nuclear attack. Here are the important bullet points.

Hawaii is the first US state to prepare for nuclear attack from N. Korea. Everyone CNN spoke to in Hawaii assumed that in the event of a nuclear attack, they'd all die. THIS IS NOT TRUE (fake news). N. Korea possesses a nuclear bomb like the one we dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki -- 1940s grade garbage. Tens of thousand of people die on the initial impact, but many more died of radiation poisoning. CNN reports Hawaiians have 15 minutes to 'take over' for nuclear impact, should N. Korea launch a missile towards them. Seek shelter and find out where your local nuclear bunker is located. Oh, and have 2 weeks worth of supplies to survive the nuclear holocaust.
Utterly absurd.