Chinese State Media Asks "Can Trump Win The Game Of Chicken With North Korea?"

While President Trump is more than willing to tweet or comment ad hoc his feelings about any of several crucial geopolitical hotspots, the Chinese prefer the more subtle approach. With their India border tensions, officials pen 'threatening' articles; but with North Korea, it appears the government prefers a well known mouthpiece - The China Global Times - to send a message to America - simply put, back off the rhetoric before this goes pear-shaped because North Korea has nothing to lose...

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday gave a harsh warning to North Korea that if it makes more threats to the US, "they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen." A few hours later, Pyongyang responded by saying that it is examining its operational plans for attacking Guam. US B-1B bombers flew over the Korean Peninsula from Anderson Air Force Base on Guam.


This is the latest escalation of the war of words between Washington and Pyongyang. The US can't usually gain the upper hand in this war of words, as Pyongyang chooses whatever wording it likes, and what Washington says may not be heard by North Korean society. But US opinion has paid great attention to everything North Korea says.


There is a huge gap between Washington and Pyongyang in terms of strength. As the weak side, it seems logical for Pyongyang to utter harsh words to make up for its lack of strength. But even if North Korea masters the mature technology of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM), it would be surprising if Pyongyang actively launched a strike against the US. The verbal menace from North Korea seems meant to enhance its own deterrence.


Since this year, the US has adopted a more hard-line stance toward North Korea by saying it is "keeping all options on the table" and "not excluding military options." Strategic bombers and nuclear submarines have made frequent trips to the Korean Peninsula. Meanwhile, North Korea has increased the number of missile launches and seems to have made breakthroughs in ICBM technologies.


This makes the threats from Pyongyang not only verbal.


Since 2006 when North Korea conducted the first nuclear test, the US and North Korea have been engaged in a longstanding battle of wills. As North Korea's nuclear and missile technologies develop, it is more difficult for the US to win the battle over North Korea. Washington has underestimated Pyongyang's disregard for all the prices it has to pay in its pursuit of nuclear weapons and missiles.


North Korea has almost been completely isolated by the outside world. Under such extreme circumstances, Pyongyang will weigh all its possible options. Washington should stimulate Pyongyang's desire to engage with the outside world and return to the international community.


However, Washington only wants to heighten the sanctions and military threats against Pyongyang, which is adding fuel to the flames. The North Korean nuclear issue is heading toward confrontation.


More and more analysts tend to believe that no matter what warnings the US sends or however tough the UN Security Council sanctions are, there is little possibility of Pyongyang stopping its missile launches. Now it is time the US seriously responds to North Korea's concerns for national security. The "dual suspension" and "dual track" approaches China proposed seems the only way out to ease the situation in the Korean Peninsula.


Despite overwhelming strength of the US, Pyongyang can risk everything if there is a showdown between it and Washington. The US should avoid such a scenario and it needn't feel disgraced because of it.

Seems pretty clear demand for de-escalation.. coming right before Trump escalated his comments this afternoon.


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Well, you will have no argument from me on the point, and I do believe some shit, of some kind, is going to pop off, and if history is any guide, it will get out of hand in short order. But then, one doesn't need to be Kreskin to make that prediction, do they. Deep state needs to stretch it's leg's so to speak .. and there is a multitude of crimes and corruption to cover for ..I mean hell, all those spoon fed memes, open air theft, statistical lies, and such ..There is great potential for massive loss of life, death, destruction, chaos and mass confusion ..A global game of three card monte if you will ..

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Global communism was and is a threat.We have seen its fruits where it took root, like a poisonous bramble dripping with poison, waiting to catch the foot of the unweary and melt their flesh until they die screaming, their rotting corpses feeding the roots until the next poor soul comes along, or until it starves to death for lack of victims.It is good that China has made market reforms, and Vietnam has done the same. North Korea should as well, or they will die, whether by our hands or their own. We can take solace in the fact that they are too weak now even to make thorns. No chance it will spread from there today. But in the 60's and 70's? Grave threat.

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Unless of course this is all a ploy to pin the demise of the markets and pensions onto the backs of the Norks. Trump, et al, keep pushing this guy to the point that they think they may have a solid leg to stand on, and poof, on morning the markets are tanking and shut down due to a "cyber attack", by none other than the Norks. Which of course will be all bullshit, but in the end it is a win-win for the US. Come join us for FREE at

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Some may be under the impression that you really ARE Hillary Rodham Clinton .. or simply give you thumbs down automatically, The other consideration, peoples blood is wayyyy way up, all the fire and brimstone, reigning down death and destruction from the sky  thing .. The "mainstream" , sure is running with it, far as I can tell .. and that Russian collusion thing was wearing purdy thin, they seem genuinely pleased to have a new meme, bullshit to peddle has been my observation, when the sky is perpetually falling,  people get a bit more uptight than usual, so there's that ..Thanks for asking ! 

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Chinese State Media Asks "Can Trump Win The Game Of Chicken With North Korea?"My response: Who said this was a GAME OF CHICKEN? O'foolish CHINESE, who has bewitched you?My prediction for the next couple of weeks: VOLATILITY TO THE MOON ALICE!!!Unless the FED intervenes to stop the SLIDE, the RUSSELL 2000 is going to get slaugtered! I suspect we are looking at a level equal to when TRUMP got elected which is around 1150!

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Here is the answer. Stakes are much higher. Check the recent earthquakes in china. China's Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) has asked local nuclear and radiation safety monitoring stations in Southwest China's Sichuan Province to closely monitor the situation and avoid a secondary disaster caused by an impact on the local nuclear facilities, after a strong earthquake hit Jiuzhaigou county in Sichuan. enjoy Edit.Here is another nugget for youYoutube removed a video documenting Islamic State's destruction of Nimrud

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Deep state turning on the deep state. Not gonna happen ..Now true, deep state is somewhat fond of shooting itself in the foot, but hell, most folks rarely notice, and deep state just grows new feet .. Pity too, that the world is run by lawless sociopaths, and their various protection rackets .. Media, Congress, the FED etc ..All this bullshit, endless mind numbing bullshit, red meat for the unhappy few, meaningless drivel to the hapless masses , whom, are of course, mostly asses. But that isn't really quite fair is it. Years and years of steady mind molding, shape shifting, and relentless conditioning, sure has taken it's toll hasn't it  .. 

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Disagree. Chickening out has allowed NK to become a real threat. To everyone that disagrees with allowing NK to gain more nuclear capabilities. That he shares with US and other Western enemies. And no one gives a shit what KJI says. Time to start paying attention to what he does. Unless someone can show me that this guy is another Hussein that is no real threat, I say keep up the pressure.

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Give Me Some Truth BeanusCountus Thu, 08/10/2017 - 22:20 Permalink

I think I CAN show you that he is "a Hussein that is no real threat."My evidence? What nation has North Korea invaded or attacked in your lifetime? (I'm assuming you are under the age of 67)? What nation has N. Korea invaded since this guy became its leader?Answer: No nation. Zero nations. If he's a "threat," he hasn't shown it by following through and attacking anyone. (For extra credit Compare and contrast to the United States of America).Hell, Hussein HAD invaded Iran and Kuwait and had gassed his own people. This NK guy - as looney as he is - is clearly no Hussein.I would say that Iraq and Hussein - by simple observation of history - were "threats" ... to Iran and Kuwait. But Saddam and his military were dang sure not a threat to the United States of America. In this sense, Iraq is just like North Korea. 

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A better use of the government energy would be to go after the CIA for importing America's new "Opium wars"!!! Then shut down the Fed. and arrest the criminals running it!

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I don't care if NK has 5 ICBMs or 500.  It is still no threat to the US.  NK obviously wants to avoid US imposed regime change like Iraq, Libya, Syria, and lots of other places where the US has strategic interests.  So it has developed a deterrent.   The list of countries with nuclear weapons is quite long now.  Adding NK to the list is only a danger to the US in the sense that it removes NK from the list of countries the US can invade without serious consequences.

earleflorida LetThemEatRand Thu, 08/10/2017 - 19:50 Permalink

actually netanyahu and his zionist party are a bigger threat to the world's 'nuclear powers' than britain, ussa, europe, russia or china combined!!!i really feel sorry for the arab people since 1913 and what the world empires put them through ---- read 'inflamed islam' for a taste of morrow --- and as always the only country for the blame USSA's old... and still?, nemisis Brirtain never seems to apologize to the arab people for!!! 

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swmnguy LetThemEatRand Thu, 08/10/2017 - 20:05 Permalink

Correct.  And now Li'l Kim has shown he knows how to get under President Trump's skin and exploit his insecurities.  It would be interesting to know what Kim wants this time around.  His pattern is always the same.  When they need something, they make a big stink until the US, Japan, SK, China and Russia give him enough to keep him going until the next go-round.  A US President has never taken the bait hook, line and sinker like this.It would also probably help if the various State and Defense Department positions that specialize in North Korea even had nominees named for them.While many of us in America, including President Trump, place no value at all on dignity, self-control and measured and sophisticated thinking and communication, the rest of the world does, and is watching intently.  We may not see countries pulling out of NATO and other treaty agreements with the US, but the trend is toward downplaying and simply ignoring the US, as it appears government officials are simply ignoring President Trump more and more frequently.  As the Neo-Cons try to drive wedges between Europe and Russia and instead drive Europe into Russia's arms, watching the US lose in Syria, get trolled and manipulated by North Korea, and show no signs of coherent policy at home or abroad, US credibility and desirability as a reliable partner diminishes quickly day by day.I knew the US Empire wouldn't last long, but I was thinking in terms of a couple decades.  I had no idea how far we could fall internationally in a mere 6 months.  As usual, I say get the pain over with up front as quickly as possible, but it's best to do such things intentionally and as part of a strategic plan.  We're doing it based on the whims of somebody who thinks he can half-ass it and just out-bluster everyone.

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DuneCreature LetThemEatRand Thu, 08/10/2017 - 20:35 Permalink

No kidding. ... Our government is so dangerous, greedy and out of control I'm beginning to wish I had a few nukes to defend myself too.

Ooooh, but don't worry about any nukes going off that Bibi doesn't personally authorize.

The Israelites infiltrated the hi-tech nuclear weapons triggering electronics world a long time ago and installed their own little 'kill/no kill switch' in all of those 'special high speed transistors' needed in all of the nuke triggers. ...... They made sure they are all made in Israel too.

Unit 8200 knows just where to insert itself to control any given potential problem situation.

Forget Kim Un Hinged. .................. Just don't piss off Bibi.

Live Hard, Thank Your Lucky Stars All The Nukes On The Planet Are Under The Control Of Such Benevolent Special Chosen Folks, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

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tmosley LetThemEatRand Thu, 08/10/2017 - 21:04 Permalink

Except they helped Pakistan start their nuclear program. Who will be next?They are desperate and starving, and always will be by the nature of communism. That means they will sell anything to anyone.They must either make market reforms and stabilize, or get rid of the nukes.Also, Kim (who, contrary to popular belief, is perfectly rational) won't be in charge forever. Indeed, his position is ALWAYS precarious, as are all such absolute dictators. If his top generals decide he is no longer fit, they will have a coup, and then who knows what will happen?

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Give Me Some Truth LetThemEatRand Thu, 08/10/2017 - 22:35 Permalink

Well stated,  LetThemEatRand. I don't think Americans want to acknowledge a simple point. More and more nations want to obtain nuclear weapons to deter ... us. We are the Boogie Man they fear.Did you happen to watch "Breaking Bad?"Remember when Walt told his wife, bragging really, somewhat perturbed that she didn't see it: "I AM the danger."Or, in another episode, when he asked Skylar, his wife, what she was afraid of? Walt clearly viewed himself as the protector of the family, certainly as the good guy. Still, his wife's answer stopped him cold."I'm afraid of you," she said. You could see in her eyes that she was surprised he didn't know this. Some truths we don't want to face up to or acknowledge. Sometimes we don't see ourselves as others see us.America is the danger. Other nations are afraid of us.  

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Knobbius LetThemEatRand Fri, 08/11/2017 - 00:14 Permalink

This is one of the sillier memes repeated on ZH, that only the possession of nuclear weapons keeps the US from invading a country. There's like 200 other countries in the world without nuclear weapons that we haven't invaded. And the list of countries with nuclear weapons isn't that long, and doesn't include any countries that are in danger of being invaded by the US.

If only nuclear weapons deter us from invading NK, what has stopped us from invading the North prior to 2006?

The posession of nuclear weapons by NK isn't a protective mechanism at all, it's a narcissistic political statement made by small men who want to be big men very badly. Ironically, it's the pursuit of WMD systems by countries who have no business possessing them that gets you invaded. Psychopaths trying to punch above their weight in international affairs should get schwacked.

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earleflorida political_proxy (not verified) Thu, 08/10/2017 - 20:22 Permalink

True that!!,  there were at min., one million jap troops willing to die to the last man rather than surrender, with the loss of 500k american troops if the war carried on.the bombs were dropped on armament cities with min. loss.tell me something?how did the japs treat the chinese and koreans?Ps. Truman needed the war ended quickly for russia was already in korea and a stone throw away of bringing communist soviet lifestyle to japan 'God Emperor' whom would had quickly met his death with Stalin!!! 

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Give Me Some Truth earleflorida Thu, 08/10/2017 - 22:39 Permalink

Few people deny that using nuclear bombs on Japan ended a LONG war. It killed many people but also saved many people.We are not contemplating using nuclear weapons on North Korea to end a 4-year-war that has already claimed millions of people. There is no war. There won't be one if we don't fire a shot. We can kill hundreds of thousands or millions of people ... or we can kill zero. I vote for zero. 

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