In Escalating Standoff, Indian Army Orders People Near Chinese Border To Vacate Village

In the latest escalation between two nuclear powers (aside for the US and North Korea of course), the Indian Army has ordered the evacuation of a village close to the Doklam India-Bhutan-China tri-junction amid to a standoff between Indian and Chinese solders, India's News 18 reports. This takes place just days after, as we reported earlier this week, China turned the war threat amplifier up to '11' by threatening India (in an article published a Chinese state-controlled newspaper) that it could conduct a "small-scale military operation" to expel Indian troops from a contested region in the Himalayas.

As a reminder, the latest standoff started in June, after Chinese troops started building a road on a remote plateau, which is disputed by China and Bhutan. Indian troops countered by moving to the flashpoint zone to halt the work, with China accusing them of violating its territorial sovereignty and calling for their immediate withdrawal.

After adding a large number of troops to the region, China then sharply escalated when a Chinese Ministry of Defense warned explicitly that Indian troops must leave the contested area if they do not want war.

Then, on Monday, the Independent reported that Chinese and Indian media have taken a strident approach, with an article in the Chinese state-owned Global Times quoting a research fellow at the Institute of International Relations of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences saying China is preparing to initiate a "limited war" to push Indian soldiers out of the area.

Which brings us to today when according to Indian media sources, a few hundred villagers living in Nathang village have been asked to vacate their houses immediately. Nathang is 35 km from the site of the two-month old standoff between Indian and Chinese troops.

As News 18 reports, it was not immediately clear if the order had been issued to accommodate thousands of soldiers of the 33 Corp who are reportedly moving from Sukna towards Doklam or whether it was a precautionary measure to avoid civilian casualties in case of a skirmish.  Villagers of Nathang, a small village with just a few hundred inhabitants, whom News18 spoke to, confirmed witnessing heavy troop movement in the area of late.

While the Army officially did not talk about the troop movement, some senior military officers called it an annual exercise that takes place in September, but has been advanced this year. According to some reports, the Indian Army has called the troop movement in the area a regular maintenance move. The reports went on to quote army sources as saying that the military is in a 'no war, no peace' mode.

This, in military parlance, means being in a confrontational position with the enemy.

Meanwhile, the state-controlled Chinese media "has in the last few weeks been beating war drums quite incessantly" as the Indian press puts it. In a recent editorial published in China Daily, India was warned that "The countdown to a clash between the two forces has begun, and the clock is ticking away the time to what seems to be an inevitable conclusion."

The editorial, titled New Delhi should come to its senses while it has time, went on to state that the window to peacefully resolve the standoff in Doklam was closing as the row enters its seventh week.

Following the news of the latest border escalation, there were some wild swings in the USDINR, which spiked higher, hitting a high of 64.28 (1m NDF) on the day.

The reason markets are so sensitive to what is going on in an obscure border road is because the two of the world’s largest countries by population locked horns in the Sino-Indian War of 1962. And you guessed it – this was triggered by a disputed Himalayan border. The conflict lasted one month but resulted in over 2000 deaths. The reason markets remain sensitive to what is going on is because the two of the world’s largest countries by population locked horns in the Sino-Indian War of 1962, which as we reported before, was triggered by a disputed Himalayan border. The conflict lasted one month but resulted in over 2000 deaths.

And like in the North Korean crisis standoff, while conflict seems avoidable a resolution is not in sight, with the two countries likely to continue maintaining opposing stances, and refusing to budge. It seems like a war of words isn’t only being fought between US and North Korea, and regional markets are likely to remain vulnerable to ongoing uncertainty.


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The dispute is really between China and Bhutan. India has a security pact with Bhutan to guarantee Indian support should Bhutan request it. The pact works well for both Bhutan, which has limited to non-existant military and India, which wants to make sure that the proverbial "chickens neck" remains viably secure from from Chinese designs on Indian north-east.As far as I know, Bhutanesse government invited (probably under pressure from India) Indian soldiers to help counter chinese construction and repair activities on a road in the chinesse-bhutan disputed territory. The chinese and indian soldiers are in a standoff right now. Neither side wants to back down.On a larger scale, however, chinese strategy of illegal land (and ocean) grab needs to be opposed. I do not mind Indian government pushing back to protect an area it considers vital for access to its north-eastern states.As far as the evacuations go, they are merely in response to chinese official media's recent comments that china may undertake limited military action to vacate indian soldiers from their position. The evacuations are limited to indian citizens on indian side of border to facilitate troop movement and/or their protection should hostilities begin. 

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This is all part of the same strategic chess game going on that involves the Deep State vs. China+Russis+Iran+NKorea.Modi clearly sold out to the Deep State and has allowed India as a guinea pig to study what happens when you attack cash in a third world country and let the bankers run the show. The answer has been a disaster for the average middle class Indian it seems to me (which is perhaps the whole point of the exercise)Apparently Modi has been told to engage China on another front so they won't be able to pay as much attention to North Korea.The shit is going to hit the fan all at once everywhere at this rate. Ukraine next or Iran?

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Inflation in India is down to the lowest it has been for a while and bank rates are plummeting? Where do you get the idea that the middle class is dying in India. Oh i know. zhedge Rupee hasnt depreciated at all since 2013. We are a net importer. So far so good. Fx reserves are at their highs. When equities fall, the rebound locally will be swift as in 2009. Cant say the same for the west though.

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In Escalating Standoff, Indian Army Orders People Near Chinese Border To Vacate VillageMy response: You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.The WORLD is DEFINITELY getting more interesting and VIOLENT by the DAY.

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That was the beginning of his sign and we've been seeing wars but there's more we've also been seeing. Time to wake up.

Matthew 24:32-34
Disciples’ Literal New Testament (DLNT)

32 “Now learn the parable from the fig-tree: when its branch already becomes tender and grows-out its leaves, you know that the summer is near. 33 So also you— when you see all these things, you know that He is near, at the doors. 34 Truly I say to you that this generation will by no means pass away until all these things take place.

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As a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, India still has the Queen as head of state.Nonsense. India is a Republic, with a President as Head of State. Do your research. Queen is the Head of the Commonwealth, but the head of the Commonwealth is the chairman of a club of nations, not the Head of State of these nations. 

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Thanks Teja... Your country and unfortunately China as well made a deal with that same "devil" to take the crime scene and it's evidence from " Ground Zero" to be turned into rusted manhole covers to send back to the American people in return for moar of their jobs -thanks to G.W. Bush and the U.S. Congress!... That smelly piece of shit motherfucker from your Country that went to MIT and then NIST committing the worst scientific fraud in history has been well compensated for his crimes, as are the white faces that worked with him to make it all possible! The Chinese are every bit as bad for the crime of silence which is every bit as heinous!

Don't get me wrong. I hate both your Countries for what you did turning the other way and selling out to screw America worse!

But having said this...

"We The People" are the worst medicated morons on the planet and deserve everything we are getting in the wake of that "deal" between our government(s) going on 16 years next month!

Guess it really is true what they say about What you sow...

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Because MIT and Harvard are two institution(s) like all the other major universities on "life support" in the United States that depend on the U.S. MIC "stick" to enforce it's currency around the globe that has become increasingly irrelevant because it no longer is "sound" and a store of value that it once was!...

Dual citizens like Shyam Sunder at NIST don't care about the ethical fraud in science they commit because they know once Yankee Jewdle implodes he'll wind up being a professor of higher education at the only science institutions within the next 5 years that matter in both India and China.

How the American "non-dual citizen" students at places like MIT, Purdue, Stanford and Harvard can turn a blind eye to their own reality and what is happening to them by ignoring everything their government is doing in the World with it's military in the wake of the worst like that was 9/11 is beyond telling.

Very frightening to watch the short term memory mode with no equal in the sciences that know and understand what happened that day, but refuse to teach the next generation of engineers the ethics behind the science of the collapse of those 3 buildings which has no equal in terms of the fraud and treason in represents not just to America but anywhere else that refuses to study the lessons from that day so that it can NEVER happen again!

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