Strong 30Y Auction Stops At Lowest Yield Since October, 2nd Highest Indirects On Record

In a mirror image of yesterday's ugly, tailing 10Y auction, moments ago the Treasury sold the last batch of paper for this week, when it auctioned off $15 billion in 30Y bonds, in a strong sale which printed at 2.818%, stopping through the When Issued 2.819%, the lowest yield for the tenor going all the way back to October 2016 as the curve has aggressively flattened since then.

The internals predictably were solid, with the Bid to Cover rising to 2.139 from last month's 2.306, above the 6 month average of 2.27. But it was the surge in foreign bidders that stood out as Indirects took down 66.8%, the second highest on record with the exception of July 2016 when indirects were awarded a record 68.5%. Directs declined modestly from 6.4% in July to 5.4%, leaving Dealers with 27.8%, one of the lowest on record.

And with neither the OTR or Off the Run trading special in repo, there was no squeeze today, confirming that today's strong auction was not a squeeze but merely the market telegraphing that the curve continues to aggressively flatten in an ominous message to the Fed.

And with bond guys delighted, especially with today's selloff in the Nasdaq, the only thing that can spoil the party is an unexpectedly hot CPI print tomorrow, although in light of today's bad miss in PPI, that looks very unrealistic.