Baltimore School With Zero Students Proficient In Math Has Highest Graduation Rate


Baltimore’s community is absolutely stunned after ‘Project Baltimore’, an investigative reporting initiative, which was launched in March 2017, by Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. asked this question:  How can a high school with zero students proficient in math, have one of the highest graduation rates in Baltimore City?

Project Baltimore is investigating Northwood Appold Community Academy II, or NACA II, after teachers “contacted us saying grades are being changed so students can graduate”. The school is located in East Baltimore City, Maryland where nearly 1/3 of African Americans have zero net wealth.

The identities of the teachers who contacted Project Baltimore have been masked because they fear retaliation.

Per Project Baltimore:

NACA II is a Baltimore City high school that has its troubles. According to district data analyzed by Project Baltimore, attendance rates are down since 2013, while chronic absenteeism has nearly quadrupled and suspensions have more than doubled.  


Yet, the school reports an 87 percent graduation rate, the exact same as the state average.


’13... ’14... ’15... ‘16

  • Attendance Rates: 95... 92... 91... 88
  • Chronic Absenteeism: 7... 21... 18... 27
  • Suspensions: 24... 38... 28... 53
Source: Baltimore City School Profiles

    and then this:

    But then we found that NACA II has zero students proficient in state math testing and just 5 percent proficient in English. Compare that to the state, where 36 percent of students are proficient in math, 44 in English – yet, both have the same graduate rate.


    Grad Rate... Math... English

    • NACA II: 87%... 0%... 5%
    • Maryland: 87%... 36%... 44%
    Source: State Department of Education

    In a stunning interview from one of the masked educators who uncovered this possible great theft of education.. They said, “grade changing. Giving out diplomas to students that did not earn them.”

    Another teacher told Project Baltimore ,“if you are changing grades and you’re allowing people to walk, of course, that is what your numbers are going to look like.”

    Project Baltimore then reached out to NACA II’s operator, Dr. Cecil Gray, who declined to comment after ‘two weeks of emailing with his attorney’. His lawyer told Project Baltimore that the allegations of grade changing are false.

    Days later, Baltimore City Public School district launched an investigation into the grade changing allegations at Northwood Appold Community Academy II.

    With shocking evidence, Project Baltimore has ‘obtained’ final grades from the school. Here are their findings:

    We found six seniors who failed a required foreign-language class, yet every one graduated. Another student graduated after being absent or late to school more than 100 days during the year, and had a first quarter GPA of 0.000.  

    The continued bad press of Baltimore is only accelerating- where 50-years of democratic control blended with deindustrialization has brought the city into a terminal decline. Violent crime, opioid epidemic, and vacant structures are a reminder that American inner cities are an utter war-zone.

    Through August 10, 2017, 212 homicides have been recorded- putting Baltimore on track for >400 for the year— highest ever… Back to the failing school system of Baltimore City. The racial wealth divide in Baltimore will only grow between blacks and whites, due to the city not providing proper education. This is a disgrace and it shows our ignorance in ignoring America’s inner cities. The storm is only getting worse, as America is on pace for a terminal decline.

    Baltimore is the model city for all that is wrong with America.


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     Giving blacks diplomas without them earning it?I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.

    However, if my head is clear, I will sometimes hear the voice of Murry Rothbard.   He reminds me that by doing for these people what they could and should be doing for themselves, our government is intentionally preventing these, "descendants of slaves," from ever being truly free.  As Lyndon Johnson supposedly said, "I'll have those niggers voting Democratic for 200 years."…

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    MalteseFalcon The_Juggernaut Fri, 08/11/2017 - 12:26 Permalink

    It's been 50+ years of affirmative action, segregated schools and the welfare state.The job that the "Great Society" was meant to do has been done.Americas' mulattos, quadroons and octoroons have been liberated from the ghetto and ensconced in government jobs, rap music, the NBA and the NFL.What remains is a hardened residue that cannot be salvaged in a modern society.Time to hand out leather foot sacks and lead them back to the field.And for the love of Darwin, no more procreation.

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    The graduation rates in NYC schools are comparable 76% plus and the scores are below 5%  as wellThe problem is the IQ is well below 100 centering on 70 so no outside input will reach the center of the brainat the same time you have to get them out of the schools system as they get to an age that they are more dangerous - give them a degreeEducation is a welfare program for teachers and administrators not a public resourcethey are now gaming the tests even more - reducing multiple choice tests from 5 answers to four so they can guess easier and  simplersolutions but givn the IQ it will have no effect on higher scoresthe work product is not supposed to have any value

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    GUS100CORRINA FrozenGoodz (not verified) Fri, 08/11/2017 - 12:11 Permalink

    Baltimore School With Zero Students Proficient In Math Has Highest Graduation RateMy response: In this article, we see an excellent example of the FRUIT resulting from both the implementation of COMMON CORE and the OBAMA education initiatives.It is our YOUNG PEOPLE who will pay the PRICE! Truly SAD!!Someone needs to be held to account for this tragedy.

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    Antifaschistische Erek Fri, 08/11/2017 - 12:25 Permalink

    allow me to defend the teachers...It is difficult in a classroom of 20 (for example) to maintain control when there is ONE bad student.  In a classroom where there are 3 out of 20, it is almost impossible.  A teacher just gives us...In today's video everything world...I say we put 4 cameras in EVERY single room and allow the public and parents to livestream watch what is going on in these classroom.If we do this...change will happen I guarantee it.

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    TuPhat Antifaschistische Fri, 08/11/2017 - 12:44 Permalink

    The parents would just make bets on who wins the squabbles and then sue the school for allowing it happen.  My wife works for the local school system as a therapist.  She spends an awful lot of time with lawyers.  Suing the school is what is paramount for many parents.  Sports would be next.  Education, well how can that be important anyway.

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    Well, I'll respond with two anecdotal examples:1.  When I was a freshman in college I was tutoring a senor in basic algebra.  She was an education major and when I tried to explain 2x +5 = 15, and thus x must equal 5, she responded with, "wait, what?"  I knew there was trouble ahead.2.  My cousin is an elementary ed teacher in .... wait for it.... the Chicagoland area (the burbs).  She has a problem child which she can literally do nothing about.  This kid will go on a rampage (not special ed mind you) and start pushing over desks and yelling.  Her only recourse is to actually stop the class and bring the other students outside or to the hall.  She cannot discipline this child at all. Let me repeat that, she has zero enforecemt of the rules in the classroom. I have no dog in the public school fight, but listening to her stories makes me actually pissed off.We are living in a society where the most pressing questions are regarding gender fluidity and phantom oppression.  If I ever have kids, either Mrs. American Psycho or I will home school. 

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    Mikeyyy GUS100CORRINA Fri, 08/11/2017 - 13:36 Permalink

    As usual with ZH commenters, you're completely and totally fucking wrong.  This is a charter school. It is basically a private school that's funded by taxpayer dollars. This is what our new education secretary, Betsy DeVos (Trump appointee) champions as the solution the "education problem."  Charter schools have very little accountability to the school board and the school district in which they're located and are generally all about the money. This is EXACTLY the type of school Trump is proposing as a solution.  Blame the charter school movement for this one - not Obama, not Common Core.

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    At least in Texas, you can shut down an underperforming charter school. Several of them lost their charters 2-3 years ago.Try doing that with the enforced monopoly public school district. Different game.The state seriously needs to come in and take over the school district in which I live, Marshall ISD. There is not much of a possibility of getting a geographically adjoining district to accept management of MISD if for no reason other than that MISD is the largest district in the county. The local charter early college high school just moved into a larger facility. I hope they eventually will be able to expand to K-12 so the parents won't have to move or transfer their kids in order to provide a decent education in an environment when good behavior is the reasonable expectation.

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    Please give us a link on how Trump brought all that heroin and cocaine into East Baltiimore, and killed the jobs. I would love to get a free degree in one of these utopias, but I think they would kill me before I got to school. You need to get around, and smell the flavor of the nieghborhood on a personal level. Kind of like a meet and greet.

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    This really pisses me off.Blame the school, blame the teachers, but don't blame the fucking parents. How fucking involved are these people when they don't know what kind of education their kids are getting? That's a math question and the answer is ZERO.So let's turn this shit around and watch how people will bitch about wage disparity, the same people that won't fucking put the effort into educating themselves out of their shithole. What a fucking joke. What is telling is that the TEACHERS ratted thios place ot, not the fucking lazy assed parents.Fuck this. Free food, free housing, free healthcare, free phones, free daycare, free college, and a fucking free diploma. You get what the fuck you earn.My family was on welfare and we got out. I paid for ALL of my college because I was taught that an education will get you out of the hole. These fuckers just take and take and then bitch about their lot in life.Black people fucking the black community. And it's my problem? Fuck you. 

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