The Google Manifesto (And What It Means)

Authored by William Anderson via The Mises Institute,

It seems that anyone on Planet Earth with a pulse now is familiar with the situation at Google in which a male engineer sent a 10-page memo over the company’s internal listserv in which he questioned some of Google’s “diversity” policies. As most of us expected when the story became public, Google fired the employee, citing “incorrect” thoughts about “gender” as its justification.

Not surprisingly, we have seen people on both the Right and the Left shooting missives at each other via social media and the usual journalistic outlets. From the left, not surprisingly, the engineer who wrote the memo, James Daramore, is a slimy bigot who got what was coming to him. Conservatives see Daramore’s memo as being reasonable, but that Google is so Politically-Correct that even a slight deviation from the path of leftist orthodoxy cannot be tolerated. Even some people who consider themselves to be politically and socially liberal are critical of Google’s decision to fire Daramore.

We like to think of modern high-technology firms in the famed Silicon Valley such as Google, Apple, and Twitter as representing much that is good about our present day. These companies are full of young, hard-working people who are near-genius in their capacity to understand technology and how it can be used entrepreneurially. As I see it, one of the reasons that federal economic policies (not to mention the predations of the Federal Reserve System) have not created mass destruction of the economy has been the presence of tech-savvy entrepreneurs that continue to foil even the best (or, more appropriately, worst) efforts of politicians and regulators to block economic progress.

Furthermore, we know throughout history that private enterprise often undermines things like racism and sexism (despite the claims from socialists that capitalism is the source of All Bad Things) and that private property, prices, and free exchanges have tied people together that keep politicians from successfully tearing things apart. As economists like Thomas Sowell have noted, it has been governments that have prevented the free association of people who seek to engage in market behavior to better their lives.

For example, Jim Crow policies did not arise out of businesses demanding discrimination against blacks. Economic historians such as Jennifer Roback Morse have noted that the private bus and rail companies opposed Jim Crow laws that segregated city buses, and businesses in general resisted racial discrimination, but were brought to heel by city councils and state and federal legislators.

Jim Crow is long gone, but it seems that Progressives (which gave us Jim Crow in the first place) now are imposing what essentially is a new form of segregation, that being ideological and religious segregation that is more reminiscent of how the former USSR treated dissidents than anything we have seen in private enterprise. For example, I know a young Christian couple in San Francisco, and the woman works at Twitter, where the company leadership has made it clear that it does not tolerate deviation from Political Correctness. She has said that she has to keep her faith hidden, since if others find out her beliefs, she likely would lose her job at worst and be subject to harassment at the very least, not to mention that she could expect no promotions or pay raises in the future. The new “diversity” standards of Silicon Valley seem to want a “diversity” in which everyone doesn’t have the same racial or sexual characteristics, but manages to think in lockstep.

So far, it does not seem that companies like Google are paying much of a price for their Soviet-style enforcement against what only can be “thought crimes.” True, after political conservatives boycotted Starbucks following the declaration from its (now former) CEO that political conservatives were not welcome at the company’s coffee shops, the Starbucks stock price fell and the boycott did seem to hurt the firm’s bottom line. Firms like Google, Twitter, and Apple, however, are so large and so dominant that it is doubtful any boycott would succeed in affecting them.

Libertarians believe that Google, as a private firm, should be able to set its own work policies, including the employment of religious and political discrimination. Indeed, there is no such thing as a “pure” meritocracy in which the most talented are always employed in their best positions. Real life is messier and we should not be surprised (or even upset) when factors other than pure talent are used in part to determine employment decisions.

For all of its expenditures on creating a “diverse” workplace, Google’s staff of mostly white males reflects overall what one might expect in a business that hires math and physics majors by the handful. But, given that at least one Google manager admitted (proudly) that he keeps what he calls a “blacklist” of employees that have uttered un-PC comments, thus making them unfit for working on his “team,” it is safe to say that anyone who might dissent from PC orthodoxy, should he keep his job, might be given a job sorting paper clips.

Google Can Choose: Profits or Policing Thought-crimes

Here is where it becomes interesting. Google is a profit-making entity; its stock is sold publicly and its stockholders expect a return on their investment. Yet, with its “blacklists” and in its drive to increase efforts to attain a better state of “diversity,” Google’s management is acting more like government bureaucrats than people seeking to make their company more profitable. This state of affairs might seem contradictory, but Ludwig von Mises more than 70 years ago explained why we observe managers of private enterprise act like bureaucrats. In his 1944 book Bureaucracy he writes:

No private enterprise will ever fall prey to bureaucratic methods of management if it is operated with the sole aim of making profit. It has already been pointed out that under the profit motive every industrial aggregate, no matter how big it may be, is in a position to organize its whole business and each part of it in such a way that the spirit of capitalist acquisitiveness permeates it from top to bottom.


But ours is an age of a general attack on the profit motive. Public opinion condemns it as highly immoral and extremely detrimental to the commonweal. Political parties, and governments are anxious to remove it and to put in its place what they call the "service" point of view and what is in fact bureaucratic management.

Mises added: “…the general tendency of our time is to let the government interfere with private business. And this interference in many instances forces upon the private enterprise bureaucratic management.”

Thus, we ask whether or not the continued obsession with “diversity” and all of the enforcement of the PC codes will cut into Google’s viability as a profit-making firm, or if Google’s efforts actually will make the company stronger (as its current management insists). Is this, as the advocates of the Silicon Valley “diversity” claim, simply “good business” practice, or will it undermine the long-term efficiency of these firms, adding unnecessary costs, creating workplace strife, and ultimately resulting in disaster?

Mises would say the latter. Bureaucratic management – and Silicon Valley firms are beginning to reek of it – stands in the way of the very kind of innovation and entrepreneurship that has made these firms powerful and profitable. Firms cannot have blacklists and managers prowling emails and listserves to ferret out any un-PC thoughts held by “rogue” employees, but then expect to be dynamic and profitable for very long. Mises writes:

Nothing could be more nonsensical than to hold the bureaucrat up in this way as a model for the entrepreneur. The bureaucrat is not free to aim at improvement. He is bound to obey rules and regulations established by a superior body. He has no right to embark upon innovations if his superiors do not approve of them. His duty and his virtue is to be obedient.

It is more than just promoting what would be a culture of fear. Google spends more than $100 million a year on “diversity” issues, yet there is a reason that the company’s demographic makeup does not mirror that of the USA, and it isn’t due to misogyny or racism. The problem is that the managers at Google and in Silicon Valley have come to believe that appeasing modern Social Justice Warriors is more important than growing their firms and being profitable. In the end, these firms will have neither profits nor social justice.



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GOOGLE is what it is... There's no turning back now bitchez... You've dropped your pants

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The Jewgle manifesto represents what's wrong in today's society.Feminism pushed to extremes by the masterminding tribe.Happens now in all aspects of modern life, so the workplace can't be excluded.Game of Thrones is the Ultimate Feminist Propaganda: Nothing but Beta Males and Alpha Women…

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type "Bill Clinton is a " into Duck Duck Go's autocomplete. You'll see what people are really searching for.

On Reddit someone posted a Google search on "American Inventors" The US site only had Bell and 9 other blacks as top inventors. The same search in German or Spanish got you loads of white inventors, like Tesla.

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They all shape, some share.
I am a heavy researcher and the returns for the big 4 I use

DDG (quackers)
IX (startpage)
Bing ( we need to kill off 30% population GATES)
GAGME (the evil ones)
Produce sometimes widely different results.

I used to use Scroogle, guess who killed it ??…

Read and Learn:

Do you facebook? Yahoo? Other social media?

Lastly fellow campers : A Major AD BLOCKING browser based software company was purchased shortly after kow towing to the "scroogle" ad revenue policy by allowing "some unobtrusive ads".

After they were purchased, and the name changed, a new policy was made available to the public, if they cared to look. A portion of the new company was owned by .......... Google. Why beat em' when you can just buy them ?

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Who gives a shit what they do? If people don't like it then boycott them as much as possible. Bitching about some SJW company like this doing this shit is the same as SJWs bitching about everything they bitch about.

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All these tech companies and MSM outlets are staffed with nazi fascists. Same as it ever was and yes no turning back at this point. The election nonsense should have been all the proof anyone needed as the curtain was really pulled open.

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 Im guessin google will respond by messing with anyone critical of the cult they so carefully built up. In petty and vindictive ways. Like screwing with nonconforming people and websites. Its the only thing they know how to do. Its not like they have any exp on a level field.  Google will do the feral things. No way do they want to publicly address the issues. They cant and know it too. Instead they will clean house of all nonbelievers. Its what feral cults must do.

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   "We like to think of modern high-technology firms in the famed Silicon Valley such as Google, Apple, and Twitter as representing much that is good about our present day."'We' do...?  How's that...? 

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Eventually, google's "high standards" will be it's death. They hire only those that match it's template, rejecting  high functioning misfits who then go on to wreck havoc from their parent's basement.4chan is only the beginning.

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As I see it, one of the reasons that federal economic policies (not to mention the predations of the Federal Reserve System) have not created mass destruction of the economy has been the presence of tech-savvy entrepreneurs that continue to foil even the best (or, more appropriately, worst) efforts of politicians and regulators to block economic progress.

We should all keep in mind that 98% of what the tech companies put out there for general consumption IS NOT required to live/survive; for the most part they're technical conveniences and entertainment.  NOBODY really *needs* an Android- or Apple-based gadget, Facebook or Twitter account.  Most of the tech is centered around selling advertising through these mediums that people could turn off if they wanted/decided to.

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 Lets see how google proves they are not feral. Whats googles real record of stopping the hate speech on both sides? Oh thats right certain kinds of hate speech are totally A ok with google.

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All this nonesense is just the symptom of the gynocentric society enabled by cucks, simps, and maginas. These men are guilty for what is going on. The time is coming when they will be shot in the face.

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So the long march away from Google and its tentacles begins at our house.   Something we should have done years ago as the nature of the beast revealed itself.   This latest deal where you get fired for non groupthink thoughts is the last straw.So Chrome, Google Search and Google Maps are all gone quite painlessly, Email to go.   Have quite enjoyed alternative shopping.

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It seems to me that these big monopolies have evaded community responsibility contracts and the creation of good long term jobs with diversity fixation.  Maybe down the road if we ever have control of our country and are not left piles of human shaped dust by the banking globalists we could start recognizing companies for what they have truly achieved for the community by creating good stable long term jobs.  Somehow we have to make communities matter more than shareholders.  Maybe then the appropriate conversations would start on what creates a stable middle class, strong communities and an economy that is sustainable.I've worked for some really big companies, more often as a 1099 but plenty as an employee too, but my field is total different world than all this including the corporate PC stuff.  The alleged guidelines and rules are there woe be to the one that brings it up, especially with safety.  When I show up I am almost always the first and some don't want me there, some seem to want me dead and upper management is scared shitless.  I am pretty much always on the top of prospects with qualifications but have to deal with their fear and general discomfort in interviews and meetings.  I am terrible at interviews so I just cut right to the shit with a take it or leave it attitude.Anymore I basically tell them that I'm not a snowflake, I have work ethic, I don't talk on my damn phone at work, I don't give a shit about office politics, I don't sue people, I don't expect the entire environment to cater to and revolve around me, I'm not sensitive, people don't have to walk around eggshells around me.  I am good at what I do and take it or leave it.  I think they know I am being honest, or that's what they are trying to figure out.  If they ask stupid questions about what my flaws are I tell them I hate meetings and wont do email. Usually I watch their entire demeanor change and know that they are melting in my palm like fine chocolate on Summer evening.   That wont stop me from having potential problems with assholes but I've learned a lot from having wars of attrition with malignant personalities and that's alright, I'm getting pretty good at dealing with them too.  If it gets to rough I will leave and bring awesome to a better environment.There has been a couple of times where there is a human resources or other type of chick eyeballing me during an interview like I'm some type of traitor but they say never say shit to me. I really wish they would.  These whiney bitches cause a lot of problems for everybody.  What did anybody ever win by crying about "poor me".  I think they brainwash themselves into further weakness and victim.  I assume that men deal with different malignant personalities on their own.  I don't know why anybody would assume that they are the only ones that ever have difficulties in life or that there aren't going to be environment that are absolutely hostile, especially if big money is involved.Google is a disgrace that illegally operates against the US people and played a large part in the debasement of our constitution.  It looks a terrible place to work and seems to operate more like a Marxist government than a business.