North Korea Issues "Emergency Standby Orders" To Civil Defense Units: Report

With markets about to close for the next 2 days, the question on every trader's mind is: "should i carry risk over the weekend, or should I dump it all in case North Korea fires another test, or non-test, ICBM launch which may be just the provocation Trump needs to give the green light to a squadron of B-1 bombers to begin a bombing campaign." After all, Trump himself tweeted this morning that "military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, should North Korea act unwisely. Hopefully Kim Jong Un will find another path!" 

While we don't know if Kim will "find another path", late on Friday KBS World Radio, the official international broadcasting station of South Korea (which is owned by the Korean Broadcasting System), reports that according to Radio Free Asia (RFA), in a potential warning that Pyongyang may be preparing yet another imminent escalation, "North Korean authorities have dispatched emergency standby orders to the leaders of the ruling Workers’ Party committees and civil defense units."

More details:

Friday's RFA report quotes a source in Yanggang Province as saying that the Central Military Commission of the party delivered the orders via e-mail.


The e-mail apparently arrived even before the North publicly threatened to retaliate against the U.S. “hundreds of thousands of times” over newly approved U.N. sanctions.

A separate source in the North has reportedly told RFA that the state-run Rodong Sinmun newspaper carrying the North’s statement was distributed by military helicopters in Jagang Province on Tuesday. The source said it was the first time military helicopters have been used to deliver the newspaper except when the paper carried new year's messages by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

And while the report has yet to be confirmed by other news outlets, traders are furiously hitting refresh on the website of for the daily satellite image update of North Korea's missile launch preparedness, which has yet to hit and which could mean the difference between another sleepy, boring open on Monday and a VIX surging above 20, 30 or more depending on what "path" Kim Jong-Un picks over the next 48 hours.


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If you watch cable news or follow the president’s Twitter feed, you might be under the impression that the U.S. is heading to war with North Korea. But somebody, it seems, forgot to loop in the U.S. military. North Korea is threatening to launch missiles toward Guam; U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted Friday morning that military options were “locked and loaded;” NBC News ran a story Wednesday claiming the U.S. had ”prepared a plan” to strike North Korean missile sites with B-1 bombers.  But while the rhetoric is nearing a fever pitch in D.C., out in the Pacific you’d never know the world was on the brink of nuclear war. In Yokosuka, Japan, the U.S. Navy’s forward-deployed ready aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan sits peacefully pier-side, along with the U.S. 7th Fleet command ship Blue Ridge. On the Korean Peninsula, the State Department has not advised American citizens to leave the country and U.S. military family members are not being evacuated. No Marines are being loaded on amphibious ships; no sailors have been recalled off leave to prepare for emergency operations; and no ballistic missile defense ships have been sortied to North Korea, the waters off Japan or to Guam, three sources said.…

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I just wish we had leaders that actually acted like men, not third grade kids, shouting back at each other about their moms, or ass kicking, or some other bullshit no one cares about. I am actually embarrassed for the guy... the world has officially gone bat shit crazy. Never thought I would live to see what can only be described as the last days of Rome. I wonder if the Romans actually had to endure similar bullshit before they imploded? Come join us for FREE at ALL are welcome!!!

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Exactly. This is just another dishonest hype-fest.  NK telegraphed another missile test;  that is all.  There's been no direct threat to Guam, but you sure as hell wouldn't know it to listen to the goddamned mainstream western news. STAY ON TARGET.  PROSECUTE THOSE CLINTONS. 

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These would all be tell-tale signals that one would perhaps not want to give away, if one was actually planning for a first-strike. It would appear that Trump is handing Kim some of his own hot sauce, with the cognative dissonance. Say many things, show many other things, and actually do a tertiary set of things. Keep the enemy off balance, and do it long enough to remove any vestige of high alert defense posture.Egypt did this preceding the Yom Kippur War, and regularly kept Israel off balance. When the water cannons opened up the berms, no one but Egypt believed a full-frontal assault was possible. As in that war, the nature of modern air defense weaponry will be the linchpin of action.What is truly on North Korea's SAM launchers, and (as they were in Egypt) are Russian operators standing by once again?

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i think things are looking up admirably, just as long as the neocon/spook armageddon is fended off.  first, mueller (the drooler, can't find a zionist in all of 9-11 fooler) has his charge of ferreting out the russian meddling in the 2016 election.second, that is all the u.s. electorate pretty much cares about; trump's business dealings with russia are secondary.… has now been proven that the guccifer 2.0 release of the dnc emails, upon which nearly the entire "russian election meddling" is based and which has huge buyin from dem congressional leadership, hillary deadenders, the clandestine services and the legacy media, was a dnc/cia/nsa disinformation operation.  computer science does exist; it is science.  and it is going to make bob mueller puke blood or admit what he was hired to never say: the cia/dnc was guccifer 2.0 (found to be russian by cloudstrike).… and for that matter, the trump "steele" russian dossier may have been a product of russian intellegence, paid for by hillary clinton's campaign, the closest the russians got to actually meddling in our election.…

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"SK is 100% safe. Not so sure about Guam."

NK has tunnels under Seoul. Makes a easy way to sneak in a few nukes. Also NK has a few thouand artillery guns pointed at Seoul. In a few minutes NK can probably dump 50K artillery rounds into Seoul.

My guess is NK will go all out max in the first minutes they go to war. The will attack SK, Japan and whatever US assets they can, as well as attempting to launch at CONUS, if they can.

It will be devastating and probably shutdown global trade around Asia for months. Not sure how SK and Japan's Nuclear Power Plants will handle the war. There are a lot of unknowns and huge risks. Will China step in?

I am sure after the conflict the World won't see the US the same and likely distance itself from the US as much as possible.

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Bah. Just more rattle, rattle. Both sides posturing without committing to action. IMO, this will proceed sideways back and forth; again and again before an unforeseen outlier crystallizes the physical conflict if it happens before another of the 15 geopolitical scrums erupts first. This IS distracting everyone from the malicious Mueller witch-hunt after all.

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I agree.  A lot of Americans really do not see that there are far two many people in America for the government to control in a hard fascist state.  People often say, the government will take your gold.  MAYBE in a safe deposit box, but not in your home.  The logistics of having hundreds of thousands of military/police kicking in millions of doors to get a little gold and/or silver is staggering.  That's assuming you could get local, state police and military to openly move against the very people that they live with and among.  Just not going to happen en masse.  On a very small scale for a specific target, yes probably, but not on a large scale.  The more likely scenario is that the government just disappears oover a short period of time and the people will have to figure out there own path working on local levels.  

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