2 Dead In Police Helicopter Crash Near Charlottesville "Unite The Right" Rally

Update: After addressing the attack in Charlottesville during a press conference earlier in the day, President Trump has tweeted his sympathies to the families and colleagues of the two state police officers killed in this afternoon's crash: "Deepest condolences to the families & fellow officers of the VA State Police who died today. You're all among the best this nation produces."

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Update: Virginia State Police have confirmed that two people are dead after a helicopter crashed after a helicopter crashed seven miles southwest of Charlottesville, Virginia, Saturday afternoon. The National Transportation Safety Board and Virginia State Police are investigating the crash.

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As we detailed earlier, in the latest development coming out of Charlottesville Va., where an as-yet-unnamed assailant rammed a car into a crowd of counter-protesters killing one and injuring 19 others, local media is reporting that a police helicopter has crashed into a wooded area not far from where the “Unite the Right” rally was being held.



The crash happened around 5 p.m. ET. Video and photos of smoke emanating from the wreckage are just starting to emerge.


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A local ABC News affiliate has released audio of the emergency dispatch reporting the helicopter crash...




Check back for updates....


Mr Hankey Aug 13, 2017 2:23 AM Permalink

This is the best  day since my Uncle Olaf gave me a Morgan silver dollar, a Beretta over and under w/ silver inlays& a 7500$ check!In the mail!!!!! This guy sent me 1 x-mas card a year , when he eemembered 4 25 yrs!!!!! Talk about my  best day since 4-ever.....needless 2 say ..neither my wife nor myself remember much of the next 7 days....

Yen Cross Aug 13, 2017 1:10 AM Permalink

 I love the way the LEO tries to tie-in the loss of the "Ghetto Bird" with the fact that they were incompetent, or failed to maintain equipment properly, for situations exactly like this. [ were supposedly trained for]  It's always someone elses fault<  #accidentshappen

Ms No Aug 12, 2017 8:30 PM Permalink

So the market is going to crash on Monday then? They have given us threat of India vs. China war, "Trade war with China starts tomorrow", "Crazy white Nazi" false flag (possibly), NK trouble and a helicopter crash, all in short order. What is missing?  If they get momentum going with false flaggery and BS don't think they wont use the superstition surrounding the eclipse to increase fear and distraction.  What is missing, maybe a spontaneous gay combusting... or spontaneous combustion of a gay.I'm glad you guys are here to witness the last handful of years.  What has happened is one of those things where if you were among a handful of survivors and were telling the tale nobody would believe you.  Its always good to have other witnesses when that stuff goes down because this is all that weird. 

Ms No Aug 12, 2017 8:10 PM Permalink

Oh dear gawd.... Please don't tell me.... "Crazed lunatic right wing Nationalist Nazi Jefferson loving racist vagina hating psychos just sniped a helicopter because they hate equality.  Clearly we must do something about these fanatics and shut down the alt-right media and Constitution that fuels this insanity." -Deep state banker Bolsheviks   

frontierland Aug 12, 2017 8:05 PM Permalink

Ooops.  They were on the way to shutting down a lawful assembly of White people while ignoring the unpermitted Anti-Whites to create havoc in the streets that led to a death and injuries.

any_mouse Aug 12, 2017 6:59 PM Permalink

"unknown if any souls are still onboard"

Unknown if there were ever any souls in those on board.

The souls could be still on board, you would not know it.

Drop-Hammer Aug 12, 2017 6:19 PM Permalink

Virginia's day has been a Marx Brothers parody.  The state governor, Terry McAuliffe is a Clinton butt-boy corruptocrat who called out the National Guard against YT's but would never do it for BLM nigger rioters.  The Charlottesville mayor is a jew cuck/libtard who denigrated the evil YT protestors.  The Charlottesville U.S. Congressman was interviewed on Faux Jews, I mean Fox News, by a negro correspondent and the congressman cucked the whole time.  One of Virginia's U.S. Senators was also interviewed and he cucked himself as well.  The stupid local yokel police and state police did nothing to protect the protesters by keeping the bussed-in George Soros astroturf paid counter-protesters away from the protesters.  Some leftist sh*t-head drove his car over his own libtard buddies, killing one.  And now, a Keystone Kop helicopter crashes.  Typical jew/libtard/Marxist malicious stupidity.  

YourAverageJoe pcrs Aug 12, 2017 6:59 PM Permalink

Watergate burglars.I regret the violence but do doff my hat to those that are defending our Confederate heritage.At least they aren't the same ilk of cowardly revisionists that caused South Carolina and Georgia to modify their once beautiful state flags and the removal of statues of Confederate Heroes in New Orleans and the changing of the names of schools in Houston, to erase the names of the Confederate patriots at taxpayer expense.In Dixieland I take my stand!

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YourAverageJoe pcrs Aug 12, 2017 7:05 PM Permalink

Watergate burglarsAs Robert E. Lee put his love of Virginia before his employment with the US Army, I can fully understand why Virginians might be a little sensitive about having General Lee's name and statue stricken from the park established in his honor.It is totally correct that this action opens old wounds mistaken thought to be forgotten.When you've had enough one-sided tolerance and inclusion and multiculturalism and your race being the only one capable of racism, some pushback shouldn't come as a surprise.

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peippe Bigly Aug 12, 2017 6:55 PM Permalink

if you are with a guy (that's right a guy) who flew 5,000 hours in 'nam, he will give the old autorotation a shot, probably even did it before over there...BUT those guys are getting too old to be hovering anymore so you'll get some chimp doing poo like this with a tail rotor strike in the trees & Goodbye To You.

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Twee Surgeon VWAndy Aug 12, 2017 6:22 PM Permalink

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