Signs Of Distress

Authored by Chris Martenson via,

The world is edging closer to the final moments after which everything will be forever changed. Grand delusions, perpetuated over decades, will finally hit the limits of reality and collapse in on themselves.

We’re over-budget and have eaten deeply into the principal balances of all of our main trust accounts. We are ecologically overdrawn, financially insolvent, monetarily out past the Twilight Zone, consuming fossil fuels (as in literally eating them), and adding 80,000,000 net souls to the planet’s surface -- each year! -- without regard to the consequences.

Someday there will be hell to pay financially, economically, and ecologically as there simply isn’t any way to maintain these overdrafts forever. Reality does not renegotiate. Its deal terms aren't compromisable.

For those who have the neural plasticity to actually see what's happening around us, the changes are already here, blatant and frightening. Younger folks, with their fresher eyes and fewer ties to the past, can see them a lot easier than their elders.

The prosperity enjoyed by the past few generations -- especially the Baby Boomers -- was stolen from future generations. All the while, they pretended as if their borrowing-heavy standards of living were the result of sheer genius and intelligence; like trust fund babies who mistake being born on third base for hitting a triple.

Young people have sussed this out; and are now pulling back from many of the principal occupations of their forebears -- like marriage, babies and buying homes and cars. This perplexes older folks, who are beginning to find themselves increasingly at odds with the generations following after them.

Humans can be very very smart, but the flip-side of our ingenuity is our capacity for self-delusion. We’ve very consistently preferred to look past our faults. That can work for a while, but eventually an incomplete view will lead to a complete disaster. For example: depleting our topsoils today to grow more eventually leads to a collapse of our food system tomorrow. Similarly, increasing societal complexity ultimately drains the resources out of an empire, until it withers and fails. Such is what we can learn from history. Each of these examples is rooted in the self-delusion that today's actions don't have real consequences.

Monetary printing experiments like those currently being run by the world’s central banks are the ultimate form of self-delusion. Money is the most potent form of social communication, underlying all contracts and agreements. Violate those and literally everything falls apart, as we are seeing happen in real-time in Venezuela right now.

Money printing and its other historical debasement equivalents, serve to cover up (barely) critical signals. Derelict ideas that should die a quick death, instead, persist. Mis-priced money leads mal-investment (e.g., Italian junk debt selling with the same yield as ten year US Treasury debt!!). Extremely unfair redistributions of wealth from the bottom to the top result. Every. Single. Time. This time is no different.

If you cannot see this madness in the chart below, I strongly suggest you keep staring at it until you can. It shows the exploding balance sheet of the central bank of 'the floating retirement colony' known as Japan:

The Japanese money printers have gone hog-wild over the past decade. And they've had company. The other major central banks of the wold have been printing $trillions and $trillions, too, over the same time period. What will the repercussions be? The world is about to find out.

But it’s actually far worse than that. For those who can bear to look, the signs of illness are as startlingly obvious as gangrene on a necrotic limb. Species are going extinct at an unprecedented rate. Glaciers are fast disappearing. Frogs and insect populations are mysteriously collapsing. Massive destruction of the landscape as we chase the last low-EROEI fuels remaining (tar sands, and shale wells). Miles-deep mining efforts. Enormous human migrations away from economically and ecologically ruined areas (see: the MENA region).

But the average citizen remains largely blind and/or numb to these. Again, much of this has to do with self-delusion that broken signals enable. People worry less as long as the stock markets are showing higher values, which is precisely why we don’t trust them anymore – they have become the most important signaling devices for The Powers That Be. They are far too important to leave to the vagaries of investors, and must be rescued/controlled/manipulated so that the “right” outcomes can be achieved.

If we’re lucky when these financial delusions finally break, we’ll hopefully avoid a global war. That’s the usual route by which the politicians and bankers seek to avoid having to be held accountable for the colossal mistakes they made in the past. They drag everyone to in a manufactured confrontation, whooping up the populace into a fever pitch by inventing hobgoblins -- exactly as has recently happened in the US with the recent rash of Russia-phobia; a case study in how easily public perception can be manipulated (as well as proof-positive that critical thinking skills are no longer requirements for today's journalists).

But if we’re unlucky, war may destroy much of what we take for granted and hold dear. Living standards will drop. The veil covering today's massive financial deception will be yanked off, revealing the shriveled, cold promises of past decades as being wholly incapable of meeting their obligation to fund millions of promised retirements.

And if we’re really unlucky, that war could involve some horrendous new weapons that could cripple our nation's electrical grid (e.g., EMP, cyber attack). In which case, all of our individual attention and effort in the northern hemisphere will focus down to one simple task: surviving the first winter.

Signs Of Distress

In ways conscious and subconscious, we're becoming aware of the signs of growing instability around us. Like a flock of sheep catching the scent of an unseen predator, right now we’re collectively becoming increasingly nervous and stressed. People’s tempers are short with each other, criticisms fly easily, and stances are becoming hardened to ludicrous levels.

Many don’t know why they're unhappy. And because they're unable to identify the source, they blame themselves. Instead of acting out, they act in.

Heavy drinking is on the rise:

More U.S. adults are drinking, and more heavily

Aug 9, 2017


The United States has a serious drinking problem. Since 2001, heavy drinking and alcohol use disorder have risen dramatically, according to a new study that surveyed tens of thousands of adults.The numbers reveal “a public health crisis,”the authors say.


The increases were especially large among those 65 years and older, minorities and women, researchers report online August 9 in JAMA Psychiatry. Alcohol is a risk factor for many potentially life-threatening injuries and health problems, including cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and liver cirrhosis.


In 2012?2013, an estimated 29.6 million American adults reported high-risk drinking, up from 20.2 million in 2001?2002.


Alcohol is not enough for some people. Their need to numb themselves to the bleak existence of their lives leads them to opioids, both legal and illegal:

Opioid Crisis: The Awful Arithmetic of America’s Overdoses May Have Gotten Worse

Aug 7, 2017


The deadly drug overdose epidemic that has been ravaging the nation may be even worse than we realize.


A new University of Virginia study says the numbers of deaths due to heroin and opioid overdoses have actually been severely underreported.


Dr. Christopher Ruhm revisited thousands of death certificates from 2008 through 2014 and concluded the mortality rates were 24 percent higher for opioids and 22 percent higher for heroin than had been previously reported.


Ruhm’s awful arithmetic emerged just days after the presidential opioid commission, led by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, urged President Donald Trump to “declare a national emergency” to deal with the crisis.


Nearly 35,000 people across America have died of heroin or opioid overdoses in 2015, according to theNational Institute on Drug Abuse.


Records are being broken:

Opioid deaths in US break new record

Aug 8, 2017


The first nine months of 2016 saw a sharp increase in opioid drug overdoses in the US compared to the prior year, according to new data by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). The government is struggling to respond to the crisis.


Deaths due to drug overdose peaked in the third quarter of last year – 19.7 cases for every 100,000 people, compared to 16.7 in the same period the year before,according to newly released numbers from the NCHS, which is part of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


That is a startling rate of increase. 3/16.7 = 18% An 18% increase in one year is profound. What’s going on? We won’t go into the really dark side of this story which is that certain pharmaceutical companies make a ton of money off of addicted people, and those same companies donate a lot of money to the US political system. Suffice it to say that the worship of money and power is so profound that some activities of late cannot really be distinguished from those of a death cult.

For those who are not into opioids other avenues towards relieving the pain exist,

One in 6 Americans Take Antidepressants, Other Psychiatric Drugs


One in six Americans take some kind of psychiatric drugs — mostly antidepressants, researchers reported Monday.


They also found that twice as many white people take those drugs as do African-Americans or other minorities, and fewer than 5 percent of Asian-Americans do. And most people who take them are taking them long-term, Thomas Moore of the Institute for Safe Medication Practices in Alexandria, Virginia and colleagues found.


"Overall, 16.7 percent of 242 million U.S. adults reported filling one or more prescriptions for psychiatric drugs in 2013,” they wrote in the Journal of the American Medical Association’s JAMA Internal Medicine.


If one in six Americans is being medicated for depression and/or anxiety, and another significant chunk are checking out via opioid numbing, perhaps we need to consider an alternative explanation for these facts: There’s something wrong with the world these people are inhabiting -- not with the people themselves.

Charles Eisenstein really caught my mind’s attention with a piece he wrote long ago entitled The Mutiny of the Soul. In it he argues that perhaps those most in need of medicinal help are actually those who are most attuned to the actual state of the world. He explains the rise in depression and anxiety like this:

The answer is staring us in the face. When our soul-body is saying No to life, through fatigue or depression, the first thing to ask is, "Is life as I am living it the right life for me right now?" When the soul-body is saying No to participation in the world, the first thing to ask is, "Does the world as it is presented me merit my full participation?"


What if there is something so fundamentally wrong with the world, the lives, and the way of being offered us, that withdrawal is the only sane response?


I have met countless people of great compassion and sensitivity, people who would describe themselves as "conscious" or "spiritual", who have battled with CFS, depression, thyroid deficiency, and so on. These are people who have come to a transition point in their lives where they become physically incapable of living the old life in the old world.


That is because, in fact, the world presented to us as normal and acceptable is anything but. It is a monstrosity. Ours is a planet in pain. If you need me to convince you of that, if you are unaware of the destruction of forests, oceans, wetlands, cultures, soil, health, beauty, dignity, and spirit that underlies the System we live in, then I have nothing to say to you. I only am speaking to you if you do believe that there is something deeply wrong with the way we are living on this planet.


So if you suffer from anxiety, maybe you don't have a "disorder" at all — maybe the house is on fire. Anxiety is simply the emotion corresponding to "Something is dangerously wrong and I don't know what it is." That is only a disorder if there is in fact nothing dangerously wrong. "Nothing is wrong, just you" is the message that any therapy gives when it tries to fix you.


I disagree with that message. The problem is not with you. You have very good reason to be anxious. Anxiety keeps part of your attention away from your tasks of polishing the silverware as the house burns down, of playing the violin as the Titanic sinks.


Unfortunately, the wrongness you are tapping into might be beyond the cognizance of the psychiatrists who treat you, who then conclude that the problem must be your brain.


Does that all ring a bell of truth for you as it does for me? 

Perhaps the sanest response to being in a world that does not merit your full participation is to check out. Drinking, drugs, video games and Netflix binges (while not advised or endorsed) are much more understandable when viewed through this lens.

(Full disclosure, these past few years have not been easy on me, either. I prefer action and constructive motion, so the past few years have been like one of those dreams where you're desperate to move but your body remains frozen in place. I’ve wanted things to finally come to a head so we can at least begin the process of acknowledging our predicaments and facing them head on. Beneath it all is my dread at the prospect that all these years of delaying and denying will amount to a larger and more painful correction when it comes.)

It really begs the question: What if there’s nothing wrong with the people who are anxious or depressed, but the exact opposite is true; those who are cheerful and chipper are missing the plot?

If you were an astronaut and your one-and-only spaceship was leaking oxygen into the infinite void of Space, would you medicate those expressing concern while rewarding those with positive attitudes and power drills who continue to punch more holes in the hull? Of course not. Why should we think any differently in the case of spaceship Earth?

The truth is that the lifestyle we're living today is vastly distant from the one humans evolved to value. Sebastian Junger explained to us in a podcast that returning veterans commit suicide at the rate of 22 per day largely because they experience such 'emptiness' upon reintegrating into civilian life. Unit cohesion in the military was so much more fulfilling and enriching that the prospect of a permanent return to what we call “US culture” leads many of them to conclude that suicide is the better option. If there's a more damning indictment of the current culture in the US, I don’t know of it.

The data is clear: in the US, people are as unhappy, overmedicated and overweight than ever before.

Our society's current plan is just not working. So why not square up to that reality, take charge and fix things while we still can? Why would we agree to persist in this dangerously broken state of affairs?

We, each of us and all of us, have the power to pursue a different path. A better path. We can and we should change everything that needs changing. We must rebel against this state of affairs, and withdraw our consent from a toxic system rather than let that system break us down.

The time for a quiet revolution has arrived. One that begins with, and within, you.

In Part 2: Joining The Quiet Revolution, we explain how the signs of distress detailed above can be used to add urgency in making investments in your life that will make you happier, healthier, more engaged, and prosperous -- both today and tomorrow. The data is telling us that from here, the extreme changes the world is experiencing will only accelerate.

Those who can see this and adapt will fare far better than those who cannot, will not, or won’t.

Some will thrive, some will survive, many will do neither.

Click here to read the report (free executive summary, enrollment required for full access)



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No you don't get it.  The fed is irrelevant along with the governments that use fiat.   When these inbred half wits took the pact they didn't think about the math of inheriting an already broken system.  They only offered their failures and the oath was broken the moment the ink dried.  They have selected extinction as their future.  The Future they chose.  There is no longer any back peddling as an option.Just stand back and watch them get ripped open from ass to neck over the next year.  This is for the best for everyone.  They really should have paid when they were told, but they are incredibly stupid.

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Signs Of Distress??My response: It is comforting to know that I am not alone in this observation ot the times in which we now live.So, what comes next?In a society where all lies, all deceptions, all corruptions are accepted, that society will lose control of everything. Chaos will begin to take over, and the only way that chaos will be slowed down will be when dictatorial control, or maybe even a police state is formed, where thought and behavior is fixed, and anybody out of bounds is punished. Eventually, the chaos has to be controlled. We’re not headed toward socialism; we could very well be headed toward a dictatorship in our world. Is this hard to grasp?In a society where there are NO MORAL ABSOLUTES, all HELL will break loose.One has to just look around at recent events in the American and other societies to confirm that HELL is indeed breaking loose in selected areas.Quote from American Rep Robert Charles Winthrop stated during the 1800's Men, in a word, must necessarily be controlled, either by a power within them, or by a power without them; either by the word of God, or by the strong arm of man; either by the Bible, or by the bayonet.

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"The world is edging closer to the final moments after which everything will be forever changed."

The following situations will not, in fact, change:

The rich will still get richer, and the army of the poor will grow larger and will get even poorer.

More than 3/4 of Americans will remain in debt.

With very few exceptions, the States that fought in the Civil War will still vote in national elections along Pre-Civil War lines. Dixiecrats may have become Republicans, but folks on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line, for the most part, are still voting as they did pre-1860.

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Torch-wielding white nationalists march on University of Virginia ahead of massive rally… Odd the UV president Sullivan did not speak out when BLM were killing people in the streets, rioting and buring cars. But when a bunch of peaceful white people get together, she yells,  "racists, bigots, and so on..." Sullivan should resign. Why was she silent when professors like the one at Texas A&M repeatedly called for the killing of all white people? HYPOCRITES need to go!

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These college administrators did not say a word when antifa and BLM were beating up students at Berkley and Temple U in Phili. Obama praised their violence as an "expression of their 1st Amendment right of freedom of speech."Odd this college president would bash the Bill of Rights Freedom of Speech amendment when peaceful white people gather but not criticize the violence out of antif and blacks ... but she's an example of the extremist left in out educational system. My guess is she won't be president there long if she cannot defend ALL student's Constitutional Rights, not only blacks.

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"...The world is edging closer to the final moments after which everything will be forever changed...."

Edging closer? Everything changed forever ten years ago.

I like PeakProsperity, but you have to send them $ to get the good stuff.

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Chris Martenson must be an example of the bad stuff.  He obviously believes what is written by the pseudo intellectuals and the propaganda artists.  It's something wrong with your brain Chris.  You need to learn how to live and find out what happiness is before you write more garbage.

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The opiod drug 'crisis' has only come into the light as DOJ (and deep state) looks for any reason to avoid prosecution of the corruption of the last administration. They beat the drug drum and try to drown us in the news so we forget that the drug use was promulgated under the watchful eye of Obozo. When you give healthy people free $ and too much time, drugs must be allowed to keep them in check. 

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that's one possible reason-the real one is this: a % of the populace tends to self-destruct, the pharma community found some helpers (docs)to distribute a class of drugs that does just that, monetizing the destruct cycle. And I have zero problems with that. (poster is not MD, or working with a manufacture of said poisons)

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Until we recognize that mankind is in the grip of a powerful satanic force, we will remain defenceless. Illuminati (Communist) social engineers are waging an undeclared war on society. Printing of money from nothing, shipping jobs overseas, encouraging massive illegal immigration, sexualizing everything, it goes on and on. But especially by attacking gender identity and separating sex from marriage & procreation, they hope to divert, degrade and re-engineer us and destroy the country.

King of Ruperts Land Megaton Jim Sat, 08/12/2017 - 14:10 Permalink

It is the ability to tax and spend on the one hand and to control untaxed large fortunes in foundations and offshore entities that allow this to happen.

Stopping this would be like cutting their arteries and they would start to bleed out.

Resisting and neutralizing their brainwashing MSM would be like gouging out their eyes and beating them on the head.

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Excellent article Chris Martenson! The psychiatric drugs account for 2/3 of prescription drug spending! Not only have they been proven not to work,  they make the underlying psychiatric ailment worse, and also cause extremely dangerous and costly health problems! 20% of patients use 80 % of the medical benefits! These drugs have been proven to  lead do obesity, diabetes,  heart disease, chronic pain,  and many other sever health risks!……. There is zero incentive for anyone in America to discuss this because they are all making trillions off of it!Under stress, the brain activates the fight or flight response. Since we live in a fascist society which has the worst human rights abuse record on the planet, the majority of people opt for mental flight. They stay where they are, but mentally check out through the use of drugs and alcohol!

Rebelrebel7 (not verified) Rebelrebel7 (not verified) Sat, 08/12/2017 - 12:14 Permalink

The problem with 12 step recovery programs is that they are fascist in nature, increasing the fight or flight response, and increasing relapse.The 12 steps in and of themselves are excellent, but the Big Book which members place above the bible is completely insane and new comers whose lives have been turned into shambles are told that everything is exactly as God intended it. If that is the case, i guess if they drink or use drugs, that is God's intention,  so why even bother going to AA? The newcomers  are also mentally assaulted if they reject the flawed ideology. They say the serenity prayer, but only believe that they are supposed to accept all of the injustices of the world and have been brainwashed into believing that they cannot change people, places, or things. If you have ever cleaned a house, or have done any gardening,  you know that is a lie! If you have ever had a discussion with someone, and either your own mind, or theirs was changed as a result of the information exchanged,  you know that is a lie! If you have ever read anything, or writeen anything and had your own mind changed by what you have read, or changed someone elses mind by what you have written, you know that is a lie! They expect you to have a sponsor who has ruined their own life, micro-manage yours! They say that politics cannot be discussed, even though the 12 traditions only say that the GROUP  does not endorse or oppose any causes!They have a 6% success rate.   

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Bemused Observer Rebelrebel7 (not verified) Sat, 08/12/2017 - 12:54 Permalink

These programs fail because they demonize the SUBSTANCE. Even though they do acknowledge their own role in their addiction, it always comes back to the SUBSTANCE. They fail because they are really using it as a sort of crutch. Even in their abstainence their substance dominates and controls their world.No one drinks or drugs because they had no control over it. The choice is always made at some point to ingest, or not. What the addict has to understand is that control is something he will always have to work at, it won't come naturally to him. The substance has nothing over him, the attraction originates in HIS mind, and only HE can thwart it by learning little tricks to 'break the spell'. But an addict in recovery who 'fears' his substance of choice has not really recovered, he's just kinda holding it all together with spit, so to speak. A walking relapse, just waiting for the right moment.That's why they have such a high failure rate. The 'cure' is only skin deep, a veneer only. Their substance still controls them.

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Admit you are not an expert and that you are just repeating what you read (and give sources so we can figure out how guliible you are) and what you want to believe.I won't disagree that most people do not know how to manage themselves in today's world but blaming drugs is too easy. Most people do not want to use drugs (except those who use them for euphoria). Most people do what experts tell them to do. The problem seems to me to be that experts do not really have it all figured out yet...but pretend they do.

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The problem with the antidepressants isn't that they don't work well, they work VERY well. It's just that they aren't being used properly. They work when the problem is actually clinical depression. Not so much with situational depression, which is what most people get. If you are clinically depressed, the right drug can work wonders to restore balance. But if you are just upset at some difficulty you are going through, those same pills will make you crazy. If you aren't unbalanced to begin with, there's nothing for them to 'fix', and they'll just wreak havoc with your brain chemistry. The dumbass doctors can't be bothered to investigate them, they just hand them out like they're 'happy pills' that work the same on everyone. They even hand them out as "pain medicine"...which is gross malpractice. These are not benign drugs with little effect, they are potent agents that can have all sorts of unintended side are fucking around with someone's brain chemistry, you dolts. Why? Because you live in fear that someone might experience an unearned good feeling? So rather than give them the damned opiate that works effectively on the pain, they throw all sorts of alternate chemicals at the patient, drugs with lengthy and horrendous side effect profiles that often necessitate the taking of a second or even third drug to fix THOSE. AND the patient is STILL in pain after all this shit. They haven't fixed the original problem, and just handed that patient a half-dozen more. "Do no harm"...that is supposed to be their philosophy. But they are killing people, and deliberately leaving them in pain. They are poisoning their bodies with drugs they don't need and shouldn't be taking, just in order to deny them the drug that DOES work. How many people have 'lost it' because of these drugs screwing up their thinking, only to find that the person had some other disorder that completely contraindicated that drug? People who are bi-polar absolutely cannot take these drugs unless they are followed closely by psych, because of the danger of triggering an extreme manic episode, can go on for weeks...And a lot of people are bi-polar and haven't been diagnosed yet...psych drugs and undiagnosed bi-polar disorder can be a disaster. The prescribing doctor MUST know exactly what to screen for BEFORE writing the script! So, a patient whose biggest worry ought to be the occasional constipation their medicine may cause now has to worry about all the side effects of the psych drugs as well as the possibility of ending up in a hospital after a three-day manic 'bender'. Plus the unpleasant possibility that the drug actually triggered a latent problem that you will now also have to deal with for the rest of your life..

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"Our society's current plan is just not working" Well no shit sherlock! When the people were no longer represented and certain (((agendas))) took over, our country has been on a death spiral since JFK was murdrered for trying to stop it. It doesnt take a fool to realize we were railroaded just so the FED and its masters could enslave us for monetary gain. It doesnt take a fool that the destruction of our values and norms has led to total degeneracy in society and the media. I read the bible once, it talked about a couple cities being destroyed by fire, our country has turned into these cities...

Lynn Trainor Lorca's Novena Sun, 08/13/2017 - 07:17 Permalink

For 150 years, a small church, blessed with a prophet who never claimed to be a prophet, has been predicting where it would all end, and I can see it rapidly coming into focus:As a very last and final resort, society, influenced by apostate churches, and their corrupt union with the state, will say that our only hope is for society to get back to God, but their proposed path to reform society will in actually result in disconnecting society fully from righteousness, and the result will be final, irretrievable ruin.That church/state proposal to get the nation back on track to spiritual renewal will be to call for a national Sunday law to strictly enforce Sunday as a national day of rest.  But Sunday is not the seventh-day Sabbath of the 4th commandment, Saturday is.  So the passage of that national Sunday law will be the equivalent of making God's law void in the land.The papacy claims that its change of the Bible Sabbath is the mark and proof of its ecclesiastical authority.  Urged on by Rome and apostate Protestants, Congress will pass the law, and at that point Sunday will become the mark of the beast.  Those who do not go along with their plan to bring about national renewal will become objects of universal execration.  When the pope addressed the U.S. Congress not long a go he was going on about "the greater good."  He was laying the ground work for universal, world-wide Sunday enforcement.It will finally be decided that the issue is so vital to America's well-being and very survival, that those who refuse to cooperative ought not to be tolerated, and that they are worthy of death.  "This argument will appear conclusive; and a decree will finally be issued against those who hallow the Sabbath of the fourth commandment, denouncing them as deserving of the severest punishment and giving the people liberty, after a certain time, to put them to death. Romanism in the Old World and apostate Protestantism in the New will pursue a similar course toward those who honor all the divine precepts.""Men of faith and prayer will be constrained to go forth with holy zeal, declaring the words which God gives them. The sins of Babylon will be laid open. The fearful results of enforcing the observances of the church by civil authority, the inroads of Spiritualism, the stealthy but rapid progress of the papal power,—all will be unmasked. By these solemn warnings the people will be stirred. Thousands upon thousands will listen who have never heard words like these. In amazement they hear the testimony that Babylon is the church, fallen because of her errors and sins, because of her rejection of the truth sent to her from heaven."This is exactly where the traumatic demise of society is taking us.  By this Sunday enforcement, the inhabitants of the earth will be brought to make their stand just before the return of Christ.

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People are fuxated. Debt, divorce, hateful and disrespectful yutes, underemployment, killer kops, license fees, taxes, Blammocare, and the threat of nuclear annihilation might cause some of you to have a snort or twenty. Throw in feral nigger attacks and this place loses its happy luster, gnomesayin?Only the jew is still smiling through the general malaise. They will sit like effendi and eat.

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The ones you call "jews" are not Jews. They belong to the synagogue of Satan.Revelation 2:9 >> I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.Revelation 3:9 >>> Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

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