Shamir Urges Trump: "Bring Me The Head Of Jeff Bezos"

Authored by Israel Shamir via The Saker,

Here is what Donald Trump should call for this morning. This is the right time to up his ante in the struggle against the Lügenpresse. All his efforts to fix the sinking ship of the US society are in vain with a breach below the waterline. If the Fake News applauds every jerk in a mantle who stops a presidential decree, the jerks will multiply and president’s decrees will be worth what? A collector’s rarity. A quirky exhibit from the days of Donald Trump’s short-lived presidency. The fake news media ridiculed the POTUS so completely, that this big man with big orange hair shrunk down to Lilliput’s finger.

Trump can’t get out of his disposition by foreign policy acts. Forget about North Korea. It is a big hedgehog: a lot of bother to catch and kill, many prickles and no meat. The only thing Kim wants to tell Trump is “I am not a soft target, go look elsewhere”. Is North Korea dangerous? Only for those who want to step on it.

P G Wodehouse’s Mr Mulliner argued with anti-smoker lobby: “They come and tell me that if they place two drops of nicotine on the tongue of a dog the animal instantly dies and when I ask them if they have ever tried the childishly simple device of not placing nicotine on the dog’s tongue, they have nothing to reply They are nonplussed. They go away mumbling something about never having thought of that before.”

This line of argument is perfectly valid referring to North Korea. Try the childishly simple device of not interfering with it, of not sending troops and ships and jets there. This far-away place can, and should be forgotten, as it had been forgotten for many, many years. If you really want to do something about North Korea, move your troops and your aircraft carriers elsewhere, say to Norfolk, Virginia; they will be more appreciated there. You will be praised for your wisdom by South Koreans and by Japanese, and by your base in the US.

The fake news media will surely say that you’ve got cold feet and ran away from little fat Kim. But they will say something nasty in any case. Even if you were to unleash a nuclear holocaust upon Korea, they will write: he did it because Mueller’s FBI agents searched Paul Manaforte’s home and discovered he is a Russian spy.

They did not pay attention to the great victory you won a day earlier, when you and your Secretary of State convinced the Russians and the Chinese to vote for a North Korea sanctions draft in the Security Council. It was one of those great diplomatic victories, but the Lugenpresse didn’t say a word about it.

Let us come to the point. Your enemy is not Kim, your enemy is your mainstream mass media. Sure, it is not the only enemy, but if this enemy could be knocked out, the judges would obey, the congressmen would fall into line, Mueller would be sent back to oblivion. There is a problem, how to subdue this stubborn enemy.

You tried a Trump TV Real News and have been rightly ridiculed by all and sundry. Though Kayleigh McEnany is not painful for the eye, this sort of TV had been out of fashion even in Saudi Arabia. The Saudis prefer to watch the forbidden Al Jazeera.

You can’t bomb the headquarters of New York Times or of CNN. Does it mean you are absolutely vulnerable? Yes, you are, unless you instill some fear in the dark souls of the media lords and their allies. Your buddy Putin had been in the same situation you are now, until he arrested Mr Khodorkovsky, the oligarch, in 2003. When this richest man in Russia had been sent to jail for ten years, the media lords of Russia saw the light. They understood they were playing a dangerous game.

The American media men are not different. The Colonel’s Lady an’ Judy O’Grady Are sisters under their skins, said the poet. Show them a flayed media lord, and they will become much, much more reasonable.

And here I’d suggest dealing with Jeff Bezos, first of all and immediately. He is a father of the North Korean crisis, let him be the first victim of it. It is his claim that Koreans produced that nuclear warhead that jump-started the crisis. The jerk did it at the anniversary of the greatest atrocity of all times, the Hiroshima bombing.

If there will be a nuclear war, we can call it Jeff Bezos War.

Jeff Bezos is the richest man on our planet. If there is somebody to hate, it’s got to be him. Do him in, Donald. Skin him. As opposed to North Korea, he is a soft target. A new-rich, a smart kid out of nothing. No old money, no old school ties behind him. Who will support him? The CIA? Cut the CIA budget for the exact amount they pay to Bezos, so the spooks will understand the message.

Go after his advertisers. Kick his reporters out of White House. Ask, no, demand that the FBI to investigate his doings. A rich guy like Bezos has surely committed multiple crimes, no doubt. If the FBI can’t discover his crimes, sack the head of the FBI, and take the one who can. Unleash all the hate you can find upon his head. And when he is be taken to prison, you’ll know: the rest will become more careful with their tongues. And the best: rip him off his ill-gotten gains and use that to provide health care for every American. It should be enough. Probably you could cover all the student loans with the change. And you will be able to proceed with your necessary reforms.

So, Donald, start every day of yours with a great booming call: “Bring me the head of Jeff Bezos”!

And the greatest crime of Bezos isn’t punishable by law. The man stole the good name of Washington Post, the glorious newspaper of old, the newspaper of Bernstein, Woodward, Seymour Hersh and many other wonderful American journalists and reporters. He turned the venerable paper into propaganda tool by appointing a campaign chief of staff instead of a professional man. If Lenovo is not allowed to use the name of IBM, though they bought the company, Bezos should not be allowed to use the name of good old WaPo. Let him call it Bezos Post.

Thus the campaign against Bezos is not against freedom of press, au contraire, it is for saving the press from moneybags.

Commentary by the Saker:

Israel is 100% correct.  Trump absolutely needs to turn against his internal enemies.  First, as Israel says, because his external enemies are really not enemies or, when they are, they are not much of a threat.  But, second, and most importantly because his internal enemies will stop at nothing to destroy, humiliate and otherwise sabotage every effort, every policy, every initiative. 


Simply put: when you are being attacked by a pack of hyenas, you do not worry about swatting the mosquito buzzing around your heard.  I have been warning that Trump survival depended on him crushing the Neocons (just as Putin’s dependent on him crushing the oligarchs) and I decided to repost this article by Israel, with his kind permission, to give it my full support.  Personally, I think that it is already too late, Trump betrayed Flynn and Bannon and now nobody will stick his head out in defense of Trump, but I hope that I am wrong and that Trump will have a 11th hour epiphany and understand that it is very simple “he or them”.


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  So here I am up at 55,000 feet in a B-2  with a couple of nukes….. Heading north up the Red Sea…from the base at Diego Garcia ,,,     stealthily zipping along at about the speed sound up there and I have a dilemma……. ??     Where do I go first …. Tel Aviv or Riyadh  ????? 

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pitz Sun, 08/13/2017 - 16:41 Permalink

Shutting down the H-1B visa and OPT "internship" visa issuance would resolve a lot of problems for the Trump administration.  The unemployment rate would likely plummet.  The ideologically opposed to Trump tech sector would have to re-staff with Americans.  And his supporter base would be re-energized.  Amazon is one of the more prolific abusers of the H-1B visa, so it would hit them hard.  

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Yet another expert who does not understand who is the puppeteer behind North Korea....why there is a NK, and what the long term strategic value has been of having a boogieman near the Chinese and Russsian borders.....NK serves a purpose and it is the boyz from Langley who call the shots...its theatre of the absurd for the American sheeple...

halcyon Pol Pot Mon, 08/14/2017 - 01:25 Permalink

Exactly. But people do not read history nor understand it. Chest pounding is so much more beastly. Let all those wanting a war with NK, or Russia, or Venezuela or Iran or Syria... go there themselves with a gun in hand and bring their children along with them to fight. And pay for their own trip, guns and ammo. I mean why should we pay for their wars on some far away land? With these requirements I can guarantee you that the line of willing would be very short and the war would end swiftly.  

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Yes, Trumps enemy has defined the battlefield for Trump. Trump is Sadaam Hussein trying to appease the US government that does not want to be appeased. It wants war and will create whatever fiction is necessary to have war.

Trump needs to redefine the battlefield.

A question for me is whether there really is a Trump enemy or whether this is all simply theater ... and if that is the case, then Trump needs to go and will go when the time is right for the enemy of humanity.

11b40 Grandad Grumps Sun, 08/13/2017 - 17:04 Permalink

Here is a re-post from a conversation I was in last week with Oldwood."What he needs to do is go on TV and announce that there every reason to believe that our country has been sabotaged from within.  He has a perfect thing to point to - the Awan Brothers and their work inside the Congressional IT Network.  He should then demand a special prosecutor who is not affiliated with DC in any way.  Then he can go on to the new forensic evidence that there was no hack of the DNC, and that there has been an organized effort within the government to overthrow his Presidency, and this is treason.  He should immediately say that Mueller is compromised and that he has instructed everyone associated with his team to ignore any communications from him or his team.  He should tell sessions to fire Rosenstein, and also tell him who he wants hired as #2 at Justice.  Once that is done, fire Sessions and tell you don't care if they won't confirm a new AG.  he would then have his own man running things while there is no AG.  The #2 fires Mueller, and the Press goes nuts.  Then he goes after the corporate media by calling for anti-trust investigations and tie them to collusion with the deep state.There is more he could do, too, but is time to go to dinner.  Maybe others have their own suggestions.  He has the biggest microphone in the world & needs to use it.  He is a reflexive puncher, but he needs to start swinging first.  The best defense is a good offense."

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Yeah, I'll add some moar:1. Write up and sign an executive order establishing term limits that are effective immediately.2. Write up and sign an executive order stripping congress of their platinum lifetime benefits package effective immediately.3. Put out a call for millions of deplorables to descend on the Imperial City to enforce the above, and burn it down if necessary.(This is why they hate him, if he did this they would come. Not because he's awesome, but because they are all against him and they are universally despised, and he's not Hill'rey)

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Can't see how you can compare Putin to someone whose main arsenal (only friend ) is twatter. Putin is a Grand-master who filled All the Important Positions with Trusted No-Nonsense ruthless picks. What did Trump do, place the Fox Mnuchin in charge of the purse-strings? He was never serious!

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The metaphor is violent and unnecessary. It was bad for that haggard, ugly old bitch to hold up a bloodied, fake Trump head, and it's bad to talk about beheading a political opponent, even metaphorically.Also we in the US should not cheer the idea of government forces being used to attack the opposition. It was wrong when the Obama administration used the IRS to attack political opponents for no reason other than politics. It would be equally wrong for the Trump administration to do something similar.

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What DOES it matter? The republic is over and now it belongs to Amazon and WalMart along with a host of other money grubbing fucks! So arrest them all and paydown everyones debt with their ill gotten gain! -Stalins ghost. 

cesar Sun, 08/13/2017 - 17:21 Permalink

This is very good advice for Donald Trump. The real enemy is MSM not North Korea. The media just want to trap Trump into a no-win conflict with NK. The USA should remove all its' troops & weapons from South Korea. That should make NK very happy but then ask them to abandon their nuclear weapons program.  If they don't - then USA should arm both Japan & South Korea with nuclear weapons (superior to anything NK has).  With USA out of the picture NK will start worrying about all its other enemies: Russia & China. Soon the NK missiles will be pointing in a new direction!  

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re "Bring Me The Head Of Jeff Bezos"

Yeah - but NOT before I get the chance to give that ZIO-Punk a smack in his lyin' fckin mouth and shove a rolled-up WaPo (extra-thick 'Sunday Edition') up his a$$!

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The problem with treating fatboy Kim and NK as noise level as Israel Shamir says is that NK has a land border with China & Russia. This means it's extremely sought after real estate for the CIA, NATO and the Pantygon.Ultimately, they want Western/SK boots on the ground to unite the two Koreas.Fatboy Kim, China and Russia will never allow that.So, it's got a lot more to do than whether fatboy has this or that missile.

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You lost me at Jeff Bezos is the richest man on our planet.  Couldn't be further from the truth and by putting out that information you are either fucking retarded or you're just writing misinformation to further confuse people.

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DJT, your enemies lie within... Bezos is like a pimple on all of our asses, and certainly not a journalist... do what Lincoln did by exec order, and round up journalists, shut down media outlets, show them who's boss... the military is ON your side... and the deep state (whatever the fuck that is) will see you mean business

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CNN is going on the chopping block soon what with Timer/Warner about to cut them loose and all.The Washington Post and CNN are a marriage made in heaven.Will that fucking cocksucker Bezos make a play for it, or maybe even Zuckerberg?The Jews have us by the short hairs.The Fuhrer dealt with their uncontrolled power swiftly and effectively.

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Bezos is probably like that pawnbroker in MIB who just grew another head when Chris blasted it off. He said 'it stings'. You don't you? Nah! It's just a movie right? But it DID come out right around the same time as Bezos..........