ANTIFA Clashes With Police in Seattle

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A right wing group was marching in Westlake (just north of Seattle), so naturally the leftists led by ANTIFA in Seattle attempted to disrupt their little shindig. As always, the masked men clad in black didn't fail to provide its audience with ample supplies of degeneracy and violence. Here are the lowlights. With a 'Go Back to Europe' flag in the background, an gentleman from the ANTIFA organization burned an American flag. Here they are trying to break through the police barrier of mountain bikes, most likely to say a few unkind words to the other gents in Westlake. They caught one! An evil alt-right racist was snagged by ANTIFA, so naturally they tried to rob him of his phone. Unable to break the barrier, ANTIFA resorted to third grade schoolyard assaults, spraying police with silly string. The police get fed up with having silly string sprayed on their officers and decide to reply with flash bangs into the crowd. Gameover.


SWRichmond Beowulf55 Mon, 08/14/2017 - 07:32 Permalink

Looks like Seattle cops aren't complete pussies.  Virginia State Police on the other hand just want to go home at the end of the shift, nothing else is important to them.  Actionable intel; the playing field in Virginia is wide open. VSP: messaging is important.  Either Terry told you to stand down, or you just suck ass. Terry wanted an event with casualties and footage for the news cycle, and he got it.  If he told you to stand down he made you the bad guys.  There was no effort at all made by any LE in Charlottesville to seperate Antifa from the rally or rallygoers. Cops stood around and watched.  Was Terry hoping for gunfire?  It's very interesting that in his first press conference afterwards he made a ridiculously inflated "80%" claim about how many in Charlottesville were "armed with semiautomatic weapons, but no shots were fired."  Was he disappointed?Was this a setup for gunfire?  Is that why the cops stayed back and let the mayhem occur?

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Yes, but back then, the emerging political and social movements were in their infancy and the horrors of communism not yet established so their idealism could be, if not forgiven, at least be understood in an attempt to better peoples' lives.The fact that today's Antifa/communists want to resurrect the "good old days" given the known catastrophic record for such movements makes their current actions even more egregious. 

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besnook Blackfox Mon, 08/14/2017 - 12:22 Permalink       off topic but important.from the same paper this is an article about the usa attacking an iran backed militia that is attacking isis in iraq. looks like the usa is changing tactics as it is suppose to be trying to kick isis out of iraq. the usa could be helping isis in iraq now to get rid of iranian influence in iraq.

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Bastiat gmak Tue, 08/15/2017 - 09:28 Permalink

The only spectrum that matters is Totalitarianism vs Freedom.  Both Nazis and Commies, once in power, become statists moving the state's power towards the totatitarian, where the scope of individual discretion is squeezed to near zero.

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That's a resounding NO to the similarity. The economic fundamentals of Fascism and Communism are totaly different. And if you can possibly imagine that economics has some relation to politics (ie the old styled "political economics") then you can begin to explore the differences. You might start reading Marx as a primer.

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It's hard for me to understand why the Virginia state police would side with the Antifa, which is essentially what they did. That group consists of BLM, which openly calls for cops to be killed. I guess the retards in the VSP don't really understand the issues or they are so corrupted (my guess) that they are willing to go against their best interests and stand down. 

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OHHHH, I can't see, I can't hear, funny stuff. That shows me that those little pansies are going to fold and run when the cops aren't around and the opposition starts to crack heads and knees with hickory bats or steel rods. It will devolve into violence real soon. That's ok since I have no desire to ever visit a city again. 

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What Leo Lentelli works of art was Antifa protesting this time and were there any book burnings of Mark Twain literature?I would try and Google it myself (henceforth to be called Gulag) but I'm late for work ;-)

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Comment from MoA:

"Couple things about the car crash do not make sense. The crash just happens to take place where six or eight goofball Antifa are ready with baseball bats. And in the heat of the moment they all spontaneously have the same idea. Instead of going for the driver of the car they go after the back end of the car. Excuse me, I do not believe any of this happened by coincidence.The driver is not concussed. The airbag did not go off. The car backs up a narrow alleyway at high speed, perfect NASCAR driving. The driver did not need more than a moment or two to collect himself after the collision and he is ready to go. The car is also ready to go. Radiator intact, steering gear intact. Bad crash, minor cosmetic damage only.Now look at the people. How many uniforms of how many types can you spot? Look at all the fifty something and sixty something 'townspeople' hanging around, strolling casually where a supposed riot just happened and everything is still as tense as could be.This was not an event. This was an operation. Totally scripted."

Mike King also goes into the false flag: fields kid is strikingly similar to dylan roof.  He drives a dodge challenger which has strange similarities to General Lee the dodge charger from Dukes of Hazard.All this Antifa/BLM violence is part of a Gladio style operation, possibly leading up to a color revolution in the US.  It is also strikingly similar to the type of problems facing Weimer Germany for 10 years until Hilter was voted in to put an end to it.    

duo Planet Israel (not verified) Mon, 08/14/2017 - 07:59 Permalink

Not to mention Charlottesville mayor worked in the Obama admin.

I like the picture of the "Nazis" without tattoos, wearing khakis with the creases still in them, holding a Nazi flag that also has creases in it, like it was received from Amazon the previous day. The rent-a-mob is going to have to put more work into their props.

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Planet Israel (not verified) Planet Israel (not verified) Mon, 08/14/2017 - 08:17 Permalink

"Couple of things: The challenger that drove into the crowd was not the same car owned by the that deus vult LARPer. His car had a different paint job with racing stripes and had factory tint. The tint on the attack vehicle has a VLT percentage much lower than what state law permits, so dark that you can’t even see a silhouette of a driver. Here is a link on Ohio window tint laws: one good shot of the driver through the windshield shows the chiseled face of a obvious ex-military type, not the weak jaw of that alt-right half jew. When bodies went flying and his car was getting beaten with bats he would have sharted his pants, not rip down 3 blocks in reverse in order to get a safe spot.The interview with his jewish mother Samantha Bloom was very odd and needs to be viewed. I think AP was the first to interview her and its up on youtube.The helicopter watching the chaos from the skies crashed into the ground killing both officers and destroying any video evidence."

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You guys wanted the fight. Here it comes. Like I said, you're outnumbered. Tons of Libs have guns. For myself, I'll move as far away from the bullets and retards on both sides as I can. You guys can bury your families and children together when you're done fucking up. Remember, the black pieces and the white pieces go back in the same box when the game is over.

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BandGap new game Mon, 08/14/2017 - 07:46 Permalink

As scripted, right down to the police doing absolutely nothing.Not that they have to go Richard Daley on them, but back in the day the second something got out of hand the cops were cracking heads. Take a crack at 6-8 from each side and all of a sudden people snap out of it enough to leave the area.Now they watch.Lines all over the place - black/whire, rich/poor, old/young, etc.     

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