Bernie Sanders To Introduce Single-Payer Healthcare Bill In September

For a couple of years now we've highlighted various data points suggesting that Obamacare was, and continues to be, in an inescapable death spiral that will end in a spectacular collapse of healthcare exchanges around the country.  While there are a number of reasons that Obamacare was doomed from the start, it basically all boils down to the original failed logic that millions of young, healthy Americans would gladly pay out the nose for a product they didn't want and knew they would never use all to fulfill a civic obligation to subsidize the healthcare costs of their older and/or less fortunate neighbors. 

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your perspective, most Americans simply aren't wired that way.

In fact, as we pointed last week, a study from Mark Farrah and Associates found that the "off-exchange market" (i.e. people who make too much money to quality for subsidies and whose premiums are required to subsidize everyone else who does qualify) contracted by 2.1mm in 2016, or a 29% drop.  With those kind of declines, it's only a matter of time until there are no more rich fools in the pool willing to continue subsidizing a broken system.

Also, MFA published the same report in 2016, facilitating a year-over-year comparison. The on-exchange market fell from 12,681,874 to 12,216,003 individuals, a reduction of 465,871 or 4 percent. However, the off-exchange market fell from 7,520,939 to 5,361,451, a reduction of 2,159,488 or 29 percent. In other words, enrollment is steady among those who receive subsidies but declining dramatically among those who do not.


Much has been made of the question of whether the individual markets are in a “death spiral.” Given that the on-exchange market enrollment is relatively stable, there is clearly not a death spiral in the subsidized market. However, with a reduction in the unsubsidized market of 29 percent in just one year, that pattern certainly looks like one we would expect in a market spiraling down.



That said, for some folks, including Bernie Sanders, the problem with Obamacare isn't that it's too socialist for Americans but rather not quite socialist enough.  As such, we learn today that he Vermont Senator will introduce a bill calling for a single-payer healthcare system as soon as he gets back to Washington DC from his month-long vacation.  Per The Hill:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) plans to introduce his "Medicare for all" single-payer healthcare bill after Congress returns in September.


Speaking to constituents in Vermont Monday, Sanders admitted that the bill is unlikely to pass the Republican-controlled Congress or be signed by President Trump.


"If we pass this thing, it's not going to be tomorrow, it would be the most significant step forward legislatively since I suspect the creation of Social Security in the 1930s. It's a big deal," he said, according to The Associated Press.


Sanders has long argued in favor of a government-run universal healthcare system, commonly referred to as single-payer. It was included in his platform during his 2016 run for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Of course, what Bernie's "Medicare for all" plan really equates to is another massive tax hike for know, because the federal government has demonstrated time and again what efficient allocators of capital they are.

All of which just proves that if you don't like your Obamacare, too bad because Bernie's going to take your money anyway.


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And we all know what great shape Social Security is in!  We need to fix healthcare insurance the way we fixed retirement savings!

The Cooler King (not verified) HopefulCynical Tue, 08/15/2017 - 20:03 Permalink

I wasn't born profiteering from plagarizing Nelson Mandela quotes on the way to duping Americans into civil war while sitting on the perch of a throne that I only achieved because I lied that I was born in Hawaii & went to Harvard, while Mandela himself was turning South Africa into a shithole run by the ANC tribal warlords.

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nmewn The Cooler King (not verified) Tue, 08/15/2017 - 21:03 Permalink

Isn't it interesting that Burnie Marx never says cut personal taxation rates to "provide a single payer system" its always in ADDITION TO the current taxes already being paid. Fucking communist.///// while everyone was freaking out over Robert E Lee statues and renaming parks for a Lincoln propaganda document, another nail went into ObamaCare's coffin.Anthem Health has left the state of Virginia.….

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Short-term vs. Long Term goals and martial arts strategies of using your opponent's moves to your advantage....What if Communist ideology could be employed to reduce or eliminate r-Selective, high-time-preference, Communist vermin from the face of the earth? What better way to eliminate Communists than eugenics disguised as Social Welfare?Give the Marxists exactly what they want. It shuts the left, the fuck up, and could erradicate communism for several centuries. 

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"We spend TRILLION$$$$ on war to kill people. Shouldn't healthcare be a priority instead?"We spend THREE times that on the WIC (Welfare Industrial Complex).  That could have EASILY covered health care if the gubmint wanted to.  But, they'd rather have the WIC slaves voting for them.  Keep them on the plantation.  And, BTW - the WIC kills a lot more people than the MIC.  Just look at Chicago.Just say'n as well.

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NHS current annual budget: 116 billion GBPPentagon budget 2015: 598 billion USDBitch needs to get back under his tractor. Reeel good at maffI've seen him post some better shit than this, to be fair.But until you cunts start demanding defense cuts, which you never will, because 'Merica, and because false flag du jour would happen the very next fucking jour, and get real about the fact that if there should be a fucking government at all, they should spend all day worrying about healthcare instead of which lobby will grease their fucking knob today, you will continue to be seen by the dumbfucks in the city as "the dumbfucks in the country". Come at me with your red arrows, bitches.

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Damn, you're a moron. Who said NHS vs pentagon? I still say that the Welfare Industrial Complex (WIC) - wealth transfers from one group of people to another by the gubmint - is over THREE times that of the MIC.

Total Military spending in 2015: $0.609 trillion ($609 billion)
Mandatory spending, medicare, SNAP, Unemploymnet, etc in 2015: $2.33 trillion.
(Source - Federal Office of Management and Budget)

Last time I checked, 2.33/0.61 = 3.81. The WIC is actually 3.81 times the size of the MIC. And that's just federal gubmint. States spend WAY more on their WICs than their MICs.

Damn, maff is HARD for leftist dumb fucks. I'll give you a participation trophy for playing.

Cut the HUGE part of the budget - the WIC - as well as the smaller parts - the MIC.

Bring it on, bitchez.

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not for the low end - no reason to keep them around - very expensive - let them drop dead  - cheap solution for no productive valueNone of them had a license or approval to have FUN - they engaged in FUN regardless of result whether -  procreation or recreation - no third party participated in the FUN but the people engaged in the FUN beleive someone else has responsibility for their personal decisions - why?..........insane

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unless supply is increased dramatically, a single payer system would only mean that people have to wait in line a damn long time to get anything done.  however, if supply were increased dramatically, the competition amongst doctors would probably bring prices down to more affordable matter how you get there, supply will need to be addressed eventually.

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He was right, you should only insure to the level of what you can afford and then it is a personal choice if you can afford it.Government gets you to pay for everybody else and you go broke while all those paid for cheer and have a wonderful time.Been there done it, in the end the only way out is to extract yourself from the system... you are no worse off in the long run.

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I think i am ok if i never went to another doctor in my life.  Not useless, but always a double edged sword.I just went and was asked questions that were 0% relevant or their business. Just more NSA data points on people.If it is not specifically relevant or relevant to pay the claim, DECLINE TO ANSWER. On my file I changed my race from white to decline to answer and marital status to Unknown.I am sick of this shit. Electronic records that can be hacked....and shared with whomever.Fuck HIPAA it is bullshit....

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