Inside The Opioid Crisis That You're Not Allowed To See


Earlier this month, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions unveiled a plan to go after doctors and pharmacies suspected of healthcare fraud by oversubscribing opioids. America’s opioid epidemic killed 33,000 people in 2015 making it the worst drug crisis in our history. Last week, President Donald Trump declared the opioid crisis a national emergency allowing the executive branch to direct funds towards treatment facilities and supplying police officers with naloxone.

As a socio-economist on the front lines of the opioid crisis in Baltimore, Maryland, I am about to take you through an opioid experience like you’ve never seen before. We’re going to travel into the inner city of Baltimore and interview current and former addicts of opioids and heroin. Some of these individuals used heroin 15-minutes before the cameras started rolling.

These individuals have never been given the chance to tell their story until now. Baltimore’s mainstream news is not allowed to share this because it breaks the narrative that everything is awesome. It turns out that Baltimore could have the largest methadone clinic in the United States called Turning Point Clinic. Each of the interviewees are current and past patients of the clinic and speak very negatively about it. A similar description of Baltimore is heard from each of the interviewees of a hellacious city with decades of deindustrialization, drug abuse, and violent crime.

In the first video, three women who are current or past addicts of opioids tell the story of clinics, doctors, and pharmacies flooding the street of Baltimore with opioids. Gina mainly speaks about the Turning Point Clinic - how a preacher who operates the facility went from “nothing to now wearing $1000 gators, flying private jets, and driving Bentleys”. As described by one of the women, it looks like ‘zombie-land’ outside of the clinic.

In the second video, Gina speaks about her addiction to opioids and how she overcame the troubles through a strong-will. The next women to speak is Wanda, who is currently in pain management at Turning Point Clinic and speaks about how the opioid crisis is destroying America’s youth. I then ask the question about record number of homicides in Baltimore, and Wanda says opioids are a big part of that.

In the third video, ‘John Doe’ shot up on heroin 15-minutes before giving us the interview. He is an active patient at the Turning Point Clinic and describes it to be the largest methadone clinic in the United States with 6k-10k patients per day. The illegal activity and the corruption around this clinic is highlighted in the video via ‘John Doe’ statements, along with truth bombs that will not disappointment.


We now have an understanding that opioids are big business in the hood. You’re not allowed to know about this, because only a select few in our society are allowed to prosper from it. It’s unfortunate that drug trade is the most prevalent type of good flowing around low income areas across the United States. We wouldn’t expect nothing else after 50-years of deindustrialization and the bottom 90% of Americans left to rot.

America’s inner cities have to change or the collapse of an empire is on the horizon. Doesn’t help when 96 million Americans are out of the workforce.


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Those damn doctors and pharmacists "oversubscribing" opioids. Yep, that's the damn problem. Give me a fucking break. Another article written by a moron looking for someone to blame. Pitiful

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Who said Afghanistan was a worthless moneypit, never recognised, or understood the full picture.? The Taliban oversaw a decline in heroin production and the USSA, oversaw Afghanistan into supplying the 85%-90% of the world, all on her watch, overseen by the most powerful military and the most sophisticated spying machine in the history of man. Who's supply the drugs and where are these proceeds of crime? This is a question the MSM fails to answer.

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The big reason I am no allowed to see it is because I am not allowed (unless I have a death wish) to go wandering around the hood. If the drug problem is a conspiracy by the blue eyed devil to kill off the blacks then there is a very simple way to foil their nefarious plan; stop doing drugs, get an education, take care of the children you spawn, and get a damn job.

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See how clever the white man is versus the black man. Black man slings illegal drugs, gets major heat and/or shot/stabbed. White man creates a business, sells legal drugs (approved by the government via hefty bribes), and gets invited to the White House to celebrate business success, carried there on the company's jet etc. I'm white (and proud) but as I've long said, if you're not white and the white man sees what you're doing (or have) and likes it, you better watch out. White man saw just how much money they were making in the hoods and wanted in. He got in...

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Without opioids the people of the inner city would not do property crimes in a disorderly fashion.

They would be organized, pissed, and coming for you. With a certain amount of justification.

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iN 2001, before 9/11, straight from NY Times, they were caught telling the truth for once. The Taliban had eradicated the poppy. Heroin on the streets was very expensive and the market was collapsing.Then came 9/11 and Bush said we had to invade Afghanistan. The poppies started growing again, and Obama took over the reigns and even admitted the troops were protecting the poppy fields, although the excuse was that Afghans needed to help their economy.
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My cousin was the shit. True blue high school football, went into the Marines, couldn't fly. Instead rebuilt helicopters and jets. Out of the Marines: #1 sales bell helicopter, then he found meth. He holed up in hotel rooms for weeks. Lost everything. Everything. His high school girl, kids, job, pension? He's my cuz. My bro. And this meth shit fucked his life. Then he found Jesus and went to India. That's my folk.When the plan is to take people and place them in an unnatural place, like any major city, you get people addicted to government smack and government cheese. That is the program. I used to drive my co-worker to get his methadone in the morning. He didn't say and I didn't ask. But he'd get his shit and get to work. The poor bastard in this video, with help, doesn't have to chase "H" all day so he can get a job. And he's not stupid. There's hundreds of thousands of people just like him who are smart, capable, and we treat them like shit. Just like our veterans get treated like shit.The ministeries here, they go to county all day, state. They talk about a place to come when they get out. They make a clearing for familly of black sheep no one wants. They say, hey, dude, hey lady, we have all been there and we're here for you.Anyone with a heron addiction can function fine with their juice. But human beings weren't meant to live in these places. If you really wanted a full service junkie mill, people would show the fuck up for work on time to get their dose and they would work like you have never seen to get out of the shit they are in.I hope that old factory starts up and cranks it out. I'd buy everything a US Manufacturer made that rebuilt human beings out of their smack habit. I love that dude and all my friends who shot up and died and lived. That will be some of your kids.

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gotta demonize the opioids because it's time to withdraw them and funnel that pain toward the heroin trade.  Then the LEO can pick them up and make WACKENHUT some more money.......... Keep the MIC in business in Afghanistan too! a real WIN for everyone important to this country.  Fuck the little people who are in pain and have no life.

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Same as if ever was:

"In my city I would try to keep the
traffic in the dark people, the
colored. They are the best
customers, the least troublesome,
and they are animals anyway. They
have no respect for their wives or
their families or themselves. Let
them lose their souls in drugs."

Mario Puzo's The Godfather

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C'mon people...the world is almost hopelessly overpopulated. We should be selling this shit in liquor stores in the hopes that anyone weak enough to abuse the stuff overdoses within a couple of years at most.

If you think about it, the addicts would be in a constant state of euphoria...until they take a toxic dose and fall asleep forever.

We don't need more government to protect us from ourselves.

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Jeezus. These people remind of an animal that you want to set free but it is used to sleeping in the barn and eating moldy hay you throw at it and when you set it loose it won't run away and be free. It just looks at you at waits for its next meal. LBJ did a bang up job of creating modern plantations. Heck, throw an EBT card at them and you don't have to bother feeding them twice a day because they self feed and self medicate. Vaccinations are free at the local clinic.

I have said this before, I will say it again. Once this economic shitshow in the US ends people are going to look back on welfare and wonder how the fuck we thought that would solve poverty. Future generations may look back on this little social experiment as a modern-day holocaust, self administered. Why bother rounding people up when you can contain them in public housing and they end up killing themselves. Tragic. Leave.

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"We wouldn’t expect nothing else after 50-years of deindustrialization and the bottom 90% of Americans left to rot."

Democrats, BLM, university professors and SJW professionals need rotting, half alive people on life support because they'll vote year after year for a continuation of life support and keep them in power.

There's a wasp that paralyzes a caterpillar but keeps it alive so the wasp can lay eggs in it and the baby wasps can nibble on the paralyzed caterpillar's warm insides.

That's basically what the Democrat party is.

It's like Johnson said after welfare was introduced, "We'll have the n-ggers voting Democrat for a hundred years".

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opoid crisis a National Emergency?  I thought Saddam Hussein was.  or Nuclear weapons.  Syria.  NK.  Iran.Opoids in our own house?

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People like CEO Ken Frazier should be arrested, indicted for widespread fraud and corruption, and spend the rest of their lives behind bars.Merck is also heavily involved in profiting off the opioid addiction epidemic that’s now ravaging America while generating record profits for companies like Merck. If anyone is committing mass violence against America, it’s people like Merck CEO Ken Frazier, a person who belongs behind bars for his continued sacrificing of human beings for corporate profits. The violence in Charlottesville is nothing at all compared to the violence carried out by Merck’s vaccine division alone, not to mention its other drugs.Merck is the same company whose own virologists filed a False Claims Act with the federal government, explaining they were ordered by Merck management to fake vaccine trial results in order to “trick” the FDA. Merck’s entire mumps vaccine operation is a complete and total fraud.Merck has also been caught committing widespread scientific fraud by disguising its in-house propagandists as “independent science” authors for medical science papers that were published in mainstream science journals. Merck is to medicine, in other words, what Monsanto is to the food industry: They’re both steeped in evil, scientific fraud and deep deception.Before coming CEO Frazier was made Merck’s corporate counsel – a company’s chief lawyer – in 1999. His biggest task was defending Merck from an onslaught of lawsuits relating to its handling of the painkiller Vioxx, which was withdrawn from the market in 2004 after large studies showed it caused heart attacks.

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Memo to Merck CEO Ken Frazier: Your company has easily killed 100,000 times the number of those killed in Charlottesville violence… Adams - August 14, 2017"(Natural News) In case you haven’t heard, Merck CEO Ken Frazier resigned from President Trump’s manufacturing council, blaming Trump for the violence in Charlottesville that killed one protester and two police officers (whose helicopter fell out of the sky for yet-unknown reasons)."

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Duh, why do you think we have been in Afghanistan for no obvious reason for over 15 years.  CIA black budget, baby!!!   Politicians are either complicit or too stupid to connect the dots.  

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This is simply not a solvable problem. Addicts quit because they want to. Period. They don't quit for any other reason. Rehab, detox, blah blah blah. If they don't want to quit, those things are just temporary band aids. Sad but true.

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I'm an alcoholic, sober for 4+ years. I stopped drinking when I felt I had a reason to live again - in my case, a new and wonderful girlfriend. Before, I was mired in guilt and remorse for all the stupid things I'd done, and opportunities I wasted, and grabbing a bottle was just easier than admitting just what a fool I'd been. I'm lucky it was only booze - I don't think I would have made it if I'd been into opiates. I couldn't quit until I finally admitted I was addicted, and couldn't manage it. I couldn't do that until I had something to replace booze - in my case, my girlfriend. But what are we offering to the former working class of America, black or white? The liberals sneer at their religion (while bending over backward so as not to offend Islam), their jobs were bartered away in trade agreements that benefit the coastal economies at the expense of middle America, and their political views are seen as deplorable, uneducated, and, as we've seen at Google, unspeakable.They literally have nothing to live for - no God, no job, no hope. Despised by the elites, blamed for the horrible state of affairs that has given more people more stuff than any system ever, and subject to re-evaluation and revisionism at all times, they see their past denigrated, their present derided, and their future denied.  Opium at least gives them a goal.

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