Americans Are Rapidly Descending Into Madness

Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

I don’t live in an echo chamber, partly because there aren’t enough people out there who think like me, but also because I constantly and intentionally attempt to challenge my worldview by reading stuff from all over the political map. I ingest as much as I can from a wide variety of intelligent sources, picking and choosing what makes sense to me, and then synthesizing it the best I can.

Though I’m certainly grounded in certain key principles, my perspective on specific issues remains malleable as I take in additional information and perspectives. I try to accept and acknowledge my own ignorance and view life as a journey of constant mental, emotionally and spiritual growth. If I’m not growing my capacity in all of those realms until the day I die, I’m doing it wrong. Life should be seen as a battle against one’s own ignorance, as opposed to an obsession with the ignorance of others. You can’t legislate morality, nor can you legislate wisdom. The only way the world will improve on a long-term sustainable basis is if more of us get wise. That’s a personal journey and it’s our individual duty to accept it.

While I’m only in control of my own behavior, this doesn’t mean that the behavior of others is irrelevant to my life. Unfortunately, what I see happening to the population of America right now seems very troublesome and foreboding. What I’m witnessing across the board is hordes of people increasingly separating themselves into weird, unthinking cults. Something appears to have snapped in our collective consciousness, and many individuals I used to respect (on both sides of the political spectrum) are becoming disturbingly polarized and hysterical. People are rapidly morphing into radicalized mental patients.

What’s worse, this environment is providing a backdrop for the most destructive people of my lifetime - neoconservatives and neo liberals - to preen around on corporate media as “the voices of reason.” This is one of the most perverse and dangerous side-effects of the current political climate. As I noted earlier today on Twitter:

If in your disgust with Trump, you’re willing to run into the cold embrace of these destroyers of the middle class and the Middle East, you’ll get what you deserve. In contrast, if we really want to deal with our very real and very systemic problems, the last thing we need is a population-level mental breakdown that leads to a longing for the criminally destructive political status quo, yet that’s exactly what seems to be happening.

Ok fine, so everything seems to be rapidly collapsing, but what are we supposed to do? First of all, don’t lose your minds.

As I suggested in February’s post, Why Increased Consciousness is the Only Path Forward:

As noted earlier, Wilber thinks 10% is a key tipping point. In other words, if we can get 10% of the population to center around a yellow second-tier level of thought, which consists of a momentous leap in consciousness, the entire world will change for the better. I agree. I’m not here trying to sell you a seminar on how to expand your consciousness; rather, I think these article can help spark some sort of revelation in the minds of many of you who are already at yellow, or at least at the cusp of such a transformation. Since consciousness can and does regress under conditions of stress and fear, it’s extremely important to be conscious of your consciousness so that you don’t fall back into lower states.


Unfortunately, I see many people regressing at the moment, and I see the media as an intentional force in trying to get people to lower their consciousness. A perfect way to tell if someone is operating at a low level of consciousness is if they’re constantly placing tens of millions of their fellow citizens into an outside group they subsequently demonize. It’s perfectly fine and healthy to harshly criticize the system itself and the many powerful individuals doing awful things within it, but once you start dehumanizing large swaths of the population as a matter of your worldview, you are most certainly on a very counterproductive path that will lead to merely a blackhole of nothingness for society.

Beyond maintaining one’s sanity, it’s imperative that conscious humans create systems and communities that have as little connection as possible to the existing and rapidly disintegrating paradigm. This will create “anti-fragile” units of strength within the collapsing Potemkin village socio-economic structure that dominates our culture right now. Some of these projects need to be local, while others can be global. Community farming/food production is a great example of a local initiative, while Bitcoin (and cryptocurrencies in general), represent global initiatives to replace the hopelessly corrupt and archaic entrenched financial system. While crazy, power-obsessed tribes focus on taking over the hopelessly corrupt centralized government in Washington D.C., we need to continue to build separate, decentralized paradigms — and there isn’t much time to waste.

Fortunately, there are plenty of very decent, very conscious people out there. I want this piece to provide encouragement to those of you already engaged in this invaluable work, as well as inspiration for those of you looking for an outlet for your creative and intellectual energies. It’s never been more important to keep our heads steady and not permit ourselves to be sucked into the mental sickness infecting so many of our fellow humans. It’s imperative that we vigilantly guard our wisdom and consciousness, because the best solutions will only come from a place of spiritual and mental health. If you descend into the gutter with everyone else, your output will also end up looking like trash. That’s the last thing we need.

Stay strong and stay conscious.


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This is video showing how the Blacks and (((antifa))) attacked the PEACEFUL White demonstrators, WITH BATS, AND OTHER WEAPONS, and that it was THEY!!! whom were the ones not only starting the violence, but openly taunting the police to dare to do anything to stop them: Here is a YouTube-ADL video, from 2014, showing the demonstration-leader/organizer, (((jason kessler))), when he was an anarchist, anti-Christian, and ANTI-WHITE, reciting a poem that he wrote, entitled, "White Devils", whimsically demeaning Whites whom brought civilization to the spear-chuckers and mud-hut-dwellers: You people can make-up-your-minds as to what (((jason kessler's))) job and purpose was, but I am absolutely convinced that he was the typical (((infiltrator))), who probably knew what was going to happen, and I TRULY BELIEVE led the PEACEFUL White demonstrators into the trap that we all saw, and especially can be seen in that video, above. Do you, all, remember (((Frank Collin))), AKA, by his REAL name, (((Frank Cohen))), who pretended to be a neo-NAZI, leading-the-charge in Skokie, Illinois, only to have all-Hell-break-loose, and create-the-catalyst for the crack-down against Whites exercising their freedom-of-speech, and -of-assembly?  Yeah... (((EVERY)))(((FUCKING)))(((TIME))), there (((they))) are. Lindsey  

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Gaius - 10/4.  Look who wrote this "madness" crap.....Krieger, the prince of B.S.Around here, I don't see any madness.....I just see a lot of people trying to hold onto their jobs, pay their extortion taxes, and keep from living in the woods under a cardboard box.  Krieger represents the East Coast view of the world....."everybody's a big-ass Tard except us."  So, now, with Krieger's directive, we are all going "mad" on cue.   We had one severe incident of planned, scripted violence, using paid crisis actors, it got out of control; that very poor, unfortunate Ms. Heyer was killed, and the MSM is playing all of us to the hilt....AND GUESS WHAT....KRIEGER IS TELLING ALL OF US THAT WE ARE GOING INSANE.MAY I JUST POLITELY SAY:  FUCK YOU, KRIEGER, YOU EAST COAST ASSHOLE.  GO BACK INTO YOUR CAVE.

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Mr. Watson, et-al, PLEASE share that information, and videos, with EVERYONE whom you people are able, because time-is-of-critical-importance; while I sincerely appreciate your accolades, I would much-prefer to know that, instead of writing to me, singing-my-praises for being an excellent writer, and motivated to present and to share information, you all were doing what I am doing, here, at Mr. Durden's site, BUT AT OTHER SITES THAT YOU FREQUENT, AND PRESENTING THE INFORMATION TO THOSE AROUND YOU, LIKE FRIENDS, FAMILY, AND CO-WORKERS. Again, it means-a-great-deal-to-me to know that people appreciate my efforts, and I DO appreciate the efforts of many, if not most, of you, here, at Mr. Durden's site, but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do all that you people can to inform as MANY people as you are able, as soon as you are able. God bless you, and I wish ALL OF US good fortune, in the events to come. Lindsey

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The left wing libs were born to evolve into Marxists. They need this crap. It's right in their DNA. Democrats weren't always like this. Now they've traded in their friendliness and intelligence, skills and talents to some device implanted in their neck.

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Good luck with that "Increased Consciousness" idea. Americans are six percent of the world's population, but ingest eighty percent of the world's prescription drugs (not to mention non-prescription drugs, like heroin, crack and meth). Americans make up six percent of the world's population, but twenty-five percent of the world's incarcerated. Americans are the fattest people on the planet. Over three quarters of Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck, and ain't got shit in the bank and have even less in a retirement funds.

Face it, to the financial elite, over three hundred Americans are little more than human livestock, to by overfed, drugged, thrown in cages or put in an army of debt-serfs. With little more than a future of debt and disease, who can be surprised about their cult-like behavior?

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Livestock that is dependent upon its government and increasingly provides only one "product" and that is VOTES and a politically correct army used for intimidation of free speech. Hate of progressivism is a crime, whereas hate of conservatism is no vice, and violence against it is condoned as a necessary evil.

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In context, the "increased consciousness" idea is coming from E Michael Jones. He's increased my consciousness but what "action" looks like for Tylers is unclear. In reality, only a military coup will bring a dirty fix. This new generation of founding fathers (FF II) will be even more clueless than FF I. The situation is not looking good.

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Trump hit the nail on the head when he mentioned joblessness to the reporters whom of course ignored that since they are all intent on blaming some group "white supramacists" and "oppression" and so on as the problem.The media fight to ignore the disastrous Obamacare, failures of Obama's foreign policies, Crooked Clinton, soaring inner city crime, illegals, and so on as any part of the cause of all these societal problems.Odd there was almost no reaction to Obama's refusel to condemn BLM when they killed all those police and his lame statement after Obama's muzlim terrorist slaughtered over 50 gays in Orlando.I'm beginning to think the media is biased and hates middle class America with a passion while praising totalitarian commie dictators like Stalin, Pol Pot and Meeow.

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wasn't this cunt krieger harping about the 'dirtbag left' as some kind of wonder group to get behind..  whata total toolface loony bin this guy lives in..  now waking up to antifa and still trying to wave a finger at Trump stick your finger up your ass till you smell it fucknit

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The message is right on.  I don't know what to make of it, but as long as at least one other person thinks they see the same thing?  Then I'm not completely crazy, and I'm still better off than most democrats 

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"if we can get 10% of the population to center around a yellow second-tier level of thought, which consists of a momentous leap in consciousness, the entire world will change for the better."

Mike, you and Wilber forgot one key ingredient here:
" if those 10% come to realize they really are 10% and not just 1-2% as the MSM makes them believe..."

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Can we speak simple truth about what is happening? We have been in a depression for about ten years now, real unemployment is around 23% (see and depressions drive people crazy. We're now at the point where people are starting to lose their ability to respond rationally to what is going on around them, it's what happens when people suffer too much for too long.

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"If in your disgust with Trump..."

Sorry, are you assuming that everyone in the country is "disgusted" with Trump??? You are part of the fucking problem, asshole! Go fuck yourself! Trump gave the MSM an epic ass-kicking yesterday. It was ALL the truth. What part of any of that did you find distasteful??? So, you have a problem with the TRUTH? Truth to power! Isn't that the Socialist battle cry? Just made a note to never visit this cumstains blog. What a fucking tool. And you seem as though you don't want to "pick a side", but want to split off into your own little hidey hole. Pick a side, asshole! Otherwise, I can assume what side you're on.