"The Maduro Diet" - Venezuelans Suffer Drastic Weight Loss As Hunger Crisis Strikes

Shortages are becoming ever more severe in Venezuela. As Deutsche Welle reports, according to the World Health Organization, hospitals lack 95% of necessary medicines. Many people are undernourished and they receive no help from the government.

"An estimated 75% of Venezuelans lost at least 10 kilos last year because there is not enough food to go around... people here call it 'The Maduro Diet'...


"When we say people are eating from the garbage, we are not joing, it's our reality... people don't have enough to eat."

Furthermore, a lack of food and basic services is also creating an education crisis with more than 1 million children no longer attending school due to a lack of food, running water and/or electricity.

About 30 percent of students who now stay home do not attend school because of water problems at home or on campus, 22 percent do not attend because of electricity blackouts and 15 percent do not attend due to school strikes, the survey found.


About 10 percent said a lack of food at home or in school was the reason for their absence. The survey said those in that category are considered among the poorest who previously never skipped school because they did not have food at home.

Of course, the failure of Venezuela's socialist utopia likely means that civil war is all but inevitable at some point in the future absent a quick doubling of crude prices...


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Where there is a will there is a way.  For example, here in the US, lots of crimes are committed in "gun free zones", places where gun laws are extremely strict (see France), etc, etc.Guns can be stolen and brought into the country, very, very easily.  An "experienced" person can think outside the box.

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Ironic (deliberate?) that you call yourself "WakeUpPeeeeople," when that comment could only come from another sleeper.Turn off the TV and do some research.  (Suggestion: talk to some real Venezuelans.) You're witnessing symptoms of the same formula that brought us Ukraine, Libya, Yemen, Vietnam, Iraq, etc... ...AND THE WORLD IS GETTING RATHER TIRED OF IT.......AND THE SAME CRISIS-CREATING PSYCHOPATHS ARE NOW TURNING THEIR ATTENTION UPON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE......SO WHEN YOUR COLLAPSE COMES, LOOK FOR SYMPATHY IN THE DICTIONARY BETWEEN 'SHIT' AND 'SYPHILUS.'

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That was chavez, and he actually lost one referendum once, then ordered a repeat which he won. Maduro only won one election and has since dissolved congress (which the opposition won in democratic elections), jailed about 15 mayors and governors and hand picked their sucessors. The current governor of Barinas state for instance was not elected by the people, but designated by Maduro.He also cancelled the elections for mayors and state governors. They will supposedly take place later this year, 2 years late.

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i guess you know why they are begging for it to happen. for the others i'll make a small resumé : when you have no libery, no free speech, you want someone,  to think for you, to make your program for yourself.this is exaclty the situation of the working "tyranies" in middle east that contained population and make thoses countries working. the moment you let them with some freedom & democracy, shit happens.  i read recently about royalists in EU, in some way you can understand why they are wanting a roll back to this method of governance. officialize the dictatorship,  free food for the snowflakes, but the 1st who mess around get suppressed instantly, for the pleasure of the quieteful plebe. the only way to maintain a population that is going crazy because of the loose of control is a dictatorship with serious death penalties to calm down the excited and make them all walk in line.we are going to experiment it again in modern democracies because you cannot contain people freely when the anchors of civilization get wiped for commercial usings. that is exactly the path of the end of the slavery. you gave freedom, total loose of control, they act wild and stupid all day long.

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Maybe we can send all the white liberals there to serve as food for the hungry Venezuelans.It is the ultimate way of checking white priviledge.Also, Jews are white, so you kikes have to go too.

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I really hope we don't get involved until 3 years in the civil war and the UN is begging the US to step in. I would even then veto any resolution to get involved until the senators all publicly denounced communism and socialism.

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Lack of food...now see!In socialist authoritarianism utopias it always balances itself out! No food means you need less toilet paper comrades! The Marxists really do think of everything!(Sigh)

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There we go!!  Count on the whiteboy genocider nmewn to continue pimping the Toilet Paper Revolution long after even ZeroHedge has given up the ghost.Your MUD fascists LOST... again.  And they'll keep losing.  Meanwhile, you'll keep sucking off Uncle Sam, hoping for a coup.

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Some Venezuelan soldiers were seen in neighboring Guyana begging for food. The end is near if they can't even keep their army well fed. I'm just surprised that Maduro hasn't caught a bullet yet. How long are they going to starve before doing something?

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Sucks you can't even take us dollars down there and enjoy the show, because they would probably kill you for them.  usually when times get hard they start treating the tourists a little better, or pretend to anyway.

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My experience regarding gringo tourists, as a venezuelan, is that they never came to Venezuela in big numbers and the ones that did were treated like royalty and it wasnt all about their dollars. You see, venezuelans live under a cultural caste system and instinctively classify people as being either "above" or "below" them, like the japanese do, and in their social totem gringos come on top. They secretely idolize gringos and cant avoid blushing and getting friendly in their presence.It doesnt last tho, but its fairly normal for them to treat gringos, and most white tourists, better than they treat each other. Sort of like hindus. They also treat people "below them" like garbage, though never as bad as saudis treat philipinos.

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They have been writing this shit on Venezuela for more than a decade!  They shit on democracy, pimp for a fascist coup bankrolled by Uncle Sam, and pretend that the problem is anything other than an international capitalist order that is putting the screws to one of the few nations with the temerity to act in their own self-interest.After they stole the continent and genocided the inhabitants, white european capitalist greedheads have plundered it for 500 years.But we'll ignore that part of history.  GO COUP!

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