"No One Gave Peace A Chance, Including The Police" - John Whitehead Warns "We're Walking A Dangerous Road"

Authored by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute,

No wrongs have ever been righted by riots and civil disorders.” — Robert F. Kennedy

Let’s be clear about one thing: no one—not the armed, violent, militant protesters nor the police—gave peace a chance during the August 12 demonstrations in Charlottesville, Va.

What should have been an exercise in free speech quickly became a brawl.

It’s not about who threw the first punch or the first smoke bomb.

It’s not about which faction outshouted the other, or which side perpetrated more violence, or even which group can claim to be the greater victim.

One young woman is dead because of the hate, violence, intolerance, racism and partisanship that is tearing this country apart, and it has to stop.

Lawful, peaceful, nonviolent First Amendment activity did not kill Heather Heyer.

She was killed by a 20-year-old Neo-Nazi who drove his car into a crowd of pedestrians in Charlottesville, Va.

Words, no matter how distasteful or disagreeable, did not turn what should have been an exercise in free speech into a brawl.

That was accomplished by militant protesters on both sides of the debate who arrived at what should have been a nonviolent protest armed with sticks and guns, bleach bottles, balloons filled with feces and urine and improvised flamethrowers, and by the law enforcement agencies who stood by and allowed it.

As the New York Times reported, “Protesters began to mace one another, throwing water bottles and urine-filled balloons — some of which hit reporters — and beating each other with flagpoles, clubs and makeshift weapons. Before long, the downtown area was a melee. People were ducking and covering with a constant stream of projectiles whizzing by our faces, and the air was filled with the sounds of fists and sticks against flesh.”

The madness is spreading.

People I know—good, decent people who value equality, reject racism, and believe strongly in tolerance—in their grief and dismay and disgust, threatened violence, acted like a mob, and adopted similarly violent, intolerant, disorderly tactics as those they claim to oppose.


Those who defend free speech were castigated by those who believe that only certain views should be allowed to be heard.


Those who cling to nonviolence were outnumbered by angry mobs intent on inciting violence.


Those who normally advocate a message of tolerance gave into the temptation to spew hate and intolerance.

The Rutherford Institute and the ACLU, two organizations who repeatedly stand up for the Constitution and the rights of all people—no matter how disagreeable their views may be—have been cursed at, denounced and threatened with violence for daring to remind government officials (and members of the community) that the First Amendment applies to all people equally.

We are walking a dangerous road.

And then there’s the role police are supposed to play in upholding the law and preventing violence.

It’s a thankless job most of the time, and police must walk a fine line between respecting peaceful First Amendment activity and maintaining the peace, while not overstepping the limits of the Fourth Amendment.

For whatever reason—which only the police and government officials are privy to—the police failed to do their job at the Charlottesville demonstration, a charge levied by both the Alt Right and the counterdemonstrators.

Despite the fact that 1,000 first responders (including 300 state police troopers and members of the National Guard)—many of whom had been preparing for the downtown rally for months—had been called on to work the event, despite the fact that police in riot gear surrounded Emancipation Park on three sides, and despite the fact that Charlottesville had had what reporter David Graham referred to as “a dress rehearsal of sorts” a month earlier when 30 members of the Ku Klux Klan were confronted by 1000 counterprotesters, police failed to do their jobs.

In fact, as the Washington Post reports, police “seemed to watch as groups beat each other with sticks and bludgeoned one another with shields… At one point, police appeared to retreat and then watch the beatings before eventually moving in to end the free-for-all, make arrests and tend to the injured.”

So what should the police have done differently?

For starters, the police should have established clear boundaries—buffer zones—between the warring groups of protesters and safeguarded the permit zones.

Instead, as eyewitness accounts indicate, police established two entrances into the permit areas of the park and created barriers “guiding rallygoers single-file into the park” past lines of white nationalists and antifa counterprotesters.

There were other models that could have been followed.

As investigative reporter Sarah Posner notes, “At a neo-Nazi rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, just days before the November election, police employed this tactic with success – while the rally attendees and anti-fascist protesters taunted each other over a barrier of police, they were blocked from coming into physical contact.

In Cleveland, the site of the GOP presidential convention, “Trump diehards, Revolutionary Communists, Wobblies, and Alex Jones disciples” faced off in a downtown plaza. Yet as The Atlantic reports, “Just as confrontations between the groups seemed near to getting out of hand, police swooped into the square in huge numbers, using bicycles to create cordons between rival factions. The threat of violence soon passed, and no pepper spray or tear gas was needed.”

For that matter, consider that Charlottesville police established clear boundaries just a month earlier in which they maintained clear lines of demarcation at all times between KKK protesters and counterprotesters.

The question, as always, is where do we go from here?

It’s a question that Martin Luther King Jr. wrestled with and addressed in the last book he wrote before his assassination, Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?

As King pointed out repeatedly, hate begets hate. Violence begets violence.

And as I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, tyranny begets tyranny.

The lesson for all of us is this: remember, when you strip away the politics and the class warfare and the skin color and the religious ideology and the gender differences and the sexual orientation and anything else that can be used as a source of division, remember that underneath it all, we are all the same.

As Nelson Mandela recognized, “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”


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The literal traitors and seditionists, being led by (((the kabbal/cabal))) are NEVER, EVER going to stop, until our nation is in literal ruins, and THAT, Ladies and Gentlemen, is planned for ALL OF OUR NATIONS OF "THE WEST", as (((they))) said that (((they))) were going to do, TIME AND TIME AND TIME AND TIME AND TIME, AGAIN. Just research "The Kalergi Plan", and see for yourselves what these demons walking-on-two-legs said that they were going to do, AND ARE, OPENLY, DOING, NOW. Lindsey

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THE TRUTH IS ALWAYS GOING TO BE THE TRUTH, FOLKS: This is video showing how the Blacks and (((antifa))) attacked the PEACEFUL White demonstrators, WITH BATS, AND OTHER WEAPONS, and that it was THEY!!! whom were the ones not only starting the violence, but openly taunting the police to dare to do anything to stop them:  http://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/6togcn/massive_cover_up_yout... Here is a YouTube-ADL video, from 2014, showing the demonstration-leader/organizer, (((jason kessler))), when he was an anarchist, anti-Christian, and ANTI-WHITE, reciting a poem that he wrote, entitled, "White Devils", whimsically demeaning Whites whom brought civilization to the spear-chuckers and mud-hut-dwellers:  http://youtu.be/kOnQoZlmDLs You people can make-up-your-minds as to what (((jason kessler's))) job and purpose was, but I am absolutely convinced that he was the typical (((infiltrator))), who probably knew what was going to happen, and I TRULY BELIEVE led the PEACEFUL White demonstrators into the trap that we all saw, and especially can be seen in that video, above. Do you, all, remember (((Frank Collin))), AKA, by his REAL name, (((Frank Cohen))), who pretended to be a neo-NAZI, leading-the-charge in Skokie, Illinois, only to have all-Hell-break-loose, and create-the-catalyst for the crack-down against Whites exercising their freedom-of-speech, and -of-assembly?  Yeah... (((EVERY)))(((FUCKING)))(((TIME))), there (((they))) are. Lindsey   

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(((THEY))) became the Bolsheviks and destroyed Russia.
(((THEY))) stole Palestine and destroyed the Middle East.
(((THEY))) took over the DEM and destroyed it.
(((THEY))) became the neocons that are destroying the REP.
(((THEY))) took over the FED and destroyed the US Dollar.
(((THEY))) took over Hollywood and destroyed our culture.
(((THEY))) took over Congress and are destroying America.

The saga WILL NOT stop. It's the ANTI-CHRIST spirit.

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As Nelson Mandela recognized, “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” Your baby is a little bit racist, science says

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A bit of reflection gleans that "nazism", "alt-right", "fascism" and other media-labeled "extreme right wing" movements are an effect... not a cause.  The insantiy and unnatural ideology of the Left that we have been forced to swallow for the past 3 generations is now starting to reap the whirlwind.  Of course, their (((cheerleaders))) in the MSM will fawn all over the antifa and other commie thugs and ever refer to the white man as the evil bigoted hater.  This is to be expected from liars.  Most of the people at that rally just want a homogeneous living space fully under their sovereign control where they can live their natural culture and glorify in their rich heritage - WITHOUT the guilt, lies and other destructive influences flung from the eternal nation wreckers.  The fact that (((they))) are now shutting down websites that call them out, while cutting their ability to fund themselves just shows how desparate they are to keep the lid on their crumbling lies.  This will only get worse and civil war may be inevitable.  But, whatever the outcome, we must NEVER FORGET the source of all of this unnecessary suffering.  It has a name - talmudism.

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First, let's be clear-- Kessler isn't a Jew. He doesn't hide that fact that he was, up until recently, a shitlib, but then again a surprising number of Alt-Righters were Obama supporters even as recently as a few years ago, until they got red-pilled.As far as the author of the article is concerned, I'll start with something nice to say. He gets exactly one thing right, which is more than the entire MSM--the police were both venal and incompetent on Saturday.Now, let's get to all the shit that this assclown gets wrong. Let's start with an accurate characterization of the two sides: on one side, you had degenerate Antifa scum and deranged BLM thugs--who had no permit or legal authority to assemble there--armed with a wide array of offensive weapons ranging from bags of feces and balloons full of urine, to chemical weapons like mace, bleach, and acid (Alt-right celebrity Baked Alaska is now partially blind from an acid attack to his face), to impact weapons like steel bars, baseball bats, crowbars, hammers, water bottles filled with cement, and even aerosol-can flamethrowers (yes there are pictures). The Unite the Right men, who came to Lee Park that day to exercise their constitutional rights to free assembly and free speech, and had all the proper permits and legal authority to do so, knew what they were up against thanks to their previous dealings with deranged antifa/BLM filth, and came suitably prepared with helmets, shields, and of course their fists, which are indeed lethal weapons made of iron and justice.Next, Whitehead describes the order of battle completely wrong. Right from the start, the police displayed their treachery, limiting access to the park and funneling the Unite the Right men in via a few bottlenecks, which escalated tensions and subjected them to antifa attack even before they got into the park grounds. Then, once the Unite the Right men were assembled and anticipating the event's kickoff at noon, the Mayor and the Governor sprang their shitty little trap. Whitehead fails to mention that just 24 hours before, the City had attempted to revoke the UTR's legal permit on a flimsly pretext. UTR immediately went to court, and a federal judge upheld their right to assemble the next day. Having been foiled in their plan, the vengeful Mayor and Governor conspired with the Chief of Police to make a mockery of the law. Just after noon, as the speakers were attempting to take the stage, and the UTR crowd had been carefully penned in by riot police who had suddenly materialized, the police suddenly announced that the fully-permitted and legally-sanctioned assembly was an "unlawful assembly", and proceeded to herd the Unite the Right men out through one narrow park exit, forcing them past a guantlet of rabid, seething, deranged communists and black agitators. Pelted by dangerous chemicals, heavy objects, bats, and clubs, hundreds of Unite the Right men were injured--some, severely-- as they attempted to escape the insane, screaming mob of lunatics...and every step of the way, the police stood back and watched it all happen, doing virtually nothing to manage the unruly mob of leftist lunatics. Finally, after navigating through the barricaded streets, surrounded and attacked by leftist scum, the UTR men escaped. By one o'clock, the UTR was out of town, with the streets left in the hands of antifa, who proceeded to run wild. When James Fields' car was attacked later that afternoon, and he panicked and accelerated into a crowd of leftist lunatics who were illegally occupying the streets, he was virtually the only white man left in the vicinity of Lee Park.Anybody who won't admit that this whole thing was a setup is either stupid or lying. The Governor, Terry McAuliffe, is a walking shitstain, and a well-known associate of the Clinton Crime Family. This arrogant, venal douchebag, along with his toady, the (((Mayor))) of Charlottesville, conspired to foster mayhem and violence in order to further his treasonous political ends. All he managed to accomplish was to get an unfortunate young cat lady run over by a panicked young man, and two State Police officers killed in a needless helicopter crash. Now, as the leftist media sings their shitty lies out of their tired old songbook, and Congressional leadership cucks and clucks like a bunch of toothless old pederasts, the country is slipping over the edge. Thank God that Donald Trump is standing up to these traitorous jackasses who make a mockery of the law and the constitution. We elected Trump to drain the swamp, and he needs our support now more than ever. Don't believe the media lies, discover the truth for yourself. You can find the leaders of the event giving their side of the story here, because you sure won't find it in the media as they simply refuse to interview anyone associated with the event for fear of the truth actually getting out: https://therightstuff.biz/2017/08/13/the-daily-shoah-179-episode-gvf111…, https://therightstuff.biz/2017/08/14/the-daily-shoah-180-the-weekly-sho… , https://therightstuff.biz/2017/08/15/the-daily-shoah-181-dot-wang/ 

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I think it's pathetic.Anyone who participated in this goonfest--on either side--deserves the America that's coming.  A small minority of idiots playing right into the hands of the controlling cabal are providing the cover needed usher in the final phase of the open air global prison being customed fashioned for everyone.GREAT WORK, GUYS!I am Chumbawamba.

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Right on the mark Looking Up....."The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?"  (Jeremiah 17:9 KJV)Man continues in his "fallen" state as a result of the curse, and as we get closer to HIS return, we also know that evil men "will wax worse and worse"There is NO hope for the condition of the human heart outside of the transformative power of the Holy Spirit, and this will continue to be my prayer---that every wayward soul will yield to the prompting of Spirit and and lead an exemplary life of kindness to their neighbor, and love for the breathern...

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AND the liberal MSM would like you to believe that the Dems are not the party of racism in the U.S.Hillary's mentor, who she has praised repeatedly, was Byrd who was a leading member of the KKK.The Dems have long been the party that fought against the civil rights act. Another Hillary mentor, Fulbright fought it long and hard.The Dem party was the home of racists from the southern states going back to the end of the Civil War.The Dems have a long history of conning black and other minority voters....promise them anything and deliver nothing, as we recently have seen under Obama.http://thefederalist.com/2016/09/19/why-is-hillary-clinton-still-honori…  

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The temperature’s rising!!They say a lobster will try and jump out of a pot of boiling water if placed directly into it, but won’t notice the slowly increasing temperature if placed into the pot of water prior to heating. I’ve never cooked a lobster so I don’t know for sure, but it makes a great analogy for what we see today.A little self-awareness (or self-actualisation, realisation etc) is very helpful in giving us perspective; this ability of ours to view our actions (and our thought processes) in a detached, dispassionate manner.Also, as we get older, we can either get wrapped up in the action at the ever present moment called now, or we can notice the way things have changed so much over the years. The nonsense we see going on today, would have been extraordinarily hard to envision happening anywhere other than the big screen just 15 or 20 years ago, yet here we are.It’s so, so sad to see so many of our populations being led up the garden path of the “reality” that is provided them by the mainstream media. The world itself is no longer reality for them, it’s the news feed they read and watch that is their reality.Political correctness is the foundation of it all. The form of self-censorship that not only encourages one to conform to “their” normal, but also provides a justification for their demand not to be offended. In essence, they buy into it to make their own lives easier, more comfortable. But forgive them, for they know not what they do (and it was our generation that inflicted it upon them, either by action or inaction).The only peaceful way for this to resolve itself is, for those who have either bought into it, or brought up into it, to wake up, before the temperature starts getting a little too uncomfortable. To recognise that those on both sides of the fence are being played for fools by a power so evil, they think nothing of crashing planes into buildings, or kicking off nuclear war to create situations and circumstances that further their agenda and progress towards their goal.The DNC took a leaf out of their book when they staged media friendly protests, altercations and violence during the presidential elections, as was so eloquently captured in the Project Veritas videos. The media, obviously, are fully paid up members of this agenda. They’ll be there just at the right time to film their crisis actors, thugs etc for the evening’s news to distort our impression of reality. But they are only doing the bidding of another.And now, with the war on "fake" news progressing at breakneck speed, the war on cash progressing quietly but steadily, they really do have the end in sight. These evil bastards do the same as the amateurish DNC, only much more professionally, and on a planetary scale. They’re pulling not only our strings, but the strings of governments around the world, and if you want to see evidence of their contrived manipulations, you could do much worse than look at the improbable events that have occurred in the Middle East over the last 20 years. I only hope that the victims of their machinations wake up before their goose is well and truly cooked (to mix a metaphor, true fusion cooking ;-)

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"Lawful, peaceful, nonviolent First Amendment activity did not kill Heather Heyer."No, Heather Heyer died at the hands of Governor Terry McAuliffe for ordering the cops to stand down and the cops for doing it.  

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This the thing, once they stop people from free speech like this, they will go after the next..and then the next. Soon.. if I or anyone else say Jesus is the way, They will have any one of us in jail."First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me." Pastor Martin Niemöller