Why Was This 'Crowd Hire' Company Recruiting $25 An Hour 'Political Activists' In Charlotte Last Week?

Trump ignited a political firestorm yesterday during an impromptu press conference in which he said there was "blame on both sides" for the tragic events that occurred in Charlottesville over the weekend.   

Now, the discovery of a craigslist ad posted last Monday, almost a full week before the Charlottesville protests, is raising new questions over whether paid protesters were sourced by a Los Angeles based "public relations firm specializing in innovative events" to serve as agitators in counterprotests.

The ad was posted by a company called "Crowds on Demand" and offered $25 per hour to "actors and photographers" to participate in events in the "Charlotte, NC area."  While the ad didn't explicitly define a role to be filled by its crowd of "actors and photographers" it did ask applicants to comment on whether they were "ok with participating in peaceful protests."  Here is the text from the ad:

Actors and Photographers Wanted in Charlotte


Crowds on Demand, a Los Angeles-based Public Relations firm specializing in innovative events, is looking for enthusiastic actors and photographers in the Charlotte, NC area to participate in our events. Our events include everything from rallies to protests to corporate PR stunts to celebrity scenes. The biggest qualification is enthusiasm, a "can-do" spirit. Pay will vary by event but typically is $25+ per hour plus reimbursements for gas/parking/Uber/public transit.


For more information about us, please visit www.crowdsondemand.com


If you're interested in working with us, please reply to this posting with the following info:

  • Full Name
  • Prior relevant experience (as an actor/performer, photographer, brand ambassador, political activist, etc)
  • When are you usually available for work?
  • Resume (optional)
  • If you're a photographer, what equipment do you use?
  • Are you ok with participating in peaceful protests (optional)?

And a screenshot of the original post:



So what is "Crowds on Demand?"  According to their own website, they're in the business of sourcing large crowds of people to "provide clients with protests, rallies, [and] flash-mobs" all over the country.  They even have an entire page on their website dedicated to "Protests and Rallies."

Are you looking to create a buzz anywhere in the United States? At Crowds on Demand, we provide our clients with protests, rallies, flash-mobs, paparazzi events and other inventive PR stunts. These services are available across the country in every major U.S city, every major U.S metro area and even most smaller cities as well. We provide everything including the people, the materials and even the ideas. You can come to us with a specific plan of action and we can make it happen. OR, you can approach us with a general  idea and we can help you plan the strategy then execute it.


We’ve made campaigns involving hundreds of people come to action in just days. We have a proven record of delivering major wins on even the toughest campaigns and delivering phenomenal experiences with even the most logistically challenging events.

The CEO of Crowds on Demand denied to Snopes that his firm was involved in the Charlottesville protests but refused to provide details on the specific purpose of the craigslist ad and/or why it was temporarily removed yesterday before being restored.

"We were not involved in any capacity with the recent tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those impacted by the violence"

Silly question, but if your cause is worthy of protest then why would you need to pay $25 per hour to get people to show up?


Steve40th396 Aug 19, 2017 11:38 AM Permalink

If this company is valid, and had something to do with the protest etc, then the DOJ and FBI should be able to dig further into it.And yes, i know Charlotte is a couple to a few hrs from Charolttesville. But, if ya need a crowd,, go put the ad somewhere where there are lots of people doing nothing.

InternetToughGuy Aug 18, 2017 12:24 AM Permalink

The Charlottesville car attack was another (((HOAX)))There was a movie set and there were numerous takes. With big crowds on set there are always continuity problems and this is no exception. Reality doesn't have continuity problems.

Moving and Grooving Aug 17, 2017 6:13 PM Permalink

' why would you need to pay $25 per hour to get people to show up?' Answer - to get the 'right' kind of people, the kind that know 'what to do' without being told, to lure the event sponsors and their supporters into fighting back, conveniently recorded by 'photographers', also paid heavily, to 'make a record' of it. Got it. Total, corrupt, bullshit from the progressive left Blatant attempt to overturn the US government. Foreign agitator, Mr Soros, spending heavily to support the cause. And the US government, and its Judicial system, does. absolutely. nothing. They have themselves to blame for the outcome - they are afraid. Maybe the donations, graft, and bribery will stop. Maybe the blackmailers will demand more, always more. Maybe the voters are waking up. They sleep poorly.

A revolution lost Aug 17, 2017 5:56 PM Permalink

Maybe AG Sessions will be able to connect the dots that have been laid out in front of him.  Subpoena their records and find out who they had contracted with and who was providing the cash.  If they don't cooperate lock them up.  This was a setup that went bad when some one died.

BP_in_FL Aug 17, 2017 10:54 AM Permalink

Soros is standing up armed and organized factions to bring violence to Americans.  It's time to declare him a terrorist and freeze his assets in the US.

aldol11 (not verified) Aug 17, 2017 9:42 AM Permalink

need to find funding sources and cut them off as they are likely to be government ( i'e': tax) money

hootowl Aug 17, 2017 9:32 AM Permalink

The leftist socialist/fascist/anarchist destroyers that are funding these groups of useful idiots should be found and prosecuted and pay for all the damage these useful idiot hirelings perpetrate......and the hirelings should also be held financially and criminally accountable for their behavior as well. However it is apparent that the local and state politicians, federal law enforcement, judicial, and prosecutorial people that are supposed to protect us, our families, and our property have been co-opted by the dark side and are now a large part of the anarchist cadre of perpetrators.  The ruling American populace has been denuded of moral fiber and lost its collective soul to the dark side. We are caught in a societal, involutional, degenerational moral vortex that does not bode well for our long-term survival as a self-governing people.  If you don't perceive and understand that, you are part of the problem.

Expat Aug 17, 2017 9:15 AM Permalink

I love it when stupidity, ignorance, racism, and right-wing assholery come together in one beautiful moment.All I can say is that I think Trump should have called this company for his inauguration.

BigDawgz Aug 17, 2017 8:26 AM Permalink

I saw a video on YouTube...I think it was on Next News Network...of one of the snowflakes that's been "protesting" outside Trump Towers this week.  The cops very nicely tried to move them on but this chick starts mouthing off and using some incredibly foul language at the cops.  They continue to be extremely nice, non-threatening & then the snowflake has a meltdown and tearfully asks the one cop, "Why are you doing this?  Why?".  Quite sarcastically he answers, "Because I sold my soul for a badge.". She goes into further meltdown mode and finally the truth pops out of her mouth.  "Why are you doing this?  We're not doing anything wrong.  Why are you doing this?  We're just doing what we were told.".   She probably received 30 lashes when she got back to Snowflake Central for revealing that she/they were hired to be there.

vegan Aug 17, 2017 8:23 AM Permalink

So if someone is hired as a protester, and gets injured while protesting... They're covered under workmans' compensation laws, right? And their "employer" would be liable for failing to provide a safe working environment.

insanelysane Aug 17, 2017 8:17 AM Permalink

Me thinks the writer of this article is geographically challenged.  Charlotte, NC is:1. In North Carolina2. In southern North CarolinaThe protests were in Charlottesville, VA.Charlottesville, VA is:1. In Virginia2. Is a college town that has plenty of liberals.Methinks someone wouldn't need to hire liberals in southern NC and bus them up to Virginia.Just doesn't seem sane.

Mike Rotsch Aug 17, 2017 6:41 AM Permalink

I'll tell you why. . . . . . all of you are over here focusing on this company hiring the libtards.  But in reality, that company HIRED THE WHITE SUPREMACISTS!  

RevIdahoSpud3 Aug 17, 2017 3:02 AM Permalink

Shouldn't these false-flag staged events be color coded like post 9-11. Orange, blue, red, green and fusia? A color could denote how many paid actors were involved in the threat level and by extension would presume a certain segment of a community would be sucked in to respond/react. 

Koba the Dread Aug 17, 2017 1:45 AM Permalink

Why bother to read an article in which the author gets the wrong city in the wrong state in his headline. Is ZH hiring oafs and dolts this summer? Is that a charity thing? Cost saving? Get it right for a change.

ILIKEMITTENS Aug 17, 2017 12:25 AM Permalink

IdiocracyATTENTION! DIPSHITS!Just in case any of you fuckin retards dont get it i will let the cat out of the bag.CHARLOTTE NORTH CAROLINA is a completely different place than CHARLOTTESVILLE VIRGINIA!Youre welcome. Please kill yourselves. Thanx.

Ms No Aug 17, 2017 12:15 AM Permalink

If people go out to these rallies and see some false flag terrorism go down, stop turning in your video to the police.  They always catch the agent they sent out or shoot the person.  What they are trying to do is get rid of evidence that may contradict their story.  You will never see that video again.  They can get it off Utube.  With these latest Operation Frame Whitey incident they asked for everybody's video.  They knew exactly where that car was and they didn't need anybody's video.  If you want to really fuck them up mass publish the video three days later.  If you give them something make copies.  They likely will command you not to publish them though.  People are idiots.