Hot Dog Boy and the Alt Right Light of Day

Alt Right, that amalgam of racists made up of Neo Nazis, Klansmen, white supremacists, assorted Crackers, and ‘fashy’ coiffed metrosexuals, took their Tiki Tour 1939 to Charlottesville in the hope of gaining a greater footprint in society and widen the base of folks able to hear their ‘message’. They got what they wanted, sort of. By the way, the Alt Right PC term for racist is ‘Identitarian’. How sweet! It has been said that there is no such thing as bad publicity, but it is likely some of the Stormtroopers who descended upon C’ville would take exception to that now. In this age of ubiquitous smart phones, everybody is Big Brother. Back in the 1990s the US Military ran commercials where the tag line was ‘An Army of One’. Not even George Orwell, however, could ever have imagined a State of One. Big Brothers, not Big Brother, are everywhere. Folks who were proud Stormtroopers on Friday night, chanting ‘Jews will not replace us’ and that old Nazi favorite ‘Blood and Soil’, turned a little sheepish when they began to get outed. By Saturday websites had sprung up posting video of the march and asking for help identifying the racists so as to engage in a little public shaming. The first casualty was one Cole White, a loser boy who had traveled all the way from Berkeley, CA (go figure) to play race warrior with his foppish bros. Like his brethren, life hadn’t really treated Cole particularly well, and he was marking his cradle-to-grave moment schlepping hot dogs at a fast food joint in the capital of Not Alt-Right. After being outed, Hot Dog Boy lost his job. I’ll bet his travel bill is on a max’d out credit card (unless the Mercers funded it), so just as he undoubtedly blames his dead end job on those who look different than him, he will blame ‘the banksters’ for cancelling his credit card when he misses his payment. Guys like Hot Dog Boy are not known for taking personal responsibility for much of anything. Arno Michaelis, a former white supremacist and now, perhaps, a Neo Cuck---which is Vanilla ISIS’ term for apostates---said in a recent interview that the typical Alt Righty is a guy in a dead end job, unable to get a girlfriend, who grasps on to the hate groups in a desperate way to feel like something other than the loser he is. He is hurting, and needs to blame someone. He might even be in the closet regarding his preferences, which is to say like Alt-Right founder Richard Spencer is reported to be. All that sounds just like Hot Dog Boy. The leadership of Alt Right is well aware of its negative image, and they are trying to rebrand in order to draw in a more affluent and educated crowd, kind of like the way Scientology rebranded itself a few years after its founding to go after wealthy and public people. (The TikiTorch Parade wasn’t really a step in that direction, ending up about as successful as the introduction of New Coke.) Lipstick on a pig, however, is more likely to make an attractive porcine than any attempt to turn Hot Dog Boy into a Rhodes Scholar (even the Cecil Rhodes style, not the pre post-Apartheid version). Forever a sow’s ear, never a silk purse. People such as Richard Spencer even claim that the folks under the Big White Tent are not violent, but just want to make America Christian and melanin free (the irony of non-White Jeebus is lost). Also lost in Spencer’s illogic is how the hundred million plus Americans who happen to be non-white or non-Christians are going to be excised from the lower 48 without violence. Rational people are not fooled. What is so funny about the Alt Right Nazis, KKK and white supremacists is that they love to steal valor. “If it wasn’t for us white people, everybody would still be blah, blah, blah”, as if the Alt Right losers actually had anything to do with anything. I don’t think Hot Dog Boy consulted with the Wright Brothers or Goddard or Jack Kilby or any person who both happened to be successful and white. The average salary of the Tiki Torch Brigade---adjusting for those on SSDI---is likely around minimum wage. They are not setting the world afire, at least figuratively. In contrast to the valor-stealing losers, there are many blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Indians, Muslims, gays, Jews, etc., who have achieved more than every loser in Tiki-torchistan or on this comment board combined. That rubs salt in the open wounds of failure. Then there’s the rejection many of the Alt Righters feel for getting shut out in the mating game. Rather than admit they are unappealing human beings, they fall back on the old tribal standby “They’re stealing our women”, as if the whiteness of the Nazi comes with a deed to all melanin-challenged females. In a video about C’ville produced by Vice TV and available on line, one of the Tiki Torchers rails on Jared Kushner for marrying Strumpetka: “(Trump) gave his daughter to a Jew…and watch that Kushner bastard walking around with that beautiful girl”. The racist slug likes Trump, but faults him for not being racist enough. Yea, if not for Jared, Strumpetka’s loins would ache for the loser racist! The Alt Right crowd, plus most vocal racists here, are buffoons who have achieved nothing in life. Most are barely making ends meet, suffering failing or failed marriages, and not even able to keep their 2nd Amendment skills fresh, because they can’t afford enough ammo. Heaven forbid any of them would blame themselves. It’s easier to blame Da Joos. If you are like Hot Dog Boy and lead a banal existence, guess what? It’s your own damn fault. One could make money betting that Hot Dog Boy was a fucking goof off in school, but is the type who tries to convince himself that if not for the Blacks or Jews or Hispanics, he’d be a leading figure in Silicon Valley or Wall Street or CEO of some manufacturing firm. He probably also tries to convince himself he’d be rolling in dough, sought after by the hottest babes…maybe even taller and in better shape. Delusion. Forget about it, Hot Dog Boy. You are a loser, and it’s your own damn fault. If America suddenly became 100% white Christian tomorrow, guess what? You’d still be a loser, maybe qualified to schlepp hotdogs, but little more. You’re already at apex Hot Dog. Like the old racist baseball executive Al Campanis said, “You lack the necessaries”. Like your fellow travelers, you got the audience now, Hot Dog Boy. What may have slipped your gaze, however, is that the rest of the nation is now mobilized against you, not with you. It is not just antifa; it is most all of America. Sure you’ve got your ARs and AKs and Glocks and Sigs, maybe a Desert Eagle in .50 caliber or an FN FiveseveN. Maybe you’ve got a Mossberg, a Ruger Precision Rifle, an old K31 or Garand. Big deal. Tacticool Ninja Mall Warriors are not the Spartans, not the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, not the 82nd Airborne, and not the SEALS or the agency’s SAC. In their fantasies maybe they are, or when they play dress up and get winded doing ‘militia’ training, farting around the campfire with their fellow play actors. In the real world they are cannon fodder at best, and cowardly Dylann Roofs at worst. The ones who will come at you for your violence, Hot Dog Boy, if it ever comes to it, will be battle hardened, and will have full auto M4s, McMillans, Barretts and Accuracy International sniper rifles in everything from 6.5 Creedmoor, .338 Lapua Magnum and .50 BMG. They’ll have even more lethal weaponry, too, but probably won’t need it. And they will use lethal force, not only because they will be under orders, but also because they hate you. In case you haven’t noticed, the current US Military is about half Black, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, Asian, and Muslim. Some are gay and some are transgender. They blossomed in an environment where all are judged on their skill and work ethic, not their race, faith, preference or identity. They and the Whites have bonded, because they've been through Hell and back together. They are the Army of One-ness. They believe in what America is supposed to be. They took an oath to fight all enemies, foreign and domestic. You are a domestic enemy. Hot Dog Boy and those like him ought to stick to schlepping franks and buns, and accept that societal competition is wide open, with no points handed out simply for being a white male. Bring your A-Game or get relegated to the second division. Maybe in the next life the Hot Dog Boys of the world will get whelped into existence with a better set of ‘necesssaries’.