'Leftist' Meltdowns Continue: Therapists Report Huge Spike In Patients Suffering From "President Trump Stress Disorder"

Authored by Daniel Lang via SHTFplan.com,

There’s only one thing that has been constant throughout the duration of Trump’s presidency, and that is the reaction of the people who oppose him.

Time after time the Left has responded to Trump’s actions and words with unfettered fear, paranoia, and highly publicized meltdowns. His mere presence in the White House seems to leave them hyperventilating, sobbing, and lashing out at anyone dares to support him, or even refuses to denounce him.

Believe it or not, the emotional vulnerability of these people hasn’t improved since he took office earlier this year. The New York Daily News recently interviewed several doctors and therapists around the country, and found that they’ve seen a huge spike in patients who have been freaking out about President Trump. Apparently, these medical professionals are referring to their anxiety as “President Trump Stress Disorder.”

Therapists report that their practices are more robust than ever. Deborah Cooper, a California-based therapist said she can hardly accommodate all of her patients. “I have people I have not seen in literally 30 years that have called me to come back in because of trauma,” she said. “I am more than full. I am overworking.”


She cited Trump’s lackluster condemnation of the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville as one in a string of anxiety-inducing events that are “coming too fast and furious” for her patients — and her practice — to handle.


Clinical psychologist Scott Christnelly said President Trump’s remarks Tuesday serve as confirmation that his patients’ anxiety is well founded. “This is more evidence they should be anxious. There is evidence the anxiety is real, and it’s not just something they are making up,” he said.

The question isn’t whether their pain is real or not. It’s clearly real. It’s a matter of whether or not it’s justified. When Obama was in office, we didn’t see countless conservatives breaking down mentally and losing the ability to function, despite the fact that they were probably just as outraged with Obama as the Left has been with Trump. But what we’re seeing on the Left is an epidemic of mental distress since Trump took office.

“I don’t think I have a patient that has never mentioned it. It’s remarkable,” said Sue Elias, a New York-based psychotherapist.


Elias described a patient raised in a dysfunctional, alcoholic household whose past traumas have been brought to the surface by Trump. Her worries and fears now interfere with her day-to-day functioning.


“This is so triggering for her, the feeling of every day, what is going to happen next,” Elias said. “It has interfered with her work and she is really struggling…”


Talkspace, an online therapy service, also reported three times more traffic than usual in January. Demand for its services remains about one and a half times higher than usual, its founder and CEO Oren Frank told the Daily News.

The article then goes on to give five recommendations from these therapists, for people who are having trouble coping with Trump. They include unplugging from the 24 hour news cycle, getting involved in organizations and political movements they support so that they don’t feel so helpless, exercising, and trying to understand Trump supporters rather than vilifying them. And if all else fails, they recommend therapy.

So in other words, the solution these therapists provided to Leftists who are losing their minds over Trump amount to the following: Get a life, get off your ass, and stop being so close-minded.


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This article highlights something very important.The media today is not designed to provide information, if it ever was.  Today's media is pure emotional rabbit food.  Every article is designed to elicit a response (usually fear) in our primitive brains.Trump's comments are trivial compared to the well-crafted horror story the media has created to be shown as "the world" for these poor sensitive souls.  Turn on your TV, phone, computer, radio, etc, and you will receive two things: overwhelming fear that the world is ending and the message that you must continue to consume the products advertised by those paid to elicit fear in you.  ZeroHedge is absolutely the same in this, please note!  ZeroHedge has the same "Be Afraid!" message that all media now has.I engage far less than I used to with any media, zh included.  It is a health hazard.  Withdraw if you can.  Especially withdraw emotionally.  Don't allow yourself to be triggered.  Reacting emotionally can actually be controlled.  You will be rewarded enormously for work put into this effort.

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Jessica6 SofaPapa Fri, 08/18/2017 - 09:08 Permalink

To be fair, once upon a time people had parents.

Their mums made them a priority, not their job at least in the early years and dads may have been less involved but were at least present as an authority figure.

Now they're all shuffled between daycare, activities and scheduled 'quality time'. Every conceivable material good, but they spend more time with gadgets than real live people. Children under 5 spend the equivalent of an entire day every week in front of the idiot box.

The end result of this life of alternating neglect and intensive but short-lived parental attention has created these monsters.

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Time to add 'Triggering' to my list of no-more-uttering-in-public made up words which includes but is not limited to: EnvironmentalismEco-(friendly)DiversityInclusionSustainableBio (fill in the blank)Climate Change/Warming/Cooling/Whatever-I-think-it's-going-to-do-todaySafe Spaces/House/AreaUniversity Professor (tenured)Organic~~~~And own, and own, and own.

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The Jaguar order66 Thu, 08/17/2017 - 16:49 Permalink

As I have said many times on here and repeat again, this is Trumps strategy. As soon as one outrage dies down, hit them with another. They are distracted and in disarray, plus they are emotionally drained and incapable of fighting back other than unstable hysterics. It is working folks, while under the surface Trump is working towards the goals we elected him to achieve.

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The literal traitors and seditionists, being led by (((the kabbal/cabal))) are NEVER, EVER going to stop, until our nation is in literal ruins, and THAT, Ladies and Gentlemen, is planned for ALL OF OUR NATIONS OF "THE WEST", as (((they))) said that (((they))) were going to do, TIME AND TIME AND TIME AND TIME AND TIME, AGAIN. Just research "The Kalergi Plan", and see for yourselves what these demons walking-on-two-legs said that they were going to do, AND ARE, OPENLY, DOING, NOW. Lindsey

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This is not my comment, but because it is such an impressive, and succinct, pearl-of-wisdom, I have appropriated it to share with people whom would not see it, if I did not post/promote it: (((THEY))) became the Bolsheviks and destroyed Russia.(((THEY))) stole Palestine and destroyed the Middle East.(((THEY))) took over the DEM and destroyed it.(((THEY))) became the neocons that are destroying the REP.(((THEY))) took over the FED and destroyed the US Dollar.(((THEY))) took over Hollywood and destroyed our culture.(((THEY))) took over Congress and are destroying America.The saga WILL NOT stop. It's the ANTI-CHRIST spirit. Facts are facts, Ladies and Gentlemen, and the sooner that EVERYONE under-assault by the malefactors appreciates what is happening, the sooner that things will have ANY semblance-of-hope of improving. Lindsey

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This is video showing how the Blacks and (((antifa))) attacked the PEACEFUL White demonstrators, WITH BATS, AND OTHER WEAPONS, and that it was THEY!!! whom were the ones not only starting the violence, but openly taunting the police to dare to do anything to stop them:  http://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/6togcn/massive_cover_up_yout... Here is a YouTube-ADL video, from 2014, showing the demonstration-leader/organizer, (((jason kessler))), when he was an anarchist, anti-Christian, and ANTI-WHITE, reciting a poem that he wrote, entitled, "White Devils", whimsically demeaning Whites whom brought civilization to the spear-chuckers and mud-hut-dwellers:  http://youtu.be/kOnQoZlmDLs You people can make-up-your-minds as to what (((jason kessler's))) job and purpose was, but I am absolutely convinced that he was the typical (((infiltrator))), who probably knew what was going to happen, and I TRULY BELIEVE led the PEACEFUL White demonstrators into the trap that we all saw, and especially can be seen in that video, above. Do you, all, remember (((Frank Collin))), AKA, by his REAL name, (((Frank Cohen))), who pretended to be a neo-NAZI, leading-the-charge in Skokie, Illinois, only to have all-Hell-break-loose, and create-the-catalyst for the crack-down against Whites exercising their freedom-of-speech, and -of-assembly?  Yeah... (((EVERY)))(((FUCKING)))(((TIME))), there (((they))) are. Lindsey   

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