'Art Of The Deal' Co-Author Slams "Racist" Trump, Says "Endgame Is On, Amazed If He Survives Til Year-End""

Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com,

Tony Schwartz, the man who co-authored Art of the Deal with Donald Trump in 1987, now says that the President will likely resign before the end of the year.

In a series of Tweets earlier this week Schwartz showed his disdain for the President and echoed the sentiments of top Democrats who have claimed that Trump will either be impeached or voluntarily step away from the Presidency:

There seems to be a renewed interest from Democrats who are actively working on articles of impeachment that could lead to the President’s removal from office. And though such a move would require a majority vote in the House of Representatives and two-thirds of the Senate, it appears that many Congressional Republicans are now publicly speaking out against the President, suggesting that such a measure could have legs.

Coupled with an”independent” investigation targeting the President as well as members of his administration and former business partners, it is becoming ever more likely that, as Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robery Kiyosaki recently noted, they are going to find something.

While author Tony Schwartz has an obvious beef to pick with the President and may simply be pandering to the liberal left, the pressure being put on Trump could force him to resign in order to avoid impeachment and/or criminal charges, whether real or imagined.

The war to take out Trump’s closest lieutenants has been raging since before he was even sworn in and will continue until the goals of The Deep State have been accomplished.

As Brandon Smith of Alt Market has warned, Donald Trump may well be first used as a scapegoat by the elite in order to usher in the next phase of crisis and a reorganization of the global order:

I have been warning since long before the election that Trump’s presidency would be the perfect vehicle for central banks and international financiers to divert blame for the economic crisis that would inevitably explode once the Fed moved firmly into interest rate hikes. Every indication since my initial prediction shows that this is the case.


The media was building the foundation of the narrative from the moment Trump won the election. Bloomberg was quick to publish its rather hilariously skewed propaganda on the matter, asserting that Trump was lucky to inherit an economy in ascendance and recovery because of the fiscal ingenuity of Barack Obama. This is of course utter nonsense.


Obama and the Fed have created a zombie economy rotting from the inside out, nothing more. But, as Bloomberg noted rightly, any downturn within the system will indeed be blamed on the Trump administration.


Fortune Magazine, adding to the narrative, outlined the view that the initial stock rally surrounding Trump’s election win was merely setting the stage for a surprise market crash.


I continue to go one further than the mainstream media and say that the Trump administration is a giant cement shoe designed (deliberately) to drag conservatives and conservative principles down into the abyss as we are blamed by association for the financial calamity that will occur on Trump’s watch.

If Smith is correct, and all signs seem to be pointing to such a scenario, Trump will blamed for what will likely be the most epic financial collapse in world history. Once those goals are accomplished, a push to remove him from office may become reality.


Troglodyte Erudite jcaz Fri, 08/18/2017 - 21:52 Permalink

Tony Schwartz destined to be  failure # 477 in an attempt to predict the demise of Trump.  History will carry Tony Schwartz out on a stretcher.  Have these people not learned anything?  Because CEOs, Celebrities, the so called academic elite consider themselves elite above all us normal nobody Americans and think they know better, the failed attempts at calling the end of Trump will continue.  I'll bet a dog turd to $100 and let you hold the stakes in your teeth that far more of the so called elites will be history before Trump will.I'm not racist far left nut and I still support Trump.

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Chauncey Gardener Troglodyte Erudite Sun, 08/20/2017 - 12:29 Permalink

I see you are in the disclaimer mode, a growing trend. Musn't hurt the naysayers' feeeeeeeelings. Anyway, Trump didn't get to where he is in the business world and the Presidency because he's a quitter. All the SJW's need to let that sink in. And, Hillary won't magically be crowned if he gets taken out. It will then be Pence. And, so on...butthurt abounds.

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BarkingCat Implied Violins Sat, 08/19/2017 - 17:51 Permalink

I will continue to buy Aunt Jemima pancake mix.It is the only one I tried that works like it should....Although last time I tried making crapes from scratch and got my too think and tested it for pancakes. They came out perfect.Still, when the choice is between what is on the supermarket shelf, Aunt Jemima pancake mix is really good.

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Son of Loki Vatican_cameo Fri, 08/18/2017 - 20:51 Permalink

Trump only has > 80 million and counting behind him. His strength and popularity and support get stronger by the hour as the dems and alt left get more desperate they will do anything to destroy this nation.We'll see how much urine and feces these lefties can throw in a few months times I suspect things are going to change as Trump creates jobs and re-builds highways and re-negoiates the bad deals HorseFace and Barry dumped USA into.

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Oldwood localsavage Fri, 08/18/2017 - 22:43 Permalink

If we can (and did) believe they could manipulate the election to elect Hillary, why is it not as equally posible that they could manipulate the election for Trump?Not that they would do so because they actually supported Trump's platform and policies, but because it would avoid Hillary (who I believe most truly despised) while putting a "republican" in office to take the fall that few establishment republicans would come to support when shit hit the fan...as it inevitably will.Many of us here (and throughout the nation) support much of the Trump "agenda" such as it is, at best in the hope of a reversal of our collectivist corrupt takeover, and at worst that he simply was not Hillary, but his election was always in doubt, and miraculously as it was, he won without the popular vote AND a cloud of Russian interference strategically placed and unendingly reinforced without a scrap of proof.What the truth is we will never know for sure (they will make sure of that), but we must admit that it is one hell of a setup. They can cripple and eventually remove Trump with half of the republican establishment in applause while pinning the economic shit storm fully on Trump.At this point nothing would surprise me, and while I believe Trump is sincere, he could easily have fell into a trap (as we have as well) believing he has support from the establishment, when in fact he has none, they simply lying and manipulating him into worse and worse scenarios of no escape. At this point every ally that he believed he had coming into the office has failed or abandoned him. He's not stupid and understands where he is at, his vulnerability, and that will drive him towards more bad choices.Let us HOPE.Hope that his supporters outside of office can help himHope that the economy can hold together long enough to burn these fuckers down.

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HenryHall Dode415 Sat, 08/19/2017 - 11:02 Permalink

>> Are you sure he has the full support of the military ? They seem to have completely ignored him on the trans ban and senior people in the military seemed to be tweeting against him after his cock up on Tuesday on white supremacy Well one way Trump can put a stop to impeachment is to find an excuse to declare martial law (eg pursuant to NK explodes a nuke in anger in SK, Japan or Guam) and have the military seal off the perimeter of Wash DC itself and also seal off the approaches to the White House, the Capitol and the Supreme Court thus preventing them from sitting in session. Unable to form a session because half the members are trapped inside the sealed cordons and half outside. And shut down all non-military telecomms.He does need the cooperation of the military which can be bought for 30billion pieces of silver.Of all the USA presidents in the last 100 year I think Trump alone has the guts/lunacy to attempt something like that. Whether he would survive the resulting civil war remains to be seen, but he has history on his side.

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Oldwood SilverRhino Sat, 08/19/2017 - 09:37 Permalink

Trump can't FART and "get away with it". There are NO legal or constitutional actions available to Trump as he will be attacked for doing ANYTHING, and facts or law have NO restraint on these traitorous criminals. HE can't even fire his subordinates without a special prosecutor and forensic investigation of his past.We continue to attack Trump as weak or disingenuous when he has put his life on the line to do this. Sure there are LOTS of things here I am uncomfortable with, but I'm not in his shoes. If we want an honest and rational government and leaders, maybe we should start with ourselves being honest and rational....or is this simply self gratifying masturbation?

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BarkingCat Son of Loki Sat, 08/19/2017 - 17:56 Permalink

These leftists are morons.Trump's base is majorly pissed off at him and would throw him under the bus. However, because these Marxist leftist globalists idiots are attacking him without reason, it makes his bass support him. I sure as hell am pissed off about many things that he has done and has not done that are contrary to what the campaign was about. However  the sad reality is that I will defend whomever the greatest enemy is attacking. These Marxist globalist pukes are the greatest enemy.

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"Trump only has > 80 million and counting behind him. His strength and popularity and support get stronger by the hour as the dems and alt left get more desperate they will do anything to destroy this nation."Another way of describing what you say is that (((the country is polarising))) and people are choosing their side. Just give me an RPG and show me where the alt-left vipers nest is :-)

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'Art Of The Deal' Co-Author Slams "Racist" Trump, Says "Endgame Is On, Amazed If He Survives Til Year-End""My response: We need some GOOD NEWS next week. The last seven days have been a real disappointment as far as NEWS is concerned. Not sure the REPUBLIC can stand much more of the outright evil behavior being displayed by many in the MARXIST PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL LEFT and the "EXTREMISTS".One observation: NO ONE IN THE POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT EVEN UNDERSTANDS THE CONCEPT OF RACISM!!! As far as GOD is concerned, there is one RACE, the HUMAN RACE!

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Oldwood GUS100CORRINA Fri, 08/18/2017 - 23:50 Permalink

It is inevitable that evil will prevail....it always does as it must, because we are human....it's what we do.Evil is the good deal, the something for nothing or at least the illusion of those things. We simply can't resist. We will argue that we deserve the good deal, that people who lose their jobs to cheap imports deserve their fate....they should have been willing to work for Chinese wages. And we will always avoid the fight, the conflict, as long as we ourselves are in doubt, which is what generations of indoctrination of guilt is about....and besides a fight, resistance, typically involves sacrifice, something we just don't do...especially when we are being indoctrinated to believe we are entitled. We have been led into a hell of entitlement and guilt, preying on our deepest held weaknesses. Evil wins again until there is nothing left of our soul to take. Only when we reach bottom will we actually begin to recover.....if we survive

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HenryHall Oldwood Sat, 08/19/2017 - 11:47 Permalink

Amen Brother.No truer words have been written here. As to "if we survive", well we won't. Because the planet is screwed. Fixing climate change is a political scam - because the planet can't be fixed irrespective of whether climate change is human caused or not.  We are well beyond the tipping point of the planet's abrupt and sixth mass extinction, and that includes human life. The means to grow and raise food will inevitably be completely destroyed and this is now unavoidable. Unless perhaps humans can adapt to eating a diet of cockroaches!

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AGuy Quinvarius Fri, 08/18/2017 - 23:22 Permalink

"Dream on."

Impeachment probably isn't far off. He down to six senators preventing impeachment. Trump has too important battles to address in the next three weeks: The Obozocare subsidy and the Budget vote. If he blocks the ObozoCare subsidy, its going to cause insurance premiums to sour as weill as more Healthcare provides pulling out. This is going to piss off a lot of people. If the budget battle go nuclear, its also likely to tip the Senate to move to impeach. Trump may indeed may not have much time left.

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bearwinkle AGuy Sat, 08/19/2017 - 00:16 Permalink

Really, six senators? It would take the house and 19 republican senators plus 100% of the dems (probably no problem there) but all those republicans in the house and senate who voted for this (plus the supreme court justice Roberts who would oversee the trial) would get BTFO in their followng elections or primaries. The repubs would lose the house, the senate and the white house in 2020. Anyone think they are that bold? 

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AGuy bearwinkle Sat, 08/19/2017 - 02:06 Permalink

"It would take the house and 19 republican senators plus 100% of the dems (probably no problem there) "

He has no friends left. I could easly see Ryan & McConnell both press for votes to impeach. They rather deal with Pence.

"The repubs would lose the house, the senate and the white house in 2020."

House and Senate pretty much already lost the Trump supporters at this point over Obozocare Repeal. RNC may choose to impeach quickly, get Pence in and hope that Pence is able to Stabilize and gain traction in time of the Mid terms. I think this make be a do or die: Do they take a gamble on Trump digging a deeper hole, or do they Punt and hope Pence saves their Bacon? I guess we'll know in a few weeks.

I think if Trump causes another public blow up with either the Budget vote, or defund the Obozocare Subsidy, they'll move sooner than later to impeach, so they can punt and retry with Pence.

" Roberts who would oversee the trial"

I don't think it will come to a trial, Trump will just resign and Pence will take over.

As far as 2020, 2016 was weak RNC candidate pick. You had a bunch of second rate hacks, like Cruz, Rubio, etc. Rand Paul would have been a good pick, but the RNC won't support him. The rest were trash.

At this rate lets see if we make it to 2020, If not War with NK, China, Russia. Perhaps a Civil war, economic crisis, Perhaps State Seccession(s)? I think the Rebublic is on death's doorstep.

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not dead yet AGuy Sat, 08/19/2017 - 05:55 Permalink

What the dumb ass repubs that haven't supported Trump, and many are trying to throw him under the bus, fail to realize is the huge Democratic machine thats after Trump will go after them next if Trump is sent packing. United we stand divided we fall says it all but these dumb asses are clueless. These ignorant clowns think when Trump is gone everything will go back to being business as usual. Not. If they can get Trump out the Dems next goal would be to destroy the Republican party and gain back by crook what they couldn't get with votes the last time around. Trump had better wake up to the fact that he is dealing with the lowest form of scum on the planet, politicians, who have no problem getting in the dirt and selling their souls for power even if it destroys the country. Trump needs to get down and dirty and attack, forget the tweets. After Charlottsville he should have gotten all the videos showing violence by the lefties and dindoos and call a press conference and play them for the world to see. Because Trump didn't he lost control of the narrative and the world "knows" Trump is a racist Nazi. The repubs had better wake up because if the Dems and fellow travelers get Trump out it will be like throwing a piece of red meat to a starving dog. The repubs are going to be whats for dinner.

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AGuy not dead yet Sat, 08/19/2017 - 13:03 Permalink

" If they can get Trump out the Dems next goal would be to destroy the Republican party and gain back by crook what they couldn't get with votes the last time around. Trump"

Yup, the issue is that the RNC has been destroying itself for decades. If they had any backbone at all they would have worked, mentored & rallied behind Trump. He's received virtually no support. Thus the RNC is whimpering away into Oblivion.

"The repubs had better wake up"

Not going to happen. If was going to happen, it would have already happened.

"After Charlottsville he should have gotten all the videos showing violence by the lefties and dindoos"

Does not matter, The Media won't show it, and they will mis-represent the truth no matter what. This is a battle that cannot be won. Trump needs to pick the battles he can win, and skip the ones that the Media is going to pounce him into the ground. The more engages with the media it up the worse it will get. He should have keep it short and sweet and focused on more important matters: Jobs, the economy, less war, more peace. He should also take his message to the public, with frequent presidential announcements like Reagan and FDR did. He needs to get his message to the people in a controlled, scripted way. Until he figures this out, its just going to get much worse.

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evildimensions (not verified) Quinvarius Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:00 Permalink

Yeah. I couldn't disagree more with the co-author. Trump is just getting started. It seems to me he's just another pseudo-conservative with cold feet and no spine who is afraid of being tarred by the alt-left brush. And it is a scary brush don't get me wrong. These people can strip you raw. They can have your job taken from you. But it's times like these when we see who has the balls to stick to their principles and who keels over.

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