CalExit 3.0: New Petition Calls For Cali Secession...3rd Time's A Charm?

A new group of CalExit activists are hoping they can secede (see what we did there?) where two predecessor groups failed in efforts to force California's independence from the United States of America.  Ironically, you would think that removing California from the union would be something that Republicans and Democrats could actually agree we remained perplexed as to why this process is proving so difficult.

So, what's their plan?  Well, rather than pursue a ballot measure, which requires 585,407 signatures, the CalExit 3.0 group has petitioned California's Attorney General to call for a Constitutional Convention of the States so they can, among other things, amend the U.S. Constitution to allow for a "clear and reasonable path for individual States to become independent, so that CA can secede, if they so choose."

But, secession isn't all they're after...the CalExit 3.0 group enumerated a litany of Leftist grievances which they would like to address with constitutional's just a couple of our favorites (spelling mistakes below are not ours):

1. Given that "California is - and must always be - a refuge of justice and opportunity for people of all ages, backgrounds and aspirations - regardless of how you look, where you live, what language you speak, or who you love;"


2. Given that the world has changed dramatically since 1787, and over the next Century California will continue to invent the future, be it in Entertainment, IT, Medical discoveries, Environmental Protection, Global Climate Disaster Mitigation, or Civil Rights & Liberties;


3. Given that a Californian's vote has one seventieth the weight of a citizen of Wyoming in the US Senate and has become functionally irrelevant in presidential elections;


5. Given that the US federal govermnent has seen increasing gridlock and citizens across the country feel poorly represented by the federal government;


6. Given that California's government and people increasingly want to chart their own path on issues ranging from - but not limited to - immigration, civil representation and environmental protection and, given the US Constitution expressly designates states as sovereign entities;


20. Given that Californian's believe in the equality and inherent dignity of all persons;


22. Given that California was seized undemocratically and annexed by the US in 1846 in an act of naked imperial aggression;



Not surprisingly, the petition also calls for a whole bunch of very expensive entitlements...

8. Provide free, reliable and safe Universal healthcare for all citizens, regardless of medical history.


9. Provide free, high quality, Universal education.

...but then also calls for Federal taxes to be abolished...

Modify Federal tax law to render Federal taxes negotiable:


1. State tax becomes primary.


2. Federal tax secondary and negotiable, based on the needs of each State - to be determined by each State and the voters.


3. State govermnent negotiates Federal Taxes on its voters, and their respective communities, behalf to fairly and equally represent voters' values and needs, and those of their respective natural environments.

...which we presume means that they're planning to rely on the entitlement fairy?


Here is the full petition filed with the Attonery General's office: