"The Entire Dynamic Has Changed" Far-Right Groups Becoming Increasingly Visible On Campus

The “Unite the Right” rally at the University of Virginia last week was only the beginning...

As far-right groups find fertile ground for recruiting on campus, campuses are bracing for a flood of speaking events and demonstrations organized by white nationalist groups, according to the Associated Press, as many schools have determined that they can't, or at least shouldn't, expel members of hate groups on campus. Leaders of these groups say they will no longer limit their efforts to social media or to flyers posted around campus, but intend to hold public demonstrations to bring the movement “into the sun.”

"It seems like what might have been a little in the shadows has come into full sun, and now it's out there and exposed for everyone to see," said Sue Riseling, a former police chief at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who is executive director of the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators.

As the AP reports, the young men who participated in Saturday’s rally marched through the Univeristy of Virginia’s campus holding torches and chanting racist slogans. Then the next morning some of them suited up with helmets and shields and clashed with counter-protesters, until 20-year-old James Alex Fields drove his car into a group of counterprotesters, killing one and injuring 26. The shift toward white nationalist and other far-right groups operating more openly began last year, when racist flyers popped up on college campuses at an unprecedented rate, according to the Anti-Defamation League. The group counted 161 white supremacist "flyering incidents" on 110 college campuses between September and June.

Nicholas Fuentes

These incidents will likely only become more common as leaders of pro-white groups say it’s a cheap and easy way to gin up media coverage.

“Matthew Heimbach, the 26-year-old leader of the white nationalist Traditionalist Worker Party, admits that dropping leaflets on campuses is a cheap way to generate media coverage.


As a student at Towson University in Maryland, Heimbach made headlines for forming a "White Student Union" and scrawling messages like "white pride" in chalk on campus sidewalks. His college years are behind him, but Heimbach still views colleges as promising venues to expand his group's ranks. College students are running four of his group's chapters, he said.


"The entire dynamic has changed," Heimbach said. ‘I used to be the youngest person at white nationalist meetings by 20 or 30 years.’”

Many colleges are learning first hand that while they can condemn the violence during last weekend’s rally, expelling students because of their membership in a pro-white group would be something of a violation.  

Scores of schools publicly denounced the violence in Virginia this week, including some that learned they enroll students who attended the "Unite the Right" rally.


The University of Nevada, Reno, said it stands against bigotry and racism but concluded there's "no constitutional or legal reason" to expel Peter Cvjetanovic, a 20-year-old student and school employee who attended the rally, as an online petition demanded.


Other schools, including Washington State University, condemned the rally but didn't specifically address their students who attended it.

Campus leaders say they walk a fine line when trying to combat messages from hate groups. Many strive to protect speech even if it's offensive but also recognize hate speech can make students feel unsafe. Some schools have sought to counter extremist messages with town halls and events promoting diversity. Others try to avoid drawing attention to hate speech.

And some schools are simply refusing to dwell on the issue when hate groups spread leaflets around campus, arguing that’s what the extremists want them to do.

“After flyers promoting white supremacy were posted at Purdue University last school year, Purdue President Mitch Daniels refused to dwell on the incident.


"This is a transparent effort to bait people into overreacting, thereby giving a small fringe group attention it does not deserve, and that we decline to do," Daniels said in a statement at the time.”

Nicholas Fuentes, a student who attended the “Unite the Right” rally, said he’d like to transfer to the University of Auburn from Boston University because he believes it will be more tolerant of his right-wing beliefs. “I'm ready to return to my base, return to my roots, to rally the troops and see what I can do down there," Fuentes said in an interview this week.”

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Universities can continue to ban events by conservative speakers who they fear might incite violence, but the message is clear: conservative students will be protected from expulsion at most college campuses, but when it comes to the wrath of their Antifa-loving peers, well, that’s a different question entirely.


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I bet these groups could claim minority status and demand equal treatment...But, unfortunately I doubt they'll be around longOur local state university just updated their student conduct guidelines for the first time in 40 yrs so...

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They're far right because it's the rebellious thing to do.  Gotta love kids.  They find their identity in becoming a part of a "taboo" culture.  In the 60's, drugs, 70's, fucking, and drugs since they were too much fun to only last one decade.  80's, shit music.  90's, being gay.  00's, tattoos.  It's like Grace Slick said, "My daughter rebelled against me by being a preppy."  This should be fun to watch.

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Yes, the window has moved, but why and where.  I think the war is being fought on multiple dimensions uncluding psyops. The deplorables are being gas lighted.  They are called Nazi and KKK and are attacked not only by antifa but also the state and the state police.  They are being fed poison to make them fat.  Thier electronic enterntainment is really a prison.  They are being bombarded with pornography, opiates, meth and who knows what else.People who think that the deplorables are going to rise up and put an end to this tyranny haven't realized that the iron fist has not yet come out of the velvet glove.

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"As much as I understand why some white students are doing this, identity politics is cancer.  And that's all this is."No, the cancer is the anti white hatred of blacks and browns, who, once becoming a majority, will oppress wihites, following all the "white privilege" propaganda that they have been fed. Black and brown neighborhoods are already no go zones for whites in the U.S. In 30 years much of the country will be a no go zone for whites.So is warning one's fellow whites rational behavior??That is a good question!!

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MEFOBILLS El Vaquero Sat, 08/19/2017 - 00:47 Permalink

 identity politics is cancer. Did the races vote their ethnic interests before identity politics?  The answer is Yes.  Women also tend to vote for women.  Women vote for more government if they are divorced or lesbian.  Married women vote conservative.A completely white country can swing back and forth between issues, left to right, and over time deal with the issues at hand.  But, when you introduce a different racial element, then democracy breaks down.  The "groups" start voting their racial interests.  Whites, with their pathological altruism, are the last group to vote their interests.

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Do you even realize how right you are?Seriously. Millenia of inner science has demonstrably proven (you can run the experiment in the laboratory of your own consciousness) that identification is the specific process that is at the source of suffering. Through ignorance we construct a self-representation (identity) that does not correspond to the real self, which leads into shaping preferences, misdirected volitional momentum, craving and aversion, all of which create suffering.From the perspective of human fulfillment,  you are right - identity politics is litteraly a cancer. 

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Are you serious? Go read identityevropa.com and tell me that this is only about "identity politics". These white "identity politics" are about sexual sanity, reproductive sustainability, anti-illegal immigration, environmental health, anti-GLBT, pro-work ethic, anti-globalization, anti-big banks, anti-pornography, and pro-national unity. People are slurring the lines by calling it all about identity politics, when, truly, this movement is about politics first and identity later.Some genius discovered that white people banding together with white people, and black people banding together with black people, and Asian people banding together with other Asians, and then all the races together overthrowing elitist globalist leftism, is going to be a whole lot more effective at taking on the global elite than if we all stay splintered as individuals or get all mushed together into a "diversity is strength" melting pot where everyone fights against each other on a biological level.Not to mention that anyone with a brain can see that since 1965, when the USA dropped its policy of primarily only allowing white people to immigrate, and opened up its floodgates to the 3rd world, that life has gotten worse on many different levels in the USA. If pointing out that white people are becoming a minority in their own homelands and that 1/5 of the prison population is made up of illegal immigrants is "identity politics" and "Nazism", then go ahead and label me a identity politics Nazi.At this point, charges of identity politics are basically a racial slur to demean the scope of this movement.

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Exactly... bet your bottom dollar, Soros is funding neo-nazis. They want CIVIL WAR [as opposed to a revolution against the banks/government]; the globalists want to tear America to pieces...    Good luck with that /s They may get the brain damaged children but that won't be sufficient to take down America. Blow back is coming... I can feel it. 

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"...bet your bottom dollar, Soros is funding neo-nazis."Oh, hell yeah they are behind this.  Normally if somebody scribbled "white pride" all ovet campuses they would shit their pants.  They have had curriculum and everything else on lockdown going way back, and yet they are allowing this.  I think they are trying to get something going.  I always try to do the opposite of what they want.  If they tell you shelter in place then a hundred million should hit the streets.  If we could only be so lucky.

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I saw an article in Politico of all places pointing out how some of these 'anti-racist' groups hype the KKK for fund-raisng purposes.

I even saw a series of images claiming to have caught this ANTIFA clown was posing as a neonazi complete with flag and Roman salute.

It certainly would not surprise me.

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Have you actually looked into what the falsely labeled "Nazis" believe? Basically, they believe that white people should not become a minority in their own countries, that the Jews have an oversized amount of abusive power in banks, government, Hollywood, media, pornography, pharmaceuticals, law, Congress, etc. All of these things are numerically provable. Why do Jews get their own nation with closed borders while Europe and America are having their borders thrown wide open?Only one man, probably a government plant, had a Nazi flag at the Cville rally. The media is lying through their teeth to criminalize the far right. From there, they will simply move over and criminalize the right, then the moderate right, and so on. The alt-right went there for a peaceful rally but they brought along defensive and some offensive weapons because there were thousands of rabid violent anarchists and communists who pledged ahead to time to attack them. The Dodge Challenger was being attacked by antifa before he ever hit anyone. The police and antifa communists conspired to try to beat the tar out of the nationalists. Communists sprayed acid into Baked Alaska's eyes and blinded him permanently. Bet ya CNN didn't mention that?The "Nazis" there are all for a revolution against the banks and government. They also realize that this revolution is going to occur from white people banding together with whites and organizing a solely white bloc. This is because there are cultural and racial and historical similarities between the white peoples. Blacks need to organize with blacks. Asians need to organize with Asians. People need to band together in order to achieve this revolution, and it makes sense for people to band together efficiently, in racial groups. Isolated individuals are not capable of overthrowing the banks/government/media complex. Groups must be formed. Rather than make a multi-cultural group, which is much less efficient than a mono-cultural group, in order to oppose the elite, white people are banding together along racial lines. It is hoped that eventually the other races will do the same, but frankly it is not the place of white people to tell the other races what to do for this last-ditch revolution to save America. The other races can figure it out for themselves or stand idly on the sidelines of late state global capitalism.Check out identityevropa.com and therightstuff.biz if you want to find out what is really going on with the altright and "Nazis". Actually listen to the podcasts before you make judgements.  You have basically been brainwashed by the corporate media and education system.Choose sides, man. A revolution against the banks and government would be a civil war, since the banks and government control a large portion of people who will fight to the death to defend their right to live in corporate servitude.

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If Fuentes was smart he would drop out of the US Indoctrinational System altogether- besides- $50K a year in yearly tuition and room and board at Auburn is a hell of a lot of $.

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I agree with Nicholas, living in a liberal cesspool like Chicago really sucks.  I can't say anything positive about the president or negative about Hillary without getting hit with an onslaught of abuse. 

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Living in the Chicago burbs is fine. We have all kinds, except the ultra-right people they keep talking about. I am not sure they even exist any more as more than just a stereotype used to put fear in those leaning toward socialist ideals.

To me, left, right, liberal or conservative are all the same. They all claim to want a government telling them (national or global) telling them what to do and what they cannot do.

In my ideal world, humans are self-regulating and don't need a government and its laws. I like people to have a fulfilling purpose and while greed is currently s big motivator, I am not sure it needs to be as powerful as the media wants us to believe it should be.

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If you are pro-white you are a racist, white supremacist, xenophobic nazi that just wants to oppress black and brown people.If you are pro-jewish you are an upstanding member of the tribe and staunch supporter of the jew-only homeland of israel.~ ADL

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Racist flyers?  Or pro white flyers?I'm pretty damn racist myself and I seldom go around calling blacks dumb violent prone animals with a knack for criminality.  They already know they are niggers.  Just because a flyer is pro white doesn't mean it's racist, it's just usually implied because everyone knows niggers are shit. 

FreedomWriter Fri, 08/18/2017 - 19:19 Permalink

Ewwwhhhh ! Blowback! Who woulda thunk it? This looks like more globalist diversion. Let's watch them self-victimize in a never-ending death spiral.Should we create laws to punish the expression of logical fallacies and their "educated" proponents?Naw, let's just laugh at them. 

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Share this EVERYWHERE that you people are able, please:  http://www.investopedia.com/news/soros-bets-against-trump-13f-sec-filin… IWM 134.92 -0.01% QQQ 141.23 -0.07% SPY 242.71 -0.16%   George Soros, the billionaire chairman of Soros Fund Management, LLC, has long been opposed to President Donald Trump, making his views clear at a number of public speeches and engagements. According to a report by Reuters, the investor indicated earlier this year that he felt that markets would falter due to uncertainty concerning the President. Now, according to U.S. regulatory filings that Soros Fund filed in the past few days, it seems that the billionaire has matched up his investments with his predictions. As of June 30, Soros held a number of positions which were likely to profit if the financial markets did, in fact, stumble. Soros Was Convinced Trump Would "Fail" As of January of this year, Soros spoke at a dinner at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, predicting that Trump's actions would lead him to falter. "It's impossible to predict" the actions of the political newcomer, Soros suggested, but the billionaire remained "convinced that he is going to fail." Now, the investor's 13F from Q2 of this year reveals that he held put options on iShares Russell 2000 ETF (IWMiSh Russ 2000 Shs IWM 134.92 -0.01% ) and PowerShares QQQ Trust (QQQPwrsh QQQ SerI Shs QQQ 141.23 -0.07% ), plus SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPYSPDR S&P500 ETF Trust Units SPY 242.71 -0.16% ). Each of these three names is an exchange-traded fund which tracks a different broad U.S. stock market index. By definition, puts generate profit for their holders when the equity that they are tied to declines in value, so Soros is effectively betting against a number of broad market indices. All together, the Soros puts as of the end of Q2 were valued at almost $1.8 billion, and they constitute three of the four largest holdings made public in the 13F report."...     

LindseyNarrate… (not verified) LindseyNarrate… (not verified) Fri, 08/18/2017 - 19:25 Permalink

To-boil-it-down, this is PRIMA-FACIE evidence that (((gyorgi schwartz))), AKA, the demon (((soros))), is preparing for an inevitable destruction of President Trump's Administration, which is LITERAL TREASON and SEDITION, and plans to make a massive fortune from our nation's destruction. PLEASE, if anyone can inform Genius Bannon, President Trump, or ANYONE who is able to get this information to the people whom can do something with it, DO IT, ASAP.  This literal insurrection and coup-d'etat MUST!!! be thwarted. Thank you. Lindsey

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I consider this Intelligence Operation Frame Whitey incident 5.If these where real right activists they would be getting together and coming up with solutions and ideas that didn't further inflame problems and actually had a chance of success.  This would not include writing white pride all over things.  BS color revolution coming.  They will frame the right as Nazis but it will be agents doing all the Nazi shit.   

Byrond Fri, 08/18/2017 - 19:24 Permalink

If all the various "pride" groups let anyone participate, there shouldn't be a problem. Anyone can think anything they want. But if you watch CNN, you may not have a brain, and that's OK with them.