Retired Green Beret Warns "A Domestic Destabilization Is Underway"

Authored by Jeremiah Johnson (nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces) via,

Under the guise of “political correctness,” cities (such as Baltimore, MD) are removing their Confederate monuments one-by-one and under cover of darkness.

Here, as reported by CBS News:

“The Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson monument at Wyman Park Dell was removed with a crowd watching.  The Robert B. Taney monument in Mt. Vernon also came down.  Crews are on the site of the confederate Women’s monument at University Parkway to take that one down.  This comes just days after the Baltimore City Council passed a resolution Monday calling for the immediate deconstruction of these monuments.”

There it is!  Straight out of the movie “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson, as with the character he played, Benjamin Martin: “An elected legislature can trample a man’s rights as easily as a king.”

Where’s the vote by the people in the city?  Oh, just that the elected officials, mind you, can make such a decision…by their vote, a tyranny in itself.  At the bare minimum, it should have been put to a vote.

The important thing to keep in mind is that most of these cities, city councils, and their state legislatures are being run by a pack of liberals.  The “paradigm shift” is in full mode: “Democracy in America” did not mention the tyranny of the minority In this case, a minority viewpoint, fueled by Marxists and liberals is attempting to subvert First Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution and begin a policy of redaction to support their revisionist history.

We are right around the corner from a Civil War. 

The Left is fueling and funding tensions in order to exacerbate them and cause a revolution.  In the middle of this, the President is being blamed and threatened with impeachment.  The root of it is this: the attempt to destabilize the country and cause anarchy.  Black Americans are being used as the vehicle for the destabilization…a vehicle by the oligarchs, such as Soros.  Now with Charlottesville being trumpeted up and down the country, Obama weighs in “with the most popular Tweet ever.”

I wrote that Barack Hussein Obama II would be back: he will be a most useful catalyst for what is to come.  It was also reported that Hillary Clinton is weighing in on attacking the President, but not with words: with dollars.  Fellowship of the Minds ran a piece that cites the Washington Times.  Here’s an excerpt:

“Joe Schoffstall reports for The Washington Free Beacon, August 14, 2017, that Hillary has donated $800,000 from her campaign funds to Onward Together — a new political action group that she formed three months ago in May which will fund a number of established “resistance” groups that counter President Trump with direct action and protests.


According to its mission statement, Onward Together is dedicated to “encouraging people to organize, get involved, and run for office” and advancing “progressive values and work to build a brighter future for generations to come.”


Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings show that on May 1, 2017, Hillary’s presidential campaign committee Hillary for America contributed $800,000 to Onward Together. In addition, Hillary also funded other “resistance” groups that have “impressed” her, including Swing Left, Run for Something, Emerge America, and Indivisible.”

Once again, her money and power is wielded to “influence” the way things are.  She is not acting alone, nor of her own initiative.  Read Shadow Party to find the guy pulling her strings.  (Hint: his real name is Georgy Schwarz!)

By removing the Confederate memorials and markers, a part of American history is effectively being relegated to oblivion.  It is all part of redaction and revision.  The Marxists and Globalists have been relentless in their quest to rewrite American history and demonize whites in general…trying to create a cowed, demure, subservient class of guilt-ridden subjects…to destroy the United States from within.  To destroy the “warrior mentality” of the citizen-soldier of America’s citizenry…that is the objective.  A complete orchiotomy and neutering: nothing less.

Unless the United States falls, the New World Order/Global Governance cannot exist.  This is the goal: enmesh it in a war (initiated by a foreign nation and/or orchestrated by the U.S.), and destroy it domestically from within “Top down, bottom up,” to quote Van Jones, is their objective.  Their playbook is Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” and the battle lines are being drawn more decisively by the day.  There will come a time when everyone will have to pick a side, and after it begins, the United States may look a lot different than it does now.


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There are occasional retards in ODA who slip through the cracks. It is very rare and they don't last long and their former team mates will talk shit about them for a long time when having some beers and it comes up.

If this guy actually was SF, he was probably one of the rare tards who got thrown back in the Big Army.

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Alinsky outlines the deceitful backdoor way for ivory tower anemic nasal cuck-weasels to take power, because  they lack the charisma intelligence and efficiency and experience to administer power properly. Obama and Trudeau shouldve had to prove they could profitably run a 7-11 before being given the keys to the kingdom.Slogans and power brokering is what they know, societal regression and bankruptcy is what they bring. They dont care how bad they eff up their country and how poor the unenlightened prols are, as long as they are in charge. Soviet Union 2.0 with the Alinskites looking on bitterly like Dansilov, while Vasily Zietzeff gets the girl

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Why has America gone bat shit crazy. Tearing down historical monuments, crazy lefties and nutter Nazis. normally sane people at each others face. Donald Trump cannot say he farted without some newspaper column accusing him of damaging the environment. He is apparently a narcissist, a womanizer and a racist when he has been in the public face for 40 years or more and not one blemish I can remember. FFS he is your duly elected Commander in Chief and he is not a career politician so he lacks some of the "niceties" of a politician and for that I am thankful because there is no Bullshit pandering to gain anything. And someones yelling Impeachment .. for what? Turning up for a job he never really thought he would get and when he gets it all he get is hate and disdain. Bloody US press and its owners should be taken out to the wood pile and have it explained in no uncertain terms who runs the White House. Why the Hell is the Press overrun with left wing life hating hypocrite reporters crying for blood. They should all take a chill pill and realize they have never built a damned thing or created anything of lasting value other than to print tomorrows fish wrapper. How about some encouraging words to get every one back to making the UNITED STATES exactly that. This is not a game this is shit is becoming treasonous if you set out to divide your nation by presenting biased press and reporting. Now go and kick a reporter in the Nut sack because I'm over this Shit and its getting a little scary to speak the truth.  And the little fucker below this.. Fuck off and get a real job you distasteful pustule on the behind of a rancid camels ass

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Hey -- retired Green Beret -- you need a haircut.Why are you trying to act smart by warning us about things that have been widely known and parsed on this board for years.Why don't you make yourself useful and focus on Soros/Schwarz and his vermin friends.None of this social unrest would be the plague it is but for the likes of DC Swamp dwellers like him.If you are a retired GB as you claim ( and I do not believe you ) then by now you know well 1) that Vietnam was a turf war over Burmese heroin2) what Jonestown was really about3) why Col. Nick Rowe got murderedThose are starters.If you are privy to such threats to America then do your GB thing and defend us.   

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Yes, it should be required reading in every American high school.Col. Rowe was one of America's greatest heroes.Nick Rowe's name should be as familiar as George Patton's.His DC Swamp killers will always make sure his valiant name goes unsung, lest his murder gets traced back to the DC psychopaths.He was based in Manila and following the narcotics trail but since it led straight back to the Swamp they decided to whack him and blame it on his former Viet Cong prison guards.His good friend was Col. Edward Cutolo who was also murdered ( in an "accident") for getting to close to the DC narcotics business.This big oaf Green Beret wannabee never mentions either man nor the many others who met the same fate and for the same reasons.So he should stfu and go back to the corner bar and get drunk and stay there.What am I thingking -- he's not even that good.He's probably a middle aged snowflake living in his mother's basement.  

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Here's some reading to get you started.Like many well intentioned military men, Col. Cotolo was unwittingly roped into the narcotics business by the DC Swamp dwellers.In the guise of flying arms to Latin American anti communists, the Swampites made use of Col. Cutolo's peerless flying skills.When he figured out the racket, he knew his days were numbered, for he would not be left mixed up in a DC drug business without clearing his own name before before being taken out.So he wrote something called the Cutolo Affidavit which detailed the DC drug racket.For his loyalty to America and his own sense of honor, the Swampites had him murdered.Col. Rowe had a copy and tried to get the MSM cowards to air it, and almost got on a news program until someone ( probably a Swampite or mole ) cancelled the broadcast at the last minute.Almost all Special Forces officers affiliated with Cutolo got murdered, including Col Rowe.The Swampites tie up all loose ends, and no matter how smart the Special Forces officers are, they are not mentally equipped for the depth and breadth of DC depravity.This is an early copy of the Affidavit -- the other later and clearer copies which were once easily available on the internet have disappeared.Just like that Malaysian plane. a copy of this one, the Swampites are on the prowl for evidence that might put a crimp in their lifestyles. ***if anyone else has a clearer copy of the complete Cutolo Affidavit please post.    

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So Tomorrow...Black Lives Matter is going to try and tear down Confederate Monuments in Texas...let's see how that works out for them.  Here in Oregon, Portland is preparing for violence during the "Eclipse".  One of our southern cities Bend, Oregon is out of gas due to overwhelming idiots coming to watch the eclipse.  Portland airport is out of rental cars.  Monday...the day of the eclipse, the US government is planning the biggest war games ever off the coast of N Korea.  Many things in play folks...stay aware...

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Share this EVERYWHERE that you people are able, please: "George Soros, the billionaire chairman of Soros Fund Management, LLC, has long been opposed to President Donald Trump, making his views clear at a number of public speeches and engagements. According to a report by Reuters, the investor indicated earlier this year that he felt that markets would falter due to uncertainty concerning the President. Now, according to U.S. regulatory filings that Soros Fund filed in the past few days, it seems that the billionaire has matched up his investments with his predictions. As of June 30, Soros held a number of positions which were likely to profit if the financial markets did, in fact, stumble.Soros Was Convinced Trump Would "Fail"As of January of this year, Soros spoke at a dinner at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, predicting that Trump's actions would lead him to falter. "It's impossible to predict" the actions of the political newcomer, Soros suggested, but the billionaire remained "convinced that he is going to fail."Now, the investor's 13F from Q2 of this year reveals that he held put options on iShares Russell 2000 ETF (IWM) Each of these three names is an exchange-traded fund which tracks a different broad U.S. stock market index. By definition, puts generate profit for their holders when the equity that they are tied to declines in value, so Soros is effectively betting against a number of broad market indices. All together, the Soros puts as of the end of Q2 were valued at almost $1.8 billion, and they constitute three of the four largest holdings made public in the 13F report."... To-boil-it-down, this is PRIMA-FACIE evidence that (((gyorgi schwartz))), AKA, the demon (((soros))), is preparing for an inevitable destruction of President Trump's Administration, which is LITERAL TREASON and SEDITION, and plans to make a massive fortune from our nation's destruction. PLEASE, if anyone can inform Genius Bannon, President Trump, or ANYONE who is able to get this information to the people whom can do something with it, DO IT, ASAP.  This literal insurrection and coup-d'etat MUST!!! be thwarted. Thank you. Lindsey  

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"There is NO proper way to steal peoples shit, without due process."Really? They do it to every fucking paycheck I get. They have illegally imprisoned the ranchers and citizens from the Bunkerville ordeal.It would be politically incorrect to simply call for their deaths (and surely a crime, as I'm a white, working class, law abiding citizen). Funny to me that you are presumptive enough to call me a statist.You are cordially invited to go fuck yourself.

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Please accept my apology, your post strongly stated that you support the rights of state police to steal peoples shit without due process.  If you don't really mean that I'm sorry I could not read your mind, I could only read what you wrote.  Sorry anyway.  I pay a shitload of taxes too, it is also robbery and unconstitutional.

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Gosh, why can't the worlds smartest, bestest, hackers (come forth all ye who thinketh 'git 'er done') hypothetically effect a so-called worm into article-mentioned person's bank, trading accounts, so-called charitable co's, etc. and maybe, um, re-direct all those efforts with dollar/euro signs in front of them and presto-chango give them back to their rightful owners....??? Or, perhaps we could play the disappearing include any relatives/offspring to make it more interesting. Ok, I've had a few....

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These cities are literaly shit holes. The education system in these blue cities is sub human. The crime is jungle tier..There is nothing wrong with rundown cities doing any of this in my mind..You are a fool if you live in these hell holes..I find much of this funny as shit..Buy up the statues and move them to,places we can enjoy them...not in the middle of broke dysfunctional left wing shit holes...

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That's probably why Soweeto Hussein bin Bama never returned to the Shitcago cesspool. Most left wingers like him, esp the black ones, don't give a rat's ass about poor blacks or poor whites and the inner cities. Their #1 goal is to stay in power no matter how many or how big the lies are----Maxine is a good example also.  TRUMP SUPPORTER GOES NUCLEAR ON MAXINE WATERS! YOU HAVE DESTROYED THE BLACK COMMUNITY!

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Yeah I was just thinking this.  The left owns the cities, they can take down monuments.Of course this will just harden the resolve of the right that those cities can burn, melt, rot, whatever with no financial help.  Population reduction in the cities will be the goal -- from evicting illegals from those "sanctuary" areas, to the black population that can't get along on its own, to whatever else.And the right will win in 2018 and 2020.  And eventually we can come back and gentrify certain cities or certain city areas, and build more and better monuments to our achievement.  MAGA!

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Problem is Conservatives refuse to stand-up in support of this issue.  This is happening in a very redneck town near me (and I use the term redneck not as a perjorative) in Franklin, OH.  There was a small monument dedicated to Gen Lee that very few even knew about and the asshole mayor took it down so as not to offend the BLM group from Dayton who was coming to protest this weekend.  Now these obsolete pieces of farm machinery from Dayton had no idea this monument even existed and are now 'offended' by it.  You can't keep giving in to these marxists b/c they always want more.  Kind of like a ratchet -they never give an inch, but always grabbing for more and more.

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JJ's fear porn rolls on... but he's right about what the globalists want and the fact they cannot rule the planet unless they bring down America. Most decent thinking Americans have stood their ground and refused to rise to the bait dangled by the globalist illumi-nuttys and their agent provocateurs. Daily life around most of us is the same as we go about our business. However, as they are determined to bring it, I don't think they will break America; I don't think this is going to work out well for the bankers; I really don't.

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Thats why this is so painful, just watching it come in slow motion "and millions of idiots will cry out at once and be silenced forever"... or something like that.  They literally just overthrew the Ukraine like this, they just did that.  Nobody knows, it doesn't matter how many times we have seen it, people wont get it. 

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