Did Marco Rubio Just Say It's OK To Beat People For Their Thoughts?

Authored by Shane Kastler via "The Narrow Road" blog,

In a truly “free” society, no one gets beaten up for their political views.  Laws cannot be passed against thoughts or symbols.  And mob violence is not allowed to rule the day.  But Florida Senator Marco Rubio, like most establishment political hacks, is not interested in a free society.  He’s interested in seizing power in any way possible.  And if that means excusing and encouraging mob violence, to achieve his political ends, then so be it.  While Rubio may rail against dictators, his statements sound eerily like the late Fidel Castro, and other tyrants like him.

Rubio’s statement came in the form of a series of tweets he posted in response to the Charlottesville circus.  Here are his exact words:

“When entire movement built on anger & hatred towards people different than you, it justifies & ultimately leads to violence against them.” 

While the trained seals who follow hucksters like Rubio will bark their approval for his “brave words”; those who love liberty will shudder at the true ramifications of what he is saying.  But let’s begin by trying to parse who exactly he is saying it about. 

Like a good political opportunist, he speaks in vague terms.  One might surmise that his reference to an “entire movement” is a shot at Donald Trump and his supporters.  Myriads of establishment politicians have accused Trump of “anger & hatred”; yet examples of this are never forthcoming, other than disagreements over something like immigration policy.  So, is Rubio saying it’s OK to physically attack any who belong to “the movement” that elected Trump?  And if so, then is Rubio also saying it’s OK to physically attack Trump? The supposed leader of this “movement?”  The political vagaries allow Rubio to deny this, and perhaps say that he is talking about white supremacists, neo-Nazis, or the KKK.  But even if he is talking about these groups…. Is he correct in saying it’s “justifiable” to physically attack them for their views?  If so, then he is no friend to freedom in general, nor to free speech in specific.

Most Americans, including me, abhor the ideologies of white supremacy, Nazism, and the KKK.  But if a nation truly wants free speech, then even those we abhor must be allowed to speak their mind.  There is no need to pass laws protecting polite speech.  It is the very thoughts and words of those we vociferously disagree with that must be protected.  Otherwise, there is no freedom at all.  Only a rotating cycle of dictatorships, who suppress the people they conquer.  And any U.S. Senator who encourages violence against anyone for their political views is a part of the problem and not the solution.  While Rubio may rail against Castro, his views toward free speech are identical.  He may rail against Adolph Hitter, but his views on free speech are no different.

Rubio is a political hound dog, who lifts his nose to try and sniff which way the popular winds are blowing.  And then he (or one of his lackeys) issues a tweet to kiss-up to the mobs he wishes to appease.  Rubio has always been a political robot, seemingly incapable of generating a unique thought.  This was publicly displayed in that infamous, cringe-worthy presidential debate when Chris Christie tried to engage him in an actual exchange of ideas, and Rubio began sweating profusely and repeating his talking points.  Over and over and over.  The moment exposed him for the phony that he is and almost ruined his political career.  But now, he smells an opportunity to rally the mob and save his career.  His actions are truly deplorable.

Sadly, many in this country would side with Rubio and say violence and laws should be enacted to silence “hate speech.”  One of the questions this leads to is, “How do you define hate speech?”  People, with their selfish natures, typically define “hate speech” as anything uttered that they disagree with.  This leads to a person’s thoughts being criminalized.  For example, if I think or speak in favor of Christianity, then non-Christians can deem this “hate speech.”  Of course the same goes for any other viewpoint that might be expressed.  Those in power use the power of intimidation and law to silence opposition.  This is what Rubio declares “justifiable.”  And the use of baseball bats and clubs are acceptable.

As it pertains to “symbols” some say the mere presence of a Nazi flag, or a Confederate one, justifies violence.  Many have shockingly said that showing a symbol is “inciting a riot” and inviting violence against the symbol-wavers, for their views.  But this is a slippery slope that all freedom-loving people should avoid.  This past week, a man of German origin told me that he had family members killed by the Nazis.  Therefore, any violence carried out against those who wave a Nazi-flag is justified.  While I have no sympathy toward Nazis, my argument back to him was that I had Southern family members killed by men carrying the American flag during the Civil War.  Does this mean I can physically attack anyone who waves an American flag?  Politicians like Rubio would never say this, because he’s too busy wrapping himself in the flag as he tries to further his career.  But what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  If one group can physically attack another group over a symbol.  Then what stops the attacked group from reciprocating?  And using Rubio’s incendiary words as justification?

If people really want a “free country” like they claim they do, then political thoughts, speech, and symbols cannot be outlawed.  Nor can men as powerful as U.S. Senators justify violence against any group because of their views.  It’s become passé to call anyone who disagrees with you a Nazi.  In some cases, those who disagree with you truly are Nazis.  But in this case, Marco Rubio is displaying the philosophy of a Nazi.  If Rubio’s supporters truly want freedom, they will call him out for his incendiary comments.  They will stand up to him and others like him and say free speech, truly means “free speech.”  And they will look for ways to peacefully keep dictatorial men like him from seizing power.  Rubio loves to talk about how his family fled the tyranny of Castro’s Cuba to find freedom in America.  But today, Rubio’s political ambitions have caused him to revert back to the behavior that his ancestors fled.  Or maybe this has been Rubio’s mindset all along.  Evil men desire power for themselves more than they desire freedom for all.  And they will say and do whatever it takes to gain such power.  Rubio’s words expose him once again as what he truly is.  If encouraging mob violence furthers his career, then he’s all game.  Maybe instead of calling him “Little Marco” people should start calling him “Little Castro.”  A more fitting moniker could not be found.


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Did Marco Rubio Just Say It's OK To Beat People For Their Thoughts?My response: PROBABLY.----In a society where all lies, all deceptions, all corruptions are accepted, that society will lose control of everything. Chaos will begin to take over, and the only way that chaos will be slowed down will be when dictatorial control, or maybe even a police state is formed, where thought and behavior is fixed, and anybody out of bounds is punished. Eventually, the chaos has to be controlled. We’re not headed toward socialism; we could very well be headed toward a dictatorship in our world. Is this hard to grasp?

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So let me understand this...

“When entire movement built on anger & hatred towards people different than you, it justifies & ultimately leads to violence against them.” 

So we are talking about Black Lives Matters, an entire movement built on anger and hate? Still, I can't justify advocating violence against them, unless they break the law and riot and stuff. Oh wait, never mind.

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Rubio's doing what he was born to do. These people self select. They all are dying to get where they are. To get there, they have to master the art of speaking in generalities, vapid lines guaranteed to earn applause from the audience.  Lines like: "We must protect the children!" "We must protect the planet!" "Nazis are bad. We must kill the Nazis." 

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According to Robert Steele, Rubio is a closet gay.  Closet Gay's are the worst types to be in government because they are so easily blackmailed: Mr Steele also claims that Chuck Schumer, Lyndsay Graham, Marco Rubio and John McCain are being blackmailed into going along with deep state policies. http://www.theeventchronicle.com/news/north-america/ex-cia-robert-david…

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Mr. Juggernaut, what you said is actually a STATEMENT-OF-FACT.  As-a-matter-of-FACT, the homo-sexual met his fag-hag-wife at one of those homo-sexual foam-parties. SERIOUSLY. I am not joking, Ladies and Gentlemen--THIS IS WHAT HAS BECOME OF OUR POPULATION. Lindsey

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Research (((The Kalergi Plan))), because THAT IS PRECISELY AND LITERALLY WHAT IS TAKING-PLACE AGAINST OUR NATION, ESPECIALLY TO AND IN CALIFORNIA, Ladies and Gentlemen. (((The malefactors))), their goy-minions, and the lowest-on-their-totem-pole, the useful-idiots, ARE DOING TO OUR NATION, WHAT (((THEY))) DID TO POST-CZARIST-RUSSIA, AKA (((THE SOVIET UNION))), UNDER-THE-GUISES OF (((THE BOLSHEVIKS))). The bottom-line, Ladies and Gentlemen, is that WE ARE, ALL, UNDER-ATTACK BY LITERAL TRAITORS, SEDITIONISTS, AND CREATURES, WHOM WANT TO DESTROY US, TAKE-OVER OUR NATIONS OF "THE WEST", AND WILL NEVER STOP, UNTIL THEY ARE VICTORIOUS. It is all true, it is all happening, and WE KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING--that is the one benefit that WE, ALL, have on our side, Folks... Lindsey  

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Still stuck on Jew stupid huh Lindsey? Not an article can go by without your all cap paragraphs about Jews...it's sad...a fucking moron who has the one answer to every issue on the planet...The Jews...the Jews..they're under your bed.....Poor small man Lindsey....typing his Jew vomit from a mental hospitall..OOOpppss....Reagan let the crazies out onto the streets...Lindsey...give someone else a chance on that library computer...lunch will be served in the park soon..maybe we'll get an hour break from the Jew vomiting...No, it cannot happen...Lindsey is hell bent to heave up his anti Jew vomit on us every day. all day long....like sitting on an airplane next to an obese Nazi loser who bounces from Nazi to porn sites..Who pays your rent you parasite?

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*smiles knowingly* You (((demons walking-on-two-legs))) are fucking SCARED-SHITLESS that someone with my superior-intellect, gargantuan knowledge-base, and unrivaled-passion, is on to you (((mother-fuckers))), and I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously. *laughs seriously* (((Creature))), you should see the shit-eating-grin that I have on my face, literally, right now, because your fear about being exposed to the rest of the human-race unaware, either willfully, or not, of (((your))), plural, machinations IS ABSOLUTELY PALPABLE!!!  Jesus, it feels wonderfullly to not "just" be on-the-right-side, BUT TO KNOW, WITHOUT ANY AMBIGUITY, THAT I AM 100% RIGHT IN WHAT MY RESEARCH HAS SHOWN. Anything else to add, to further verify to everyone reading this exchange that I am 100% correct in my postulations???!!?!?!?  PLEASE...continue, because the more that (((creatures))) like yourself EXPOSE YOUR HUBRIS, the more vindicated I am in EVERYTHING that I say, and have said. Please... *smiles widely* You "people" never fucking learn when to shut-the-fuck-up, and THAT is how you expose yourselves, THROUGHOUT HISTORY... Lindsey

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The Estonian ambassador to Ukraine's call to Catherine Ashton the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy claiming correctly that the Maidan snipers in Kiev worked for the Soros/ Vicky Nuland-Knudlemam-Kagan US DoS color revolution opposition and shot both police and demonstrators. He said an investigation was required and the crypto looking Ashton threw it down the memory hole.But you can still read about it.https://www.rt.com/news/estonia-confirm-leaked-tape-970The actual phone callhttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kkC4Z67QuC0Same story on Fox News.http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/03/06/russian-un-ambassador-comes-… 

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truly disturbing the way the progressive/liberla/left/swamp are behaving - supported by their friends in the media, I see no easy solutions (actually - I see no solutions at all that don't involve some very dark days)

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They better watch it with this nonsense.  It will not be the first time the left gets their crap thrown right back at them. I say bring it on.  Start getting things violent and then brace yourselves when the gloves truly come off.

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As a Tea Party member here in Florida, I can say hoisting Rubio to national prominance was a colossal waste of our(and your) time. My appologies.

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A day is coming soon where unless you tow the liberal line you will be beaten and cast into prison. Your land and bank account will be confiscated and you may be killed, all in the name of progressive liberalism and to get rid of so called hate. It's coming.