Love Fest in Boston: Trump Shows Support for ANTIFA Shutting Down Free Speech Rally

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I am sure this is just another case of 400DD inter-galactical chess. Before we delve into today's alt-right embarrassment in Boston, it's important to note that Trump's White House is, quite literally, staffed with Democrats -- people who would be comfortable in a Clinton White House. He has Mnuchin, Cohn and Powell leading the charge, all democrats. His daughter and son in law, Jared, also democrats. The generals really don't give a shit about politics. And then you have AG Sessions who Trump regularly demeans in public. Today, the weak alt-right formed a rally to express 'free speech.' Little did they know, free speech is limited to those who can rally the most people. Since the alt-right are a fringe group with zero coordination, they were quickly dispatched and humiliated today. Have a look. A handful of petrified alt-right activists showed up to Boston today. An army of 15,000 counter protesters showed up to shut them down. And here is a pastiche of pictures from today's momentus event. America will not tolerate speech that is hateful. A whimsical kill list is displayed. Free speech at its finest. Both racism and capitalism should end. Here are some videos of the patriots in Boston, displaying their constitutional rights to shut down free speech and assembly. At times, patriots will disagree with one another. Here is one gent who disgracefully would not condemn all white people. He was rightfully knocked out. Hopefully he lost a few teeth and his jaw was dislocated for not using it when asked to demean racists white nazis. In response to these images and videos, our President praised the protesters and praised their anti-bigotry message. Miss Bannon yet?