Mike Krieger Fumes Over Bannon Firing: "This Is Now The Goldman Sachs Presidency"

Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

The firing of Steve Bannon is in my opinion the most significant event to happen during the Trump administration thus far. Moreover, it will have massive reverberations across the U.S. political spectrum for years and years to come. I wasn’t planning on writing today, but this news is so incredibly significant I find myself with little choice.

Taking a step back, part of the reason I was immediately able to see through the Trump con was due to my upbringing in New York City. The guy was constantly in the news my entire life, so I had a pretty decent understanding of where he was really coming from and what makes him tick. The mindset of your typical NYC-based billionaire real estate developer is filled with all sorts of perspectives and priorities, but thoughts of populism are not amongst them.

Trump used populism to get elected, and then as soon as he won, immediately appointed some of the most destructive oligarchs imaginable to run his administration. The reason I warned about this incessantly at the time, is because I learned the lesson from the Obama administration. People = policy, and the people Trump was elevating were almost unanimously awful. Irrespective of what you think of Bannon, him being out means Wall Street and the military-industrial complex is now 100% in control of the Trump administration. Prepare for an escalation of imperial war around the world and an expansion of brutal oligarchy.

The removal of Bannon is the end of even a facade of populism. This is now the Goldman Sachs Presidency with a thin-skinned, unthinking authoritarian as a figurehead. Meanwhile, guess who’s still there in addition to the Goldman executives? Weed obsessed, civil asset forfeiture supporting Jefferson Sessions. The Trump administration just bacame ten times more dangerous than it was before. With the coup successful, Trump no longer needs to be impeached.

Here’s another prediction. Watch the corporate media start to lay off Trump a bit more going forward. Rather than hysterically demonize him for every little thing, corporate media will increasingly give him more of the benefit of the doubt. After all, a Presidency run by Goldman Sachs and generals is exactly what they like. Trump finally came out of the closet as the anti-populist oligarch he is, and the results won’t be pretty.

Corporate media got the scalp it wanted, so the hysterical criticisms of him will die down. This is not to say I think the media will become pro-Trump, it just means the obsessive and aggressive propaganda will be dialed back considerably. Trump is now inline, and he will be rewarded by the establishment for that. He will learn that the more he gets with the program, the easier his life will be and the more secure his power. He is merely being conditioned, and my forecast is that Trump will gladly embrace the worst parts of the establishment going forward. Why? Because Trump’s true worldview fits in way more with Goldman Sachs and the military-industrial complex than with populism. It always has. The whole thing was just an act to get elected. Firing Bannon is just Trump coming home to who he always was. A ruthless oligarch.

Now I’m going to make a few predictions about the political environment going forward. First, I think right-populism or the “new right,” is deeply damaged and this presents a huge opportunity for left-leaning populists if they are smart about it. Let’s begin by discussing why this is so problematic for the “new right.”

At this point, something has become undeniable. Trump voters who supported him based on the idea that he would bring forth an agenda of economic populism got played. I understand that many other people just voted for him as a middle finger to the system, but for the true believers who thought he had their backs, it’s now long past the time to pack up your bags. I don’t say this out of pleasure, I genuinely hoped he would push forth an agenda of economic populism, but now we know for certain this is never going to happen. That much is pretty undeniable.

Nevertheless, just because something is undeniable, doesn’t mean it won’t be denied. Too many people have invested way too much in Trump to admit they got played. Sure, there will be outrage for a few days and people will swear to be “off the Trump train,” but as soon as the next wedge social issue gets played up by the media, they’ll be right back onboard. I expect excuses from “new right” leaders to come within a few days, or weeks at the most. Remember, many people built up their entire careers and public profiles by cheerleading Trump into office. Most of these people are egomaniacs. What does an egomaniac do when confronted with information that they got something wrong? Do they publicly admit their error and give credit to those who voiced skepticism, or will they figure out a way to change the subject in order to maintain their relevance and position amongst their fans? I think you know the answer.

As such, right-populism is at a crossroads and this is what I expect to happen. The same people who so passionately convinced people to get on the “Trump train” will be far more concerned with maintaining as much of their social media status as possible, versus doing what’s right for the country. There are enough unthinking fans out there to allow this to happen. That said, the movement will be harmed immensely because enough intelligent people will see that many of these new right pundits aren’t who they say they are. The credibility gap will widen and widen, as it should. Trump was a fake and if you were so easily tricked by Trump, why should we trust you on any other subject?

Right-populism is now very much discredited, as its leader has been shown to be nothing more than a narcissistic con-man. This will not be an easy hole to dig out of, yet with some deep reflection, my hope is a new right populism can emerge that is more in tune with Rand Paul than Donald Trump. That’d be nice, but I have my doubts.

As such, an enormous opportunity has opened up for left-leaning economic populism. I already predicted this wave in a piece a few weeks ago titled,Politics of the Next 4 Years – Part 1 (Rise of the ‘Dirtbag Left’). Here’s some of what I wrote:

This faction of leftism is waging war against Clinton neoliberal frauds and Trump’s fake populism at the exact same time. Not an easy thing to do, but I think there’s a huge and growing unsatisfied demand for such a perspective.


A lot of you will discount the appeal of this movement because many of its most high-profile members are unabashed socialists. This is a big mistake. Remember, Donald Trump won the Presidency not because he was especially great or loved, but because his opponent was terrible, he talked in populist terms, and people just wanted to give a middle finger to the political establishment and corporate media. If that’s right, what’s to stop a movement from winning power if it promises to flip the bird to both Trump and Clinton while also making you laugh? Not much.


I think the “DirtBag Left” will catch the Trump team completely off guard over the next few years. The reason Trump’s prospects look pretty good right now for a second term is because there’s no real organized opposition to him. By real organized opposition, I mean a movement driven by actual ideas and passion that is also working on a plan to run a competitive candidate in 2020. The current “resistance” consists of Hillary donors, neocons, the corporate media and elements of the deep state. While Trump complains about this opposition constantly, he doesn’t realize how good he has it. The American public hates those factions more than they hate Trump, and nobody wants to vote for that discredited garbage in 2020.

If the genuine left is smart, it will take a step back and see this for the gigantic opening it is. Lots of Trump voters are now up for grabs, and if they can come up with a genuine message of economic populism that avoids the typical leftist pitfalls — such as supporting misguided young people dressing up like ninjas, carrying flags and hurling rocks at people trying to give a talk — the opportunity to create a populist movement of immense national significance is there. People across the country are craving it, but they want nothing to do with antifa, political correctness, or aggression against free speech. Noam Chomsky gets it, and I hope others heed his words.

As such, here’s what I would recommend to any burgeoning populist movement wanting to unite the country against oligarchy, as opposed to just becoming a leftist echo chamber. It is the exact same thing I suggested to Trump, but he obviously didn’t listen.

Election 2016 has been extremely bittersweet for me. On the positive side, through both the Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump grassroots movements, we have seen clear proof that a huge number of Americans accurately understand that the current system is totally rigged and simply not working for them. These people didn’t migrate toward these two candidates for some tweaks to the system here and there, their supporters want full scale paradigm level change.


As such, rather than dwelling on the differences between these two populist movements, let’s consider some of the areas where they overlap.


1. Trade — Opposition to NAFTA and current “trade” deals such as TPP, TTIP, and TISA have been central to both the Sanders and Trump campaigns.


2. War and militarism — Whether you believe Trump is sincere or not, opposition to Obama/Clinton interventionist overseas wars were key talking points for both Trump and Sanders.


3. The system is rigged — The painful acknowledgment that the U.S. economic system is a rigged scam that fails to reward hard work, and is more akin to a parasitic, predatory oligarchy with very limited social mobility, has been a key campaign theme for both Trump and Sanders. The economy is increasingly dominated by near-monoploy giants who relentlessly push for more power and more profits irrespective of the cost to society, whether that cost be war, poverty or social unrest.


4. Money in politics — The rigged economic system described above aggregates wealth into an increasingly small number of hands. Those hands then buy off politicians and rig the political process. A rigged economy and rigged political system perpetually feeds itself and endlessly grows at the expense of the public like a terminal cancer. Both Trump and Sanders emphasized this problem.


5. Rule of law is dead — Sanders focused on Wall Street bankers, while Trump focused on Hillary and her inner circle of cronies, but the overall point is the same. Rich and powerful oligarchs are above the law. We all know this, but Washington D.C. refuses to do anything about.

Populism isn’t dead in America, but right populism as it exists today is. I just hope the next iteration is a lot more genuine, and a lot more sane.


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Mike Krieger Fumes Over Bannon Firing: "This Is Now The Goldman Sachs Presidency"My response: All the data would suggest that the Presidency has been under the influence of the CENTRAL BANKS since the formation of the Federal Reserve under then POTUS Woodrow Wilson.Nothing new under the SUN at the moment. Going forward, the bigger question for America is: Can She survive the current attack by the MARXIST PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL LEFT on Her heritage?If we loose the battle over America's heritage and history is rewritten, then the Presidency will NOT matter and the REPUBLIC will be DEAD!!

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"All the data would suggest that the Presidency has been under the influence of the CENTRAL BANKS since the formation of the Federal Reserve under then POTUS Woodrow Wilson."

Trump is more than under the influence. Trump is in financial debt to Goldman Sachs. At one time, Trump had nine goldmanites (including his son-in-las) in his Administration. Wonder if they gave Trump any debt relief. NG stands for no good, but in the Trump Administration it stands for neocon goldmanites. Neocon goldmanites = no good.

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"According to his own public disclosure, Trump, as of May, was on the hook for 16 loans worth at least $713 million. This list does not include an estimated $2 billion in debt amassed by real estate partnerships that include Trump. One of those loans is a $950 million deal that was cobbled together by Goldman Sachs and the state-owned Bank of China—an arrangement that ethics experts believe violates the

Constitution’s emolument clause, which prohibits foreign governments from providing financial benefits to federal officials."

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This is a very good analysis with predictions that certainly seem plausible to me.I enjoyed the paragraph where the author talked about how "egomaniacs" never admit they were wrong even when presented with obvious information they were wrong. They also never give credit to those who were right. They try to change the subject. The first people I thought of when I read this were three icons of conservative talk radio - Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin. All three were completely wrong about the greatest folly of recent decades - all the Mideast wars including Iraq and Afghanistan. All three were huge cheerleaders for these wars and occupations. Not one has been big enough to admit they were completely and tragically wrong. Or that people they dismiss and ridicule - like Ron Paul - were completely right.I would admire these people a lot more if they would make these admissions.  And note - being completely wrong on a huge issue didn't hurt their careers at all. You could include any number of polticians in this group as well, starting with the "beloved" John McCain (adjective provided by Lester Holt). There's no penalty in politics (or punditry) for being spectaculary wrong. Those brave and lonely few who happened to be proven correct by events seem to get no credit for being wise and prescient.This recurring pattern doesn't bode well for the future of the country.  The lesson here is that we still insist on listening to those who are often wrong, especially on the most important topics, and ignore those who are usually or always right. I mean, shouldn't it be the other way around?

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Krieger can't see what is going on strategically either?Yet he has a successful blog and gets posted here?Bannon can be much more effective in his "element" than in the WH cesspool of intrigue. Assume his experience there was very valuable.But most are too busy listening to themselves bitch and moan to see strategy. This was planned. There has to be a forum to try the criminals in public that the MSM continue to ignore and there has to be more counter to the 24/7 MSM attacks.

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I can't stand Krieger.  I don't know why his bullshit gets posted here.  He can't write.  He refers to himself in almost every sentence.  He has no real discernable principles other than our government is bad.  Well no shit.  Why?   Why can't we get a good government?  Have a theory at least.  He makes all kinds of claims without backing any of them up.  I do that in the comments section but I'm not writing my own blog.  Maybe I should be, though I'd probably have to figure out how to tone down the rage a bit.  And liberty blitzkrieg is a retarded name, especially if you are writing in support of the anti-liberty populist left.They are all fascists and communists.  I don't give a shit what they want.  Populism doesn't make an idea good.  Just because people want something doesn't mean it's a good idea.  You might as well just be in the democracy worshippering left wing retards that are a dime a dozen in every city on Earth.  People are morons.  The whole point of the government was to be protected from people, not give them anything they want at our expense.  Even Kuntsler is better than this guy.  At least he has an interesting perspective occasionally and can actually write above a 10th grade level.  I don't know maybe Krieger writes at a PhD in English level with the colleges the way they are these days.

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I thought this essay was fine and worth reading. This said, you make an important point skewering the notion that "populism" is some great trait for a politician (or this was the reason the author had hopes for Trump). Populism is simply telling people they want to hear. That's not hard to do at all. And at least half of the ideas that appeal to the "populace" are probably bogus if not dangerous.Telling people what they need to hear but probably don't want to hear is what we need.Real leaders have thought deeply about issues, have come to the correct conclusions, popular or not. Then they try to persuade others that they are right, which might mean that the way most people have thought about issues A, B, and C might very well have been wrong.  Politics ideally would be a battle for ideas. It just so happens that most of the ideas that make up "conventional wisdom" are wrong, lies, not the full truth. So real leaders who want to amend bogus conventional wisdom have their work cut out for them.Ron Paul's been trying to do it for decades. He's made some progress, but still 90 percent of Americans dismiss him or think he's a kook. But note his approach - he tries to persuade with logic and evidence and doesn't back down when the other side tries to silence him.

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I'm still waiting for these tweets from President Trump. (If he was serious about "draining the swamp" and really wants to go after the Deep State he would have already tweeted every one of these).Trump (hypothetical) tweets:1. "Audit the Fed!"2. "Then publicize the results ... then abolish the Fed."3. "Does our government really own all the gold it says it does (free and clear, not hypothecated)? Let's find out and show the people."4. "Today I ordered the DOJ to start an immediate and thorough investigation into whether our alleged markets really are free (this includes precious metal markets and stock markets)."5. "Does anyone believe that the government's figures on unemployment, inflation and GDP are legit? I don't. Today I call an independent review of how all of these stats are compiled and whether or not they should be viewed as credible."6. "Today, I ordered all American troops, sailors and airmen back to bases in the United States of America. The decades of America being the world's policeman and extending a counter-productive and massively expensive empire are over."Is there one person on this board who thinks a single one of these tweets will EVER be made? If so, which tweet? When do you think it will occur?If not, why do some many people insist on maintaining or believing that Donald Trump is some legitimate agent of change who will make big changes that would and could change the Status Quo, drain the swamp and end the control of the Deep State/Establishment? Kreiger's thesis is correct. If Trump was really who he said he was in the campaign, at least one or two of these tweets would have been made already. BTW, the Deep State and Status Quo-protecting Establishment would be aghast if any one of these tweets were ever made.  Kreiger is also right in that the Elite is probably going to back off of Trump. Heck, pretty much everything they want, they are getting from Trump. Everything they were afraid might or could happen, is clearly not going to happen.

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Millions of snowflakes getting hurt today... by excessive laughing.And, looking at the ZH comments and votes, the braindrops start seeing they were ripped off by Mister T - faster than I thought. If Breitbart is able to keep that feeling alive, Mister T. will have a hard time now.My bet is, he will say "what the fuck" and retire to his golf resorts quite soon. 

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Even among Trump detractors, Trump seems to get credit for appointing a great and conservative supreme court justice.Well, how the heck does anyone know this guy is going to turn out to be "great" or really a true conservative? Anyone remember David Souter (appointed by Bush 1)? Or Chief Justice John Roberts (appointed by Bush 2 and the author of the opinion that said Obamacare was constitutional).Let's wait a few years on this guy and see some of his votes and read some of his opinions. He might be great, or he might be so-so, or he might be bad. Too soon to tell now. Given all Trump's GS advisors, I wouldn't be surprised if he turns out to be another Kennedy - and definitely not a Scalia. 

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The best way to bring down a fascist regime is to make them act like a fascist regime.I welcome both fringes of the American political landscape taking to the streets in populist revolt ... sooner or later they're going to realize they face a common enemy and then they'll focus on what they agree on rather than their disagreements. The socially liberal right and fiscally conservative left can find little daylight in their views on foreign policy and a more isolationist military position, the need for trade laws that protect whats left of America's  manufacturing base and, a thorough unmasking of the corporate media and their collective control of the people's representatives.AmericaInc knows it's coming. You can see the desperation in their throwing everything at the divide and burn front.

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Black Lives Matter is apparently now advocating against Israel (calling for divestment from Israel, and that it is an apartheid state receiving grants that do not have to be repaid)!  And calling for the break up of the big banks!Of course I think it is some sort of plot to somehow make those policies untenable, but still, that is the best thing I ever heard from BLM!  By miles and miles! 

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What a fucking bullshit article. Trump is already the most conservative president since Coolidge and right wing populism is inevitable because of the Demographic changes. It is the oppposite of dead. It is the present and the future.Identity politics are here to stay and the left will just double down. The Democrats are a racist, socialist anti white political party. Nothing more and fuck that pinko kike Sanders too.Bannon is going back to be BB because Trump needs to primary RINO's that are holding up the agenda.All you faggots that are complaining ought to consider the consequences of Hillary winning both on gun rights and immigration which is the most important issue by far. If Trump ultimately fails it will still have been worth it simply to keep the satanic hag out and remind the political class and MSM who really runs this country.Scanderbeg

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Research (((The Kalergi Plan))), because THAT IS PRECISELY AND LITERALLY WHAT IS TAKING-PLACE AGAINST OUR NATION, ESPECIALLY TO AND IN CALIFORNIA, Ladies and Gentlemen. (((The malefactors))), their goy-minions, and the lowest-on-their-totem-pole, the useful-idiots, ARE DOING TO OUR NATION, WHAT (((THEY))) DID TO POST-CZARIST-RUSSIA, AKA (((THE SOVIET UNION))), UNDER-THE-GUISES OF (((THE BOLSHEVIKS))). It is all true, it is all happening, and WE KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING--that is the one benefit that WE, ALL, have on our side, Folks... Lindsey

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