Polish Minister Rages At Spanish Attacks: Europeans Must "Wake Up" To This "Clash Of Civilizations"

Europe must "wake up," urges Poland initerior minister Mariusz Blaszczak, telling state TV that "we are dealing with a clash of civilazations," where Muslim enclaves form “support bases” for terrorists.

The official, a member of the ruling rightwing Law and Justice Party (PiS), said he asked his country’s security services what they were doing to prevent similar incidents and noted that Poland is safe because “we do not have Muslim communities which are enclaves, which are a natural support base for Islamic terrorists.”

A “possibility” to prevent terrorism is closing in Europe, according to the minister. As RT reports, Blaszczak also lashed out at the refugee resettling scheme in the EU, claiming it's “encouraging millions of people to come to Europe,” and that would effectively have tragic consequences.

The blunt outburst comes a day after the deadly attack on a tourist area in Barcelona which left 13 people dead and more than 100 others injured.

The politician voiced his anti-immigration stance earlier this year when he suggested that Muslim settlements in Western Europe started from small numbers with Brussels now trying to shift responsibility.

Warsaw has been vehemently opposed to resettling migrants under a scheme advocated by Brussels and approved by the majority of European countries.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the Law and Justice leader, accused migrants in October 2015 of bringing cholera and dysentery as well as “all sorts of parasites and protozoa, which… while not dangerous in the organisms of these people, could be dangerous here.”


The xenophobic remarks caused controversy inside the government. Marek Sawicki, agriculture minister with the Polish People’s Party, the junior member of the ruling coalition, said this was “a reference to old, dangerous and dishonest sentiments from the time of the [Second World] war,”according to Politico.

Poland, along with Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Slovakia have firmly rejected the so-called refugee quotas, deepening East-West cracks in the 28-member bloc.

With every new terrorist attack carried out by non-EU nationals, the European public and politicians are showing growing discontent and unease.

Brussels has threatened legal action against the dissenting countries, filing a formal “infringement procedure” in June which could result in financial penalties imposed by the European Court of Justice.


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The Polish Minister needs a little context since he's quite void of critical thinking:

"Only Israel benefits from so-called “Islamic Terrorism” (i.e., Israeli false flag terrorism blamed on Muslims). With every despicable act of false flag terror, Zionist Jews can go on stealing more Arab lands, as well as deflecting the world’s attention from their war crimes in Gaza and their Apartheid regime.

"In turn, this makes oppressing the Palestinians justifiable – especially as unrest is growing in the occupied territories. It doesn’t hurt either that every so-called “Islamic Terrorist Act” causes the West to clam up about the comatose peace process that the Israelis refuse to see through."

Excerpt taken there:


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The truth is, all Visegrade 4 countries have first hand experience with islamic invasion & the PiS party that currently governs Poland was firmly elected and ran on an anti-migrant platform - so the E.U. has no right to force Poland to take in any migrants, public opposition against migrants is upwards of 70% - the media's and the E.U.'s strategy to vilanize the current government in Poland is completely flawed because they're merely carrying out the will of the people. The left likes & tolerates democracy only when it agrees with them.

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To a certain degree the Polish Minister is right, Poland is an uber conservative country, how many terrorist attacks has Poland had? 0. Why? Borders are more or less closed. The second someone crosses the border, they're being reported and watched whether it's the police or the local villagers, they like to keep Poland to themselves.I'm a firm beleiver that you should help people when they are in need, but also at the same time you have to serve the interest of your own country. A typical country is just a group of people with similar tastes, beliefs, values; so when others start integrating into the country, friction evolves as history shows over and over, so it's no surprise that there are incidents of frustration in Swedent, Spain, England, etc. 

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“We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers forever.” – Maurice Samuel Go back to sleep.  Go back to sleep.  Do not notice that Israel is spared ISIS and Salafi Islamic terror.  Go back to sleep, and enjoy your hypnotic trance.  Believe what ((we)) tell you, not what you see with your lying eyes. 

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How many people here are totally obsessed with the Jews..it's a disease...round and round, the minds of these people are stuck on robot moron....This world has good and evil all over in many forms. Get over it. Spit out the poison and get on with your life. These comment threads are so Jew obsessed, it's ugly...so the uglies will go on ond on ad neauseum...same song, different day, same poisoned people...same anti Jew vomit...on every fucking article...What a bunch of losers...I bet none of the Jew obsessed losers on here do anything positive for society....they beat off to Nazi symbols...

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What a bunch of losers We can document objective facts throughout history, yet there is always the whining butt-hurt.  If you don't like it when we document Jewish malfeasance, then post counter-factuals.  When a group of people has ACTUAL controlling documents (for example the Talmud), with embedded psychopathy, maybe we shouldn't notice?  When there is a long train of usurpations - with overwhelming evidence, we shouldn't notice?Go back to sleep.  Don't take the red pill.  You are very sleepy now.

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Jews had nothing to do with this.....Well , maybe not the clueless ones who were just born to " jewish " faith following parents , and TOLD they were therefore  jewish ,BUT , yes , there is a mafia of power hungry ,  control freak , goyim hating scumbags , hiding behind a manufactured " persecuted " label : JEW .

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You're both wrong. The are Jews on the whole poilitical spectrum, and they are by enlarge successful wherever they are, too bad if you don't like that. BUT ZIONIST JEWS are an existential threat to not only the Western world, but with nuclear wepons, an existential threat to humanity.Get it right people, it's not that difficult. Accuracy is more powerful than generalisation.

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Hell, I'm busy preparing for when the antifa terrorists start their killing, won't be long now. Of course they have to work their way up from just punching and beating people but it'll happen soon enough. Who are we going to blame when that shit starts happening? Those fuckers are homegrown and incubated in liberal colleges, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

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Too late. But Poland and Hungary understand both threats. The threat of muzzies and the threat of commies.

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I still wonder why there has not been a mass exodus of countrys from the toxic EU.  It is too late for several, like France, Belgium, Germany and Sweden... but what is Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary still doing getting buggered by the likes of scumturds Draghi and Schnauble?

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Polexit, Hungexit, Sloexit....you get where this is going. Funny how nations that don't let these third turders in their countries have no terrorism.

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Obviously the Warsaw Pact needs to reform, not along communist lines, but for reasons of national and cultural survival.Russia bashing gets traction in these countries because of their history, but that's all in the past now.  There's a new enemy at the gates, and it isn't Russia.  The sooner East Europeans recognize this, the better their future will be.  The alternative is to end up like Sweden or even worse, Ukraine.

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U.S. and German citizens are put at significant risk by the politically correct acceptance of unscreened immigrants from countries with a high prevalence of infectious diseases, many difficult or impossible to treat. Yet authorities in both countries have failed to fully inform the public of the dangers.According to the July 2017 Infectious Disease Epidemiology Annual Report by the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, Germany has seen a surge in chicken pox, cholera, dengue fever, tuberculosis, leprosy, measles, malaria, meningococcal diseases, hemorrhagic fevers, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, paratyphoid, rubella, shigellosis, syphilis, typhus, toxoplasmosis, tularemia, trichinellosis, whooping cough, and many fungal and parasitic infections. Here are a few striking examples:Measles is up more than 450 percent. Hepatitis B is up 300 percent. Scabies escalated nearly 3,000 percent. HIV/AIDS increased 30 percent. Tuberculosis (TB) is at least 30 percent higher – but German and U.S. physicians suspect that the incidence of TB is actually far higher than reported, and is being downplayed to avoid causing public outrage over the influx of immigrants. In Germany, more than 40 percent of TB cases are multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB).Dengue fever is up over 25 percent just from 2014.

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Unfortunately, this entire generation of Europeans has been raised on the vision of a European Union as a Utopia that would end sectarian conflict, ensure lasting peace in Europe, and raise the European standard of living generally.  They have been taught that this grand scheme, centered in Brussels, is the culmination of 1500 years of attempts to reunify Europe.  It is to be a new Rome: greater in glory and splendor than Old Rome.  Unfortunately, most of the young people in Europe have sold their souls to this vision and believe that to be moral is to be "cosmopolitan."  They are slowly beginning to realize that outside Old Europe, the world is still filled with many tribes who do not share their Utopian cosmoplitanism and are interesting only in deriving whatever benefit they can from European prosperity for themselves and their groups. In Eastern Europe, people have not not lost their sense of history and fogotten the nature of the beast that prowls outside the gates. The Byzantines held the wall of Europe for ages as the West lived in decadence.  They understand that the Muslim Horde has been at the gates of Europe for centuries and that the followers of Mohammed are not to be taken lightly.  Mohammed was a thief, rapist, pedophile, and murderer who taught his followers that it was a moral imperative to rape, butcher, and rob from those who do not follow Mohammed.  The people of eastern Europe understand that the Mujahaddeen are not "aberrations.'  These people are true Muslims, and Islam is jihad.  Through emigration, the followers of Mohammed seek to achieve that which was impossible by arms.  They seek the conquest of the continent for the prophet.  These people are not Europeans.

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You should listen to what is actually going on in Germany.   Dr Leonard Coldwell recently returned from Germany and was interviewed by Jeff Rense.Rape by African Muslims is a death sentence to most women. What happens to these women and children is heart breaking. They are infected with deadly diseases that can't be identified.The German Government allows this to happen and blames the victims. The truth is blacked out in the MSM.Jeff & Dr. Leonard Coldwell - MUST LISTEN - Staggering Horrors We Are Facing NOW! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-A8JWI2doPk

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I have very little contact with everyday Germans.  The only ones that I ever meet are the occasional back-packers that come through here on their way to see the Andes.  I still am able to speak some German and can understand some of their conversations (which they think no one in South America can understand).  They seem very much like the starry-eyed, naive, idealists whom I encountered at University in the U.S. .  They speak very much like children, even well into their 20s, and seem to believe that no evil exists in the world.

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shocking huh? let a bunch of uninoculated savages into your land...said savages devoid of western value and full of hatred...and the fucking continent goes to shit. who woulda thunk it? oh yeah...the elite globalist bankers and their satanic cohorts would have and did. our leaders are not our friends. our employers are not our friends. our technology ruling class are not our friends. the purveyors of entertainment are not our friends. the clock is fast approaching midnight...

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Islam and civilisation cannot co-exist in the same territory. This was learnt in the 15th century and resulted in the Muslims finally being expelled from Andalusia in 1492. It has been demonstrated many times since then, not least 70 years ago in the dramatic partitioning of India into Hindu and Muslim parts. Islam is a vile political ideology (disguised as a religion) intent on world domination and claiming supremacy of its members over other inhabitants of the planet. We have two choises: either we fight Islam vigorously and drive it out of The West again or we accept being enslaved or killed. There is no compromise (not that most civilized people wouldn't compromise with the Muslims but this sentiment is not reciprocated)Don't forget that it is never those who want peace who decide whether there is peace or war. That is always decided by those who wage war. Islam does not in any way deny that this ideology is at war with the rest of the world and that is not going to change any time soon.