Problems Too Big And Too Many To Fix: Trump Will Be The Fall Guy

Authored by Mike Shedlock via,

The axe fell on Steve Bannon Friday.

Mid-day, mainstream media proclaimed stocks were up because of the firing. Stocks closed the day down. Apparently, stocks were both up and down due to Bannon.

Now Bannon is Back on the Outside, back at Breitbart, and happy to be there.

Stephen K. Bannon has always been more comfortable when he was trying to tear down institutions — not work inside them.


With his return to Breitbart News, Mr. Bannon will be free to lead the kind of ferocious assault on the political establishment that he relishes, even if sometimes that means turning his wrath on the White House itself.


Hours after his ouster from the West Wing, he was named to his former position of executive chairman at the hard-charging right-wing website and led its evening editorial meeting. And Mr. Bannon appeared eager to move onto his next fight.


“In many ways, I think I can be more effective fighting from the outside for the agenda President Trump ran on,” he said Friday. “And anyone who stands in our way, we will go to war with.”


Among those already in Mr. Bannon’s sights: Speaker Paul D. Ryan; Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader; the president’s daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law, Jared Kushner; and Gary D. Cohn, the former president of Goldman Sachs who now directs the White House’s National Economic Council.

Thanks But No Thanks

Trump thanked Bannon for his help during the campaign, but not for his tenure in the White House.


New York Times Parting Shot

The New York Times editorial, Exit Steve Bannon, gave Banon a swift kick on his way out the door.

Mr. Bannon’s exit is, of course, a relief. As the well-financed Pied Piper of the alt-right Breitbart crowd, Mr. Bannon at the pinnacle of White House policy making was a nightmare come to life.


But Mr. Bannon, who promptly returned to Breitbart as its executive chairman on Friday, still poses a danger for our broader politics. Outside the White House, he is freer to rally his forces against anyone who doesn’t toe his nationalist-protectionist line. A Bannon-led right-wing backlash against Mr. Trump, who unleashed the worst impulses of nationalists in service to himself, would be a fitting comeuppance.

More Fun to Throw Mud

Clearly, it’s far more fun to throw mud than have it thrown at you.

Lost in the Bannon and Trump bashing is one key question: Who is really the bigger threat, Hillary, Trump, or Bannon?

Why We Are Where We Are

We are in this mess because Obamanomics, war-mongering, Fed policies, and social handouts created a budget mess but did not solve any problems. People revolted, and Trump got elected.

When it comes to trade and protectionism, Trump is wrong. So is Bannon.

Those who think Hillary would have been any better on trade policy are mistaken. If you believe differently, then please take Today’s Quiz: Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton – Who Said It?

We would have a no-fly zone over Syria, had Hillary won. That would have risked a confrontation with Russia. Hillary wrecked Libya, and of course Obama and Bush had extremely misguided warmongering policies in the Mideast.

Obamacare was a failure, but no one on either side seems able or willing to fix it.

So here we are, with everything broken, and we still cannot get anything done. Republicans want more military spending and Democrats want more social spending. Warmongers on both sides want more war.

Art of Compromise

Compromise in Washington is more military spending and more social spending.

Repetitive “compromises” sent deficits soaring out of sight. On top of it all, the Fed blew massive bubbles in just about everything.

Problems Too Big and Too Many To Fix

One thing I expect Trump will get right, at least from a public union standpoint, regards appointments to the supreme court.

Overall, I hoped Trump would do better on many fronts. It was not to be. Trump could not drain the swamp. Partisan politics interfered, there was too much infighting, and there is nonsensical Russia bashing on both sides of the aisle.

The problems are too big and too many to fix. If you think Hillary would have fixed them you are delusional.


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Trump is an obnoxious and racist man but he is POTUS with a business sense. We should hope that he can bring jobs and factories back.Don't look to him for moral guidance.If, however, he decides to call an end to US military operations in Afghanistan, then he may win over quite a few on the anti-war folks on both left and right.

Jim in MN Baron von Bud Sun, 08/20/2017 - 20:41 Permalink

I've always been impressed by the irony: All in the Family and Barney Miller telling us how shitty everything was, when that was the best it was ever gonna be.....well, OK, it was foreshadowing and some of the writing was on the wall.....women entering the workforce not as Mary Tyler Moore wanting to, but because the one-income household was dying (being killed).

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Jim in MN Jim in MN Sun, 08/20/2017 - 20:45 Permalink

Anyhow, let's please remember that it isn't about Trump the man, but about what his election represented. Independents, a healthy chunk of Democrats, a shaky bloc of Republicans, more blacks and latinos than Romney got, and a solid Asian support.It is not a small matter.  Not a lonesome cowboy.  A populist revolt, and you can see the R n D neolibcon thugs attacking at every turn.The shit that is still going to be revealed will peel back your eyelids.  Trump or no Trump.

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Its a two party system....US and THEM.

THEM is at most about 5000 people inside the DC Beltway-and about another 3000-5000K mostly in LA/Boston/NY.

THEM has no idea of the whoop-ass waiting for them if they
continue to ignore and impede the will of the American People -temporarily and at the moment expressed through Donald Trump.

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Well yeah  but in a different sort of way.  I was a teenager in the 70's. Music and Movies were great. Ecoomy sucked. I remember standing in line on odd licesne plates days to get gas. I remember that idiot Jimmy Carter as President. I remember watching the fall of Saigon on TV. I remember the "misery index" when mortgage interest and inflation exceeded 21 percent. I remember all of that but I also remember being able to drink a beer legally while driving down the road and DWI were half the occurence you hear about now. Rarely heard of anything bad happening to kids and the thrill of feeling a girl up and driving around my truck, working in my Dad's shop. We didnt have this social justice bullshit and most everyone got along. In my 4 years of High school I only saw 1 girl that got knocked up and had  to have her baby away from school. My wife told me the schools she visit as part of her job,they have to have a daycare for the 30-40 some odd babies that need care. Kids have to have these fidget spinners so they dont get bored in school. Most schools are overrun with 3rd world central american kids that cant speak english or read, who dont want to be there and who cant wait to join a gang. Meanwhile they are cussing out and assaulting the teachers who have to spend half their time babysitting.We didnt consistently elect sociopaths into elected officeThis country had a bad time in then 70's but we are completely fucked now

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the terd swirls the shit hole. it is way worse because, hold your breath, because is up our asses like never before. is the problem. or it is a place where all the problems originate. yet the new majority of progrssives look to for the answers. and that is the outcome of education, msm programing and just plain human nature(stupidity of the herd mentality).how do we the people change that? well the election didn't work, so i guess it runs its' course to history repeat mode.violence, moar violence, moar intervention, with an outcome hanging in the balance. and that is unpredictable...

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The debt binge hadn't really picked up speed yet then, so fake prosperity was not happening, but mass inflation was. I still recall the richest kid at school, his dad made like $45K a year, and he could afford to lease a brand new cadillac like every year or two - if you bought it, it would cost a whopping $11-12K - this is illustrative of the inflation that has destroyed the standard of living since the gold standard discipline was put to an end.

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It's not hard to figure out how to live on 5k.  Just eat only rice and live four to a room.  Use a bicycle everywhere you go.  Work three jobs, 18 hours per day.  Buy one shirt and wear it for 30 years. No phone, no internet,  no a/c, no heat.  No medical or dental care.  No pets. A couple of lotto tickets a week are OK. 

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I'm 71. Lived most of my life on 5k a year. Lived VERY well. Owned nice homes, drove nice cars, retired at 62 with nice retirement income. Did it all by one simple rule. NEVER BUY ANYTHING ON TIME THAT DEPRECIATES.! Been debt free since I was 35. Also worked all my life at my own business. Saved for retirement, educated my kids and enjoyed every inute of my life and still do ! Also-dumbest thing you can do is buy a stupid lottery ticket! 

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Isn't it odd to you that we seemed to live just fine buying American made goods from Americans in America while China and Mexico and many other shit holes of the world were operating with slave labor rates?Why is it assumed that we MUST be open to foreign competition? What unwritten rule is it that says that if a Chinaman works for one bowl of rice per day, that we must do the same? Can you not recall that we too were a third world nation once and somehow we managed to pull ourselves out of that shit....but would we if we had depended on cheap imports?It is like we are eating our own limbs claiming we must as we cannot afford food, not recognizing it is our limbs that creates the opportunity to feed ourselves.What you are really pointing out is our sense of entitlement to cheap goods, ultimately in the false belief that we will at some point find ourselves awash in cheap goods with virtually no need to work to pay for them, as THIS is the theme playing out. Falling incomes offset by cheap debt and government subsidization creating an ILLUSION of sustainability.Lets also recognize that this destructive selfishness that allows us to spurn our neighbor's labor for that of a poor Chinaman is also the same mentallity that is creating our's all about me, it's all someone else's fault.

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This sums up the situation precisely and says it better than I can:  Quote:  "Blacks who were never slaves are fighting whites who were never Nazis over a Confederate statue erected by southern Democrats because now Democrats can't stand their own history anymore yet somehow its Trumps fault."  End Quote.Author Unknown

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I think it is pretty simple and transparent.If you were against Obama, YOU were a racist.If you supported Trump, YOU ARE a racist.When your reduce this down further, if you are white, you are either a racist (voting Trump) or a reformed racist carrying massive white guilt for your genetic racist predisposition AND your white privilege (voting for ANY democrat/socialist).Oh, and if you procreated using natural biology, you are a homophobic general hater and miscreant.It's not easy being white, which is sad given that from the black perspective it's not easy being black either. Tough world.Could it be the race baiting divisive haters of all mankind that simply want to see us ALL at our end?

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Good stuff. Well not good stuff, but you know what I mean.Nailed it ..Identity politics, a term that is generally misleading.It is MIS-IDENTITY politics, a real life "game" of obfuscation, a way to avoid real issues of our time, like getting increasingly bent over by centralized everything, avoid common cause, national interests, a way to "pigeon hole" make separate, divide, water down, weaken all cultures in order that all peoples, races, colors, creeds, have something other than the true source of their troubles to blame, in forced compliance and subserviance to the aims and wishes of said "centralized" power  .. and in particular, the money power, where all manner of shit stirring emanates, and all evil, resides.So far, it appears to be working extrordinarliy well ..Yeah, tear down that Robert E Lee statue, that ought to "fix things" right up  .. 

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And lets not forget. It's not just about removing symbols offensive to snowflakes, it's about demonstrating POWER....that they can DO THIS against all of our complaints....complaints falling on deaf ears.I saw this years back with homosexuals. For years they hid their proclivities from the public eye, but once they were fully outed and it became a cause celebre, they were in the streets, bare assed chaps, hugging, groping, kissing, NOT because they wanted to do these things but because they wanted to rub it in the faces of all those they despised.This is NOT about ideology, it is about POWER, and those wanting power will use any ideology to get it.

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I don't think Trump is a racist. He has a low opinion of some people probably based on business experiences like rentals. Probably based on income status rather than color - that's how his brain thinks. And, I agree, if he pulls the plug on Afghanistan that's good at home, good with Russia/China, bad for CIA/McCain.

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